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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 209

    The Netherworld After a Long Time

    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    “This place is the netherworld ……”


    Following the rescue of Elemina-san, we heard that the hideout of the cult was located at the netherworld, and after leaving Elemina-san to Seiji, we came straight to the netherworld.

    This place is still an eerie world as ever, with a desolate atmosphere floating in the surroundings.

    Saria and the others, who came to the netherworld for the first time, curiously looked around, but Al, Olga-chan, and Zora were somewhat pale.


    “Wha,what is, this feeling ……”

    “……Nn. My spine is shuddering”

    “It’s an unpleasant feeling, right……”

    “Well, it certainly is an eerie world.”

    “It isn’t such a trivial thing, you know!? What do I say…… as living beings, we can’t set foot in here…… that’s what I feel.”


    Al said so with a difficult expression on her face.

    When I was told so, it certainly felt like that …… A’re, I don’t particularly feel that?

    If it’s like that, even when I first came to this world, I don’t think I had such a feeling.

    But as Al have said, this is the netherworld, and it is strange as a nature’s providence that there are beings here that are originally alive.

    With that given, it would be strange if Al and the others had a normal reaction, and had no sense of crisis like I was.

    However, if that is so, I’m bothered that Saria and Rurune are in their usual selves, though…… I wonder, if something changed in them which depends on whether or not they ate the fruit of evolution?

    When I was thinking about that, there was suddenly a loud sound.

    It’s gradually getting closer to us, and the tremor is getting bigger and bigger.


    “Eh!? A,a terrible shaking……!”

    “Wha,what’s this!?”

    “……! I can’t…… stand……”


    Saria and the others involuntarily kneel on the spot, and they endure the sound of the ground’s tremor one way or another.

    I was standing normally without any problems, so I noticed such strangeness late, but I immediately supported Saria and the others …… Or rather, everyone was clinging to me when I noticed it. A,a’re?

    However, when they held on to me, it seems that they could withstand the shaking, so everyone searched for the cause of the shaking while making their facial expressions stiff.

    And then――――


    “Tha,that is……!”


    Two figures were sprinting towards us with all their might.

    It was the Nio statue* that existed on Earth itself, and the expression of the stone statue shouldn’t originally change, but it seems like it was really in a hurry right now. (TN:

    Moreover, even if I look at it from an amateur’s point of view, it was heading towards our direction with a wonderful running form.

    …… It’s too surreal.

    When everyone was dumbfounded by the sight that was too out of place, the statue of Nio stopped in front of us.


    『…… It’s been a while, Seiichi-sama ……』

    “Ah, Netherworld-san”



    At the same time as the Nio statue stopped in front of us, when I reacted to the voice of the Netherworld that speaks to everyone’s brain, Saria and the others opened their eyes wide.

    I know that it certainly felt surprising, but I’m somewhat used to it. Or rather, the World-san also played an active role in the Eastern country! Moreover, it was talking to everyone so that they could hear it the same as now!


    『…… That’s…… I certainly told you to come and see me again before…… but…… you really come to play …… 』

    “Well…… I as well, didn’t plan to come to this place thoughtlessly, though ……”


    Because I’m not dead!

    And then, the Netherworld showed a troubled look somewhere.


    『…… No, if it was Seiichi-sama, then there was no particular problem, but …… uhmm, I have problem with the other people…… 』

    “No, you don’t view me as a problem, too?”


    Why am I the only one who’s okay? I’m also alive, right?


    『…… Well, it’s alright…… they are people involved with Seiichi-sama……』

    “So that’s fine, Netherworld!”


    I’ve come, but is it appropriate for me to do that!? Look, the Nio statue is also having trouble reacting!


    『…… So, what is your business here today? …… Did you really just come here to play?』

    “A,as expected, we’re not just going to play in the Netherworld, but ……”


    While drawing back my cheeks to the words of the Netherworld, I explained bit by bit that the hideout of the 【Demon God’s Cult】 is here.

    Then, the Netherworld tells so with a harsh sound of voice somewhere.


    『…… No way, there’s something like that in me …… 』

    “Eh, Netherworld didn’t know that?”

    『…… Yes…… as I heard from the story, the Lord of this place, is like God, our Creator …… therefore, this place had existed without our recognition…… Because of that, when I consider that other living beings were coming in and out here without my knowledge …… it’s not a situation which I can overlook ……』


    Certainly, not only was their hideout in here, but the Deities and their other accomplices were also coming and going through this place, and it might be a problem for the Netherworld to not notice it.

    With such a thing in mind, the Netherworld gives instructions to the Nio statues.


    『…… This is an order. Use the evil spirits around you, to find the suspicious place …… 』



    Perhaps it meant that they consent, when the statues of Nio took a muscle pose, they left in an instant as it is.


