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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 201

    Place of Employment

    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    “Oh! This is the Kingdom of Welmburg where Seiichi and his friends live huh!”


    After explaining the situation to Ranze-san, and returning to the Eastern country again, I remembered that I had not yet addressed Yamato-sama properly, and as I finished responding to her in a hurry, we came back to Terviel with Yamato-sama and the others.

    Yamato-sama is shining her eyes at being on the outside world for the first time, but the rest of us were far from it.



    “That’s reasonably natural……”

    “What then, you don’t mean at that extent, do you?”

    “N,no, rather than physically, I’m mentally tired ……”


    Why are we so worn out ――――




    Firstly, as a result of announcing that the Welmburg Kingdom will accept Yamato-sama and the others, Yamato-sama acted right away, and gathered the ministers.

    And then ――――


    “――――I’m leaving this country!”


    “Ah, Yaiba and the others are going with me, so all of you here, please take care of this place, please!”



    To our amazement, without any preface or explanation, she said so in a grand manner.

    They were surprised at the sudden convocation in this place, but what surprised the ministers above all was Yamato-sama’s lively appearance, in which the ministers who only know Yamato-sama, who had no heart until now, made a fuss.


    “Wha,what the? What’s going on?”

    “I, I don’t know! I was simply called by Yamato-sama ……”

    “Wait, the situation where Yamato-sama called us was strange!? Yamato-sama’s heart is sealed!?”


    The ministers are confused by the incomprehensible situation.

    When Morigami-san and Tsukikage-san stared at the situation, and we could only silently watch and wait, Yamato-sama sighs in front of the noisy ministers.


    “Haa…… good grief, it’s pitiable. This is the reason why this country is about to fall into the hands of the invaders. You need to be more rigid, rigid!”


    “………No, no, no, it’s strange! It’s absolutely strange!? Yamato-sama cannot speak this clearly! Yamato-sama herself contained her own will! Her heart will never return!”

    “Tha,that’s right! No way, Morigami-dono! Is this your work!?”

    “E,eehh!? I,I’m ……”

    “No, it might’ve been the work of the foreigners there!”

    “It seems so! In any case, Yamato-sama’s emotions will not return!”



    While the turn of affairs is getting somewhat dubious, Yamato-sama tells in an astounded state.


    “What are you saying …… is it so strange that my heart has returned? No, I wouldn’t normally turn back, but ……”

    “Silence, fake!”



    Not expecting that she’ll be called a fake, Yamato-sama was agitated for the first time since coming here.

    However, that agitation didn’t seem to be good, and the ministers gradually grew angry.


    “I don’t know how you did it, but to create a fake Yamato-sama who is important for us!”

    “Keep them alive! Including Morigami and the others, catch them!”



    The ministers, who no longer listen to our words, mercilessly assailed us.

    Fleeing from the attacks of such ministers, while being surprised, we became wanted ――――




    “I never thought I would become a criminal ……”


    No, it might be unavoidable considering the origin of that country and Yamato-sama. But I can’t comprehend that I had become a wanted man before the guild guys!

    Nevertheless, we were able to escape safely in this manner, so I’m relieved for the meantime. The ministers will also be busy rebuilding the country. Well, it’s regrettable that it became difficult to go to that country, but …… it can’t be helped.

    With a sigh, I asked Yamato-sama, whose eyes were shining.


    “Ya,Yamato-sama … that’s, is that okay? You didn’t explain it properly, so……”

    “It’s okay, you know. Those who don’t believe my words are incompetent. Moreover, it was too outrageous to treat me as a fake! Besides, I’ve already decided to leave that country, and be with Yaiba and the others. This is more important.”

    “I,is that so ……”

    “What, I didn’t abandon them. No matter what conclusion it met, at that country, I only created its people. That’s why, there are things I can understand. In that country, I am not needed anymore. Even if I’m not there, that country can get by.”

    “I,I see ……”

    “More than that…… Seiichi. What’s, with your tone?”



    I who didn’t expect that my tone would be suddenly pointed out, made a dumb voice.


    “Like I said, I’m asking you what’s with your tone. I wonder if you can be more normal. My relationship with you is that, isn’t it”

    “What kind of relationship is that!?”


    What is the relationship between me and Yamato-sama!? As much as she said, I don’t get the conversation!


    “What kind of relationship, you said …… you being able to use the same power as I do ”


    “No, that was rude to Seiichi …… Seiichi is someone incomparable to me. If anything, I wonder if I should change my attitude ……”

    “No no no! I can’t use the same power as Yamato-sama, you know!?”

    “You can’t use it ……? Seiichi ……?”

    “Don’t put on such a serious face!?”


    I, from nothing, can’t create or erase!


    『You can do it, you know?』

    “I don’t have to be able to do ittttttttttt!”


    At the announcement in my brain that suddenly spoke to me, I shouted.


