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    Translated by Mlzkzr
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    “Please wait in this place”

    On the day we were summoned to another world, I –––– Takamiya Shota was heading to a certain place with all the students.

    Looking at the time when us students arrived, in this world …… the person who summoned us spoke to us.

    The guys who summoned us were all dressed in robes that we had only seen in games and mangas, with canes in their hands. They look like magicians.

    At first, representatives from the school side and the different world side introduced themselves to each other, but after that, for some reason, the teachers were taken to another place by someone in another robe.

    That’s why, there are only students in this place right now.

    “However…… what are they doing to make us wait in a place like this?”

    “Perhaps, they’re going to meet us with the top of the people who summoned us.”

    The person who answered Kenji’s mutter was Kannazuki, who is as calm and composed as ever. In front of the place where we were waiting, there is a large wooden door with elaborate designs.

    There are some great people inside, but I can feel no remnant of them here.

    The passage leading to the door, is also decorated with expensive vases and paintings. Considering that there is something like a chandelier in this world where electricity should not be flowing, its likely to be shining light by the so-called magic.

    Thinking about this and that, Kannazuki-senpai said in a calm voice.

    “I don’t care about the people we’re meeting now. But more than that, I’m worried about the teachers ……”

    You don’t care you said…… However, as expected of the only daughter of the Kannazuki group, I think she’s likely accustomed to meeting with great men. She has no nervousness at all.

    After a while, the man who showed us around reappeared.

    “Sorry to have kept you waiting. I’ll have you meet the king from now. Make sure to not do a careless mistake……”

    The man said so, and opened the door in front of us. There was a lot of tension, from the surroundings.

    I’m also nervous. The only person who isn’t nervous here is Kannazuki-senpai.

    “Then, here is……”

    We stepped into the room, prompted by the man.

    It was a gorgeous palace that I had only seen in stories.

    In the back of the room, someone is sitting in a luxurious chair in vain. To the left and right, there are also those who are dressed like aristocrats in a tale, and they were looking at us presumptuously.

    The king is sitting in a chair, so those nobles on his left and right are like his senior vassals?

    Behind them are people fully equipped with large and rough silver armors.

    The students were pale in the strange sight that was rarely seen on earth.

    Except for Kannazuki-senpai.

    Or rather, aren’t you too courageous, Kannazuki-senpai. I wonder how can she carefreely observe her surroundings.

    I was also speechless, so I couldn’t say anything to Kannazuki-senpai.

    We followed the man in the robe as prompted, and stood in front of the king.

    “Now then, ladies and gentlemen. Kneel and bow your head. For you are before the King.”

    We had a variety of reactions to the man in the robe who suddenly said such a thing, tilting our heads and getting a little confused. By the way, I am in the latter.

    Those who are twisting their necks may take a little time to understand his words.

    More than that…… we were summoned without permission, and we’ll then bowed our head down …… Isn’t it strange?

    While there’s poison in my inner heart, I look to the man in front of me who was called the king.

    He has gray hair and blue eyes. He was a middle-aged man who I could tell at a glance that he was different from us Japanese.

    Because I was summoned to another world, I don’t really care about how he looks, but I just didn’t like the fact that he was scattering an atmosphere as if he’s looking down on us somewhere.

    When thinking about such things without permission, one of the aristocratic figures on the left and right of the king makes a loud voice.

    “We’re saying that you’re in front of the king! Bow your head!”

    What is he saying, this guy. Even though we are 『Heroes』 who were summoned without permission, have they understood that?

    Besides me, many students are likely thinking the same thing. We frowned upon at the words of the aristocrats.

    Then, Kannazuki-senpai, who had been silent until now, stood in front of the king as if to say that she was the representative of all the students.

    “–––– We are very sorry. We don’t know the etiquettes in such a place, so please forgive us.”

    We open our eyes to Kannazuki-senpai, who bowed to those who we don’t like. Kannazuki-senpai looks back at us.

    “…… Right now, we have no choice but to follow them. We are human beings, who have no property or power in this world. I don’t want to provoke the other person in a meaningless way, and reduce our survival rate. Let’s shut up and bow our heads.”

    Kannazuki-senpai, tells us so in a whisper. Everyone reluctantly knelt down according to the words of Kannazuki-senpai.

    …… What seriously is this?

    While I hang my head, I look at the king in front of me.

    The king snorted, and stood up as if to say that our actions were commonplace.

    “Everyone has frequently been summoned as heroes to save my country. Of course, it’s natural, but let me say my thanks. You’ve been thanked by me, please cry and rejoice.”

