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    Tensei Maou no Juliet

    Vol. 1 Chapter 1.4

    It’s a Matter of Taking Her, or Taking the World

    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    “Stop bullsh*tting me!!”


    To Haruto, who suddenly shouted, Iris’ body jumped with a start.


    “Why do we, have to be the sacrifice for the world!”


    “I won’t give up now. Running away like that. I won’t lose to that handed down destiny!”

    “…… However, what are we going to do?”

    “That’s right, I’ve been with Iris all along. And not ruining the world eh. I won’t let the world be destroyed in which I and Iris live!”

    “……What will we do?”

    “I’m going to think about it after this!!”

    “That’s …… do you really think you can do it?”


    Iris’ eyes, who asked a question, are searching for salvation.

    Haruto laughed fearlessly.


    “Easy peasy”

    “Fufufu ……”

    “What? What’s funny?”

    “No, what you said was unrealistic​, but…… somehow, it really feels like that one way or another”


    After he says that, Iris wiped away her tears with her fingertips.


    Mou. Because you said something interesting, I laughed so much that I cried.”


    A whole face smile.

    Iris’ smiling face, which can never be seen at the academy ordinarily.

    Underneath her icy face, such an undecorated expression was there.

    Knowing that, is one of the reasons why Haruto loved Iris.

    They, fell in love with each other at first sight.

    At first, he was just confused by that feeling.

    However, there was an opportunity for the two of them to fight as rivals, and in that, they learned about the existence of the Demon King’s half body inside each other.


    Talking with their own real intention, it’s the reason why they got to know each other very well.

    After that, an unexpected side of them became clear one after another.

    Even though she is a princess, she evaluates people regardless of their status.

    She hates lying and deceiving people.

    When she sees soldiers killed in action, she hid and shed tears.

    Entering the dormitory was her first experience of going out of the castle for a long time, so she couldn’t enjoy sleeping the night of that.

    She loves sweet things.

    On one time, she wanted to choose her own clothes.

    Like a normal girl, she wants to do some shopping.

    Her icy expression is just apparent, and she’s really expressive.

    Her cold attitude is just to maintain dignity, and she’s really kind.


    Haruto himself, does not know whether his love at first sight, was due to love, or the Reincarnation wedding (Necromance).

    However, such a thing doesn’t matter to him now.

    Because he really likes the Iris right now.


    “Haruto-kun …… I have to go back soon”


    Looking up at the clock on the wall, Iris murmured a little lonely.

    It’s reversed because she’s seeing it from the inside, but the hands of the clock were about to point at 22 o’clock.

    It’s about time for the patrolmen to come.

    If they got discovered, it will be variously troublesome. Their brief time of rendezvous is also, about to end.


    “……it seems like that”


    Haruto went to the side of the locked window.

    When he puts his hand on the window handle —— suddenly, a gust of wind blew in.





    In the flustered voice of Iris, Haruto looks back.




    Iris’ skirt is greatly turned up.


    “Do,don’t! Look …….”


    Iris hurriedly bent forward, and held down her skirt with both hands.

    As a result, her form became sticking out her butt to her behind.

    At her back, is the gear that operates the clock.

    To such a gear, the highest-class underwear that wraps Iris’ ass was caught. Not wedging into her skin, it was a marvelous timing that it only rolls up the thin fabrics like it was pecking it.




    It pulled Iris’ lower body.




    Haruto kicks the floor and runs up to Iris, grabbing Iris’ hands.


    “I’ll pull you!”



    Iris stared at Haruto with an at her wits end look.


    “What’s wrong!?”


    The force of the gears is strong, and Iris’ body is pulled.


    “It,it’ll slip off…….”

    “You’re saying that in this situationnnnn!!”


    Haruto pulled Iris’ arm with all his might.

    A white cloth sliding down from Iris’ thighs, and slipping out of her toes could be seen.




    Iris’ body suddenly becomes lighter, and Haruto falls back with too much momentum.




    And in the form of being half thrown, Iris straddles on Haruto’s chest.




    A dozen centimeters in front of Haruto’s eyes, was Iris’ lower body.

    There’s nothing under her skirt.

    He saw her lovely navel, and the surprisingly white lower abdomen.

    And ——,

    Before he lowers his gaze, her skirt came down softly, and the confidential scene came to an end.




    Iris, who turned bright red up to her ears, was quivering repeatedly.

    Haruto is at this moment,

    ——Ah, the world, was one step closer to ruin.

    He thought. (TN: LOL!! Safe!)

    The Demon king’s half-body causes such a miraculous accident, the so-called lucky lewdness*. (TN: or lucky pervert)

    It’s a typical, for the Reincarnation wedding (necromance).

    Almost certainly, there’s a powerful demon(mazoku) who will wake up somewhere.

    ——But, it’s not my fault.

    All of these is also due to the curse of the 『Demon King’s Half Body (Juliet) 』, the ominous Reincarnation wedding (necromance).


    “Wha!? What are you doing desu!?”


    Suddenly, a little girl’s voice resounded.

    Shit!? We were seen!!

    The girl who was holding a golden shining staff, was looking down at us.

    For a student of this academy, she has a very small body.

    Has a yellow ribbon like rabbit ears on her blond hair.

    With a uniform like a white dress.

    Head magician of the Luminous Religion —— Clara Strahl.

    Being naturally petite, Clara is twelve years old.

    The qualification for admission to the academy is fifteen years old, but Clara was specially admitted. That’s, the proof that her ability towers above the rest.

    Haruto clicked his tongue in his heart.

    This girl was patrolling tonight huh. Also, it’s a troublesome guy ……



    “Ah, you guys are, Blaze’s Haruto and Absolute’s Iris!? Late at night like this…… in such a place, what indecent things are you doing nodesu!? Go,God’s punishment will rain down to you, y’know!”


    As she couldn’t look straight at them, Clara turned away, and waved the cross-shaped staff she was holding in her hand, as if to dissipate an evil spirit.


    “Yo,you’re wrong Clara! We are killing each other!!”


    Although it’s too late, Haruto and Iris pulled out their swords, and they put the blade of their swords on each other’s necks.




    Clara turned her eyes towards the two people.


    “What the heck. Was that so desu?  Then there’s no proble——”


    Her smiling face, turns into a perplexed expression again.


    “There is a big problem!! Quickly put your swords back, and stand up desu!”


    Iris stood up, paying attention to the hem of her skirt, and Haruto also, while trying not to look inside Iris’s skirt as much as possible, stood up.

    When they stood up, they look down on Clara.

    However, Clara put her hand on the scale as if saying “I’m angry.”, which showed off on her face.


    “It’s almost time for the lights to turn off, and you can’t have a duel in a place like this, desu!”


    Usually, he’ll have a quarreling play a bit more with Iris in this place. However, there are some pressing issues right now.

    Iris is wearing no underwear.

    Let’s obediently follow here—— So Haruto judged.


    “Ah, I understand. For today, I’ll put up with Clara’s dignity, and drew back”

    “Fuun…… a bit more then I would’ve reached my limit ……”


    Then, while being cool, Iris holds the hem of her skirt firmly.

    In addition, she doesn’t seem to be worried, that the wind may blow from the window again.


    “Anyway, we’re going home.”

    “Wait desu. For these two bad people who went out late at night like this, I would like to tell a thankful story from the Luminous scriptures nodesu.”


    Clara, while holding her cane, joined the fingers of both her hands together, then she smiled like an angel.

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