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    Time goes by quickly. Moreover, I’m scared to get too familiar with her.

    It’s already been a week since I was taken by this Kaizer Kong, Saria (I don’t want to call her by this name, though).

    …… I, who is wondering if it’s okay even if it’s a gorilla, was surprised and struck by myself. As expected, a gorilla is really bad. Because our race is completely different.

    But when it comes to that fucking gorilla’s housework skills, isn’t that strangely higher than a human woman? It’s so good that I think it’s amazing. I’m already surprised.

    In addition, the hair of the fucking gorilla feels so good that I can’t say anything about it again. Her tail is also smooth and fluffy, which is a great touch!

    In the first place, even though I thoroughly spoke ill at the fucking gorilla, I originally don’t have the position to say that to the other person. Because, I’m a child that was bullied.

    I’ve lost weight now, but when I was on Earth, I was fat, disgusting, ugly, and has a bad smell …… aren’t I the worst. I’m worse than a gorilla frankly speaking. No, I’m absolutely terrible.

    While I was thinking about such a thing, and being satisfied with this situation where I can eat delicious food, nowadays, I’m thinking that I have to escape.

    “Seiichi, here”

    “Nn, thank you”

    I get the breakfast from the fucking gorilla. …… Uwaa, it looks like we’re newly married. It’s really dangerous.

    While being lightly drawn at my mental state and situation, I eat breakfast.

    …… It’s as delicious as ever. If she wasn’t a gorilla, she would be a good wife.

    “Such…… I’m blushing”

    “Don’t read my mind.”

    This guy, is sometimes scary. Why are you reading my mind.

    The Kaizer Kong’s… or rather, being drawn to the new trait of the fucking gorilla in front of me, which I discovered recently, the fucking gorilla looked like she remembered something.

    “Speaking of which, today, is exploration day”

    “…… Exploration?”

    I asked back involuntarily.

    “That’s right. I, with the Clever Monkeys, 『Fruit of Evolution』, search for it”


    The fruit of evolution!?

    I opened my eyes to the words that jumped out of the mouth of the fucking gorilla.

    “Seiichi, fruit of evolution, you know it?”


    What should I do…… I wonder if I should say that I honestly know that. More than that, I wonder if I can get information out of things that I don’t know……

    In the end, I decided to not to know that.

    “…… No, I don’t know.”

    Saying that, the Kaizer Kong nodded.

    “Saw. Then, I’ll teach it to you. 『Fruit of Evolution』, is amazing. Such as race, will reach the top. Various stats, will strangely be surpassed after reborn”

    …… In other words, if you eat the fruit of evolution and evolve, your current state will be superior in that race, e?

    …… I, I don’t know what that means.

    Eh, then what? In my case, I’ll be the strongest in the human beings? Will I get smarter? Will I look better?

    …… There is no one who I can compare strength with, and I’m still at level one…… It doesn’t feel like my mind became good, but I don’t feel my bare head had changed. I’m as stupid as ever!

    When it came to appearance, the charm stat of my status is still blank! …… I even used the life magic 『Wash』 on myself. I want to die already.

    By the way, my clothes were prepared by the fucking gorilla, it’s quite beautiful since the materials I wear in vain is good, and even if it gets dirty, the fucking gorilla will wash it.

    It seems that my underwear is made up of different materials, and it feels more comfortable on the skin. In addition, the vine of the tree called 『Biyon Tree』, was a material that is durable with outstanding elasticity, it’s used for my briefs as a substitute for rubber. My underwear such as the clothes and briefs that I used to wear was, since the fucking gorilla somehow desperately wanted it, burned with my life magic 『Fire』.

    Well, I don’t care about that, but if I think about it normally from these results……

    …… No, it doesn’t make sense. I haven’t experienced the evolution!? …… Other than severe pain in my body. I don’t want to do that anymore!

    When I was thinking about that, the fucking gorilla continued.

    “I, until a while ago, cannot speak. Human book, can’t read or understand. However, at that time, I came across the fruit of evolution. And so as I ate it, taking advantage when I go and hunt, I read human book and familiarize myself with human language”

    Areee? Isn’t it quite effective for the fucking gorilla? To the level where she can even understand the language …… No, isn’t that pretty awesome?