    He does not have the attitude of a person who purely conveys his thanks. First of all, it was this bastard and the others who were the ones who summoned us without permission.

    In the first place, why do we who were thanked have to please him.

    “I hate useless stories. Let me say it briefly. There’s only one thing I’m going to order you to do. Defeat the Demon King who is threatening this world. That’s it. Fortunately, the current Demon King has no power at all. It should take at least four years for the Demon King to revive and regain his former power. However, the demon king is still going to be resurrected, and the movements of monsters and demons become more active. That’s where you come in.”

    The king in front of us keeps talking on the premise that we will receive that absurd command of his.

    A command? How far is he going speak? This man……

    Moreover, it will take four years for the Demon King to regain his power you said…… Even though you have so much time, I’m wondering about why they summoned us so quickly and subdue the Demon King. I don’t know what to think about what I will do if I’m on my own.

    My anger bubblingly rises. The, I noticed Kannazuki-senpai who was kneeling like us in front of me.

    Kannazuki-senpai has a cold gaze that even I, who is her childhood friend, has never seen her looking like that, with a deeply despising eyes in front of me…… She was facing the king.

    Sca,scary…… I’m not an M, so I can only feel scared.

    Suddenly, I felt the sign that the students who was kneeling in the same way as I was were standing up.

    “Don’t joke with me! Why do I have to be ordered by an old man, who I just met?”

    “To be honest, I don’t know what this means.”

    “That’s right! A world without entertainment is shit ssu! I can’t use my mobile phone!”

    “…… That’s your problem?”

    “No no, what Airi said is important, you know. I’m a super modern child. I mean, is it possible to do make-up here aside from the entertainment? “

    “… Rumi isn’t doing making up, right?”

    “Well, that’s true. I don’t need it. But you need skin care goods, right. There are too for nails. “

    It was the group of girls who were famous at school who stood up. However, when I say famous, it doesn’t have the meaning of that.

    Nojima Yuka, who first voiced her input, is a half Japanese and half British, and has straight blonde hair stretched to her waist. As for her clothes, her school uniform is remodeled, and special attack clothes is what she was wearing.

    By the way, you can see that there was something like a dressing from the chest of her uniform. Probably to not expose. …… what manga is that from.

    I don’t remember what the team name was, but it must have been from a fairly famous ladies’ president. Although she was a great beauty, she was the president of the ladies, so she was severed from the surroundings. (TN: Don’t know the reference)

    Shimizu Noa has short black hair dyed with blue only at the tips, who is also a beautiful woman similar to Yuka. It wasn’t flashily remodeled like with Yuka’s, but she’s wearing a uniform that’s considerably broken down, and has pierced earrings.

    Noa looks like that, but she’s actually a very famous fashion model. That’s why, despite the fact that her uniform is broken down, her slender figure makes her look very different.

    Noa was often with Yuka. When I was in my first year, I was in the same class as Noa, but I remember her playing with mobile phones and skipping classes with Yuka and her company during class.

    Then, the one who was saying something off the mark, was Seito Airi who was tsukkomi’d by Noa.

    She sometimes wears flashy accessories, but when I talked to her, she was an interesting fellow. She is often with Yuka and the others, but she’s on good terms with the other girls.

    Yuka and Noa both feel like lone wolves in their atmosphere, but Airi is an amazing girl who can blend in with such two parties without difficulty.

    At last, the girl with a tone that really sound like a gal, is Amagawa Rumi. Unlike Airi, this one is a perfect gal.

    Her hair is brown and is waved loosely. As Noa says, she appears to be not wearing any makeup. Still, she’s beautiful …… she has high specs as a gal, right?

    Like Noa and Airi, she was dressed in her uniform with a sense of fashion in place.

    I was calmly observing the girls who stood up suddenly, but in fact I can’t afford to do such a thing.

    If we don’t somehow silence Yuka and the others, we’ll be killed here.

    It would be nice if they could only summon heroes once every few years, but……

    Speaking of which, the so-called bad group of girls is taking action in this manner, but the men who were usually flirting around are completely shrunk and became unusable. I too am being lousy myself. Women are strong.

    I mean…… It’s good that it turned out that there are quite a few people like us who are annoyed of being summoned to another world.

    When I was thinking about that, as expected, the bald ossan who seemed to be a senior vassal sharpened his look at Yuka and the others.

    “Know your positions! You’re in front of the king!?”

    “Shuddup! Pull back bald!”

