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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 206

    The Strongest Enemy?

    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    As we ran into the depths of the cave, imitations of S-class adventurers attacked us again on the way, but I pushed forward while kicking them.

    ……These imitations, base on Al, their true ability seems to be no different from the real thing, but as expected, I think that the S-class adventurers are strong including their perversions. Well, I don’t know what kind of people S-class adventurers were except for Elemina-san and Gargand-san, though.

    But if I think that they’re the same as Gassur and Eris, then they’re not normal.

    As I proceeded while thinking about such things, we finally came to the innermost part of the cave.

    Elemina-san who was crucified on the wall and the mysterious man is there.

    When the mysterious man noticed our existence, he opened his eyes wide.


    “Stupid!? How did you deal with that number of S-class adventurers!?”

    “It’s unfortunate, but that won’t stop us.”


    I was wondering what would happen if it were a real pervert group!

    I’m not afraid if it’s a fake.

    Elemina-san, who was restrained on the wall, noticed us who managed to get here.


    “! Seiichi, kun?”

    “Yes! We came to rescue you at the request of Ranze-san!”

    “No…… run away ……  this person, can’t be beaten ……”



    When I twisted my head at Elemina-san’s words, the mysterious man smiled.


    “Fu…… fufufu. That’s correct. I didn’t expect you to beat the S-class adventurers and get this far, but…… no matter what happens, the ending won’t change. It’s your defeat.”

    “What was that?”

    “Come to think of it, I haven’t named myself to all of you yet. I’m ≪Mirror Disaster≫ Gemper. A Deity of the 【Demon God’s Cult】.”


    The mysterious man ―――― Gemper bows respectfully while saying so.

    And when he looked up, he laughed suspiciously.


    “You want to know who’s the one who makes our pieces, right? Remember it. Well…… you’ll forget it soon.”

    “Didn’t you listen from a while ago …… do you understand the situation? The S-class adventurer imitations you’ve prepared doesn’t work on us. You don’t seem to be strong from the way you look, so what are you going to do?”


    Al told him so while making a fool at Gemper’s behavior.

    I tried to appraise Gemper, but strangely, Gemper had no status.

    It’s as if he came from a place where there’s no concept of status; he may not be a resident of this planet, or an entity outside the system of this star.

    So I don’t know his exact circumstance, but since Saria and the others nodded to Al’s words, Gemper himself may not be strong.

    Why don’t I know that?

    …… Thanks to Zeanos and the others, I was able to learn something like presence detection, but I don’t know if he’s strong or not. I’m not yet a master.

    Thinking about it, a master is amazing. At first glance, they can see the difference in strength.

    At any rate, if it’s according to Al’s words, this is likely to be a desperate situation with no escape for Gemper.

    However, instead of showing a particularly flustered appearance, Gemper sneers even more.


    “Huh! What are you talking about? Don’t be so optimistic just because you defeated some of my pieces. If those pieces can’t beat you guys, then I’ll prepare new pieces.”

    “A new piece?”

    “Yes, like this ――――”



    When Gemper snaps his fingers, several darkness gathers behind Gemper, and it gradually forms the shape of a person.

    An amazingly good-looking guy* with fiery red hair and red eyes. (TN: Ikemen)

    A terribly handsome man with silver hair and dark skin.

    A great handsome guy with long brown hair tied behind his back.

    A very cute boy with black hair and black eyes that looks like a beastman.

    A dreadfully handsome man with snake hair and glasses.

    Yes, it was as if the existence of Saria and the others had been virilized ……! (TN: All of them are ikemen!?)


    “What are these guys!?”

    “They’re something that looks just like us”

    “……Nn, but it’s weird. No one from us has been caught by him, or was brainwashed. And yet, how……”

    “Whe,when I become a man, will I be like that……?”

    “What the? That man. He’s unpleasant.”


    Gemper laughs loudly as each reacts to the handsome guys in front of them.


    “Fuhahahaha! When did I say that I couldn’t make a piece without the use of brainwashing? I can freely create pieces with exactly the same specifications as those people, just by me recognizing their existence. Moreover, I can freely change the gender of the beings that I created…… like this”



    When Gemper snaps his fingers again, a girl emerged there who seemed like a woman figure after my evolution!

    And then, the male versions of Saria and the others blocked their way as if to face each other, and in front of me is my female version.


    “Now then, how about these? There’ll be no art if you’re just going to fight yourselves. However, if I change your gender in this manner, the story will change. If the other party is a woman, a man will be superior in strength at the same level, and if it’s a man, he can’t raise his hand to a woman unless otherwise he’s a brute …… Fufufu, it’s just perfect! No one can match this power!”

