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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 203

    Taken Away (Second Time)

    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    At 【Arkshell Castle】 in Terviel, the royal capital of the Kingdom of Welmburg.

    Inside the office there, Ranze was working as usual.


    “Geez …… I can’t finish my work at all …… this is why I didn’t want to be a king ……”


    Looking at the documents piled up in front of him, Ranze muttered involuntarily.

    Because, Ranze’s father, the former king, only had Ranze as his son, so Ranze became the king in the form that he succeeded him as it was.

    However, Ranze’s ability is very high, and he unusually excelled as a king.

    When Ranze was wrestling with the documents, the room’s door was suddenly knocked on.


    “Nn? Enter”

    “Excuse me.”


    Then, it was Florio, who was Louise’s elder brother, that entered the room.

    He didn’t plan to meet with Florio in particular, so with a little surprise, Ranze takes his eyes off the paperworks.


    “Oh, Florio huh. What’s the matter?”

    “Your Majesty. I came to report about the current training situation.”

    “Ah…… we don’t have Louise right now, so I have asked you. So, what’s wrong?”

    “That’s right…… I was in charge of the magic unit for a long time, so I don’t anything in particular to report, but……. the general soldiers are getting stronger day by day. No doubt about it”

    “Hoh, you can see it right away, they have changed that dramatically huh.”

    “Yes. That’s because of the Guild Headquarters.”

    “………… Should I be pleased about this?”


    Florio’s words made Ranze feel quite speechless.


    “Haa…… Recently, the Kaizer Empire has taken strange actions, so I have to ask the soldiers to do their best, and it’s better for them to become stronger, huh …… No, my head hurts when I think about their negative impact on the citizens, but…… That’s right, it seems that the Kaizer Empire has artificially obtained a way to create a 『Transcendent』. ”

    “That’s……is it true?”

    “It’s true. At the present, I have sent that George guy as a scout to the Kaizer Empire, but that guy has reported that. That’s why it’s not a mistake. Even in our country, the 『Transcendent』 is only Louise. Even the 『Black Holy Night』, is not yet a 『Transcendent』. You too.”



    In response to Ranze’s words, Florio involuntarily darkens his expression.


    “Oy oy, don’t be so depressed! I don’t know if artificially becoming a 『Transcendent』 is something that can really be done at no cost, and Louise has been quickly soaring lately. Mainly after meeting Seiichi……”

    “My sister is as reliable as she can be. Besides, my sister became very lively after meeting Seiichi, and I’m happy for her as her brother.”


    Ranze also smiled wryly at Florio, who said so with a gentle expression.

    When topic of Seiichi came up here, Ranze suddenly remembers.


    “Which reminds me, the princess of the eastern country that Seiichi was saying arrived here safely, right.”

    “Princess, is it?”

    “Ah. That guy, seems to have done a lot of things again. He seemed to be tired somehow recently, so he went to Southern to take a rest, but is it a warrior from the Eastern country? He seemed to have picked her up.”

    “That’s already excessive information ……”

    “So, when he heard the request of the guy he picked up, he was caught up in the turmoil of the eastern country one thing or another, and saved the country as it was.”

    “What is it about saving the country one thing or another!?”

    “I want to ask that too, you know……”


    Ranze also held his head involuntarily while explaining it himself.


    “Seiichi himself did not say that he saved the country, that that he just solved the problem that he was involved in as a matter of course, but …… no matter how I ask him that, I can only say that he saved the country ……”

    “Ah, it looks like he’s still nonsensical as ever, heh ……”


    Florio himself did not have the chance to see Seiichi’s true ability, but he helped Seiichi learn how to adjust it, albeit temporarily, and as he watched the scene of where he broke the curse of Ranze, he caught a glimpse of that ability.

    On the other hand, Ranze, such as having his curse lifted, at the meeting with the Demon Kingdom, and his connections with Zeanos, inevitably aware that Seiichi was a ridiculous existence.


