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    Tensei Maou no Juliet

    Vol. 1 Chapter 1.3

    It’s a Matter of Taking Her, or Taking the World

    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    The large moon was shining in the night sky.

    The moonlight flashes on the surface of the lake, the city of water —— Grandia emerged from it.

    At the center of this, is the Gran Magia Magic Sorcery Academy.

    It was originally a small island on a large lake. A large church was built hundreds of years ago there, and a town was developed to surround it.

    This is the only place where the four countries are adjacent to each other.

    It’s a key point of transportation and trade, and many people gathered and it became too narrow in no time. Then the people decided to extend the town by piling up the lake and building an artificial land on it.

    Now it has grown many times the size of the original island, and it became one of the leading cities on the continent.

    The church that first triggered it, was used as the Gran Magia Magic Sorcery Academy of sorcery. On the large site, that looks like an old church, many elaborately decorated school buildings were lined up.

    The one that stands out among them is, the clock tower that can be called its symbol.

    It’s the tallest building in Gran Magia, with a large clock which faces on all side, and it can be seen from anywhere on the island.

    The hands of the clock have pointed, to twenty-one o’clock.

    On the top floor of the clock tower —— there was Haruto who was supposed to be sleeping inside his room.

    With his arms folded, leaning against the wall and looking out the window.

    Haruto is in the room exactly inside the clock. All around the walls, huge dials were shining. Since it is made up of special ore, the dial itself is emitting light. Therefore, the inside of the room is slightly bright even if there is no light.

    In the dim light, huge gears are moving regularly. The inside of the room, is crammed with mechanisms for moving the clock.

    And there is a big bell overhead. Even by the number of times this bell rings, he can check the time.

    Provided, however, that it will not ring until morning after 20:00, to inform the dormitory of the curfew.

    The time of the curfew, has already passed.

    Therefore, there are no other students, and no one will come.

    That should be.



    “Are you there, Haruto Shindou?”


    ——A girl showed up.



    “As I come to think deeply that there is no one…… good grief, it’s the worst”

    “That’s right, there’s no one.”


    Haruto walked away from the wall, and took, a step closer to Iris. His eyes, hands, and whole body are full of tension.


    “…… Really…… just the two of us?”

    “I also checked if there was anyone hiding or lurking. I also confirmed that there was no magic or magic tool that eavesdrops on us.”

    “……For real”


    Iris stepped her foot out,

    She gradually sprints,

    And then she accelerates,

    To attack at once——,


    “Haruto-kun ♡”


    She jumped into the chest of her loved one. (TN: Maybe they should rename this one as ‘My cold girlfriend is sweet only to me’?)


    “O,oi, Iris”


    Haruto looked down at the top of Iris’ head as she leaped to him. And when he was confused as to whether it was okay to put his hand on her back, he stiffened in a half-baked posture.

    To Iris’ bold action, Haruto was a little overwhelmed.


    “You noticed the signal properly…… I’m happy.”


    It’s the gesture Iris made during their daytime parting.

    —— After touching the hair ornament attached to her head, she wraps her hair around her fingertips, and brushes.

    That’s the signal.

    And after that, specify the place and time to meet.


    『Haruto Shindou, I won’t get tired of dropping you from the top of the clock tower 21 times. That face, how happy would I be if I didn’t look at it for the rest of my life. 』


    In this case, the number 21 specifies the time. The clock tower after that is the place designation.

    Haruto’s reply to that was,


    『……Interesting eh. If you hate me, then I do too. I’ll pay my respect to that face again, so be prepared. 』


    That is, OK. I’ll go see you—— it means that.

    And with his beloved girlfriend coming, Haruto was waiting here restlessly.

    The expectations that they will meet soon, anxiety that one may not be able to come due to trouble, fear that they may be found out and, the tension of the two of them being alone.

    After overcoming them, the two finally met alone. There is the joy which can’t be said.

    Haruto gently, put his hand on Iris’ waist.

    His lover’s body that fits in his arm, is unreliably slender, and supple, and even if he just put his hand on her back and hugged her, it brought the ultimate pleasure to Haruto.

    However ——,

    While holding Iris’ body with one hand, Haruto pulls his sword out of his pocket with his other hand.

    The two are longtime enemies.

    Continent supreme ruler, princess of the Absolute Empire and a head magician, Iris Shylveene.

    The other male, the lead magician of the Republic of Blaze, Haruto Shindou.

    These two people who are absolutely incompatible, who would believe they were actually lovers?

