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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 196


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    (TN: Again?)

    Gyogyon had done the most incomprehensible way of doing things so far.

    When we gazed at his figure in sort of amazement, Announcement speaks out to us.

    『How was that? We, so that Seiichi-sama can have fun even a little, did our best as much as possible! 』

    “Ah, yes.”

    『In which case again, when Seiichi-sama encounters something, let’s sublimate it into entertainment in the same manner! 』

    “Ah, yes.”

    『Then, with this――――』

    Just, to me who responds with the same words, the announcement disappeared with high tension, from the start to finish.


    My head can’t keep up with it for a while, so let’s sort it out once.

    As I can infer from the words of the announcement, as he thought that he has taken the power from Yamato-sama, apparently, it was just a misunderstanding of Gyogyon, and he didn’t actually take anything away.

    This and that, is it the almighty which the announcement said? I wonder what He did.

    What’s more, all of those, were for entertainment.

    For the present, I have various things to say.

    First of all, I don’t understand the meaning that the omniscience and omnipotent will do everything, and the motive and the end of Gyogyon’s conquest of the universe were blown away.

    But, what I want to say more than that is……

    “He didn’t transform after all ……”

    “That’s what you’re thinking!?”

    Al quickly tsukkomi’d to my mutter.

    No, with that kind-ish of atmosphere showing out from him, I thought there would be a dramatic change, but opening the lid, nothing has changed.

    Even so, Gyogyon insisted that he had changed …….

    “What do I say…… he was pitiful.”

    “……Nn. I feel a little sympathy.”

    “I don’t have any room to sympathize with the guy who was an enemy, and made a lot of noise, but…… I agree with Olga on this. As he thought that everything has been planned, when Seiichi came, his plan was crushed from the ground up, and it becoming as one spectacle…… what kind of nightmare is it?”

    “I have no words to return!”

    Al is right. Rather, I think I’m more of a villain than the enemy.

    After all, what he planned with all his might, was just consumed as entertainment!

    Saria, who was listening to our conversation, tilted her head with a mystified expression.

    “But if he was trying to do something bad, then isn’t that unavoidable? He was going to do something unpleasant, and it isn’t odd to think that it won’t happen to ourselves.”

    Saying that, Saria’s words seemed to have some truth in it.

    Even if I’m a nightmare for the enemy, if the plan on that side became successful, it would be a nightmare for us. Which is which.

    “One thing I can say is, don’t do anything wrong, I guess.”

    “……Nn. Be a good boy.”

    I stroked Olga-chan’s head who’s full of determination.

    “―― No, I don’t understand what’s going on degozaru!?”

    As I think that something would come together beautifully, Morigami-san, who had been solidified until now, approached closer at me.

    “Why in the world, Seiichi-dono degozaru!? As I think that I suddenly heard a voice in my mind, the enemy got killed without me knowing…… I don’t understand why degozaru!”

    “It’s okay, you know.”


    “I don’t even understand.”

    “I can’t help but think about that too degozaru!?”

    Even if he said so, I can’t do anything about it. I don’t know what I don’t know!

    “Ah, rather than that, Yamato-sama ……”


    Yamato-sama, who I was able to bring back safely, was handed over to Tsukikage-san, but for some reason, her facial look is still expressionless ――――

    “…… Foreign country, is scary.”


    She was insanely scared. Such…… even though there are no humans who are so harmless towards human beings and animals ……

    As I was about to get lost, I suddenly heard what I was thinking.

    “So, what are you going to do now? For the time being, it seems that the enemies including Gyogyon have been killed, but……”

    Yes, after receiving the announcement’s words, Gyogyon became short of air as it was, but in fact, it’s not only Gyogyon, but also the spaceships crashed outside Eikyo one after another.

    In other words, the current Eikyo is the same as before, except for the mysterious tower that was built.

    …… It seems that, that mysterious tower was also meant to take power from Yamato-sama in the end, but even that was treated as a stage equipment. Horrible.

    “Tha,that’s right degozaru…… First of all, we can check the state of the people in Eikyo, and do a lot of things degozaru. And whatever the circumstances, we were helped by Seiichi and his companions degozaru. In order to repay our gratitude, by all means in Eikyo, we’d like for you to have fun.”

    Then, Saria and the others, who were listening to Morigami-san’s words shone their eyes.

    “Can I get in at a hot spring again!?”

    “Of course degozaru”

    “The,then, is it fine to expect a meal!?”

    “By all means, come receive and know the taste of Eikyo ……”

    It seems that, we can enjoy the Eastern country that could not be satisfied with just being in Shadow Village.

    We were delighted with that, and were taken by Mamorigami-san and the others, and were invited to a particularly large castle.


    “―――― A little more!”

    When Seiichi and his companions were in a state of mess in the Eastern country, Kannazuki Karen and her company were running through the forest near the border of the Welmburg Kingdom.