    “Well anyway, as a result of Seiichi’s great efforts in the eastern country, he was able to make a connection with the princess of that country, and that princess will live in our country……”

    “What kind of flow is that!? In the first place, can a princess from one country live in another country so easily……”

    “I also had a lot to say, but apparently, the other side seems to have a reason-ish for it. Even if something happened, Seiichi will solve it, and it was troublesome to think about, so I allowed it!”

    “You’ve already given up heh……”

    “Or rather, after I’ve got involved with Seiichi, this country has been heading in a ridiculous direction. Zeanos and other incredible guys are migrating here one after another …… What? Is this country a safe haven?”

    “We,well if the result benefits the country, then ……”


    To Ranze who shouted in desperation somehow, Florio could only smile wryly.

    Then, Florio notices that the ring on Ranze’s left hand is glowing.


    “Uhmm, Your Majesty. It seems that your ring is shining, but……”

    “Hah? Tsu!?”


    In response to Florio pointing it out, Ranze turned his gaze on his ring, and the stone on his ring finger was glowed red.

    Seeing that light, Ranze changed his complexion.



    “! What happened to Elemina-sama!?”

    “This is a 『Guidance stone』! I had it in case something happened to her, but why……!”


    Ranze is befuddled by the sudden situation.

    In order to understand Elemina’s whereabouts and situation as much as possible, Ranze kept on wearing the 『Guidance stone』 with her magic powers on it.

    And Elemina herself is an S-class adventurer, so she hasn’t been in this kind of dangerous situation, and it has continued to be so until now.

    However, for the first time, the 『Guidance stone』 which informs of the danger of Elemina is shining here.


    “What does this mean? What’s with Elemina ――――”

    『――――How are you doing…… Your Majesty the King』



    When a darkness spreads in a part of the room, a man from that place …… Gemper appeared.

    In the presence of the existence that appeared without any sign, Florio immediately moves to protect Ranze, and set ups his cane.

    However, Florio felt not any sign from him, and yet, he was surprised at the existence in front of him who appeared under Ranze in an instant, and he was sweating coldly.

    Therein, Ranze calmly looks at the other party, and asks a question.


    “…… Who are you”

    『Oops, you don’t seem to know me. Well, about the organization to which I belong to, have you heard about it from your wife, Your Majesty? 』

    “【Demon God’s Cult】, huh”

    『Exactly! Once again …… I’m a deity of the 【Demon God’s cult】, Gemper the 《Mirror Disaster》. This time, I have contacted Your Majesty in this way ……. in regards to your wife. 』  (TN: Still wondering why it’s mirror disaster?)

    “No way …… you bastard! Where is Elemina!”


    In response to the furious Ranze, Gemper continued without breaking his smile.


    『Don’t be so impatient. I’ll speak without you rushing me, well then…… about Your Majesty’s wife, as you may have noticed, I’m keeping her in custody here. 』

    “Elemina ……!”


    When Gemper snaps his fingers, an image was projected in the space.

    It was a tattered, unconscious Elemina being restrained.


    “You bastard……!”

    『Your Majesty’s anger is justified, but because she resisted, I had to do a violent behavior here as well. Well, after she became obedient like this, you should be relieved since I’ll treat her courteously. 』

    “…… What’s your purpose?”


    As Ranze muttered while enduring his anger, Gemper laughs detestably.


    『You’re quick to understand, that helps. There’s only one thing I want. The troops in this Welmburg kingdom …… No, I want you to dedicate this country. 』


    “You bastard, what are you talking ……!”


    When Florio shouts, as if he’ll release magic right away, Gemper continued.


    『It is what, it means. This Welmburg Kingdom, had a meeting with the Demon Kingdom before, right? We also interfere with it, but …… for some reason, the apostles became useless. Even the apostles who were scattered all over the place, have been defeated one after another…… that’s why, we need to replenish our strength. In particular, there are a lot of good soldiers in this country. It’s convenient. 』

    “……If you want fighting force, why don’t you go to the Kaizer Empire. It was said that it’s full of 『Transcendents』 over there, right?”