    『……I apologize for the trouble, but please wait for a while …… I will try to find it, and I will report as soon as I find it …… 』



    Saying that, the Netherworld also disappeared in search for the hideout.

    When I felt the sign that the Netherworld have gone somewhere, I turn to the direction of Saria and the others.


    “It looks like the Netherworld will search for it by itself, so let’s wait for a while”

    “No no no! It’s weird, isn’t it!?”


    Al, who returned to her senses first, quickly quip.


    “It’s already strange that the Netherworld called out to you, but what’s more, it’s going to help us!? I don’t even understand those two stone statues!”

    “I,is that so? But, you heard the voice of the world in the eastern country, right?”

    “Indeed, this damn bastard!”


    Al held her head in my words with all her might.


    “It’s weird …… this would be a situation that I wouldn’t normally believe, but we have already experienced it .…..!?”

    “Hmm…… Well, since it’s Seiichi. You shouldn’t think too deeply about it, right?”

    “Saria…… I can’t …… is this guy, really a human……?”

    “I was told severely!?”


    I involuntarily responded to Al’s words, and as the Netherworld have said, we waited for a while.




    『…… Seiichi-sama …… I found the place you were looking for …… 』

    “Oh, really!?”


    A little while after the Netherworld began exploring for the cult’s hideout, the Netherworld called out again.

    However, its voice sounded disappointed somewhere.


    “You don’t seem to be doing well, but what’s wrong?”

    『…… No …… if that was true, it would be about me, so I decided to handle it with my own hands, but…… as expected, my power is still far from a God’s…… Also, when I think that Seiichi-sama’s hand will be bothered……』

    “Yo,you don’t have to worry about it that much, you know? Ha,hahaha”


    To the downcast voice of the Netherworld, I could only laugh dryly. Al is looking next to me with reproachful eyes!


    “A,anyway! Please guide me to that place immediately.”

    『……I respectfully obey…… I couldn’t see any enemy shadows in the surroundings, but if they do appear, please leave it to us…… 』

    “It’s more than satisfactory……”

    『……Yes…… in the name of the Netherworld …… I’ll show you how I’ll deal with them perfectly …… 』


    So scary!?

    The Netherworld will deal with it, it said, what would it do!? I have a hunch that it would be worse than dying.

    While having such a conversation, as we proceeded through the dreary underworld, we finally arrived at our destination.

    The Nio statue are already waiting there, and perhaps to keep the apostles and Deities away, they’re standing watch on the vicinity.

    And in the position that the statues of Nio are trying to protect, a magic circle that gives off an ominous sign was drawn.

    Seeing such magic circle, Saria and Rurune grimaced for the first time in the Netherworld.


    “Wha,what? That magic power ……”

    “…… It’s unpleasant, Saria-sama.”

    “What’s wrong? Both of you ……”


    Saria and Rurune seemed to have noticed something, but on the other hand, this time, Al and everyone else don’t seem to feel anything in particular from the magic circle, and they are twisting their necks.


    “I,it certainly looks sinister, but …… I don’t particularly feel my spine freezing over it like in this world, you know?”

    “How do I put it…… This world, is the place you arrive when you die, right? In other words, this world is a necessary place for living beings, but I think it can’t be helped that we, who are alive right now, feel uncomfortable with it. Therefore, even if I feel unpleasant, if I think about the place where we, living beings, will eventually reach, I think it’s going to be our last home.”

    “Tha,that’s going to happen…… is it……?”


    Al, Olga-chan and the others tilted their heads to Saria’s explanation.

    Hmm…… I can’t understand Saria’s words exactly, but seeing Rurune’s figure nodding to Saria’s words, they may have felt a strong sensibility because they have lived in the wild.

    ……A’re? But, Rurune was originally a donkey in a monster shop, right? Where’s the wild there?

    We,well, let’s just understand that it’s an instinct-like thing that she strongly feels because she’s an animal.


    “But, the magic power that flows from that magic circle is different …… I feel something like a mere 『Nothingness』, that rejects even the last comfort called 『Death』……”


    “Milord. I too, can’t explain it well, but I think that magic power shouldn’t be in our world.”

    “Rurune as well……”


    In the situation where even Rurune, who was always calm and prioritizes her appetite, is saying so, not only me but also Al and the others were surprised.


    “……I’m surprised. Glutton is saying something decent ……”

    “Are you, picking a fight?”

    “No,now now”


    Zora calmed them down in a fluster, but …… let’s keep quiet that this is just their usual conduct. I can’t talk about people either.

    Then, the Netherworld, which had been silent until now, opened its mouth in an irksome manner.