    And if my level isn’t as high as her, then I think her level was already 700 when she ate the fruit of evolution. Come to think of it, 《State》 Evolution 9/10 (MAX) was displayed too. That’s strong……

    “Other than that, my appearance, strangely change. Strong. I become. After”

    “Sorry, can you talk more fluently?”

    I want to listen to something but I got confused…… Why is she so irritating? …… Well, it’s because she’s a gorilla!…… it’s different huh.

    “I’m sorry. But, my mouth’s, talking, function, was nonexistence to begin with. I can make roar, words, different. That’s why, smooth, talking I can’t. I want to, talk more though……”

    “It’s fine.”

    There is no such thing as topic in the first place. What do we even talk about.

    “By the way, Fruit of Evolution, don’t eat, more than 10. Eating anymore, evolution overtake body. So, you’ll die.”

    “Isn’t that scary?!”

    Seriously!? I’ll die if I eat 11 or more!? Dangerous…… When I was searching for it, I thought I’d set it aside and eat it someday ……!

    This means, that I can’t actually eat any more fruit of evolution. …… Regrettable.

    I was a little relieved that I got some unexpected information. The fruit of evolution is amazing……

    “I, have eaten 10 pieces of it already. Therefore, collect again, to give to an existence suitable to be my husband, aim to get. At once, the Clever Monkeys have found it. But, someone, snatch it.”

    …… A, a’re? Somehow, I have a bad feeling about this…….

    “That’s why, I search again, to give it to Seiichi. While doing that, the snatcher, I kill.”

    “I’m verry sorrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!”

    I dogeza with all my might.

    “I’m really sorry! I stole it! I was hungry, and I ate it!”

    I fucking ate my pride! The one who survives is justice! The weak will lick the strong!

    I raise my face terrifyingly while still in the dogeza position. In front of me was the face of the fucking gorilla who didn’t seem to have changed her facial expression.

    “What, is it so Seiichi? Then, it’s fine.”


    “But, marriage. That is, absolutely a must.”


    That’s right ……… Isn’t that right!? Because the thing she was supposed to give to her husband, was eaten by me! I’ve done it!? I can’t turn back anymore!

    I need to escape from this earnestly ……!

    Fortunately, the fucking gorilla seems to be going on a search for the fruit of evolution.

    In that moment, I’ll escape from this hell……!

    …… I,I’ll miss not being able to eat that meal for a little while…… I,I don’t think so!?

    When I was thinking about that, the fucking gorilla responded unexpectedly.

    “Seiichi … me, you hate me?”


    It’s not the usual annoying reaction. She has a very uneasy reaction and face. What’s the matter suddenly …….

    When I’m bewildered, the gorilla says.

    “I, with Seiichi, like “


    This is probably her second confession.

    “But, is Seiichi, me, don’t like?”

    The fucking gorilla asked with a really sad face.

    …… What should I answer? The difficulty became higher suddenly!?

    Since she asks me so seriously and sadly, I think it’s the right way for humans to answer earnestly.

    “… I don’t hate you. I rather like you.”

    Yes, this is what my true feelings are.

    But don’t get me wrong. To the bitter end, my 『like』 is that I like her as a gorilla. It’s a strange story to say that I like her as a gorilla ……

    Cleaning, washing, cooking, sewing, and for some reason, she’s all about me. If you just listen to it this much, it sounds like she’s an impeccable existence.

    But…… But she’s a gorilla!

    Why is she a gorilla!? If she’s not a gorilla, she’s completely good!? Originally, I wasn’t in a position to choose the appearance of the other party, so!

    Even for me, she’s of different race …… and also a gorilla!? There are too many things I can say……! Human beings, can put up with no matter how ugly you are. …… It sounds like I’m very high-looking when I hear me like this, but I want to marry a beautiful girl or a beautiful woman even if I have no hope of it!

    Is that bad!? …… It’s the nature of a sad man.

    When I was feeling down by my own, the gorilla said in her usual condition.

    “Right. Then, let’s get married now.”

    “…… Can I withdraw my previous statement after all?”

    I’m really annoyed when she gets back on track. And as I wonder what it is.

    “Mu …… Seiichi, is being shy “

    “Please die in earnest.”