    “We,well it’s fine. Anyway, I have nothing to do with that country anymore. Therefore, I want you to treat it normally. Of course, Yaiba and Tsukikage too”

    “We,we too!?”

    “Naturally. With the two of you, I want to be close without making a wall.”

    “E,even if you say so ……”

    “Mou …… this is going to be a long time. Well, it’s fine. We’ll be together from here on. I’m going to wait patiently.”

    “I,I also will handle you appropriately ……”


    To Yamato-sama’s words, Morigami-san and her friend remained feeling obliged. I have dealt with Luthia and the likes in a normal tone, but isn’t that girl the daughter of the Demon King, the kind of existence that I wouldn’t normally be able to interact with casually, and if anything, Ranze-san, who I went to see this time, was His Majesty the King, so it was not a good partner that ordinary citizen like me can come in contact with nonchalantly.

    All of this was made up with the other party permitting it. The other one is that the people around me are magnanimous.

    However, this being different from that…… I won’t say that, but how should I put it, Yamato-sama, has a different atmosphere from the other great people.

    What should I say…… when I transferred into this world, was it God who taught about the transition? I wonder if it’s okay to speak that they have the same atmosphere.

    The godliness that human beings can’t produce, I feel it from Yamato-sama. Even if she suddenly told me to treat her normally, it’s quite ――――.


    “I get it! Nice to meet you, Muu-chan!”



    When I was worried about how to treat Yamato-sama, Saria talked very closely and intimately to her as if to dismiss such troubles of mine! What’s more, Muu-chan!

    I’m not only the one who was surprised, but also Al and the others, and Morigami-san and her company, with their eyes wide open, and only Yamato-sama opened her eyes for a moment, then she laughed happily.


    “Umu……umu! Well then, it’s fine, Saria! You understood it very well!”

    “Ehehe. Because you’ll feel lonely!”



    Yamato-sama looked even more surprised by Saria’s words. Lonely…… I see, unless our attitude changes, Yamato-sama will feel lonely.

    With that in mind, we should treat her normally.

    After such an exchange, we finally arrived at the main gate of Terviel.

    In there, soldiers are inspecting each and every one, and I found Claude among the soldiers.


    “Nn? Ah, if it’s not Seiichi and the others”

    “Claude! It’s been a while.”

    “If you ask me, then that’s right. We haven’t had much opportunity to talk since you came back to this city …… wait, my bad, why don’t we finish the inspection first.”


    Claude then, verifies our ID.

    Since we can use our guild cards as ID cards, all we have to do is show it, but Yamato-sama and her company didn’t have that.

    So, just like when I and Saria first came into this city, using the item called 『Truth Jewel』, we finished the procedure, and paid the entrance fee for the three people.


    “A’right, everyone is okay. If the three of them plan to stay in this country for a long time, then you need to have an ID somewhere.”

    “Umu, I understand noja!”

    “Oh, what a cheerful nice jou-chan*. Then…… welcome to Terviel!” (TN: young lady)


    Seen off by Claude, when we re-enter the city, Morigami-san and her company looked around in a curious way.


    “Oh! It has an architectural style which I’ve never seen!”

    “Sure enough, its aspects are very different from our country ……”


    Morigami-san drifted to the port city of Southern, thus she knew the atmosphere of a foreign country, albeit only a little, so she wasn’t as surprised as Tsukikage-san.


    “Umu, it’s a good country ja! Everyone has a lively look! I already took a liking to this country!”

    “Right! They’re all good people!”

    “Etto…… well, there is no doubt that this is a good country, but ……”


    It was at the moment I said that much.



    “Hahahahaha! It feels good today too! My lower half is cool and refreshing!”

    “That’s because you’re not wearing clothes!?”

    “Shit! This guy, he got faster again didn’t he!?”

    “Oy! I got contact that that Grando bastard was rampaging on the street over there!”

    “Ugaaaaaaahh! For the time being, let’s catch that flasher, and seize the Grando bastard immediately!”

    “Ah, there’s a guy who was turning a dangerous gaze towards the kids over there!”



    With the naked man running away right beside us in an instant, the soldier-sans were chasing after him.

    After seeing off the usual sight, I turned to Yamato-sama and her company again.


    “――――Like this, there are only perverts here.”

    “What’s wrong degozaru, with this country!?”


    I want to enquire that too!


    “Seiichi-dono! Like this ……. in such a terrible country, it will have a negative influence on Muu-sama degozaru! I wonder if there was no more other country!?”

    “No, it’s not that there’s none, but……”


    Speaking of a good country, the Valsha Empire and the Demon Kingdom were also nice.

    But, in terms of safety, I think this country is the best.

    After all, Zeanos and his companions, and Louise are here.

    …… I don’t really want to admit it, but the Guild perverts here are also the biggest problem! As you can see, the perverts are strong!