    『……As pointed out by Saria-sama and Rurune-sama …… that magic power…… That power, mustn’t exist …… No, to be more precise, it must not exist in the world …… 』

    “I think the power of that magic circle is probably that of the Demon God that the cult worships, but why must it not exist?”

    『……As Saria-sama said, not only this star, but also the entire universe, whole space-time, all dimensions …… No matter where you look, death will definitely come as long as you are alive…… Even those who chant the undead, will die ……』

    “Is that right!?”


    I’m worried as well about the power of the magic circle, but I’m more surprised that humans who don’t die will die too!?

    Are there any creatures that don’t die in the first place? Aren’t they, going to die in the end?


    『…… Of course, they won’t die just by living normally, but…… there is always a way to give death to such existence…… it may be from another space-time, another dimension etc……』

    “I,I see……”

    『…… There is also a sense like that, and even if they evade dying while they were still alive, it’s one of the few things that will visit all beings equally…… 』


    If it said so, it certainly might be.

    I heard that time is sort of impartial when I was on Earth, but even if the speed of flow is the same, it’s hard to say that it’s equal in the end because there are various factors such as how long that time lasts.

    With such a thing in mind, dying comes without permission no matter how much you refuse, and if you want to die on your own, you can choose the option of dying.

    Well, as long as I can live facing forward, I want to live positively!


    『…… Hence, it’s that magic circle in question, but …… the power put into the magic circle, is the power of God itself …… God is the only one who, as I said earlier, is completely transcendental from things such as death and life …… At any rate, those Gods are our stars, universe, life, and dimensions …… since they have created everything…… The concept of life and death too, was only created by the Gods …… 』


    Isn’t the scale of things really getting too big these days? I can’t keep up with it, though?


    『…… And, the Gods who are the beginning of everything …… can make you forget something ever existed…… 』


    『…… Yes…… the beings who were born …… the ones who existed …… 』



    To the words spoken from the mouth of the underworld, we were utterly speechless.

     The ones who existed…… they make them forget……!?


    『…… This is the true nature of the sense of nothingness that Saria-sama have said …… That power rejects everything …… the history that human beings have walked…… the relationships that they were able to spin …… their accumulated memories …… it denies everything, and makes it look as if nothing had happened ……. that’s why, they can’t even pass away and finally arrive to a place called me…… since they don’t exist anymore……』



    It’s too blown away suddenly…… that’s what I would like to say, but it’s a God, so I think such a thing is normal.

    Perhaps, it’s not even in a sense of normality.

    That’s right, I guess. If it’s the life you created, you can erase it. Without even leaving behind a living proof of that individual.

    When I was sent to this other world, I wonder if the God who taught me various things can do the same thing.

    But he didn’t do that, instead, because there were too many people on Earth, he sent us to this world without erasing us.

    Well, in the end, the result was that they were summoned by the Hero Summoning of the Kaizer Empire.

    However, if He didn’t want us to exist, he shouldn’t have done such a wearisome thing, but that God didn’t do that.

    That’s probably because that God valued us while thinking about various things. That’s what I want to think.

    However, that power exists as an enemy now.

    Against such a God, can I really fight Him?

    When everyone, including me, become silent in the words of the Netherworld, the Netherworld raises a voice in wonder.


    『…… What’s wrong? ……』

    “Well…… we’ll be dealing with a God, so I don’t know about his strength or that dimension and such things, but when I witness a part of his power, I can’t help but shrink……”

    『……? Why? If it’s Seiichi-sama, I think you can afford it, you know? ……』

    “Afford it!?”


    Eh, I’ve been drifting signs of being utterly dangerous until now!?


    “N,no no no! I can’t afford it, you know!? Because it’s a God!? What’s more, He can do things to something to make it not exist ……”

    『…… Seiichi-sama can do it too, though……』

    “I can’t do iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttt!”


    Since I can’t! No matter what anyone says!

    Therefore Al-san, don’t look at me with a “Are you serious”-like eyes!? Since I’m simply a human being!?


    『……No, but you can ――――』

    “Yeeeeeeeeeees! I can’t hear anything! So let’s goooooooo!”


    While plugging my ears so as to block the words coming from the Netherworld, I approached the magic circle.

    The Netherworld was speaking in our brains, so having my ear plugged doesn’t have any significance!

    When Al and the others approached the magic circle following me, perhaps the magic circle reacted to us, it shone brighter.

    And then ――――


    『Ah, master!? Are you going to use me? Please leave it to me! It’s the hideout of the cult, right!? I will deliver you with a safe and secure transfer! Incidentally, I can snatch away the power of the Demon God, but will you need it?』



    The magic circle spoke to me.

    That voice, suddenly made me wonder.


    ―――― I, may really be able to do the same thing as God.


    With that in mind, I naturally held my head on the spot. (TN: LOL)


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