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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 199


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    From the matter with Morigami-san, I was immediately guided to the open-air bath for customers as it is, and I was able to thoroughly enjoy it.

    The open-air bath at the Shadow Village in which I entered was also good, but the open-air bath of this castle was also very enjoyable with a different taste. The biggest thing is that there were no intruders! These days, isn’t my rate of being seen naked too high?

    Putting that aside, when I return to the room from the bath, an extravagant meal was prepared there.

    At the time in the Shadow Village, I couldn’t eat because of the assailants after all. I was wondering about what kind of food they have, but …… as I expected, there were dishes similar to Japanese food on earth.

    “Wah! It looks delicious!”

    “Ah. I know that we’ve eaten sashimi in Southern, but the others were dishes which I’ve never seen or so.”

    “……Nn. Smells good.”

    “I,it’s amazing. There is a dish that uses a whole fish-san ……”

    Saria and the others are impressed by the dishes lined up in front of them, and each of them took their seats with anticipations.

    Rurune doesn’t look as greedy as before, but her face has become very sloppy. No, I understand how you feel, but don’t spill your drool, you know?

    When we were impressed by the food in front of us, Morigami-san and Tsukikage-san came late.

    “Everyone, is all present degozaru. Once again, for solving our problem this time …… we’re very grateful.”

    As soon as Morigami-san and Tsukikage-san took their seats, they bowed their heads to us.

    “Such …… Please raise your heads! We too, were glad that it ended safely.”

    “Yes yes! Yamato-sama was safe, and we were able to regain this castle in this manner, so I’m glad it worked out peacefully!”

    “…… Well, the inside of the castle got messed up, though.”

    As Al said, the castle itself has been remodeled into a mismatched futuristic style, but other than that, it was as before, so it was good.

    However, it seems that this is not the case for Morigami-san and Tsukikage-san, and both of them have a lonely expression on their faces somewhere.

    “…… With my and my comrade’s power alone, we were not able to protect Muu-sama degozaru. For me, who should be the sword of the Yamato family ……”

    “It’s the same for me who supports Muu-sama from the shadows. The Tsukikage family’s mission is to protect Muu-sama from the shadows. But …… we couldn’t do that with our own power. We can’t face Muu-sama……”

    “That’s …… the two of you have been protecting Yamato-sama for a long time, aren’t you!”

    “No, we can’t support Muu-sama in the true meaning degozaru.”


    When I didn’t understand the meaning of Morigami-san’s words, and just asked in return, Morigami-san continued.

    “As I have said before, Muu-sama has been betrayed by the people who lived in this country, and closed her heart. That’s why we had to continue, to support Muu-sama without ever betraying her again degozaru. ―――― But, reality was different. If we haven’t been at our wit’s end to those who have invaded this country, we would have never sent out comrades who will betray Muu-sama again degozaru……!”

    “We hate our own powerlessness. If, the people of this country had come together, and opposed those invaders…… we didn’t have to make Muu-sama, anymore sad.”


    To Morigami-san and the other who spoke so with a sad expression, we didn’t have a word to say.

    Then, Morigami-san opened her mouth, laughing sadly again.

    “Well, at any rate, Today, in addition to thanking Seiichi-dono and his friends, I’m here to say good-bye.”

    “Eh, goodbye?”

    “It was judged that we, were unable to protect Muu-sama, and I was released from the role of an escort. In addition, we’re going to be held accountable for endangering Muu-sama as a result.”

    “Huh!? What the hell is that!?”

    At the contents told by Morigami-san and the other, Al raised a surprised voice, and Olga-chan was bewildered.

    That’s right, isn’t it. Both Morigami-san and Tsukikage-san, while the great people of the eastern country betrayed them, continued to protect it at the risk of their lives. And yet…….

    “Who the hell? Said such things……”

    “With the invaders defeated, it was the Daimyos who have returned again.”


    I unintentionally leaked an unpleasant remark, but it can’t be helped.

