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    Translated by Mlzkzr
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    I’m close to death.

    I am so tired now that I couldn’t even understand what I was talking about. Both mentally and physically.

    One week has passed since I ate the special paralysis grass and acquired the skill of 『Paralyze Resistance』.

    After that, I visited the place where the Clever Monkey lived several times, but in the end, I haven’t found anything other than those nine fruits of evolution.

    “Amu, mogumogu …… disgusting …… “

    I took one fruit of evolution to my mouth. By the way, what I’m currently eating is, this food-cum-rectification.

    I’ve been eating it at a rate of one per day for the past week, so there’s only two left.

    Besides that, I got a lot of strange resistance, probably because I ate a lot of things aside from that special paralysis grass.

    By the way, my current status is,

    《Hiiragi Seiichi》

    Race: A lump of filth … Ah, a human

    Gender: A male called filth

    Occupation: Too Smelly Homeless

    Age: 17

    Level: 1

    Magic Power: 17

    Attack power: 1

    Defense: 1

    Agility: 1

    Magic Attack: 1

    Magic Defense: 1

    Luck: 0


    《Equipment》 Ultimate weapon school uniform. Ultimate weapon student pants. Certain-kill shirt. Deadly briefs

    《Skill》 Appraisal. Complete Dismantling. Paralyze Resistance. Sleep Resistance. Confusion Resistance. Charm Resistance. Petrification Resistance. Inhibition Resistance

    《State》 Evolution 0/8 Fatigue

    Yep. It’s full to tsukkomi of.

    First of all, my race. It even forgotten that I’m a human.

    My gender is not a man, and filth seems to be correct. My occupation is far more version-up than before. In a bad way.

    When it came to my equipment, it was treated as weapon. What is, this. The ultimate weapon? Besides, it seems that I can definitely kill with my pants and shirt. Amazing.

    Looking at my charm. It’s blank. At last, it can’t even write the words, huh? ……

    “What am I going to do……”

    I had both hands and knees drooped on the ground.

    “What the hell do you have against meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! All my direct stats are lower than my 《Skill》 !”

    I take a deep breath over and over again. Calm down…… all right…… fuu.

    And then, I reconfirmed the 5 new skills I got.

    『Sleep Resistance』…… Disables forced sleep caused by sleeping gas, etc.

    『Confusion Resistance』…… Disables confusion and confusion caused by hallucinations, etc.

    『Charm Resistance』…… Disables hypnosis due to charm

    『Petrification Resistance』…… Disables petrification caused by evil eyes, magic, etc.

    『Inhibition Resistance』…… Disables movement inhibition caused by traps, magic, etc.

    Isn’t these five really amazing? Well, it’s very convenient rather than amazing.

    In this dangerous forest, I don’t know when I’ll be breathing sleep or hallucinating gas. These kinds of resistances are very important to live.

    All five, like that paralyze grass, is something that I learned after eating mushrooms with a 『?』 after appraising it. (TN: And he ate it, what the heck is wrong with this guy)

    I’d appraised it as soon as possible, but all the effects of the five were bad statuses. I wish I had died already.

    By the way, as I try to appraise the mushrooms again after I have learned these skills, it was displayed as this.

    『Fast-asleep Mushroom』…… If you take a bite, you will fall asleep immediately. Eating the whole thing will give you eternal sleep

    『Super Dangerous Mushroom』…… Mushrooms that shows a variety of hallucinations and make you feel happy. Be careful of being crippled

    『Enchanting Mushroom』…… Everything you see will look beautiful and exciting, and you won’t keep your calmness and reason

    『Stone Mushroom』…… When you eat it, you’ll gradually become a stone from your feet and hardens. Since you will be completely petrified when you eat the whole thing, it’s impossible to deal with it on your own. If it’s just a little, over time, petrification can be solved

    『Binding Mushroom』…… If you eat it, you will be stuck from your spot. Provided that, you cannot move from the spot, you can move your body

    I threw away the food I was about to eat with all my might.

    It was life-threatening crisis!? I can’t eat it!

    Furthermore, when I ate the fast-asleep mushroom, I fell asleep as it is, and when I woke up, there was a Clever Monkey nearby and I was pretty scared! Because of my bad body odor, I thought I’ll be noticed! I was ready to die!

    Super dangerous mushrooms, that’s not it!? Its effect is like, drug isn’t it! I placed a tsukkomi involuntarily. Well, I felt happy right after I ate it, but when I was about to charge at Clever Monkey’s residence, I thought I was going to shit myself a little.

    No drugs, absolutely.

    I don’t know what is that enchanting mushroom, but when I returned to my senses, I felt despair because of my sexual desire.

    Stone mushroom is slightly horror. I seriously felt frightened.

    The binding mushroom was quite interesting. It was too fresh since I could move my body, but I couldn’t move from the spot.