    “Everyone…… run, away……!”


    The moment Elemina-san desperately squeezed that out, Gemper made his face gleam.


    “You want to let loose, won’t you!? Go!?”




    Saria and the others fight against each of their opposite versions, and their fists and weapons clash.




    “Shit! It attacks with exactly the same ability, the same habit as mine, and it completely understands my movement! On top of that, because it’s a man, its physical strength is higher than mine ……!”


    As Gemper said, they have the same level and skill structure, but by adding a gender difference to their human bodies, everyone was being slightly pushed.

    However, because the other party don’t have the flexible speed unique to women, they’re somehow showing a competitive battle accordingly.

    If it’s the truth, I want to go and help them right away, but I couldn’t move because the female version of me in front of me could attack me.

    However ――


    “? What’s wrong, why don’t you move! Defeat that man right now!”


    For some reason, my female version didn’t move from the spot.

    And then――――


    “――――Why do I have to listen to you.”



    The female version of me looked stunned and said that when she turned around to Gemper.


    “Wha,what’s happening!? Why is my order……!”

    “Like I said, I won’t listen to your command, you know? I don’t have the duty to hear it.”



    It seems to have been completely unexpected, and to the words of my female version, Gemper can only be dumbfounded.

    It’s the same with me, I thought that I was going to fight like Saria and the others, so I floated an indescribable expression on my face.

    Then, she noticed such a state of mine, and the female version of me smiled wryly.


    “Do you need to be surprised at anything like that? Because you’re the original, you know? You can’t normally be copied”

    “No, where’s the element there that makes sense!?” (TN: LOL)


    There is no connection between the original being me, and not being copied normally! …… Probably!


    “Well, it’s fine. More than that, I’ll get rid of those guys.”



    The moment the female version of me shook her arm lightly, the male versions of Saria and the others disappeared as it was!

    Speaking of how she erased them, she released a slash the same as the number of people from her bare hands, and accurately hit it against the male versions of Saria and the others.

    Perhaps everyone else didn’t properly recognize it, but I saw it clearly.

    …… This, is my female version; I wonder if I can also shoot out slashes from my bare hands? I haven’t tried it, but …… I think I can.

    Well, it’s more realistic than being attended by the land and sea!


    “Wha,what was……”

    “Amazi~ing! Seiichi is Seiichi even if he became a girl!”


    When the female version of me smiles gently at the pure words of Saria, before I knew it, the female version of my body disappears.


    “Wha,what’s the matter!?”

    “What’s the matter, is it …… I’m just going to disappear. After all, I’m a copy, and I’m not interested in this world. Well, thanks to you, I was born, and if I have any business, I’ll come back again.”

    “With such a convenience sense!?”


    When I desperately told her so quickly, the female version of me disappeared.

    Staring at the situation in a daze, Gemper, who also doesn’t understand this situation, returned to his senses.


    “Hah!? By,by no means, my ability was hindered …… However, this is an accident which occurred because I tampered with their gender. Then, if I create it normally, the story will change!”

    “No way!?”


    When Gemper pulls something out of his pocket, he slams it on the ground as it is.

    At that moment, smoke filled the surroundings and the visibility became poor.


    Goho, goho! What is this smoke!?”

    “……Nn. My skills are being obstructed”

    “Ne,neither my heat source sensing nor magic power sensing works!”


    The smokescreen that Gemper used doesn’t seemed to be an ordinary smokescreen, since Al and the others can’t activate their skills normally.

    But …… it’s strange. I can see everyone normally.

    If Gemper’s item hinders skills, then I’m sure I’ll be affected by that, too, but……

    However, Gemper seems to have moved somewhere the moment he used the smoke screen, so I can’t find his presence at first glance.

    Then, the smoke cleared up when I was thinking of whether to look for him by using life force and presence detection.

    And then ――――



    “…… Two Seiichi-oniichan?”



    In response to Olga-chan’s words, when I hurriedly turned my gaze in that direction, there’s the figure of me who is surprised just like me!

    Then, Gemper appeared a little away from us, and floated a smile.


    “Kukuku…… now, what will do? This piece is a little different. I copied all of his personalities and speaking style perfectly. You don’t know which one is the real one!”

    “Oh no……!”


    Certainly, Saria and the others wouldn’t know with this as to which one is the real one.

    Moreover, unlike the male versions of Saria and the others, it seems to be equipped with things like emotions.