    『Hah…… being trapped in the concept of level, they wouldn’t be strong just because they’re above level 500, would they? Besides, if you come under us, you can create as many 『Transcendents』 as you like. Therefore, it would be better to seek soldiers from this country where the base is strong. 』


    『In addition, isn’t it strange that there is still no country on this planet that’s the best for the 【Demon God’s Cult】? Hence, first of all, I would like to make this Kingdom of Welmburg an offering to the Demon God-sama. 』


    Although he understood Gemper’s demand, Ranze couldn’t accept it.

    If he accepts Gemper’s demand here, it will lead to becoming affiliated with the 【Demon God’s Cult】, and in addition, Ranze’s personal feelings will be used to represent the people.

    Even if Elemina was a queen, and an S-class adventurer, he couldn’t offer the country to help her.

    However, he doesn’t know what will happen to Elemina if he refuses here, and Gemper laughs as he was at a loss for an answer.


    『Fufufu…… I’m kind. I’m not telling you to answer now. I’ll give you a one-week deadline. Certainly, there was something like 【Mountain God’s Cave*】 in this country, right? If you reach an answer, come there. If you accept my demand, His Majesty’s wife will return safely. Of course, you can come and take all your troops with you, y’know? I will neither run away nor hide. It’ll save me the trouble of searching for people to collect. At that time, not only your wife and His Majesty, but the country itself will disappear, I guess? Fuhahahahahaha! 』 (TN: Sanjin no doukutsu)




    To Gemper who laughs loudly, Florio finally couldn’t stand it and cast a spell.

    It’s the strongest magic of Ice attribute, and far from Gemper, most of the room was frozen in ice instantly due to its power.

    Gemper, without even avoiding such magic, received it, and when he was incased in ice while floating a smile, it shatters as it was.



    『Hahahahaha! I’m looking forward to seeing you next time ――――』


    Despite of the appearance of Gemper who got shattered in front of him, Gemper’s laughter echoed in the room, and eventually, his voice disappeared completely.

    At the same time, the shattered corpse of Gemper, crumbles like sand and disappears.


    “Your Majesty …… I’m sorry, this is quite sentimental……”

    “……No, it’s fine. Rather than that, what should I do ……”


    His power to appear anywhere he likes without even being detected by Florio, and his mysterious ability that just occurred right in front of them.

    Furthermore, from the fact that he had defeated Elemina, they found out that he was more capable than an S-class adventurer.

    Even if the soldiers of the Welmburg Kingdom are strong, they don’t know how far they can compete against such a mysterious opponent.

    To Ranze who was holding his head, Florio said with a serious expression.


    “Let’s form a subjugation squad for the mean time. Fortunately, the specified 【Mountain God’s Cave】 from the other side is close to here, and we have a week to spare, so it should be in time for Louise and the others to return.”

    “No, if we go with a lot of people, it will stimulate the 『Mountain』.”



    The 【Mountain God’s Cave】 designated by Gemper, was a super huge monster, and it was on the back of an existence commonly known as 『Mountain』.

    As the name suggests, the size of the 『Mountain』 is abnormal, and it usually functions as an ordinary mountain, and despite being on the back of a monster, it was able to reap various benefits.

    Among that benefits is the nature of the monster called 『Mountain』, in which the 『Mountain』 has been sleeping on its place all the time, and when many people try to pass over the 『Mountain』, it will awaken from the annoyance, and attack those who have disturbed its sleep.

    If it is not stimulated, the monster called 『Mountain』 that bestows only benefits without any harm, was sometimes referred to as the Guardian deity of the Kingdom of Welmburg, but it was very inconvenient in their current situation.

    If they introduce a large number of soldiers to get Elemina back from Gemper, that alone could wake up the 『Mountain』  and, at worst, destroy Terviel.

    In that case, a rescue team with a small number of elites will be necessary, but just now, he was safe even if he received Florio’s magic, and he has the ability to defeat Elemina, and the others, so they didn’t think that it would be possible to oppose him with a very small number of people.


    “What the heck should I do ……”


    Ranze sat down powerlessly, and held his head. (TN: Crap, they need Seiichi!)