    Scary, she’s really annoying. I’m going to hit you hard……! But it’s really sad that I can’t see myself taking my revenge.

    “Well anyway. I, will now then on Fruit of Evolution, search”

    “By all means, take care.”

    I desperately endured a smile from popping out of my face.

    If I laugh here, she will definitely be suspicious of me……!

    Or rather, it’s the fruit of evolution, she’s going to look for it…… I don’t know why.

    “Taking this opportunity, I’ll hunt for today’s prey.”


    Hunting for prey means, that it’s about killing monsters. In other words, doesn’t that mean that she’s going to evolve?

    “Fucking gorilla. Are all your food, things that you’ve hunted so far?”

    “Wrong. Clever Monkey, the ones who hunt. I solely eat.”

    Clever Monkey. They were thoroughly used huh……!

    “If you eat the fruit of evolution, will you evolve the moment you defeat a monster?”

    When I enquired so, the fucking gorilla shook her head.

    “Yes. But it’s different. The defeated monster, if its level lower than yourself, it’s worthless.”


    In other words, the reason I’ve evolved so easily is because I’ve been hunting for something higher than myself.

    “I with stronger monster, met recently. Once upon a time, most monsters, and demon king army wanted to take me along. I, wasn’t interested in war. Hence, I myself hid.”

    The Demon King appeared in such a place huh…… Moreover, it may not be 100 years ago or so even if she said once upon a time, it might have happened surprisingly recently.

    “I’m a strong monster, irked them, so they approach”


    I twist my neck involuntarily at the words of the fucking gorilla.

    However, the fucking gorilla didn’t seem to hear my words, and didn’t tell me the details.

    “More importantly, I, question to Seiichi, have.”


    “Seiichi, is human. Why are you here?”

    That’s right. It’s normally strange to have a human being in a place like this.

    “Well……a lot of things have happened. ……Ah!”

    Saying that, I remembered something.

    “I forgot to make the Elixer(miracle drug)!”

    There were so many things that I completely forgot about it, but I originally wanted to make the 『Elixer(miracle drug) 』!

    The fucking gorilla tilts her head at me.

    “Elixer(miracle drug)? What is, that?”

    “Well, it’s a great stuff for humans.”

    Because it can even resurrect the dead, right? That’s scary.

    “However, I don’t have a 『Heat Rock』 to make the elixir and the essential 『Revival Grass』……”

    “I, have that”

    “Hee~, that’s amazing. ……Yes?”

    “I, have that”


    As I involuntarily said so in a loud voice, the fucking gorilla moved to a nearby bush, she searched for something, and before long, she came back with something.

    “Here. This the, Heat Rock. This the, Revival Grass, and seed.”


    The fucking gorilla gave me a bright red stone, a contrasting white and green grass, and a strange seed.

    “Seeds, don’t know how to grow. Elixir, make, me, it’s not effective on. Therefore, I give.”


    I was surprised at the words of the fucking gorilla again, and I try to appraise the thing that was handed over to me.

    『Heat Rock』…… A heat-producing mineral, with special effects. If it is given a light impact and left unattended, it will generate heat with a maximum temperature of 120 °C. It is not disposable, and after a certain period of time, the heat will naturally subsides and it can be used many times as you like. Its effects also includes things necessary to revive the dead, and when immersed in water etc, the water will turn into something very good for the body

    『Revival Grass』…… Grass that is said to have the effect of recalling the dead from the underworld. However, this alone has no effect, if it’s dissolved in water soaked with heat rock, it’ll be effective by compounding

    『Seeds of Revival Grass』…… If you bury it, the revival grass will grow. However, when watering it, it is necessary to use the water soaked with the heat rock, and use soil mixed with heat rock

    Da,dangerous…… as I thought, its effects is tremendous because at most, it can revive the dead.

    Or rather, the range of use of heat rock is too wide. It really plays an active role……

    However, the fucking gorilla said that she’ll give me such great things. …… Then I’ll get it. She told me to get it.

    “Th, then I will gratefully accept it”

    “Yup. But first, we’ll get married”

    “I will return it after all”

    “……Just a joke”

    There was a halt?! Is it possible that it wasn’t a joke?! I mustn’t keep my guard down or show a chance……!