    However, if it’s known, it’ll be the largest scandal on the continent.

    There’ll be no future for them.

    Therefore, this relationship cannot be known to anyone.

    Haruto raises his sword, and coldly swings its tip down.

    Behind Iris, two enormous bats were approaching.

    Level 2 Murciélago* —— it’s three to five times the size of a normal bat. A carnivorous northern demon (Tempest) that attacks people and animals. (TN: Spanish for “Bat” –

    When he contacts with Iris at night, it often appears. Those Murciélagos, turned into ashes with a short agonies of death voice.

    When she noticed that Haruto had defeated the Murcielagos, as Iris suddenly returned to herself,


    “Ah …… tsu!? I, unintentionally……tu!”


    Dying her cheeks, she leaves Haruto in a hurry.


    “I didn’t mean to……. I’m sorry.”


    With a voice that seemed to disappear, she muttered. The appearance of her entwining her fingertips in both hands, is also cute.


    “N,no. Don’t worry, about that”


    He becomes a little embarrassed, and Haruto returns it in a slightly brusque tone.

    Seeing the remains of Murcielagos, which was slightly scattered from Haruto’s sword, Iris anxiously clouded her face.


    “……As I thought, us having a relationship, it’s difficult, isn’t it”


    She sadly looked down.




    When Haruto reaches for Iris, as if to escape from that hand, Iris descends back in an elegant manner.


    “I’m Absolute. Haruto-kun is Blaze…… With that alone, we can’t be together.”

    “Ah. Moreover, Iris is a princess. In exchange, I’m simply a student.”


    Unlike the Absolute Empire, where aristocrats reign as rulers, there is no social division in the Republic of Blaze.

    In the past, Blaze was also originally belonged to Absolute. In Absolute’s perspective, Blaze is just one region where the commoners live.

    It is now a de facto independent country, but it’s not as enthralling to the Absolute. Therefore, there is a constant conflict between the two countries.


    “Haruto is not simply a student. Are you not the leading magician of Blaze.”

    “It’s just that my sword and magic skill stood up. That’s why, to have my relationship with Iris be recognized, it’s not going to happen.”

    “I agree…… in addition, there’s a more troubling problem.”



    Enemy countries.

    Both, are leading magicians of each country.

    In addition, she is the princess who would succeed her country and he’s the best in his nation.

    This is more than enough as an obstacle.

    However, there’s still more.

    The ultimate problem, is in front of them —— No, standing in the way at the front of the whole world.

    Haruto grabbed Iris’ hand.


    “No…… Haruto-kun. If you do that——”


    Around the two, a ball of light appears with a shrill whistling sound.

    The monster of light, Will-o-wisp.

    At danger level 1, its threat is not that great. However, since it is a monster of light, it appears everywhere.

    Haruto almost unconsciously, swung his sword.

    Without screaming, the orange color sphere that glows dimly, divided into two and disappeared.


    “……After all, we are cursed.”


    Iris gently draws her hand to herself, and have Haruto’s hand separate from her arm.


    “…… Iris”

    “They felt the sign that the Demon King will be resurrected ……. the Northern Demon (Tempest) is pleased. ”


    Staring at the sparks and ashes that came down, Iris had a serious expression on his face.


    “The curse of the 『Half body of the Demon King (Juliet) 』 that dwells inside this body —— to the fulfillment of the reincarnation wedding (necromance) ”




    To the undeniable facts, Haruto was speechless.

    That was the truth.

    Haruto and Iris, the Demon King’s half body lurks inside their bodies.

    It was half of the Demon king, which is described as the 『Juliet』 in the ancient magic book.

    The Demon king had divided his existence, and had hidden inside mankind.

    And then, they were waiting for his time of resurrection.

    What is the method of his resurrection?

    It’s that if his half-split body, unites into one.


    “At the time, I with Iris——”

    “Yeah …… we can’t do ecchi* things until the end ……” (TN: LOL ecchi – indecent, or you know)


    Regretfully, hou ……then, Iris breathed a sigh.




    To her unexpectedly assertive remarks, Haruto involuntarily silenced up. From the mouth of such a transcendental beautiful girl, simply saying such words, he became so excited that his head got dizzy.

    On the other hand, when Iris suddenly noticed the meaning of his silence,


    “Eh!? Yo,you mean that?”


    She turned bright red and became flustered.


    “No, mou…… that was immodest …… I’m sorry.”


    To Iris, who holds her cheeks and looks down, Haruto hurriedly follows.