    “Ba,bald!? …… it’s in my mind too……”

    Ah, bald ossan, he got depressed as I see him. That’s okay. I lightly sympathized with the bald old ossan who got thrashed.

    Then, the King ossan, who was fluttering back on the throne, snorted.

    “Well, it’s fine. You have an opinion on me, don’t you? I’ll specially give you permission. You should say it.”

    “Well then, I won’t hesitate tell you, but …… return us to our original world!”

    “That’s indeed true. As I think that we’ve been forced to go to another world by a voice we do not understand, you want us to defeat the Demon King this time? …… You’re kidding, right.”

    “I don’t know what to say, but I’m sorry since it’s troublesome for me too.”

    “Speaking of the demon king, it’s Dragon Quest after all!”

    “…… Shut up for bit Airi.”

    …… Yeah, they have neither seriousness nor shit.

    Thanks to Yuka and her company, I was able to afford a good deal of composure, so I looked around. Most of them, including Kenji, are stunned. Kannazuki-senpai and the others are still the same, though. Anyway, I’m glad that the here tension was eased. It was revealed that Airi was a very stupid idiot.

    The king in front of me, continues to look at us from above as usual.

    “No matter what I say, you have no veto power. Take a look at the back of your left hand.”

    I dropped my gaze on the back of my left hand. Everyone, including Yuka, is looking at the back of their left hand in the same manner.

    …… There’s nothing unusual about it. What the hell is in the back of our left hand?

    “The back of your left hand will be engraved with 『Crest of Subordination』, which will force you to work as a warrior in our country! How about that, you understand that you can’t turn your teeth on me? Such a shame for you!”


    There’s nothing engraved on the back of my left hand, right?

    For the time being, I checked the back of the left hand of the guys around me, but nothing was engraved.

    And if it was the same for Yuka and the others ––––––––

    “……Crest is it? Can’t see anything drawn on it?”


    “I thought it was really tattooed on it, but…… there’s nothing.”

    “Eeh!? I was expecting it to look a little cool! You were lying.”

    Aside from Airi’s remarks, it seems that nothing is engraved on the back of everyone’s left hand.

    I, turned my gaze back to the king.

    “Eh, seriously?”

    From the king, the feeling of him looking down has disappeared as if it were a lie.

    I mean …… the king’s original nature is coming out? And it’s a fairly glued out ……

    The King blinks many times, and stares at the back of our left hand.

    The king, who really understood that the crest things were not engraved on the back of our left hands, called out to the Jii-san who was wearing a robe that was waiting nearby.

    “Hey hey, the crest hasn’t come out, though? What have you been doing? This is dangerous, right? Did my tone not get through? Hey, it’s okay? It’s okay, right!?”

    The king, was greatly flustered. What happened to his atmosphere that looked down on us so far.

    The robe jii-san, who was asked for help by the king, said with a smile to make him feel relieved.

    “That’s beyond what’s expected!”

    “It’s a lieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!?”

    It was thrown around! The king has a look of despair. It’s very pitiful.

    “Do, do something about this …… you old geezer!”

    Why does this feel like a joke. And then, isn’t he a bad king. There’s nothing much to aid him.

    Everyone is dumbfounded by the sudden conversation that turned like a comedy skit.

    When it came to Kannazuki-senpai, she was still looking at him with such a chilly glare.

    Please stop that! The king’s life points are zero!

    “It can’t be helped, King-sama. Let’s take out our trump card.”

    Will this Jii-san also go along with the King’s farce?

    “Taratatatata ~! Hostage ~!”

    Didn’t he just say something that was so bad!? I mean, the sound effects that came in his mouth is overly desolate!

    What’s more, it’s like doraemon! Does he really know something like that!?

    The old man said something to a nearby soldier, and the soldier nodded and ran in a hurry.

    And after a while, the soldier brought something like a crystal.

    “If the heroes are going to disobey our orders …… you guys’ life will be no more, you know?”

    When the old man in the robe held his hand over the crystal while saying so, a surprising image with the science and technology of Earth emerged in the air.

    There, the teachers in a state of being trapped in a place that seems to be a prison, were reflected.



    Kannazuki-senpai’s facial expression becomes severe.

    “They are your companions, right? I don’t want to do this, but if you guys don’t listen to our orders, they’ll have to die.”

    Aside from us who can’t return words, the old man in robe continues.

    “Well, if you guys abandon them, that’s fine …… However, we have a way to bring you back to your original world, you know? If you don’t obey our orders in this place, we have to kill them uselessly. By the way, it is impossible to bring you back except for those of us who have summoned you.”


    In other words, whether we can return to our original world or not, it’s all in their hands.