    Aside from my surprise, the fucking gorilla turned to the forest.

    “Well then, I, ask you to, understand. I hunt, see you later.”

    “Yup! Take care!”

    I was really cheerful as I said that with a smile.

    Now, I can be free too ……! As I expected, the gorilla did not ponder the possibility of me escaping from it. Fufufu…… I’ll say goodbye to this hell!

    As the unexpected harvest, I got the materials needed for the Elixir!

    “Yu, yup. I’m off”

    When I tried to send her out with a smile, for some reason the fucking gorilla turned red. Where was the element there that dyed her cheeks red just now!? It feels creepy! At least …… I want you to be human at least!

    I saw the fucking gorilla go deeper into the bush.

    Alright …… let’s go…… let’s go……

    For the time being, my destination was that area painted with black, which I could not understand from the two map information of the Clever Monkey and Acrowolf.

    And at last, I can’t see the figure of the fucking gorilla––––


    I screamed like that for no reason, and I ran away.

    Hahahaha! I’ll win! For one week …… I’ve endured it!

    No matter how many times I try to escape, the fucking gorilla will follow me wherever I go …… In addition for me giving up lightly, life with a fucking gorilla might be fun …… I was beginning to think that, but…….

    Finally…… I’m finally released!

    “Hahahahaha! This is great! What a wonderful freedom is this!”

    Saying so myself, I think I’m broken. My tension is in chaos.

    As I was running through the forest, with light steps, I suddenly felt something chilling on my back.


    When I hurriedly turned around ––––

    “Wait! Seiichi!”

    “Gyaaaaaaaaaa! She’s following meeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

    The fucking gorilla, was chasing me at a ridiculous speed!

    Are you kidding me!? She didn’t go exploring!? It’s slightly horrific when a gorilla comes sprinting all the way to you!? For some reason, she’s running like an athlete!

    Why is she really chasing me!? What happened to the exploration!?

    When I think of such a thing, the fucking gorilla shouts.

    “No! That direction is……!”

    “I don’t understand what you mean, but I’m finally free! I won’t let this freedom gooooooo!”

    I’ve come this far! She’s getting closer at my back…… First of all, let’s talk about what to say as my excuses for running away if I ever return.

    In order to keep the distance between me and the fucking gorilla even a little, I decided to activate the skill 『Moment』 continuously.

    “『Moment』! 『Moment』! 『Moment』! 『Moment』! “


    The distance between me and the fucking gorilla is increasing. As expected of a skill!

    By making full use of my skills, I’m trying keep my distance away from the fucking gorilla, and before long, a cave appeared in front of me.

    “What’s that?”

    I tilt my head to the cave which I was approaching gradually.

    Was there a cave in such a place ……

    On the map that’s been inserted into my head, I had already entered the black-painted spot.

    “…… it feels like, there’s a strange sense of intimidation here……”

    I was approaching the cave without stopping, but for some reason, I was feeling sensitive to the strange atmosphere that was being released from the cave.

    “……… Well, there seems to be no place for me to hide other than this cave ………”

    I think it’s easier for her to find me out if I hide in a cave, but for some reason, there are no trees growing around the cave.

    From the start, I have no other option but to hide in this cave.

    “……Shall we enter.”

    I decided to enter the cave. There are other options left, but there were times when I was genuinely curious of what was going on inside the cave.

    Moreover, the inside of the cave is unexpectedly complicated, finding me in this, might be hard.

    I rushed into the cave without slowing down.

    When I was on earth, it was impossible for me to run this fast for a long time. However, since I came to this world, I didn’t get tired of this at all, probably because of my evolution.

    Hmm …… is every people in another world physically strong? I’ve evolved so much that I get less tired, and it seems convincing that people who are originally here have more physical strength.

    I entered the cave and continued to run single-mindedly, but…….

    “……What should I do. There is no turning path at all.”

    It was just a straight road.

    Also, for some reason, as I go deeper inside, I can see torches with flames and gorgeous decorations embedded in the walls.


    “Eh, what? What the hell is this place!?”

    I,I’m suddenly getting anxious!? I wonder if anyone lives in this place!?

