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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 207

    Seiichi’s Advance

    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    Gemper’s pieces attack me and Seiji.

    When the two of us enter into fighting postures in order to intercept them ————





    Somehow, the pieces stopped moving as we are on the verge of fighting.


    “O,oy!? What’s the matter!? Get rid of them quickly!”



    This situation is once again unexpected for Gemper, and he showed an impatient appearance.

    And then,――――.


    “Wha,what? Why are you looking at me!? Th,the enemy is over there! O,oy, stop! Don’t get closer!”

    ““Err…… this is……””


    Seiji and I are puzzled by the sight that looks familiar somehow.

    It’s just like, at the time I fought with the S class teacher in the rivalry of Barbador Magic Academy; the situation was exactly the same as when the magic released by the other party returned to the other party as it was.

    In other words ……


    “No,no way…… thi,this shouldn’t be…… Impossible, this is impossible! My power, repeatedly――――”


    “Do,don’t comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”


    The pieces that Gemper had created, attacked Gemper all at once!

    Gemper desperately swings his arms, perhaps trying to erase his own pieces, and tries to escape, but as Al said, Gemper himself has no fighting power, he can’t fight at all, and he has been severely beaten up like no other.

    Not only me and Seiji, but also Saria and the others were stunned by the sight, and each of the pieces turned around, and give a thumbs up.


    “Sto,stop ―― bogyagugeryuheboraoebeaijiekega!?”


    A scream echoes from him that no longer seems to be of human language.

    That appearance was like watching insects swarming on a food.

    …… Or rather, what should I and Seiji be motivated to do now?

    It was going to be a joint front for the two of us! Although it developed like that, we couldn’t even fight…… (TN: Who expected )

    Since I and Seiji no longer needed to fight, when I release my fighting posture, the pieces gradually disappeared, leaving only Gemper who tumbled like a rag at the end.


    “Ah …… agah …… ho …… how …… did ……”

    “……Alright, let’s release Elemina-san and go home!”

    “Let’s do that!”


    When Seiji and I nodded to each other, we ignored Gemper and went under Elemina-san.




    “I,I didn’t think that you’ll be able to beat him……”


    When I freed Elemina-san, she muttered in a way that she still can’t believe it.

    She was wounded and in tatters when she was restrained, so I released and healed her at the same time.

    Then Al responds to Elemina-san’s words with a sigh.


    “If you’re surprised at something like this, your body won’t be able to keep up. If you’re together with Seiichi ……”


    “You couldn’t understand that his fake, which shouldn’t naturally betray that man, just betrayed him with an ego …… No, I myself couldn’t believe it……”

    “Al, it’s okay. Since I didn’t even understand what happened.”

    “That’s the most unconvincing thing, you know!”


    I know right.

    When Seiji and I were all smiling wryly, Al finished restraining Gemper.


    “Oh well. Elemina-sama’s rescue has been completed, and we were able to recover this guy, which is the cause of this incident. I’m thinking of going back to the royal capital for a moment, but is that okay?”


    When Al asked Elemina-san, Elemina-san floated a bitter expression.


    “……It’s disappointing, but I’m a burden right now. Even though I’ve located the enemy’s stronghold……”



    We all opened our eyes to Elemina-san’s words.


    “Pe,perhaps, Elemina-san, knows the hideout of the 【Demon God’s Cult】?”

    “Yes. Actually, I came back to the Welmburg Kingdom to inform them about that, but …… I encountered that guy on the way, and …… as a result, I got caught. That’s why, I’m really thankful.”

    “N,no! Anyway, I’m glad I was able to set you free. Therefore, that’s…… you said that you knew the hideout of the 【Demon God’s Cult】, but where is it?”

    “Seiichi? Perhaps you ……”


    When I asked Elemina-san that, Al opened her eyes as if she had noticed something.


    “Yeah. It might be as Al imagined, it was long-awaited, so I decided to head to the hideout of the 【Demon God’s Cult】……”

    “That carefreely!? It’s the stronghold of the enemy, you know!?”

    “I know that, but their hideout still has the real S-class adventurers that they’ve captured, and above all, I can’t leave them as it is. That’s why, I’m going to settle it here.”

    “Tha,that’s true, but …… the other party is a God, right? Can you win?”


    When I’m told with that, I’m not completely confident, but I need to fight them someday.

    If so, it would be better to fight them before he can make a full revival, and they may have caught other people besides the S-class adventurers.

    When I was thinking about such things, Elemina-san makes a grim expression.


    “…… Seiichi-kun is certainly a nonstandard being, but as expected, the other party is just too bad.”

    “I understand. So, if I can beat them, I will beat them, but my main purpose would be to rescue the captured S-class adventurers. So ……”

    “……Haa. I get it. I’ll tell you the location, but don’t be rash, alright?”


    When Elemina-san loudly sighs at the end, she immediately changes to a serious expression, and teaches me.


    “The place where the hideout of the 【Demon God’s Cult】 was located, is at a certain dungeon.”


    I remember it because it was taught by Hitsuji at the time we traversed the dungeon where Zora was in before.

    However, at that time, Hitsuji said that it was separated into a space different from this world, so Hitsuji doesn’t even know where it was, and in the first place, he couldn’t even teach it to us as it was Hitsuji’s limitation.



