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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 200

    The future of Yamato Muu and Her Company

    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    Yamato-sama who regained her heart by my 【Synchronization】 skill, grabbed the clothes of the two as if she wasn’t willing to be separated with Morigami-san and the other, grasping it tightly.

    To such current state of Yamato-sama, the two of them who knew that Yamato-sama has sealed her heart, were bewildered.


    “Uh,uhmm…… Muu-sama?”

    “No matter what anyone said, I don’t want to be separated from the two of you!”

    “E,even if you say so ……”

    “…… Why is Muu-sama’s heart suddenly…… Muu-sama’s heart should have been contained by Muu-sama’s own power …… No, it should have surely become 『Nothing』. Why is that ……”

    “Ah…… that is, it seems to be my fault, or rather than saying so, my body’s fault ……”


    Due to my body’s action, which was completely unexpected, Yamato-sama’s vanished heart was revived without permission.

    Then, Tsukikage-san opened her eyes to such words of mine, and was immediately convinced.


    “……I see. If Seiichi-dono is involved, it’s useless to think about it.”



    You’re saying that much!? ……No, it might be useless! I don’t understand it either!


    “No …… I’m not surprised at what Seiichi, who is the omniscient and omnipotent, has done right now, but ……”

    “Tho,those words are still unbelievable to me…… bu,but, if it’s Seiichi-san then my mind is completely persuaded. He also solved my eyes of petrification…… ”

    “As expected of Milord! By the way, why don’t we start eating now? I, am close to my limit, but……”

    “…… Glutton, that’s awfully inappropriate.”

    “Tha,that’s not the case!?”


    Due to Yamato-sama’s unusual phenomenon, it was quite difficult to have a meal, so finally, Rurune had run out of her numbness and proposed that, but ……I know that Rurune has been staring at the food all the time, just outside of our conversation, right?

    Considering the previous Rurune, it’s amazing that she can endure it this far.

    Then, when Yamato-sama suddenly turned her gaze on me, she firmly fixed her eyes on me.


    “……I see, it was your power huh.”


    “The story that caused my heart to be revived. As Tsukikage said I, should have completely changed my mind to 『Nothing』. But…… by your power, my heart which should have become 『Nothing』 was awakened.”

    “S,so that’s what happened. Uhhm…… was it a bother?”


    Yamato-sama was able to convey her feelings to the two of them as a result, but considering the reason why Yamato-sama sealed her heart, I don’t know if what my body did without permission was really a good thing for Yamato-sama.

    That’s because Yamato-sama saw a lot of ugly things on humans, and was hurt, so she closed her heart.

    Was it also, good to awaken her heart under the same being betrayed circumstances……


    “……You are kind”


    “Please feel at ease. I’m already fine. Rather than that …… I can’t even spin words as it is, but I don’t want to be separated from the two of them. With the two people who always protected me, and cherished me from the bottom of their hearts …… I don’t want to be separated from them. Therefore, for awakening my heart, and being able to assemble words with emotions again, I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart. I sincerely thank you.”


    Yamato-sama said that, with a refreshing smile.

    When I was relieved to see such situation for the time being, Al opens her mouth.


    “Ah…… sorry for ruining the good atmosphere, but what are you going to do now? I understand that Yamato-sama’s heart has been liberated, but It seems that the dismissal of the two has been decided ……”

    “……However, Yamato-sama is the greatest one, right? Then, isn’t it okay for Yamato-sama to say a word to them?”


    When Olga-chan tilts her neck, Morigami-san shakes her head.


    “That’s difficult degozaru……. Muu-sama has confined her heart, and existed as a symbol of this country. That’s why, Muu-sama has almost no political power from the beginning degozaru. In addition……”

    “…… That Muu-sama’s heart was revived, I wonder if they really can believe that……”


    ……Certainly, even those who said that the two of them will be dismissed, know only that Yamato-sama has confined her heart, so they have no idea that her heart has been liberated, and even if they look at Yamato-sama who has regained her emotions in this way, it’ll be fake for them! On the contrary, it’ll be lèse-majesté, so I think that it’s going to be a more troublesome thing……

    Just as I’m fed up of imagining such scenes, Yamato-sama told me quietly.


