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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 204

    Ranze's Request

    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    “Your Majesty!”


    “Ah, Ranze-san. Hello”

    “……What kind of situation is this?”


    I who was taken by Florio-san, was still being dragged, but I greeted Ranze-san for the time being.

    No, I too would like to ask what kind of situation is this, but…….

    Then, following me, Saria and the others also came.


    “Oy oy, what’s this. Everyone is here……”

    “Your Majesty! In this case, how about asking Seiichi-kun!?”



    Florio-san told Ranze-san in a serious look.


    “To ensure their rescue from that man with unknown powers, sufficient strength is needed…… it’s vexing, but I and…… also the 【Black Holy Knight】, I don’t know if we could win, even if Louise were here. That man was such a mystery to that degree. That’s why, in order for us to rescue Elemina-sama from that man, we need a lot of troops! However…… if we lead a lot of soldiers in there, we’ll have to deal with not only that man, but also with the 『Mountain』. In that case, it will become difficult to even go to the 【God Mountain’s Cave】 designated by him, let alone rescue her. However, if it’s Seiichi-kun……!”


    As the story progresses without me grasping the situation, Ranze-san, in response to Florio-san’s words, shakes his head with a serious expression.


    “No, I can’t involve Seiichi. This guy has always helped us. However, we can’t rely on him that much.”


    “Uhmm…… what happened?”


    I only understand it in fragments, but it seems to be quite serious.

    As far as I heard about the rescue and strength, it feels disturbing, but I want to help if there’s anything I can do.

    And yet, Ranze-san laughed at my question.


    “Excuse me. Rather than that, are these the young ladies that Seiichi said?”

    “Ye,yes! I’m Morigami Yaiba”

    “I’m Tsukikage Eiya. And this is our lord, Yamato Muu-sama.”

    “Is that so. My bad, as soon as you come here, there’s already a commotion happening like this. Well, I’d be happy if you could enjoy this country slowly.”



    Muu-chan motionlessly stared at Ranze-san’s face as he laughed.

    And then……


    “What are you hesitating for ja. You should just ask Seiichi honestly, you know?”


    I’m in trouble, so please help me. However, it’s unexpectedly difficult to ask for that much, isn’t it ja. And, just like you said, if you rely on someone or use the goodwill of the others, you can’t do it to that extent. But, if you were trying to solve it by your own power, and find it difficult, you should rely on your surroundings honestly.”


    “Above all, isn’t the damage at this time, caused by the other party’s unreasonableness? If so, you don’t have to hesitate. It’s not your fault.”

    “…… How do you know that much? When Florio saw you, you didn’t hear the story from, right?”


    To Muu-chan, who is speaking as if she knows the cause of the uproar this time, Ranze-san was surprised.

    Or rather, we are also surprised.

    However, despite our looks, Muu-chan sticks out her chest.


    “Fumu. I am Muu-chan! I know everything!”

    “Tha,that’s not an answer, Muu-chan ……”

    “Is that so? Rather, why don’t you understand it, Seiichi?”

    “Why, is it!?”


    N,no matter why is it, I don’t understand, so I don’t know it……!


    “Well it’s fine. Rather, it’s best for you to rely on a person that you could be able to rely on. …… I couldn’t do that, so I ended up closing my heart.”



    Muu-chan didn’t rely on anyone, so she had a hard time.

    Because it’s the words of such Muu-chan, it was very convincing, and Ranze-san, who doesn’t know much about Muu-chan in detail, also had a serious expression on his face.

    However, to Ranze-san who’s still in anguish, I open my mouth.


    “Uhmm, please tell me. I don’t know what I can do, but I want to cooperate.”

    “Seiichi ……”

    “I, like this country. It’s a country where many people are a little blown away, but even so, everyone is warm……”


    “Besides, I’ve consulted with Ranze-san at Noado-san’s shop. Please let me repay that.”

    “……That’s, been repaid a long time ago. At the time when I was cursed, and also when I met the Demon kingdom’s lady ……”


    Ranze-san said that, but I haven’t been able to repay him yet.

    For letting us stay in such a good country, and as well as, accepting father and the others…… that was not enough to thank him.

    Then Saria, who was listening to our conversation, raises her hand.