    “N,no, I’m the one who’s sorry”

    “Besides, there is also Haruto-kun’s feelings. My body may somehow, not be that attractive ……”

    “I’ve decided that you’re attractive.”


    Eh, then Iris raised her face, and stared at Haruto with her moist eyes,


    “…… I’m happy”


    Then, he heard a mosquito crying-like voice.

    With that being too cute, Haruto received a shock as if he had been hit hard in the head.


    I want to hug her.

    Right now.


    Such an urge, was firmly suppressed by Haruto.

    He must restrain himself from heedless behavior.

    That’s because,


    ——The destruction of the world, depends on whether the two are H or not.


    Resurrection of the Demon King.

    It, means the destruction of all humankind.

    In the inscription of the Grove Stone, which is said to be historic ruins of the mythical period,


    ——Throw everything, and prevent his resurrection.


    It is written like that.

    And even in the ancient documents of the era after that,


    ——Do not let the Demon King be revived.

    ——Once resurrected, all living things will become corpses, and the world will collapse.


    Then, it has been written many times, and the history of humankind over the past few thousand years, can be seen that it was also a battle of how to prevent the revival of the Demon King.

    It is unknown whether if it’s a correct history or a legend, but it was said that the Demon King has been revived once in the past. At that time, it was told that they were able to defeat him before he completely awakened.

    But then, there is the terrifying description that more than half of all humanity has died.

    And, this was also written.


    ——Before the Demon King is resurrected, there will always be a large number of Demons.


    In fact, if they do something that is indicative of H*, such as Haruto and Iris hugging each other, a demon appears. (TN: ecchi!!)

    Perhaps they see the contact between Haruto and Iris as a sign of the resurrection of the Demon King, and the demon were brimming with delight.


    “Whether to destroy the world, or save it—— Speaking of that, it sounds fine, but …… that is to do H, or not ……”


    The seriousness of the problem, and its gap at the object is too intense.


    “Tha,that’s correct…… The fate of the world depends on our relationship …… Without it, about this time, more ——”


    “No-!? No! It’s nothing!”


    Iris shyly, looked away.


    “A,anyway …… If we flirt too much, it’ll be dangerous.”

    “Ah. That’s how, the world will get closer to collapse.”


    That said, what timing should be good to do H with her? The fate of the world being decided by such a story, he wondered about it.

    However, as a fact, since Haruto and Iris entered the academy, the invasion of the demons from the north has intensified. The Northern Demons (Tempest) are also, feeling the resurrection of the Demon King.

    That’s why, I won’t flirt with Iris. That’s what he thought, but ——,


    “I know, but the Demon King’s half body in us, draw us to each other. It’s like an instinct. Even if we try to endure, it’s quite difficult.”

    “But that doesn’t mean, we can be as clingy as a normal couple! When we flirt, that alone, would destroy the world——”

    “If so, why did you hug me a little while ago ……”

    “Ugh! Tha,that’s……”


    Iris had a trouble making excuses.


    “When I saw Haruto-kun’s face, I became happy…… I somehow couldn’t endure it …… as I noticed it, I was jumping……”



    If she says such a thing, he will be happy. Now it was Haruto’s turn, to fight the urge to hug Iris.


    “That’s…… so am I. However, that is the curse of the 『Half Body of the Demon King (Juliet) 』, the trap for the Reincarnation wedding (necromance).”


    ——Reincarnation Wedding (Necromance).


    It’s the curse of the Demon King.

    The Demon King’s half body, stimulates the hosts Haruto and Iris from the inside, trying to make them want to do H(ecchi).

    The power of that curse is tremendous; falling them sometimes into an aphrodisiac state.

    It’s like a sudden sexual excitement cycle has turned up.

    Even more surprising, is that the Reincarnation wedding (necromance) also interferes with physical phenomena.

    It causes miraculous mishap, and making the two have an H(ecchi) accident.

    In fact, today too——,


    “Today’s Elric-sensei’s Restraint Magic…… that too failed, because of the reincarnation wedding (necromance).”

    “……I guess so. Reincarnation wedding (necromance) creates absurd accidents.”

    “If it’s the case …… as I thought, I and Haruto-kun, shouldn’t meet anymore——”


    As if to block Iris’ words, Haruto says.


    “What do you mean by that”

    “Eh? So, in order to escape from the reincarnation wedding (necromance), the only way to save the world is, for us to break up ……”


    Tears build up in Iris’ eyes.


    (TN: Pretty emotional if you ask me)

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