    “If so, I wish for you to take these two people out to a foreign country.”


    “Even if I’m no longer here, this country will function well. I can tell from the fact that it has continued until my heart was thus revived. Certainly, this time there was an invasion by a foreign enemy from the vast sky of the universe, far from this star, but…… that again was a special case which passed. That’s why, we’ll leave this country, and consider living in another place. Therefore, I’d like to request you guys who originally came from an outside country to take us.”

    “I, I see……”

    “Do you know any good place?”

    “I haven’t gone around the region so much, so I can’t say a perfect thing, but……”


    At least there is no doubt that the Kingdom of Welmburg, where we live now, is a very good country. King Ranze is also very reliable.

    It’s just…… that place is the stronghold of perverts! Is it okay!? For me to recommend such a place!

    The story is also different from that of Zeanos and the others’ time!? Yamato-sama is a princess-sama, or like a queen-sama, right?

    No, I’m seriously worried about whether I can take them to such a place anymore!

    Then Saria and Rurune had facial expressions that seemed to wonder, but Al and Olga-chan, and Zora, like me, remembered the members of the guild headquarters, and held their heads. I know, right!!!


    “Please! Anywhere is fine. Take us out to the outside world!”


    I who was asked with a too serious expression ――――.




    “―――― So with that said, is it okay for them to live in this country?”

    “You were doing something outrageous without hesitation!?”


    After being requested by Yamato-sama, for the meantime, to Ranze-san, the king of Welmburg Kingdom, I decided to ask him directly if it’s okay to bring Yamato-sama and the others here.

    Normally, it wouldn’t be so easy to have an audience or talk to the king of a country, but at the time I brought Zeanos and his company, and Ranze-san was cursed, and then I liberated him, I was given a lot of preferential treatment.

    …… No, but before the attack of the previous monsters occurred, Gassur and Eris-san were also walking normally in the castle, is it easier than I could imagine to enter this castle of Ranze-san? Is the security okay?

    Well, there are strong people like Louise and Florio-san inside the castle, so it may be safe to some extent, but …… Olga-chan, who sneaked through the guard’s net and attacked Ranze-san, was probably a ridiculously excellent assassin.

    That aside, when I finished explaining the particulars of the matter lightly, Ranze-san displayed a reaction like before, but …… that’s true. As we went to the port town for a day off, what kind of situation is it that we got caught up in the chaos of a country from there.

    Ranze-san while being surprised at my words, sighs and smiles bitterly.


    “Well, I was helped by those blown away conditions of yours. For the mean time, I understand. If they follow the formal procedure properly, there’s no particular problem for them to reside here. As expected, it’s difficult for me to arrange everything, but if you asked your parents or Sir Zeanos, wouldn’t they be helpful?”

    “Thank you very much!”


    I’m surprised every time by the depth of this country’s bosom, but I really appreciate it. Because of that, the perverts were acting as they please though!

    After requesting him for Yamato-sama and the others, I suddenly noticed something.


    “That reminds me, I didn’t see Louise and her comrades when I came here, but what happened?”

    “Ah …… actually, the figures of the Kaizer Empire’s soldiers have been confirmed near the border of this country. According to the soldier who reported it, they seemed to be looking for something, but …… in any case, I don’t want to be invaded by the Kaizer Empire. As a tentative insurance, I sent Louise and the others.”

    “So that’s it……”

    “Well, it’s not a story that you need to think, this is what I and the ministers will have to think about. You should bring the princess-sama of the Eastern country, and do the procedure.”



    I got the consent from Ranze-san, and when I returned to the Eastern country again with Transition magic, after eating the meal that was prepared, I returned to Terviel again with Yamato-sama and her company, and Saria and the others.

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