    “Yes yes! We’ll lend a hand too! If someone is in trouble, we need to help!”

    “Of course, I too…… even so, if Seiichi is going to help, I don’t think we’re needed there, though ……”

    “There’ll be no need for Milord to do anything! They will self-destruct at his convenience!”

    “……Glutton. That’s truly ―――― it may”

    “It may!?”


    Olga-chan, such a thing didn’t happen, right!? Don’t take it seriously either, Zora!


    “A,anyway! We want to help! So, please tell us. What happened……”

    “You guys……”


    Looking over at us once, Ranze-san eventually began to speak as if he made up his mind


    “……I understand. Actually …… my wife, Elemina, was kidnapped by a Deity of the 【Demon God’s Cult】.”

    “Eh!? Elemina-san?”


    I also remember Elemina-san.

    While being Ranze-san’s wife, she is an S-class adventurer, and she usually travels all over the world to collect various information……

    Moreover, when we first talked, she gave me information about the 【Demon God’s Cult】.


    “Elemina originally liked to travel, and while working as an adventurer, I …… she taught me various information that she got during her trip for the country. In the mean of that, she was also collecting information on the 【Demon God’s Cult】, but …… this time, it seems that it was not the cause.”

    “Eh? She wasn’t targeted because she was looking for information on the 【Demon God’s Cult】?”

    “Of course, that may be one of the reasons, but apparently, the opponent is looking for immediate fighting power. They’re gathering people in order to make them apostles.”

    “To become an apostle…… B,but I don’t think Elemina-san would accept that, though……”

    “I don’t know its full details, but apparently, there is some unknown power over there that forces them to obey. I don’t know if it’s brainwashing or something.”



    Su,suddenly, a feeling of a dangerous organization came out. No, I knew it was a dangerous organization from the beginning, though.


    “In addition, considering that Elemina was caught and from the other person’s mouth …… the other S-class adventurers may have also been seized.”


    “That’s stupid! Those perverts!?” (TN: LOL)


    Al-san? Isn’t it strange to be surprised at that way? …… I can’t believe it either, though.

    I don’t know because I don’t have any deep relationship to S-class adventurers other than Elemina-san, but Gassur and Eris-san are also former S-class adventurers, right?

    That two class of perverts being caught ……. I can’t imagine it.


    “The,then, does that mean that the enemy caught Elemina-san to use as a fighting force?”

    “… No, their main aim is this country itself.”


    “They intend to get the whole country as a force for the Demon God or something. Moreover, their notion for this country, is to dedicate it to the Demon God, or so ……”



    I don’t know how the 【Demon God’s Cult】 will do what Ranze-san said just now, but saying such a thing, would mean that the other party is confident that he can do it.

    Somehow, the situation is more serious than I expected ……


    “Then we have to stop it immediately! It was mentioned in the previous discussion, but you know where the opponent is, right?”

    “Ah. It seems like he’s waiting for us to surrender. …… I wonder if there’s something we can do to fight back from him.”

    “In addition, the location that the man specified was a problem. 【God Mountain’s Cave】 is the place, but we can’t lead our soldiers in a large-scale because the 『Mountain』 is there.”


    Certainly, the 『Mountain』 is a huge monster, isn’t it?

    If a large number of beings visit the 『Mountain』, which is literally the back of the monster, it’ll get angry and will go on a rampage …… he specified a troublesome place. The other party’s strategy probably includes that.



    “If it’s just us……”

    “It’s okay, right! All of us are six!”

    “We,we will help, too?”

    “No, Morigami-san and the others are tired because of various things, so please take a rest.”

    “I think it’s the same for Seiichi-dono and his companions, though ……”

    “Yaiba, it’s Seiichi, you know ja? It’s fine ja.”

    “I understand”

    “At what part did you understand!?”


    It’s not fine because it’s me!? Muu-chan’s mysterious trust is scary!


    “A,anyway! In this kind of situation, we’ll head out any minute now. I just don’t know where it is, though……”

    “Rest assured, I know where it is.”


    Al powerfully nods, so there is no problem with the location.


    “Then, Ranze-san, we’ll go now!”

    “Tu!…… for Elemina…… I ask you.”


    When Ranze-san revealed a mixed expression of various emotions, he bowed his head as it was.


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