    Well, I was wondering if I’m going to meet that monkey in my heart, I was filled with anxiety.

    “Saying it clearly, I don’t want to say anything that doesn’t make sense again……”

    Shouldn’t consumers exercise their 4 rights*? The right to be informed, is important right! (TN: These are; the right to safety; the right to be informed; the right to choose and the right to be heard.)

    But God seems to be very cold at me to the end. Well, that guy who hurled us, doesn’t seem like he’ll interfere with this world, so it doesn’t matter.

    “This is…… obviously dangerous, you know?”

    Right now, I’m eating the fruit of evolution as a refresher. Or perhaps, it’s my last meal.

    That’s because––––

    “It has a MAX dangerous atmosphere, but……”

    There’s one mushroom in my hand.

    Centering on a dark purple, red and blue of the primary color system, And yellow spots. Its top part is, white. Yes, for some reason it’s white. On the contrary, its dreadful.

    It’s absolutely scary!? I’m going to die!? I! Because I can already see it, it’s a mass of poison! It’s like saying it’s saying to eat and die!

    Bu,but I haven’t appraised this mushroom yet. I can eat this mushroom if it’s just a mushroom, but the instant it appears as『?』, it’ll changed to the name of experiment……!

    “God…… please give me mercy……!”

    With that in mind, I activated the skill 『Appraisal』.


    “Damn iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!”

    『?』 disappear from this world! Because of this bastard, I had to experiment at the expense of myself!?

    It’s about time, you become kind to me!? This is really serious~!?

    “I…… did my best…… everyone, so far, thank you ……!”

    As I examine it, I bring the dangerous mushroom close to my mouth. It’s lonely, but in the end, I can’t imagine dying while being seen by everyone, you know? I have this quality called not in the least 『Delusions』!

    However, why am I really doing such a dangerous thing. I wonder if I should eat it.

    Well, if it was something that is edible by any means, it would be a problem.

    Because, speaking of things that can be eaten at the moment, there are only two left, the fruit of evolution, and special medicinal herb.

    If I don’t get the information about what can be eaten even a little, I fear that I’ll be on the verge of starvation again.

    Somehow, for some reason, just eating one of the fruits of evolution makes my belly swell, so I need to do something about it.


    “As I thought wait!”

    I’m scared! I’m unbelievably scared! It’s extremely poisonous!? If I eat this, without joking, I’ll die!?

    “Not good…… I’m not ready at all. I’ve talked it with myself for a while, but I can’t wipe this anxiety……!”

    First of all, there are people who will grieve when I die. For example, my parents, friends, lover……


    “I don’t have parents anymore! I have a very small number of friends!? A lover is out of the question!?”

    Ah, awful. I’m getting sad just saying that. Perhaps, I’m not worth living.

    Once my thought becomes negative, such thought will go round and round. I’ve been living a harsh life and my spirit is already terrible.

    “…… I wonder if I’ll die if I eat this……”

    As soon as I said that, I must have gone crazy at this moment. After all, I’m thinking about suicide, right?

    I don’t understand why. I thought about it myself. I, am an idiot.




    In the end, I put on the sauce on that poisonous mushroom. (TN: It means he has eaten it.)


    “………… A,are? It’s nothing?’

    It looks like I’m seriously okay!? Have you finally pulled it!?


    I raised my arms and shouted. It’s fine to express my joy all over my body.

    “At last, my time is hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

    I danced a little on the spot.


    I’m really happy! This feelings with my girlfriend…… don’t have one.

    “Fufufu. Now, this idiotic me *kaha!”

    I vomited blood.

    “Gaha! Guho!”

    I spit out blood.


    I, appear to have come really intoxicated. As expected, there’s only zero luck on my status.

    “…… Was this, a delayed poison……”

    No, considering that the poison revolved in such a short time like this, it’s an immediate effect, huh?

    Anyway, it seems that I lost this time as well.

    “I knew it you know …… I knew ……”

    It’s ridiculously stupid, but I could’ve read this punch line somewhere ……! Godammit!

    I crumble on my knees.

    “Gaha! Goho! …… zee, zee……”

    Seriously, this time it’s really bad……

    “…… Will I, die from poison?”

    Uwa …… I’m not serious. I don’t want to starve to death, but this is too painful. I thought it was a little easier to die? But now I have no way to get rid of this poison. Seriously.

    After all, my luck value is zero ……

    I lie face down as it is.

    “Haa, haa.”

    I can’t breathe properly. My body doesn’t do what I say.

    I can’t do anything with the special herb. Even if I appraise it, it only wrote that it would cure injuries.

    I need a poison-erasing grass after all…… or detoxification grass? Anything is fine.

    “Gah …… if I die at the end …… I’ll, eat this……”

    I squeezed my energy, and took out the remaining two fruits of evolution from my item box.

