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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 198


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    Author’s note:

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    (TN: Confirmed: Morigami is a girl hahahaha, btw change to Morigami, since such name is more fitting for a girl, and I think I’ve made a minor mistake in it hehehehe, sorry about that)

    “…… No good, I’m lost.”

    Whereas the women need a little preparation, I don’t need any preparation, so I went to the bath first, but I forgot to ask where the bath was, so I was getting lost.

    Saria and the others wouldn’t know it’s location, and if I want to ask, it’s probably someone in this castle, but I don’t see anyone.

    “Or rather, where is this place?”

    When I was struggling at a place that was unexpectedly complicated more than I think, I gradually came into a space that makes you feel the history.

    “A’re? I wonder if this one hasn’t been subjected to Gyogyeong and his comrades’ hands.”

    It really has a structure that makes me feel that we’re in a Japanese castle, and I could imagine that a room with an atmosphere similar to this one was spread to other places.

    For the time being, as I head beyond such a space, I hear a very bath-like sound kapon.

    As I proceeded while relying on the sound, I arrived at a place that looked like a dressing room.

    “It seems like it’s this place.”

    As for its atmosphere, it’s like that of an old-fashioned inn…… It’s not gaudy, but it has a very nice feeling.

    Since this room makes me feel the Japanese atmosphere as I imagined, I can very much expect the bath, but if the bath was in such a lame space too, it would have been a very unusually crappy bath there as well.

    …… I’m telling this myself, but what is a crappy bath? Is it like hot water coming out of the butt of a fish-shaped stone statue? What should I do, on the contrary, I’m curious ……!

    Even though I finally found the long-awaited bath, I who was worrying endlessly in a strange place, by concentrating on the bath in front of me for the time being, decided to forget about that idea.

    For this reason, I didn’t notice it.

    That there was another person’s clothes there.

    And more than anything, there was no sign curtain hung up which separated the men and women ――――



    In front of me, there is the figure of Morigami-san with a stunned expression.

    Perhaps she was just about to get out of bath, Morigami-san is frozen as she looks at me while standing up.

    I didn’t even think there were any people here, so I opened my eyes for a moment, but suddenly, I unconsciously lowered my gaze.

    In there ――――



    Morigami-san crouches down in a fluster.

    Eh, wait. Wait a second! Mo,morigami-san …!

    I who was stunned, as soon as I returned to my senses, hurriedly turned my back on Morigami-san.

    “I,I,I,I,I,I,I’m sorryyyyyyyyyyy!?”

    And, demonstrating my physical ability that greatly soar in this place, as I changed clothes at the speed of light, I jumped out of the dressing room as it was.

    However, I have seen it solidly to an extent as it can be, that I held my head.

    “Ah…… it’s dangerous …… I’m completely guilty…… what should I do ……”

    Speaking of lucky pervert* in the bathroom, the important parts are usually hidden with hair or steam. (TN: lucky sukebe; type of fan service in anime where there’s accidental nudity, groping,)

    However, there was nothing blocking my eyes, and I could see it clearly ……!

    『That’s, of course, because the steam considered Seiichi-sama! 』

    “What kind of consideration is that!? Or rather, brain announcement, aren’t you appearing too casually these days!?” (TN: Brain announcement, nice one!)

    As I think that a voice has suddenly flowed into my brain, it was a really troublesome consideration! It’s really strange in the direction of considering my feelings!?

    To me who doesn’t stop to tsukkomi, the brain announcement answered with satisfaction.

    『Please rest assured. We have taken care to make the appearance of Seiichi-sama clearly visible to the other party. 』


    Where was the element to be relief!? Not only did I charge while a woman was taking a bath, but there’s no way my exposure habit would be a plus and relief, right!?

    No matter how I think about it, I’ll become a pervert like the guild headquarters’ top class!

    『By the way, for other existences beside Seiichi-sama, please be assured that we prevented for them to see with steam and other things at work. 』

    “Other existences!? Was anyone there other than me and Morigami-san!?”

    Awful, there were other people in such a social death resulting scene! No matter how I think about it, I can’t explain it away!?

