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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 197


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    In the darkness, Yutis the ≪Omnipresence≫ was walking while thinking.

    “The replenishment of lost strength is progressing slowly…… However, when it comes to the strength of a 『God』 class, it’s not so easy to get it. I planted the 『seeds』 for some of the remarkable ones, but well……”

    “―――― Mu? Is it not Yutis.”


    When Yutis, who was suddenly called out, raised his face, standing there was a man dressed in a jet-black robe, and blending into the darkness.

    Normally, he would be a suspicious man if seen, but Yutis knew the man’s identity.

    “≪Mirror Disaster(Kyou-hen) ≫-dono”

    “Stop that. Aren’t you the same God. I don’t want you to be so afraid.”

    “Is that so …… Then, Gempel-san. Long time no see. Rather than that, did you just come back?”

    “Ah. Thanks, I heard that the cult’s strength has declined significantly.”

    “……Yes, that’s right”

    Yutis to the man man ―――― he had a bitter look on Gempel’s words.

    “Beginning with Destra the ≪Extinction≫, Vitor the ≪Resonance≫ have also disappeared recently.”

    “What? Aside from Vitor, isn’t Destra just went out somewhere as usual?”

    “No …… the wave of that power of his has completely disappeared. Normally, I can move under them wherever they are, but ……”

    “That power didn’t work, eh.”


    Yutis distorts his face as if to say that it’s humiliating.

    Gempel tilts his head as he stares at such Yutis.

    “If that is so, why did they disappear? I suppose, they won’t imitate a stupid thing like going against the Demon God-sama. …… No, I don’t know about Destra, but at least Vitor is a servant who is faithful to the Demon God. And it’s unlikely that Destra will erase Vitor. Because the power of that guy and Vitor are not compatible. “

    “Yes. However, it would be possible to kill Vitor’s ability if it was Destra, but he has no reason to betray us suddenly. What I can think of is…… someone, has done it.”

    “That’s stupid.”

    Gempel laughed with his nose, when he heard Yutis’ guess.

    “That would be impossible. Who can kill them other than us Deities? Such a thing is possible only by the Demon God-sama. With the other Deities, we can turn the tables on Destra. Well, those deities are now drawn back into the 『Void』, and just going around the world.”

    “That impossible thing is happening.”

    Yutis stares straight at Gempel.

    With that serious expression, Gempel realizes that he is not joking, and makes a rugged expression.

    “…… Who have done that?”

    “I don’t know that.”

    “You don’t know?”

    “Yes. In addition to the Deities, many apostles have been defeated. Among them, the apostles such as Demiolos, who were captured by the Barbador Magic Academy, had lost the power of the Demon God-sama.”

    “What!? Is that true!?”

    “Yes. I also immediately activated my ability to find out the cause, but…… I couldn’t trace their memories. Even if I can trace it before they lose the power of the Demon God-sama, after that, I could only see the memory of their state that had already lost it. I also thought that I would move directly to that time using my ability, but that was not possible ……”

    “If you can’t trace it with the power of Lord……. then it’s troublesome.”

    The more he listens to Yutis, the more he can see that the current situation is in a pretty dangerous state.

    “What about this story to the Demon God-sama?”

    “…… I have told him. However, unlike us, Demon God-sama is perfectly flawless. What we fear, is a trivial thing for him to fear.”

    “Uumu…… For Demon God-sama, it’s not enough to be careful, but I wonder if we can say that too.”

    “Yes. It’s fine for me to move directly, but I have received another mission from Demon God-sama, and I also have to replenish my strength, so ……”

    “……Fumu. Then let me go.”


    Yutis opens his eyes involuntarily.

    “Are you sure? It’ll be helpful for me, but weren’t you playing on other star?”

    “Ah, I got tired of it, so I’ve destroyed it. It was really humorous at the end. It collapsed easily as I poke it a little with my power. Besides, it might be better to eliminate this anxiety here. We are not almighty, like the Demon God-sama. I’m not reluctant to move.”

    “Is that so…… I’m sorry, but can I ask you to do that?”

    “Ah, leave it to me. Instead, let me borrow you?”

    “Yes, feel free to do so.”

    After saying that much, Gempel disappears as if he melts into the darkness.

    After seeing him off, Yutis put on a serious expression.

    “…… I have to move more, too. That’s what I need to replenish our 『Deity』 class …… If it’s the one who controls the universe, isn’t it plenty enough?”

    Yutis turned his attention to the King of the universe that no longer exists. It was a little while before he knew about it. (TN: ……Dead by Seiichi’s slash)

    “…… I don’t know who it is, but I’ll knock whoever down at the bottom of my terror.”

    When he spilled that at the end, Yutis also melted into the darkness and disappeared.

    (TN: Brain Announcement: Just as planned)


    “―――― buekkosho!”

    When I was being guided by Morigami-san and the others to the castle, my nose suddenly became itchy, and I just grandly sneeze. What the? So sudden …… Is there anyone gossiping about me?

    Then, Saria looked into my face.

    “Seiichi, are you okay? Cold?”

    “Nn? No, I think it’s different, but ……”

    “Seiichi won’t catch a cold. All-knowing and all-powerful is his servant.”

    “Ah, that so.”

    “Don’t be convinced!?”

    That’s low! I’ll also catch a cold! …… Probably!

    …… wait, Ara? It feels like I haven’t had a cold or even an illness since I came to this world ……

    When I was astonished by the surprising fact, Olga-chan and the others looked inside the castle, and raised a voice of admiration.

    “…… Amazing. Being in a castle in this format, this is my first time.”

    “Yes! It has a different atmosphere from the Kingdom of Welmburg, but this is, this is majestic!”

    “……Nn. It fits well with the atmosphere of Mamorigami-san and his company. It feels like a foreign castle.”

    As Olga-chan and the others said, this castle we were invited to, looked like a five-storied pagoda combined with a Japanese castle on earth.

    But even on Earth, except for school trips, I didn’t have a chance to go see a Castle in Japan. It feels fresh for me too.

    However, what’s really deplorable is that……

    “…… But there are weird boards here and there. That’s strange”


    Yes, for some reason, despite being a Japanese-style castle, the interior was somewhat SF-tic, since there were many strange mechanical parts in it.

    “Somehow, the blue line is shining.”

    “No matter how you look at it, it’s due to Gyogon and those guys.”

    “Is that so. As I thought, it’s unfashionable!”

    Saria-san, what an innocent and cruel thing to say!

    Certainly, it doesn’t match the Japanese atmosphere too much, it’s out of fashion!

    Then, Morigami-san, who was leading us, opened his mouth sadly.

    “…… As Saria-dono and the others said, this place wasn’t originally like this degozaru. This was remodeled by those invaders in their own convenience degozaru.”

    “It’s a really troublesome story. There is no particular problem if I and Mamorigami-dono can live here, but Mu-sama living in a place like this …… we’ll try our best to get this back to normal soon.”

    When we were walking in such a mismatched atmosphere, we were guided to one room.

    “Then, I want Seiichi-dono and his friends to relax here degozaru. I’m going to prepare a meal right away degozaru, but if you want to take a bath, you can go there first.”

    “Oh really? Thank you very much”

    “Then, we will dress ourselves and get ready ……”

    When he said that, Mamorigami-san and his company went out of the room.

    “Now then …… what will we do? Should we take a bath before eating?”

    “Yeah! Shouldn’t we be clean?”

    I’m not particularly dirty or tired, but as long as we’re invited in this manner, it would be less rude to groom yourself and then head out for a meal.

    For that reason, we head to the bath of this castle immediately.

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