    But if I turn back now, I’ll definitely get caught by that fucking gorilla. …… what should I do here……

    I,it seems that I have no other choice but to go all the way to the back ……

    I made up my mind and ran through the straight road leading to the back. I ran single-mindedly, but there were no particular monsters on the way.

    And then––––

    “This is……”

    The thing in front of me was made up of black iron with gorgeous ornaments…… it appears to be a door.

    In the middle of the door, a crimson jewel is embedded, and a wicked atmosphere was being released from it.

    “The, the hell……”

    I involuntarily took a step back to the atmosphere being emitted from the door.


    This is …… rather, coming this far…… I have no choice, but to enter huh?

    I made up my mind and opened the jet-black door that gave off this wicked atmosphere.


    When I stepped into the room, the torches around the room lights up all at once.


    Still, the dimness inside didn’t change, and an unpleasant atmosphere that’s eerie and yet thick was wrapping around me. It was when I was observing the room, and moving my eyes restlessly.

    『–––– It’s the first time. A human visit my room …… 』


    Suddenly, I heard a voice and my body jumped.


    What was there, was a skeleton dressed in a jet-black robe reminiscent of a mourning suit.

    『The fact that you got into my room …… Can I recognize that you’re a strong person in my own way? 』

    “……No, it’s Kefir.”


    The silence hurts……!

    Because I can’t help it!? I’m confused! What is it!? This skeleton! Why can it talk!? Skeleton doesn’t have vocal cords, right!?

    Even though I was surprised, I tried to appraise the skeleton in front of me secretly so as not to be exposed to the other party.

    『Dark Aristocrat Zeanos Lv: 1』


    When I saw the displayed level, I couldn’t help but let out such a stupid voice.

    Level…… 1? Same as me……?

    I probably, had a pretty stupid look on my face. Seeing me, the skeleton in front of me …… Zeanos nodded as if he was convinced of something.

    『I see ……. you, used 【Appraisal】 on me? 』


    He found out!? How!?

    Despite me being like this, Zeanos continues his words.

    『You’re trying to know my strength, you’re at the height of stupidity. My power is not something that can be seen. Moreover, I am deceiving you. 』


    It was the moment when I managed to squeeze out that word.


    Suddenly, the atmosphere was released by Zeanos changed completely.

    I’m not sure at first, but he’s an ominous existence, and he had a contradictory atmosphere which looked strong but not strong.

    However, his atmosphere changed completely, in front of me now.

    ––––Strong. To a terrifying amount ……. strong!

    To the point where that Kaizer Kong, the fucking gorilla, was overshadowed……

    It would have been impossible for me a long time ago to measure my opponent’s ability. However, for some reason, I think I can call it my sixth sense, since my instinct side was ringing the alarm loudly.

    Dangerous…… this guy is dangerous…….!

    For some reason, the Zeanos I’m seeing now and the Zeanos which I had just appraised looked different. I appraised him again while being terrified.

    『Dark Aristocrat Zeanos Lv: 1500』


    Isn’t there, a one-digit difference? Eh, 1500? It just exceeded 1000? By 500?



    I had no choice but to raise my voice.

    To me who was screaming, Zeanos coldly declared this as if he wasn’t entertained at me.

    『……Boring. The person who visited my room for the first time, I wanted to know how strong it was, but ––––』

    At that moment, Zeanos blended into the space and disappeared.


    Whe,where did he go!?

    I activated the skill 『Enemy Search』, but there is no reaction for some reason.

    When I was suddenly getting anxious about what happened in front of me, Zeanos appeared again as he terribly made his way out of space again.


    On the right hand of Zeanos, who suddenly appeared, there was a thin, jet-black sword that seemed dangerous at first glance.

    『–––– It seems that it was just a small fry. 』


    –––– But the fine sword never pierced my left chest.

    “Are you okay? Seiichi.”

    The one that was pierced by the blade that was supposed to pierce my heart was…… Saria.

    Saria, who had her left chest penetrated instead of mine, swings her thick arms towards Zeanos.


    Zeanos immediately pulled the sword out of Saria’s left chest and evaded it.

    Bright red blood spews out from Saria’s chest.

    Why …… Why …… Why ……

    “You’re safe…… I’m glad……”

    When she saw my face while standing in a daze, Saria says so in a soft voice.

    And then, Saria fell to the ground as it was.



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