    “――――Mufuu! I’m satisfied ja!”

    “We’ve registered degozaru……”


    After that, we were forcibly taken by Gassur and Eris-san, and Muu-chan and the others decided to register as it is.

    Moreover, since Al was among us, their test was also completed easily, and they were able to register successfully.

    Nay. It was out of my hand.


    “This is my guild card hah……!”


    While holding up the guild card she just received, Muu-chan makes her eyes shine.

    I thought that only Morigami-san and Tsukikage-san would register, but Muu-chan also strongly requested that she wants to do it, so as a result, all three of them registered.

    Muu-chan had sealed up her heart until now, so I was wondering if she could understand anything about the world, but all the tests were cleared by her own power.

    The only thing, is that she seemed to be bad at chores that uses muscle strength, but she easily cleared the subjugation which I thought would be the biggest problem on her own.

    As a result, I saw Muu-chan’s power for the first time there, but she can really create something out of nothing, and conversely, she can erase something that exists.

    At first, the slime that was the object of their subjugation test disappeared in an instant, and we were surprised, but if that’s the case, we can’t prove that she has defeated it, so she carried out other means of subjugation.

    She magically created things like fire and thunder, and defeated it by throwing them at the slime.

    However, unlike magic, it does not consume something to produce, she created fire and thunder at no cost, manipulated them, and defeated it. It was outrageous, you know.


    “That’s right, Seiichi! I want to go and say my thanks!”

    “Eh, thanks? To who?”

    “Of course, to the king of this country ja!”

    “Mu,Muu-sama!? As expected, it’s impossible ――――”

    “Ah …… then, let’s go”

    “You can do that!?”


    Tsukikage-san opened her eyes to my words.


    “Isn’t it strange!? Who the hell is Seiichi-dono! Such as meeting the royal family so easily, he’s not a normal existence, is he!?”

    “Eh? Seiichi isn’t normal, you know?”



    Why did you react like it’s something strange if I’m normal!?


    “Hhmm…… this is stupid right. I can only say that it’s because it’s Seiichi.”

    “……Nn. Because it’s Seiichi-oniichan, right.”

    “Because it’s Milord!”

    “That’s not an answer!?”



    While Al and the others answered as if I had blown away somewhere, Tsukikage-san simply looks confused.

    Well, Tsukikage-san’s reaction was naturally correct, and a mere ordinary individual cannot easily meet the royal family.

    However, in my case, various events overlapped, and Ranze-san often request me. I can’t go directly to Ranze-san, but if I go to the royal castle, a soldier will take me.


    “Well, I don’t know if we can really meet him, but for the time being, there might be a soldier which I know there, so let’s ask that person.”

    “Oh! As expected of Seiichi ja!”

    “Since I met Seiichi-dono, all my values ​​and common sense were destroyed degozaru ……”

    “Exactly a mass of unreasonableness ……”

    “You’re saying harsh things, you know!?”


    I’m only living normally. It’s just that troubles have come to me, and I destroyed it at my own convenience……!

    With such thoughts, we immediately head to the castle with Mu-chan and others.



    “A’re? It’s a little noisy……”


    We arrived at the entrance of the castle, but usually a person who seems to be a gatekeeper would stand here, and greet us, and they’ll even respond, but it was noisy including the gatekeeper-sans.

    Moreover, everyone’s facial expression seems to be serious somehow……


    “Did something happen?”

    “Well now……”


    I didn’t know it myself, so when I couldn’t answer Al’s question, I happened to find Florio-san.


    “Ah, Florio-san!”

    “Eh? ……Ah, Seiichi-kun!?”


    When I found Florio-san, he opened his eyes wide, and he came to me quickly.

    And, when he grabbed my arm ――――


    “I’m sorry, let me borrow Seiichi-kun!”


    『Eh? 』

    “Come now, it’s this way!”

    “I,I’m going to be taken agaaaaaaain?”


    Just like when I first came to this castle, I was taken away while being dragged, and I simply screamed.


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