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    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    (TN: The author is actually currently working on two light novels. The other one is I GOT A CHEAT ABILITY IN A DIFFERENT WORLD, AND BECOME EXTRAORDINARY EVEN IN THE REAL WORLD, which is being translated by NYX TRANSLATION. So, do check it out. The author might be busy with that~~~)

    It was when a long time passed after we had left.

    I and Saria, encountered a creature that everyone knows well. The creature, of course, does not exist on Earth. Yes, it––––

    “Thi,this guy ……”

    “It’s cute!”


    ––––was slime.

    No, it’s strange, right? The slime before us, did it just say 『Bururun』 by itself?

    I wonder if it’s a different creature that looks like slime. However, the creature in front of our eyes, was translucent like gel, and it’s bouncing softly on the meadow.

    I can’t think of any name for the creature in front of me other than slime.

    However, I can’t see its eyes, mouth, or ears. Yes, as I thought, it’s because of my mind that I heard 『Pururun』 from it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able hear such a silly onomatopoeia.


    “It’s not in my mind!”

    Where does that voice came from!? Do all the slimes in this world say 『Pururun』!?

    …… No, it hasn’t been decided that it was a slime yet. It might be a different creature.

    Fortunately, I have the 『Advanced Appraisal』. Let’s use it now.

    I immediately, activated the skill of 『Advanced Appraisal』, to the slime that bounces in front of me.

    『Slime Lv: 88』

    “It’s high level!”

    And it was really just a slime!

    I mean, is slime such a high-level creature!?

    Certainly, its level is so low that it is incomparable to the Clever Monkey, Acrowolf, Zeanos, etc.

    But …… but 88 is strange with a slime!? It’s synonymous with Zako-chara!? (TN: Zako-chara(small fry character) Weak enemies that appears in games)

    Surprised by the unusual level, the slime suddenly shrank at once.


    When I was confused by its sudden behavior, the Slime released its compressed body at once, and it plunged into me.


    Suddenly being assaulted, I raised a strange voice, but perhaps thanks to the unique skill 『Mind’s eye』, the movement of the slime looked surprisingly slow, and I was able to avoid it with plenty of room to spare.

    “It’s attacking all of a sudden……”

    Well, slime is also a kind of monster, and it may be natural for it to attack humans, but ……

    When I’m thinking about something that doesn’t matter, I suddenly remembered something.

    It was, whether my power was weakened by the effect of camouflage.

    The slime in front of me, would be just right to confirm that. It’s level is high, but it’s a slime.

    “Alright…… let’s check it a little with this slime.”

    I pull out the 『Fine Sword of Swirling Hatred』 and the 『Fine Sword of Overflowing Benevolence』 on my waist, and wield it.

    It’s fine to use skills to attack, but a normal attack, would be easier to check if I’ve weakened.

    With that in mind, I decided to start from here before the slime attacks me again.


    As I started running aiming towards the slime in front of me, my thought was ––––––––


    I’m exhausted by this one word.

    I intended to start running, but I was able to move to the front of the slime in a short time.

    What’s more, the moment I started running, the ground I was standing on was completely gouged out.

    I’m puzzled, but I’ve come to the front of the slime, so let’s focus on the attack. Then, I brandished the black I held in my right hand, and swung it down towards to the slime in one go.



    Drop items were scattered in front of me, with a tremendous impact sound.




    I don’t understand why, and a stupid voice comes out of my mouth unintentionally.

    In the place where the slime existed until a while ago, the ground was gouged out of about 50 meters from that place.


    “Wait a minute!”

    I finally started to understand the current situation, but the more I understood it, the more I wanted to forget that I had done that with my hands now.

    It’s seriously not my real intention, but the slime was erased with my blow. It didn’t leave even dust.

    Indeed I, swung Black down to the slime at once.

    However, I did not swing it down seriously by any means. I just swung it down with the feeling that I wish I could deal damage to it lightly.

    “The result is this!”

    No, I already had a bad feeling from the moment I started running!? But this power is unexpected!

    This surely means that it doesn’t camouflage my power!? Only the numbers are camouflage!?

    What happens if I seriously attack!? It was light and it has this power?…… I don’t want to imagine that.

    When I held my head and despaired at the force of my own power, Saria had her eyes shining.

    “Seiichi is amazing! That creature was cute, though……”

    Yes, I’m sorry! I was just going to check my power for a while, and I didn’t mean to kill it! Saria, who has a slightly sad expression on her face, feels guilt, which isn’t normal for her.

    However, when I was tired in various ways, suddenly, a number of balls of light emerged from the slime’s drop item, and were sucked into me.

    “Wha,what the!?”

    Aside from my surprise, the familiar voice echoed in my head. Apparently, the ball of light that was just sucked in me, seems that it was the slime’s status. I’m a little bothered that it was sucked in without me collecting it, but I don’t need to think deeply about it.

    I made such a pause at myself, and move on to the next drop item.

    “First of all, let’s start from the skill cards.”

    Saying that, I picked up the things which would be the skill cards.

    『Skill card 《Absorption》』…… Skill 『Absorption』 can be acquired

    『Skill card 《Compression》』…… Skill 『Compression』 can be acquired


    When I saw the skill card I got from the Slime, I could only react subtly.