    Coming here, they showed their valid cards one after another……

    The only way to get home is to obey their orders. However, if we were asked if we had a place to stay when we got home, we probably won’t have.

    I think it was said that he had erased memory about us from Earth ……

    If the voice of God that came from the speaker before we were blown into this world is exactly what it says, then it’s the story.

    But unless we were able to return to Earth anyway, it doesn’t matter how far I think about it.

    Dammit…… the hell, they’re poking us at the spot where its painful.

    When everyone had a bitter expression on their faces, Kannazuki-senpai stood up this time.

    “–––– In other words, in order for us to return to our original world, we have to obey you?”

    “That’s the way it is.”

    Kannazuki-senpai, comes across the Jii-san in the robe.


    “Fi-end? Why are you getting mad? I don’t know what the hero of the other world thinks.”

    All of us were about to explode in anger at their remarks that turn people’s nerves in reverse.

    Yuka seemed to be about to hit him at any moment, and Noa was looking down next to her.

    “The physical abilities of the Heroes are low now, but if they are trained, they will become strong. You have such power, so there’s nothing to be scared about it, right?”

    The Jii-san in robe said such a thing, but it’s impossible for us, who have lived an unchanging daily life in peaceful Japan, to suddenly be told to defeat the Demon King. There’s no one in this place who knows if it’s a bug, or a dog and a cat on how to kill.

    But robe jii-san’s remarks were enough to move the hearts of the other students.


    “We’re heroes, aren’t we? Then we’re strong, don’t we?”

    “Then it’s okay ……?”

    “In the end, we can’t go home without defeating that, right?”

    One after another, the students make positive remarks about defeating the demon king. Is this really okay? I’m not Airi, but is he going capture this world like in a game like the Dragon Quest? (TN: Ref on Demon King Madyuraja in Dragon Quest)

    “O,oi …… Isn’t everyone becoming enthusiastic?”

    Kenji, who was nearby, tells me so.

    “Well … If we have no way to return to Earth other than having the people of this country return us, it seems that there is no choice but to subdue the Demon King. Besides, it seems that we have strong powers.”

    “Is it going to be such a simple story?”

    “I don’t understand a thing.”

    From the point of view of the people in this country, we are only convenient pieces. Perhaps even if we can successfully subdue the Demon King, it’s possible that we will be killed without them returning us.

    But at this point, if we don’t follow the people in this country, we will have no future.

    Kannazuki-senpai had a difficult look on her face, and seemed to be worried about something. Kannazuki-senpai may have come up with the same idea as me ……

    The king said again from the top position, as if his distraught state was a lie from awhile ago.

    “Fun. Well, it would be just a waste to discuss further. The matter of subduing the Demon King is absolute. Because you are heroes. I’ll permit you to spend time in the room in this castle. Be grateful to me. And from tomorrow, you’ll immediately train for the Demon King subjugation. That’s all. Retire.”

    When he said only what he wanted to say unilaterally, the king stood up.

    “Wa, wait! This conversation isn’t over yet!”

    When Kannazuki-senpai raised her voice, the soldiers who were waiting behind him all held their spears and swords and thrust it towards her.


    Kannazuki-senpai stopped moving.

    The king never turned around, and left as it was.

    “Well, please give up, Lord Hero. I’ll let the soldiers guide you to your room, so take a rest today. Look forward, to the training from tomorrow on.”

    When the old man in Robe told us so, he left as it was. The persons who seem to be senior vassals also follows.

    What’s left is us students and the soldiers who was still pointing their spears. And there was only a middle-aged man in armor with his eyes closed and his arms crossed at the back.

    The man with his arms crossed had a different atmosphere than the other soldiers.

    This man, orders the soldiers with his eyes closed.

    “…… Take the Lord Heroes to each of their room. Don’t be rough with them.”

    I couldn’t read his emotions from his low voice.

    When we stood up, the soldiers guided us to our rooms.

    Kannazuki-senpai had a much more difficult look on her face, and both I and Kenji were worried about the future.

    Most of the students seemed to have lost their tension before I knew it, and their interest in living in the castle had shifted. No one was thinking deeply about the Demon king’s subjugation.

    For the time being, it’s going to be four years until the Demon King’s complete resurrection. Then, let’s find a good way in the meantime.

    Moreover, we have powers for the time being. We’ll be able to do it somehow.

    I, forced myself to convince myself that way.

    –––––––– At a later time we, will be wondering about how sweet this idea of us at present.

    (TN: Thus, volume 1 is finished)

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