    “Hehe …… thanks to this, I was able to live without starving……”

    As I lie face down, I stare quietly at the fruit of evolution in front of me.

    If the Clever Monkey didn’t drop this fruit, I should’ve already been a corpse at that time.

    Its taste is bad, but this guy who filled my stomach immediately saved me.

    Thanks to this guy for the past week, I haven’t had a hard time with food.

    I’m really grateful for this fruit of evolution. …… I don’t know its effect after all.

    “…… I, like this, thank you for your help.”

    When I said that, I put the fruit of evolution in my mouth.


    I finished eating one of the fruits of evolution. Ah, I think I’m going to have another one.



    I have finished eating the last of the fruit of evolution.


    “I’m entirely okay!?”

    I jumped up. What the hell happened!? I was dying a while ago!? When I eat the fruit of evolution, I felt more energetic!?

    “Wai!? What was that mellow atmosphere I had a while ago!? I’m ashamed!”

    My face is red! Heck! Where did the poison disappear to!?

    When I was in agony with my own embarrassment, a hypothesis suddenly came to my mind.

    “……No way, I don’t think it’s the fruit of evolution’s effect …… “

    But I actually came out of my poisoned state…… Eh, really?

    “Wa,wait a minute. If that was true then……”

    There’s no fruit of evolution left anymore.


    “Vomit iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! One is fine! I’ll vomit it with all my miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!”

    I desperately, tried to spit out the fruit of evolution that I ate just now.

    “Daaaaaaah! If it really had the effect of eliminating the poison, then I should have left one! Well, I should’ve known that it might be quite effective if it’s just saying it!”

    Even at the time when I was on the verge of starvation.

    Even though I was bleeding with my nails on the ground so much that my nails were about to peel off, when I ate the fruit of evolution, the wound disappeared before I knew it.

    “I really am a piece of shit! Going back before eating the fruit of evolution, and even if I hit myself to stop it……!”

    …… Ah, then it’s fine if I did that before I eat the mushrooms. That way, I wouldn’t have to be like this in the first place!

    “……Haa. I’ve already eaten it. I gave up……”

    When I hung my head ……

    『You have acquired the skill 《Poison Resistance》. The skill 《Appraisal》 has been upgraded to 《Intermediate Appraisal》』

    The voice I’m used to hearing echoed in my head. I mean, I wonder who this voice is.

    “…… Wait a minute? From 『Appraisal』 to 『Intermediate Appraisal』?”

    Until now, I’ve only acquired new skills, like the 『Poison Resistance』 that I just got. However, this time it was upgraded, and it seems that it became something like 『Intermediate Appraisal』.

    “I don’t understand ……”

    I open my status.

    《Hiiragi Seiichi》

    Race: Human being with the highest potential

    Gender: Male

    Occupation: Too Unfortunate Homeless

    Age: 17

    Level: 1

    Magic Power: 17

    Attack Power: 1

    Defense: 1

    Agility: 1

    Magic Attack: 1

    Magic Defense: 1

    Luck: 0


    《Equipment》 Ultimate weapon school uniform. Ultimate weapon student pants. Certain-kill shirt. Deadly briefs

    《Skill》 Intermediate Appraisal. Complete Dismantling. Paralyze Resistance. Sleep Resistance. Confusion Resistance. Charm Resistance. Petrification Resistance. Inhibition Resistance. Poison Resistance

    《State》 Evolution 0/10 (MAX)Fatigue

    A,are? Various things have changed?

    My race has become human, and my gender also became a normal male. …… However, “human being with the highest potential” is too rough, and I think it’s too exaggerated. What is with that, highest potential.

    But as usual, nothing is written about my charm. I, I’m not really sad!

    In the skill column, 《Intermediate Appraisal》 and 《Poison Resistance》 were also added.

    『Intermediate Appraisal』…… You can appraise various things in more detail than at the time of appraisal.

    『Poison resistance』 …… Invalidates various poisons

    Scary, its super awesome.

    Poison resistance or what not. Thanks to that, I can eat without worrying about the grass-like around here and there. …… I wonder how cornered I am. But well, there is no fruit of evolution anymore, so it’s fine.

    What’s more, I’m very grateful for the intermediate appraisal. It may not be displayed as 『?』 like before…….

    What does evolution 0/10 (MAX) mean in the 《State》 column?

    Since there is no fruit of evolution anymore, I can’t even examine it with my new 『Intermediate Appraisal』 ……

    “Well, this time it’s a success just to be alive like this!”

    I felt refreshed by myself. In other words, I stopped thinking. Because I don’t understand it.

    Well, it’s wonderful to be alive!

    However, I completely forgotten at this time.

    That is––––



    There was a Clever Monkey standing near me.

    Why? If I think about it, I can immediately understand it.


    I was too noisy……!

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