    “Yamato-sa…… Nn! It’s not every day that Muu will be targeted, and also be restricted, so in that sense, this country is the safest. Because those perverts are also powerful people ……”

    “Seiichi! Another thing! Look, call me Mu-chan ja!”




    Explaining to the dumbfounded Morigami-san, Muu-chan nodded very satisfactorily because I called Yamato-sama Mu-chan.

    She’s definitely older than me, but her reaction is very child-like.


    “Rather than that …… as Claude said at the front gate, if you like to stay in this country for a long time, all three of you should have an ID. What are you gonna do?”

    “Uh,uhmm…… My anxiety factor is great degozaru, but If none other than Seiichi-dono said that it’s safe, then it’s really safe degozaru…….”

    “Well, yeah. There are no S-class adventurers based in this city, but if it’s only everyone’s true ability, then it’s A class or S class, so you can rest assured there.”

    “Yes, it’s only their true ability!”

    “……The world is strange degozaru”


    When she was told as if to remind her with Al’s words, Morigami-san dropped her shoulders.


    “I understand that this country is a good place for us to live. If so, I want to make an ID thing immediately ja, but where should I have it made?”


    Even if Muu-chan asked me that, to be honest, I don’t know where it can be made other than the Adventurer’s Guild. Or rather, when I came into this city, I never thought that the Adventurer’s Guild was a den for such perverts.

    So when I turn my gaze at Al, who is probably the most detailed one, Al picked up what I meant.


    “That’s right …… For the time being, in addition to the Adventurer’s Guild, this city also, have the commerce’s guilds and craftsman’s guilds. It’s common to belong to those guilds. Therefore, the guild card you’ll get when you register there will become your ID card, but …… well, wouldn’t it normally be good to be in the Merchants Guild?”

    “Why ja? We don’t have the knowledge as a merchant in particular. Besides, both Yaiba and Eiya can fight ja. The Adventurer’s Guild would be better, wouldn’t it jaro?”

    “I’m sorry, Muu-sama. The adventurer’s guild for Muu-sama is just……”


    By seeing the appearance of the perverts earlier, Tsukikage-san, who was completely distrustful of the Adventurer’s Guild, begged so as though she was shedding tears of blood, and drain of life. Yo,you hate it that much huh…… Yeah, I hate it!


    “Err, I’m with the merchant’s guild ―――― ”

    “――――That’s not necessaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!”



    Thi,this voice is…… rather, this flow is……”

    When I glanced at the person who spoke in a hurry, in there, with his dark skin generously exposed, was a big man with muscular body ……!



    “Yes, I am the master of the Adventurers Guild, Gassur Clute!”



    As I heard such a sound effect, while showing his white teeth, Gassur emphasized his muscles.

    No,no good, this flow is. Isn’t it exactly the same as the time I and Saria ……!

    If it stays this way, they’ll be registered by the flow!

    Aside from me and Al who were in panic, Morigami-san and the others are still shocked by the existence of Gassur.

    Then, while changing his muscle pose one after another, Gassur, approaches here.


    “Isn’t that terrible, Seiichi-kun! Why won’t you recommend our Adventurer’s Guild!? We are always, seeking for companions. Yes, a companion who unleashes his desires ……!”

    “I didn’t recommend it because that was the problem, though!?”

    “Oh my, Seiichi-sama. When you became our companions, you weren’t afraid of anything, you know? Why do you refuse desu?”

    “Isn’t that very scary!? Eris-san!?”


    When I involuntarily tsukkomi’d, Eris-san rejected our path of retreat, catching us in between of Gassur! Before we knew it!?

    Despite of my surprise, Gassur poses as if to show off his body.


    “From the looks of it, you guys want an ID? Then it’s the Adventurers Guild! There’s nothing else! Isn’t it!?”

    “We,we’re going on an another place ――――”

    “No way, you refuse!? You can get this meat, body, and beauty, you see!?”

    “What was that!?”



    What, I can’t believe it! Muu-chan is showing interest in Gassur’s muscles!?

    When we opened our eyes to the unexpected development, Gassur laughs delightfully.


    “Oh, you seem to have a promise! How is it? This muscle! Do you want it?”

    “I, I want it! I want that body ……!”

    “Hahahahaha! Then there can be no other than the Adventurer’s Guild for you! Now, with you guys, let’s get this glorious body together! Muscles won’t betray you!”

    “As I said, we are heading in another place ――――“

    “Umu, I’ll register ja!”



    She said that she’ll register! Look!? The faces of Gassur and the others! In particular, Eris-san has an expression that she can’t miss the prey of S, fully exposing it!


    “Now, now, everyone, it’s this way! Ohohohohohohoh!”


    Losing to the pressure of Eris-san who laughed loudly, and Gassur who showed off his muscles, Morigami-san and her company were taken to the Adventurer’s Guild.


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