    Because, people like those Daimyos have betrayed Yamato-sama, and had followed that Gyogyon, right?

    Well, because their lives are important for them, they might have fallen to the other party in order to survive. However, in the end, Yamato-sama was safe, and as soon as Gyogyon was defeated, they returned and dismissed the two person who fought desperately ……

    “Just a minute that’s, let’s go complain! Because it’s strange!? Even though you two worked hard……”

    “It’s certainly not like I didn’t think about it. However, as a matter of fact, without the help of Seiichi-dono and the others, we couldn’t protect Muu-sama. In other words, it can’t be helped if we were judged that we have no power as an escort.”

    “Bu,but although it was temporary, you don’t have to listen to the people who turned over to the other side, you know!? They are the ones, who must be pursued somehow……!”

    “…… It was as Seiichi-dono said, but this country needs them degozaru. This country has been established until now, because of various Daimyos who ruled each land degozaru. That’s why, we need their power to rebuild this country. In preparation for the invasion from the outside which was revealed this time, those Daimyos will go in a better direction to decide on long-term plans degozaru.”

    “We are after all just Muu-sama’s lance. We have no power in the political side. And, if they find that they can’t use that lance, it would only be natural that we’ll be thrown away.”


    What is, this unreasonable ending.

    Is this really all right.

    From a kid like me, maybe it’s just an argument based on emotion, but still, I’m not convinced by the treatment of Morigami-san and the others.

    However, since Morigami-san and her companion believe that their decision will move this country into the right direction in the future, they accepted that.

    When a heavy silence came between us, the Japanese sliding screen in the room suddenly opened.


    When I turned my gaze in that direction involuntarily, Yamato-sama was there standing alone.

    “Mu,Muu-sama, why are you here ―――― “

    It seems to have been unexpected to Morigami-san and her companion, and when she called out to her with surprise―――― Yamato-sama quietly shed tears.

    In the sudden situation, we open our eyes further.


    “Is there something wrong!?”

    Morigami-san and Tsukikage-san desperately talked to Yamato-sama, but Yamato-sama, who has sealed her heart, did not answer.

    However, Yamato-sama in her empty expression, sheds tears.

    And then, Muu-sama grabbed the sleeves of Morigami-san and Tsukikage-san, who were desperately trying to calm her down.

    It was as if, Yamato-sama was saying that she didn’t want to be separated from two of them.

    Even if they see Yamato-sama like this, it’s impossible to stop the dismissal of the two of them, isn’t it? After all, it is the decision of the great people in this country?

    Yamato-sama is a greater person than them, but Yamato-sama cannot speak because of her closed heart.

    I wonder if this mobilization of her will be put in order by a single chance.

    In response to Yamato-sama’s actions, the two of them had a mixed expression of various emotions, and they gently touched Yamato-sama’s hand.

    They wanted to be near Yamato-sama, but even so, because of the country, it seemed that they were trying to withdraw for the sake of Yamato-sama.

    “Muu-sama. We are ――――”

    『―――― Skill 【Synchronization】 has been activated. With this, we will synchronize with the surroundings. 』


    To the sudden brain announcement, when I give forth a sloppy voice without thinking about the surrounding atmosphere, a strange phenomenon came to Yamato-sama.



    “…… No …… No way…… I don’t like itttttt!”


    Yamato-sama, who was expressionless until earlier, exploded her emotions, and really started crying!

    “I don’t like it! I don’t want to be separated from you two! With you two…… I want to be with you foreverrrrrrrr!”

    “Mu,Muu-sama!? Yo,your heart is ……!”


    To the manifestation of her heart that should have been sealed, Morigami-san and her companion can’t keep up with the confusion.

    However, only Saria and the others were silently staring at me.


    『Synchronization is complete. The content of this time’s synchronization is, the surrounding’s 【heart】 as the main body, and Yamato-sama’s heart have been liberated. 』

    Yes, it’s my fault!

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