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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 210

    The End of Yutis

    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    (TN: LOL, sayonara Yutis)

    Following the shocking fact from the Netherworld, even the magic circle that the Demon God have set up was super-cooperative with me, so I suffered a lot of mental damage before going to their hideout.

    However, I couldn’t just sit there forever, so I managed to pull myself together, and I asked the magic circle to help us, then we all invaded into their hideout.

    And then, in there was a long stone corridor that goes on forever.


    “It’s kind of like a dungeon.”


    Saria said as she looked around curiously, but I’m pretty sure Hitsuji also said that the cult’s hideout was a dungeon, so I guess that expression isn’t wrong.

    It has no particular lighting, but the surroundings were kept indescribably bright, though it was too dark to see the back.

    Turning around in my back, there is the magic circle that has an intense viewpoint of me, and just by it being an empty stone wall, it can be understood that this is completely the entrance.


    “……It’s a thorough straight path, and it seems that we have no choice but to proceed as it is.”

    “……Nn. There are no signs of traps or hidden rooms in particular.”

    “There’s no sign of anything delicious.”

    “……I’m glad. It’s the usual glutton.”

    “What the hell do you think I am!?”


    Rurune. It’s not normal for someone to walk into a dungeon and say something about delicious sign.

    I didn’t speak about it because I’m kind of in the same boat as her, though!

    We were unconsciously slacking, but while shouldering her weapon again, a serious expression appeared on Al’s face.


    “It’s good that you’re not nervous, but don’t get too relaxed. It’s as Olga says, there are no traps, but the other side has an unknown power. We don’t know how or when they are going to move.”

    “I,indeed! I’ll also use my snake hair to watch out for the surroundings!”


    Each of Zora’s snake hair seemed to have a will of its own, and they listened to Zora very well.

    Each of us braced ourselves as we walked down the corridor.

    However, we walked down the corridor for a while, but there was no sign of us going out anywhere at all, and our concentration gradually waned.


    “What’s this? This corridor …… It’s the same scenery all the time, it’s driving me crazy……”

    “You’re not gonna tell me this is their trap, are you?”

    “…… That may be undeniable.”


    Although I have a bad feeling about what Al and Olga-chan had said, looking at the magic circle’s appearance, I don’t think this place is a trap.

    As we proceeded in a somewhat sullen mood, Saria raised her voice.


    “Ah! That place, isn’t it connected to some kind of a room?”



    As Saria had said, although there was no door at the end of the path, I saw the entrance to what looked like to be the first room.

    While being a little relieved about that, we quickly made our way to the room.



    “Oy, oy, I can see the road beyond that room, but……”

    “……Nn. There also, seems to be nothing in this room after all.”


    As Olga-chan said, the room that came out of the path, with nothing placed on, was covered only with the same stone walls as the corridors, and was just a dreary room.


    “What the…… it was a waste of expectations……haa…… it can’t be helped, let’s move on again.”


    With a dispirited mood, we start walking towards the innermost passage.

    Then, in there, Saria noticed something.


    “A’re? This room ……”

    “Hmm? Is there something wrong?”

    “Yeah…… I mean, I thought we were in a dungeon a while ago, but the place where we are now, is nothing like a dungeon so to speak, it’s more like it’s isolated from where we were earlier…….”



    When I was surprised by Saria’s unexpected lines, I suddenly felt a presence of a man inside the room.

    We all turned our gaze towards the presence, and readied our weapons.


    “――――I never thought that rats would get into this sacred place where the Demon God-sama sleeps.”

    “You are …….”


    The one who suddenly appeared, when Luthia was attacked by the apostles of the Cult at the previous meeting between the Demon Kingdom and the Kingdom of Welmburg, was the eerie man who collected the defeated apostles.

    Certainly, at that time, my body couldn’t react particularly well to him, so the man in front of us had a different set of skills and magic abilities.

    In that case, when I consider the guys I’ve fought so far, the man in front of me must also be……


    “I see. …… So, you’re also one of the Deities, hah.”

    “Hou? Apparently, the way you’re talking, it looks like you have already met a Deity other than me …… However, when I think so, I’m curious that you are here. If you had met them, you wouldn’t be alive……”


    To the man in front of me who seemed to be showing a thinking look, Al turns a stern look.