    …… My female version was already equipped with emotions as an irregular, though.

    Anyway, from my point of view, he’s an imitation, so even if I try to defeat it, he said that it has the same ability as mine …… A’re, if that’s the case, what will happen if we fight?

    If it really has the same ability as me, I don’t feel like the battle would be settled.

    If it comes to that, it’ll be a mental game of whether Saria and the others will believe me or not, but……

    When my and the fake’s lines of sight suddenly hit each other, we open our mouths at the same time.


    “I’m the real thing!”

    “I’m the fake!”



    I instinctively looked at my imitation the second time.

    Uhhm …… my fake-san, did you say that you were the imitation yourself?

    Perhaps, this is a psychological warfare!?

    I suspiciously thought so, but when I saw the state of Gemper, I noticed something different somehow or another.


    “Wh,why!? Why did you say that you’re the fake yourself!?”


    Then my imitation, continue to look amazed.


    “You, still didn’t understand it after making a female version of me? If you created me as it is, then I’m going to be on the side of the real one.”


    “If he had an ego like I do; if the opposite side is fake and this me is real, I think the same thing would happen over that side. Right?”


    So,so sudden? Even if you told me that……

    I who was told with that by the fake me, imagine such a situation.


    “Ah…… I’m certain I would say that.”

    “Right. Since I don’t want to bother you.”


    When I nodded to the imitation’s words that it was exactly right, Gemper looked flustered.


    “Wh,why!? As long as I created you, even if you’re an imitation, you should have an ego on the assumption that you are the real thing! And yet ……”

    “Well, it’s impossible to make a perfect copy of the original me. So even if I fight the genuine me, the result would be a win at that side. I can’t win, and we who have been copied from him, don’t even think that we’re real. That’s how it is. No matter how much you play with words, the results won’t change.”


    “Besides, Saria and the others would have noticed it from the beginning.”


    When my imitation said so, Saria nodded cheerfully.


    “Yes! I can’t make a mistake when it comes to Seiichi!”


    “Well, it’s something like that. So, should I leave you here?”



    My imitation said something like that…… then, he waited for a while.


    “It’s hard to say that you’re my imitation for some time now, but what would be good?”

    “Certainly. Then, why don’t you name me?”

    “Hhmm, I’m Seiichi, so what about Seiji*?” (TN: LOL, what a naming sense! Seiichi is 誠一 which can also mean “one truth”, while Seiji is 誠二. So, he’s Seiichi number 2, Seiji)

    “Oh, that’s fine. Then, it will be a short time, but I’m Seiji. Nice to meet you”

    “Nice to meet you”

    “You guys are too self-paced!?”


    My imitation…… when I was having such a conversation with Seiji again, we were tsukkomi’d by Al.

    Well…… our personality itself is the same, and our conversation, or tempo matches. Would it be like this if I had a sibling, or a twin?

    Seiji seemed to think the same thing, and he laughed when our eyes met.


    “……Strange. It should’ve been a very serious scene, but it loosened right away……!”

    “Because it’s Seiichi”

    “Two Milords…… N,no! Of course, I know which one is the real one, you know? Yeah!”

    ““Rurune doesn’t know””

    “I was told by two people!?”


    When we were spontaneously having an exchange, Gemper, who had been left unattended, made his whole body tremble.


    “Don’t mess around…… don’t ignore this meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

    ““Uoh!? That surprised me.””


    When we were surprised by Gemper’s scream with the exact same reaction, Gemper turns his face bright red.


    “I’ve had enough. Originally, I would seize you guys, and use you as an instrument to produce pieces for eternity…… And, I thought I’d use the real ones again after completely brainwashing them, but I will already stop that. I will get rid of you guys here. Pieces that do not listen to my orders etc, should disappear.….!”


    When Gemper screamed and spread his hands, various human beings appeared with the momentum that it can fill the cave.

    It was not only the S-class adventurers, but also Destra whom we met in the dungeon when we were there, the mysterious man who took away the apostles of the 【Demon God’s Cult】 when I cured Luthia with 『Get well』, and also, with the nickname of ≪Resonance≫ whom Rurune and the others defeated …… it was certainly Vitor, right? For now, such as those guys, various human beings have really appeared.


    “No matter how strong you are, you can’t beat this number of forces! Kill them!”


    In front of such people attacking all at once, Seiji and I naturally look at each other and laugh.


    “Well, for the time being ……”

    “Let’s get rid of them!”


    Saying that, while protecting Saria and the others, we collided against the attacking guys.


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