    That’s because, I’m not sure if it’s amazing or not.

    Well, it’s a slime after all, and its effect will be shabby.

    When I was nodding alone with a light feeling, the skill card becomes a ball of light, and it went into my body.

    『The skill 《Absorption》 has been acquired. The skill 《Compression》 has been acquired. 』

    While lightly listening to those words that resonate in my head, I’ll confirm its effects.

    『Absorption』 …… Absorbs everything, and converts it into your own power. All the nutrition of food that you eat can be used. If you activate it when taking damage, you can absorb it as your own power without taking damage.

    『Compression』 …… Anything can be compressed. You can compress basically anything, such as your own body and strength. However, you need to touch the thing you want to compress.

    “It was a terrific cheat!”

    What am I doing to make me stronger than this!? What should I aim for!?

    Moreover, the skill 『Absorption』…… If I use it along with my skill 『Mind’s Eye』, it’s gonna be the strongest combo!

    “Haa…… I’m scared of myself getting used to this kind of cheat ……”

    Isn’t it a nice thing to get normal cheats? Why do I feel so empty? Or is it just me?

    Am I weird?

    I, who falls into the category of human being, don’t want to be separated from humans more and more……

    Breathing a sigh as if giving up, I move on to confirm the next drop item.

    The next thing I picked up, was a translucent object that I don’t understand well. It feels pretty good.

    Since I don’t know how to use it at all, I activate 『Advanced Appraisal』 just as usual.

    『Slime Jelly』 …… A piece of slime that feels good. No particular usage. As far as it goes, it can be eaten.

    “It’s the slime’s own damned body!”

    Its skills are amazing! Why is the drop item of the main body fucking like that!?

    Well, if that comes out as the result of the appraisal, then it can’t be helped, but I throw the slime jelly into the item box while sighing.

    “So, what’s next?”

    The thing I picked after I regained my mind, was a treasure chest.

    “It’s small…… well, there won’t be much in it.”

    Thinking so, I opened the treasure chest.

    The things inside, were a bag of gold and shoes.


    I certainly felt that it was tough to stay barefoot, so it was just right.

    When I took it out, it was a shoe that emphasized the feature of its beautiful blue color. I don’t know what material it’s made of.

    Well, it was an equipment that you can get from a slime. I didn’t expect it.

    I appraise it, and confirm its effect.

    『Blue shoes』 …… Rare-class equipment. Slightly increases the wearer’s agility. Up to 3 steps, you can walk in the air. Size changes according to the wearer

    “It was pretty amazing!”

    It’s subtle, but it’s surprisingly amazing!? My agility is going to be strengthened a little?…… I wonder what will happen.

    Moreover, I don’t know why it’s only three steps, but it seems that I can move in the air. Isn’t that great?

    However…… It’s nice that I got shoes in my hand, but I wonder if there is only one pair ……

    “Saria, why don’t you try this on?”

    “Eh? is it alright?”

    “Oh. I don’t need to have shoes. “

    I will buy that when I get to the city anyway, and if we encounter slime before then, I’ll get it again.

    Besides, I think it’s also fine for a woman to dress up before me.

    “That’s…… then I’ll receive it!”

    I aligned the shoes at the foot of Saria, who answers so energetically.

    Perhaps Saria was nervous about her first pair of shoes, since she was carefully wearing them.

    “How …… is it?”

    When she finished wearing the shoes, Saria raised the hem of her one-piece dress while looking a little embarrassed, and showed me the shoes.

    The blue shoes, which looked good on her white, beautiful skin, matched Saria’s appearance surprisingly.

    “It looks great”

    I’m not lying at all. With her crimson hair and white dress. And her feet with blue shoes. Even though it is simple, it looks very stylish.

    “Ehehehe …… Thank you!”

    Saria smiles like a flower blooming, and my cheeks naturally heated up.

    …… Uwah, my face right now is absolutely bright red ……

    I’m reluctant, but I thank the full-face helmet only at this time.

    The gap at her time as Goria is really amazing. …… Aside from Saria, I have thought that Goria was cute, I wonder if I’m going strange. As expected, of a man with a gorilla bride!

    “Ahem …… now then, I want to check the money at the end.”

    When I said that, I took out the bag containing the money, and checked its contents.

    Then, there were 50 silver coins inside.

    “Hmm …… maybe my sense of money is getting strange ……”

    50 silver coins should be a lot. In spite of it coming from a slime.

    However, I can’t feel the amazingness, probably because I got more money by defeating the Clever Monkeys and the others.

    If I don’t get my sense of money back, it’s likely to cause problems in strange places.

    However now, I can’t do anything about it. Let’s think about it after arriving in the city……

    When I sighed more than ever, a fanfare rang out in my head suddenly.

    “What is it this time!?”

    Saria didn’t seem to hear any fanfare, and she tilted her head as I screamed.

    When I couldn’t understand the meaning of the ringing fanfare, a familiar voice resonated in my head.

    『You’ve leveled up』





    (TN: Checked out his tweeter account, and it seemed that he has received an award for that novel. 😮😮)

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