    “……Who are you?”

    “Oops, what am I doing…… Well, essentially, I have no obligation to do things such as naming myself for rats…… Even though I don’t know how you did it, it’s true that you’ve reached this point. I’ll tentatively give you my name. I’m Yutis ―――― the Deity who bears the name ≪Omnipresence≫.”


    While bowing in a superficially polite but actually rude manner, the eerie man ―――― Yutis laughed.


    “Well then, now that you know my name ―――― Die.”




    When Yutis disappeared from the place without a sound, he appeared behind me in an instant, and tried to pierce my heart section with a spear hand​ as it is.

    However ――――




    Yutis raised a dumb voice.

    To our amazement, before he could even touch my body, the fingers of his right hand released the spear hand​ of Yutis, and all of it snapped in directions it wasn’t supposed to bend.


    “Tuh!? Gyaaaaaaaahhh!”


    Perhaps because he couldn’t bear the pain, Yutis had changed his demeanor from his previous relaxed one, and he distanced himself from me, while sweating profusely.


    “Wha,what the hell, you guys! What did you do to me!?”


    I was taken aback by the sudden change in Yutis’ appearance, but Al and the others were not particularly surprised, looking like “Ah, again huh”.  Eh, is this my fault!?

    …… No, no matter what I think, it’s my fault! Until now, we’ve had encountered enemies destroying themselves, and as expected, I’m already aware of it!

    But of course, from the point of view of Yutis, who knew nothing of such a thing, it would seem that he had been damaged by an unknown attack.

    Yutis, as he holds his hand while holding back the pain, activated something which seems like recovery magic.


    “Wha!? I,I can’t recover!?”


    However, despite the magic being activated, it did not heal Yutis’ wounds.

    At any rate, just like the magic circle’s voice I heard on our way here, I could hear in my ears the voice of the magic that Yutis used just now.


    『Master! This guy will never again recover, so please beat him up as much as you want! Ah, but I’ll use the effects of the magic he invoked on Master and the others! 』


    No mercy!

    No matter how much is it, that’s harsh!? Every time the opponent uses recovery magic, the user of that will never heal, and the other person will keep healing, right? Moreover, the magic power consumption will decrease rapidly from the user himself……

    As I unintentionally shivered at the treatment of the recovery magic, Yutis glared at me with a demonic expression.


    “You bastard! Not only did you damage me, but you also blocked my magic!? You filthy inferior creatureeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”



    The moment Yutis shouted so, somehow, countless Yutis appeared and attacked us as it was!

    However, all of those Yutis couldn’t touch not only me but also Saria and the others, and one by one, their bodies crumbled, and collapsed on the spot.



    “This is terrible.”


    We’ve come a full circle and cooled off now, haven’t we. What the heck, is this hell.

    The main body-like Yutis was in a dumbfounded state by the situation, and the other group of summoned Yutis would scream and then just disappear.

    When I looked at the scene with a somewhat distant look in my eyes, Saria poked my shoulder.


    “Hey, Seiichi. It somehow looks okay, why don’t we move on?”

    “Eh? Ah, yeah. That’s right …… I mean, a’re? But, based on Saria, this room is kind of isolated, right?”

    “I’m sure it’s fine if it’s Seiichi, you know?”

    “What do you mean by if it’s me, it’s fine?”


    Lately, you guys have been thinking like anything is possible with me, haven’t you? That’s not the case, right?

    Since I’m just an ordinary little citizen, there’s a lot of things I can’t do, you know?

    However, it seems that our conversation was overheard by Yutis, and Yutis’ demeanor suddenly turns into a triumphant one.


    “Fu…… fufufu. That’s right, that’s correct! What the woman said there is right, this room has already been isolated to a different space! It’s impossible to escape this place without me or the Deities, including the Demon God-sama! You’re all going to rot here!”



    That’s troubling.

    I don’t want to die in such a dreary room……

    Just as I was genuinely thinking that, this time, I heard a voice which was different from that of magic or the Netherworld, and it could be heard in a way that everyone in this place could hear it, not just me.


    『Since Seiichi-sama seems to be in trouble, I’ll restore it. 』



    That voice, was none other than the voice of the World itself, the one we had heard when we had confronted Gyogyon in the Eastern Country.

