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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 213

    Extra Edition - The Protected Heroes

    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr



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    ““Hah!? Seiichi-kun(Sei-chan) has increased……!?””

    “What are you saying……?”


    On the way to the royal capital, Terviel, Karen and Seito Airi, one of the Heroes, suddenly shouted together.

    ―――― Kannazuki Karen and the others escaped from under the soldiers of the Kaizer Empire to the Kingdom of Welmburg.

    In the setting where they will reach the Kingdom of Welmburg in a little while, the Kaizer Empire had caught up with them, and while they were in a desperate need of help, a mysterious slash came from the sky, and they were lucky enough to escape from the pursuers.

    On top of that, Louise and her team were dispatched to investigate the true intentions of the Kaizer Empire soldiers who were gathering just near the border where they had fled, and they were safely protected.

    Perhaps because of that, the rest of them seemed very tired, but for some reason, both Karen and Airi were in high spirits.


    “Don’t you understand Shota-kun!?”

    “That’s right yo! Sei-chan has increased suyo!?”

    “I don’t understand what you mean more and more ……”


    In response to the words of Karen and Airi, Takamiya Shouta held his head.

    Then, Blued, one of the students from the Barbador Magic Academy, who had met up with Karen and the others on the way, opens his mouth in astonishment.


    “Did the tiredness of the women there get in their head? What happened to her composure and intelligence before we got here?”

    “Do you really think that that’s necessary to understand Seiichi-kun?”

    “…… Someone apply some recovery magic on her head.”

    “Si,since this is normal! Because this person, is in her usual operation!”

    “That’s even more terrifying.”


    Although Shouta hurriedly followed up on Blued’s precise tsukkomi, it couldn’t very well be called a follow-up.

    Then, Louise, who had been silently listening to their exchange and who had protected Karen and her companions this time, asks while tilting her head.


    “Uhmm…… may ask you one thing. You mentioned earlier that the number of Shishou has increased, but……”

    “Nn? Shishou…… Ah, you mean Seiichi-kun. Yeah, literally, Seiichi-kun has increased.”


    Airi nods that Karen’s words seems to be true.

    However, Shouta held his head again, as it is usually hard to believe when one is told with such a thing.

    Nonetheless, in the midst of such an outrageous explanation, Louise nodded her head in agreement.


    “I see. So, he has increased”

    “You believe it!?”


    Shouta was quick to quip, but Louise replied as if it was nothing.


    “Yes. Since it’s no wonder in particular if it’s shishou. I believed that he would increase someday.”

    “You believed he would increase!? Seiichi, what have you been up to……!”


    Shouta has no choice but to be confused by Seiichi, who has gained a mysterious sense of trust.

    Takamiya Miu and Araki Kenji, who were watching such an exchange, looked at each other.


    “……Seiichi-oniichan, what were you doing?”

    “I,I don’t know. But Seiichi has always been a little off in some way……”

    “He denied it, but Seiichi-oniichan’s father and mother were also quite strange people, and Seiichi-oniichan himself was strange enough, wasn’t he”

    “I thought about this when we met again at Barbador Magic Academy, but as usual, he’s breaking diagonally above our imagination ……”


    Kenji thought of Seiichi who wasn’t in that place, and unintentionally smiled bitterly.

    Then Shouta, who can’t believe so much that Seiichi has increased in number, asks the nearby Blued and the others at the academy.


    “He,hey, it’s weird to think that Seiichi has increased in number, right?”


    “What’s with that silence ……!?”


    Blued and the others all looked away with awkwardness.


    “Ah…… that’s, what is it. I’ve been thinking a lot about what that woman over there said, but……”

    “If it’s Aniki, I’m sure he’ll be able to increase, you know……”

    “Ye,yeah. It may be hard to believe, but with Seiichi-sensei, I can believe it……”

    “On the contrary, it may be strange that he hasn’t increased”

    “What the hell is going on……!”


    Normally, Seiichi would be the one to make a tsukkomi about it, but since there were only people in this place who have already become accustomed to Seiichi’s insane or outrageous behavior, Shouta ends up quipping more than necessary.

    However, Karen gently tapped Shouta on his shoulder.


    “Well, it’s alright, isn’t it. Seiichi-kun just increased. There’s no problem with that”

    “That’s right, suyo!”

    “There are only problems, though?”


    Shouta couldn’t understand that they have no problem with the increase in number of the same people.

    From Karen and Airi’s point of view, just the fact that Seiichi has increased in number is enough to make them happy, and they have no problem with that. (TN: Double the pleasure, right? Just kidding ( •̀ ω •́ ))

    Then, Louise, who was convinced that Seiichi had increased like Karen and Airi, welcomed the addition of Seiichi in another sense as well.


    “However…… it would be great if the number of Shishou had really increased.”

    “Such…… what is great with that?”

    “Because you can get the ultimate peace of mind.”

    “Ultimate peace of mind?”

    “Just the mere fact that Shishou is there, any kind of problems are fated to be solved. However, there was only one shishou. And now that there are two Shishous, there will be more places where we can get such sense of security coming from him.”

    “Are you really talking about Seiichi?”


    Shouta couldn’t help but ask so.

    At least, the Seiichi that Shouta knew as his childhood friend was not such an extremely blown away existence.

    However, Shouta was confused because the reactions of Louise and the other people in the other world indicated that all of their words were correct.

    Nevertheless, even for Shouta, now that it was mentioned, he has had a few opportunities to see how unusual he was, such as Seiichi overwhelming the S class teacher at the Barbador Magic Academy, or how easily he defeated Demiolos who attacked the academy.

    Shouta, whose head was about to explode, finally decided to stop thinking about that story, and brought up another topic.


    “Come to think of it, what’s going to happen to us from now on?”

    “That’s right, isn’t it…… I guess you will meet with His Majesty once and explain to him the situation of the Kaizer Empire.”

    “I see……”


    As Shouta listened to Louise, he realized once again that they have been really saved.


    “I hope Seiichi’s okay too……”

    “As a matter of course, Seiichi is safe, but first of all, I will look for the increased Seiichi-kun!”

    “Leave it to me suyo!”

    “Were you listening to what we were talking?”


    Shouta is getting more and more exhausted as Karen continues to run completely out of control.




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