    “But, unlike a normal dungeon, the dungeon where the Demon God is sealed can’t be found in this world. It seems that it’s isolated in another space, so apparently, we need to use a magic circle that exists in a certain place.”

    “A certain place?”




    We opened our eyes to the unexpected place.

    To our state, Elemina-san sighs.


    “That’s understandable. The underworld…… in other words, you can’t go there without dying. Such a place ――――”

    “……Oi, Seiichi?”

    “As expected of Milord, right! He anticipated this situation!”


    I didn’t know how to react to Elemina-san’s words, and when I was confused, Al turned her eyes to me.

    Then Elemina-san, who noticed that our appearance was strange, tilted her head.


    “? What’s wrong?”

    “Tha,that’s…… it’s the underworld, but …… perhaps, I can go there, you know?”



    Ho,how is it, right. I want to ask that too.


    “Yo,you can go …… to the underworld!? It may be, but it’s not like you were going to die, right?”

    “Ye,yes. Rather, I can go there normally ……”

    “What do you mean by you can go there normally!?”


    My normality is not normal. Strange…… this normal is different from what I’m looking for……?

    Anyway, when I left the underworld, it was on my mind that the underworld itself said that it had tightened its admission restrictions.

    It said that the living wouldn’t be able go to the underworld using transition magic or from the gate of the west end, but ……

    …… it’s strange. If I try it, I believe I can go there with transition magic or from the gate at the west end. Well, I’m thankful for it at this time only.


    “A,anyway, leave it to me when it comes to the underworld! Since I’ve been there once!”

    “You’ve been there once!? Eh, are you okay!?”

    “? I’m alright, you know?”

    “……Amazing. Seiichi-kun will still come back to life even if he dies……”


    No, that’s, I didn’t die…… you can say that I was forcibly transferred ……


    “If that’s true, then I’d like to hear a lot about that place, but let’s proceed on the premise that you can go to the underworld for the mean time. I couldn’t really investigate the inside of the underworld, but it seems that somewhere in the underworld there is a magic circle leading to the dungeon where the Demon God is sealed. If you use that, you should be able to invade their hideout.”

    “I see……”

    “So, what will you do? Are you really going?”

    “……Yes. However, if it is such a dangerous place, the I, alone, ――――”

    “Of course, I’ll go too!”



    I open my Saria who raised her hand energetically next to me.

    Then, not only Saria but also Al and the others raised their hands.


    “Of course, I’ll also follow you.”

    “……Nn. Everyone together.”

    “I, I don’t know how much I can help, but …… even so, I want to help Seiichi-san!”

    “Milord. I am Milord’s knight. I’ll follow you anywhere!”

    “……Glutton …… Knight ……?”

    “What do you want to say, Olga!”


    No, I think Olga-chan’s reaction is correct. I want you to reconsider your usual behavior.

    Rather than that, they all will follow me.


    “Bu,but, the destination now is the underworld, and above all, it’s the base of the enemy, right? In such a dangerous place……”

    “Seiichi. I’ve been together with you since the time at the 【Forest of Endless Love and Sorrow】, and I’ll continue to be with you. Moreover, we have overcome dangerous things together, and no matter what happens, it’ll be fine if there’s Seiichi!”

    “I,it’ll be fine if I’m there, you said……”


    I’m not really sure about that because the world’s consideration is terrible these days, but there’s no guarantee that they would really be safe.

    However, as long as they put their trust on me in this manner, I will do my best to answer those feelings.

    Looking over at Al and the others, they all nod with a serious expression.


    “…… I get it. Elemina-san, all of us were going.”

    “…… I’m sorry. I would really like to help you as an S-class adventurer, but I don’t think I can do anything …… still, I’ll look for something I can do.”


    Elemina-san also decided to be prepared after receiving my words.


    “Alright! Before we head out to the hideout of the 【Demon God’s Cult】, we have to send Elemina-san back ……”

    “Ah, then should I take on that role?”



    Then Seiji, who had been silently watching over the situation, raised his hand.


    “If it was the case, that Gemper was going to be beaten by Seiichi and I, but now that he’s gone, I have spare time.”

    “Spare time!? We,well, you were created as a copy, so aren’t you going to disappear?”

    “Ah…… it looks like I’m fine”

    “What’s going on? That body of mine is ……”

    “That’s what I want to ask. But, you don’t have to worry about me disappearing until I deliver her, since it seems like I’ll disappear at my own will.”


    It’s strange why Seiji, who was created by the enemy’s ability, could move so freely.

    Well, the other copied people were either killed or had disappeared on their own, so Seiji is the only one who isn’t normal. …… No, the female version of me is the same too.

    In the end, my copies are strange!


    “We,well, it’s fine. If it’s okay, can I ask you?”

    “Oh, leave it to me! I may be incomparable to Seiichi, but well, I think I’ll be okay even if the Deities and apostles of the 【Demon God’s Cult】 attack me.”


    His specs itself are based on my body, so he should be fine at that way…… I guess.

    I who decided to leave Elemina-san to Seiji for the time being, turned to Saria and the others.


    “Alright, then…… let’s go. To the base of the 【Demon God’s Cult】!”


    Finally, we set out for the base of the 【Demon God’s Cult】.

    (TN: I can somehow smell that this novel is nearing its end?)


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