    When Saria and the others heard such a voice, they turned their eyes to me again.


    “See, it was okay!”

    “………………Alright, let’s move on!”


    When I shouted in a desperate mood, Yutis, who was stunned to hear the voice of the world, came to his senses.


    “Wa,waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! What is that, that is…… what are youuuuuuuuuuuu!?”

    “Even if you ask me what ……”


    Aside from me in the past, I don’t really understand what I am now!

    Since I’m a non-human something(Nanika)* called a human being. I’d like to hear it myself. I want someone to explain my existence in a way that I could understand. (TN: Nanika- something which isn’t known)

    As I was thinking about such a thing, Yutis murmured something to himself while holding his head.


    “Impossible…… This world that I have isolated, will return to its original state in an instant ……! Moreover, it’s not only that, I can’t get my powers to work, but…… no, wait. Speaking of which, in an attempt to understand the reason why the ≪Magic Saint≫ of the Barbador Magic Academy and the apostles such as Demiolos were defeated, I traced their memories, and there were many times I couldn’t move to that location and time, but…… no way, is it because of this guy……!?”


    Halfway, Yutis became stunned as he noticed something.

    However, he immediately smiled as if he had come up with something.


    “N,no, not yet! At that time, it was only impossible to make an indirect transfer…… Then, in order to eliminate the direct cause of this, the lower life form in front of me, if I could erase that guy’s parents and ancestors……!”

    “Nn? Is he still trying to do something……?”


    A creepy smile appears on Yutis’ face, and we brace ourselves.

    However, Yutis ridiculed such us.


    “Hahahahaha! No matter how much you struggle, the end has already been decided!”



    Unsure of what Yutis was trying to say, we were all twisting our heads.

    But ――――


    “Fufufu …… you should die without knowing anything ……!”


    When Yutis shouted, he disappeared from the spot in an instant.


    “Oy oy…… what is he going to do this time……”


    While Al looks tired and says so, each of us continues to be vigilant.

    We stayed where we were for a while, wary for an attack from Yutis, but I noticed that there was no sign of any attack.


    “A’re? Is he done?”

    “What the heck did he want to do?”

    “We,well now……? But, we can go ahead with this, right?”

    “That would be good. Or rather, let’s just get going and defeat the Demon god.”


    It was a rather anticlimactic ending, but there was no sign of Yutis getting in our way, so we proceeded as it is.

    ―――― And, Yutis never appeared before us again.




    Yutis transitioned from in front of Seiichi and the others to a certain space.

    That space, known only to Yutis, was a place where he could see into many worlds, and move around into different locations.

    After transferring to such a world, Yutis tried to cast a recovery magic on his injured right hand again, but this time, it won’t even activate.


    “Tsk! I can’t believe it won’t work even if I came here…… Just as I thought, it seems that that person was the cause of everything that had happened so far. However, I came across them, but at last …… before those lower life forms became stronger or were born, I’ll transfer there, and if I kill their parents, they won’t be able to exist……!”


    This is one of Yutis’ abilities, Yutis could transfer to any number of periods he likes in various worlds.

    By using that power, Yutis, no matter how powerful his enemies are than himself, by killing their parents before they were even born, has overcome everything.

    Yutis possesses a powerful enough ability on its own, but the only problem was that Yutis himself had a weak combat power.

    This can be seen in the abilities of the other Deities.

    Destra could give 『death』 to anything once he has designated it as a target, regardless of whether it was an inorganic substance, an organic substance, or a concept.

    Vitor can inflict the exact same damage he took on his opponent, and Gemper, like Yutis, didn’t have combat power himself, but the copies he could create were all powerful.

    By comparison, Yutis not only has a low combat power of his own, but even if he summoned another Yutis from every dimension and parallel worlds, and carried out a seemingly infinite number of attacks with the Yutis, Yutis himself, who would make the attack, remains weak, so in the case of an opponent, like the culmination of personal violence, such as Destra, the only way he could win was to head to the past of that Destra and kill him, who still couldn’t use his powers.

    The existence that gave such power to Yutis, was undoubtedly the Demon god.

    Yutis, who was given great power by the Demon god, in addition to his original abilities, now has nothing to be afraid of as his own abilities have also increased.