    『Yes. Indeed, many eyes are still, taking a peek at Seiichi-sama’s figure.”

    “Where is my privacy ……!?”

    So many eyes are turned towards me!? Isn’t that more terrible than Gyogyon!?

    『It’s alright. Since they can only see Seiichi-sama’s endeavor beyond the dimensions, it’s acceptable. 』

    “For goodness’ sake, explain to me so that I can understand!”

    Recently, there are too many stories that are beyond the scope of my understanding, such as the dimension and the almighty, and I can’t keep up!



    As I was responding to all the words of the brain announcement, Morigami-san came out from the dressing room after changing clothes.

    Her appearance was in usual kimono, and Morigami-san dyes her cheeks red.

    In the appearance of such Morigami-san, I did a dogeza in a flowing manner.

    “I’m really sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!”

    “Se,Seiichi-dono!? I don’t mind it anymore, so please raise your face degozaru!”

    The kind Morigami-san saved me who was such an absolutely no-good person, and said so. Even though I entered without checking it, it’s bad no matter how I look at it, but this response…… I feel guilty and I’m about to fall down!

    However, no matter how much I intend to apologize, it’s also true that it’s bothersome for Morigami-san even if I continue to sit here. When I stood up unsteadily, I bowed my head many times.

    “I’m sorry…… I’m really sorry……”

    “N,no, it was my bad that I didn’t explain it properly degozaru…… but, that’s…… this is not the bathtub for guests, but it’s for the servants……”

    “Wa,was that so ……”

    Let’s check it properly before entering! Since it will be an irreparable matter!

    Feeling sorry and embarrassed towards Morigami-san, when it was getting awkward, Morigami-san suddenly muttered a little.

    “…… Seiichi-dono, won’t say anything degozaru”

    “Ha? Won’t say is it ……”

    What do you mean? I,is it my impression of what I’ve seen? If I say that, then I’m already in the ranks of a pervert! It’s too late, though! It’s a matter of feeling!

    To me who is too confused and thinking about stupid things, Morigami-san continued quietly.

    “That …… I am …… a woman degozaru?”

    “We,well…… yes”

    “It’s weird that such me wields a sword degozaru, right ……”



    I didn’t really understand what she wanted to say, and when I twisted my neck, Morigami-san looked at me with surprise.

    “I,isn’t it strange degozaru?”

    “Uhmm…… I’m sorry. I don’t really understand what you mean, but why is it strange that Morigami-san, a woman, wields a sword?”

    “Tha,that’s because I’m a woman, so ……”

    I wonder what, is this exquisitely disengaging feeling ……!

    Sorting this out a little, maybe Morigami-san …… Or rather, in the culture-like in the Eastern country, she would like to say that it is strange for a woman to wield a sword.

    In fact, I don’t know if that was the case in the old Japan, but as a person familiar with modern Japan full of subcultures, the combination of sword and woman seems to be rather popular, but……

    Well, even without such a story and the culture of this country, I quite can’t understand it.

    “Nn …… well, no matter who swings the sword, it’s dangerous, so …… Aside from the differences in physical characteristics, I don’t really understand why women shouldn’t wield a sword otherwise…… well, who holds it doesn’t change anything……”

    『In Seiichi-sama’s case, the result is the same no matter what kind of creature he was dealing with, let alone gender. They’ll just self-destruct』

    “I seriously don’t understand what that means ……”

    It’s just the terror that the opponent will self-destruct on their own and without needing to fight. Is that it? Rather than physically, it feels like they’re attacking me mentally, you know?

    “We,well, that’s why, I said that there is nothing particularly strange about it in my point ……”

    “…… Fufu. Indeed, that’s true degozaru. If it were against Seiichi-dono, I’ve come to think that my worries seem to be tiny.”

    “Ha,haa ……”

    I answered lightly, but it must have been very worrisome for her, and I somehow felt sorry for some reason, but ……

    But, for the first time ever, Morigami-san, seemed like she was laughing from the bottom of her heart.


    (TN: Caught up with the author again)

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