    It was supposed to be so.


    “Sh*t…… the more I think about it, the more it annoys me ……! Not only do they interfere with the Demon God-sama’s way, but beings with that kind of power…… I can’t just end in such a place. I haven’t even found the mysterious crystal of power that the Demon God-sama is looking for …… Even though the Demon God-sama has revived, and the pieces are finally gathering again ……!”


    Seiichi himself didn’t do anything in particular, and it was a fact that Yutis self-destructed as a result of attacking Seiichi, but as far as Yutis was concerned, it didn’t matter to him, and he can’t forgive himself that he had been disturbed and wounded.


    “In light of the conversation between the women earlier, it seems that his name is Seiichi, but…… I thought that he might be from the Eastern Country, given the vibe of his name, but apparently, he wasn’t a resident of this world. But, if he wasn’t a resident of this world …… Ah, the heroes of the Kaizer Empire have similar sounding names, and they were humans from another world.”


    While thinking back on the conversation between Seiichi and the others, and seeing the various stars in the space that can only be done by him, Yutis is searching for a place related to Seiichi.

    Originally, it would be almost impossible to find a single person out of a seemingly infinite worlds, and to go back in time to that person’s past.

    However, the space where Yutis is now, is in a world isolated from time, so he has an enormous amount of time…… Hundreds of billions, trillions of years, or even more, it’s not impossible if he takes his time.

    Moreover, at the time Yutis fought against superior beings for many years, he often fought against such humans whose past was in another world, just like in his current situation, so he somehow also knew how to determine the world in which the other party existed, and he didn’t need to do thoughtless searching.

    Even so, their numbers can be enormous, so he still needs to have a strong mental strength.

    There are only a few people who have that kind of effort and energy.

    Yutis’ obsession with moving to ensure that the prey he aimed at is killed to the end, was no longer at the degree of eccentricity.

    If only he had been able to direct that obsession to something else, he wouldn’t have met such an end.

    And that’s where Yutis’ unbelievable struggle against time begins ―――― Or so it seemed.


    “Eh ――――”


    For starters, Yutis tried to go back to the past of the planet where Seiichi, Saria and the others had existed.

    It is highly likely that Seiichi wasn’t a resident of this planet, but now that he knew that the others, Saria and his companions, are inhabitants of this planet, he decided to get rid of them first.

    However, Yutis was unable to transfer to that planet.


    “Wha,what’s this? What is happening?”


    Yutis, impatient with the situation he had never experienced before, tried to transfer again.

    But, the result didn’t change.

    No matter how much he activates his ability, he can’t transfer to that world.

    It’s as if he was being rejected by the world itself ――――


    “Tha,that’s not possible……. I,if so, this world is ……!”


    When Yutis realized that he couldn’t transfer to the previous world, he immediately started to transfer to another world, but…… the result didn’t change.


    “Why, why, why, why!? Why can’t I transfer!?”


    Yutis tried to transition to various worlds at random, but failed in all of them, and he couldn’t get out of the space he was in, as if the worlds were rejecting him.


    “I,It’s a lie. It can’t be……!”


    Yutis who couldn’t believe the current situation he’s in, already forgot about Seiichi, and started looking for a world where he could transfer to wherever he wants.

    Yutis repeatedly tries to transfer to the infinite number of worlds desperately, one by one.

    That effort …… was never rewarded.


    “Ah …… ah ……”


    Rejected by all the worlds, Yutis can no longer get out from this space.

    Since the space in which Yutis exists is also isolated from time, he didn’t have to worry about growing old or starving to death, but other than that, there’s nothing else.

    In addition, he had been able to peer the world that he was about to transfer to until earlier.

    However, at the end, far from being able to transfer to the world, even looking into the world is rejected.

    As a result, the space that Yutis was in became nothing but a blank white world spreading out.




    Yutis, who was rejected by all ……. screamed.


    “Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh! Get me out hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”


    Yutis, with all of his previous composure gone, swings his arms frantically, flailing and struggling.

    However, no matter what he did, the result didn’t change.

    Having antagonized Seiichi, there was no longer a single world where Yutis would be accepted.




    ――――Thus, Yutis would never descend in a world again.


    (TN: Well, at least your status is still intact)


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