    “Haa …… haa …… my, my feet ……!”

    “Hino-kun! If you stop here, those guys will catch up ……!”

    Karen and the others who slipped out from the group of heroes, in addition, Agnos and the other F-class members who have joined them, to escape from the hands of the Kaizer Empire, were heading to the Kingdom of Welmburg, which is not yet ruled by the Kaizer Empire.

    However, on the way, they were chased by the soldiers of the Kaizer Empire who finally realized that Karen and the others had runaway.

    Even now, the angry voices of the Kaizer Empire’s soldiers can be heard from behind Karen and the others.

    “Chase! Never let them escape! The 『Sword Knight』 and 『Black Holy Knight』 maybe near the border of the Kingdom of Welmburg! If they cross the border, we may have to fight them. Even though we’re strong, it’s troublesome to deal with them. No, never let them cross the border!”

    All the soldiers of the Kaizer Empire, have become 『Transcendents』, and they had no bit of intention of losing to Louise, the 『Sword Knight』, which is the strongest force of the Kingdom of Welmburg, and the 『Black Holy Knight』.

    However, since they have not yet ruled the Welmburg Kingdom, they have the perception that it’s troublesome to fight head-on, and they hated the possibility of taking damage.

    However, there was one advantage for the soldiers of the Kaizer Empire.

    That is, this place is no 『mountain』.

    The 『mountain』 of the Welmburg Kingdom is not literally an ordinary mountain.

    The mountain, which exists on the part of the border of the Welmburg Kingdom, was the back of a certain monster.

    Usually, the monster does not move, and is always sleeping.

    However, when a large number of people pass over the 『mountain』, the monster wakes up and begins to move.

    Therefore, the soldiers of the Kaizer Empire do not usually attack from that direction.

    However, because the destination where Karen and the others had escaped was in the direction without the 『mountain』, the soldiers of the Kaizer Empire were also able to pursue them with all their might.

    “Ka, Kannazuki-senpai! How much more!?”

    “I don’t know. But we have no choice but to keep running……!”

    When I was running with my face distorted by Shouta’s words, we finally pass through the forest.

    However, beyond that ―――― was an empty grassland.


    By running in the forest until now, they were able to sow a chase from the Kaizer Empire.

    However, it was only a matter of time before they will be caught in a large grassland without any obstacles.

    “Oioi, seriously…… we just have to come here.”

    “…… This can’t be helped. No one here, is familiar with the geography of the Kingdom of Welmburg.”

    Blued answers Agnos’ words bitterly.

    When all of them were dumbfounded by the sight in front of them, the soldiers of the Kaizer Empire caught up.

    “Geez …… it took a lot of trouble …… I don’t know how you’ve done it, but it appears that the bracelet seems to be having no effect? Once again, I’ll rob away you guys’ freedom with even more powerful items. Also, could you tell me everything about how you escaped from the effects of the bracelet?”


    Although Karen and her company are heroes, their level is not particularly high, and their fighting ability is low.

    And more than 100 『Transcendents』 soldiers of the Kaiser Empire were gathered in that place.

    There is no longer, a possibility that Karen and the others can escape.

    Then, Nojima Yuka, a friend of Seto Airi, who have escaped with Karen and the others, raised her voice.

    “Listen silently, and we say whatever you want you said…… it was you bastards who deceived us! What’s wrong with us running away! That idiocacy, and depriving us of our freedom again? Are you kidding me!”

    “Ooh, exactly what this girl said. Why does it feel like you bastards have already won? Hah!?”

    Following Yuka’s words, Agnos also opened his mouth, and he immediately provoke the soldiers of the Kaizer Empire.

    To the two people who had bad mouths, Blued held his head involuntarily.

    “This is not the case to have a dispute right now……”

    “Well, it can’t be helped soyu~. Rather, there is also the last useless resistance-like face, isn’t it?”

    “…… Airi, I don’t think you should say that, even if you were thinking about it.”

    “I don’t care, but I, really want him to excuse us for wanting to run further. “

    Airi and Yuka’s friends, Noa Shimizu and Rumi Amagawa, also spoke out.

    It was Yuka’s group who has a strong assertiveness in that place, and while the others have anxious facial expressions, they were being wary which showed in each of their reactions.

    However, regardless of the soldiers of the Kaizer Empire, they look at them coldly.

    “No matter what you say, you guys are done here. ―――― Come now, take them.”

    The soldiers of the Kaizer Empire tried to restrain Karen and the others while closing their distance.

    When everyone in that place were thinking that ―――― It was at that moment when they thought so.


    Suddenly, one of the soldiers heard a buzzing sound in his ear.

    At first, the soldier tried to ignore it because it might have been just from his mind, but the sound gradually became stronger, and the other soldiers began to feel something wrong, so he noticed that it was not from his mind alone.

    “Wha,what the!? What is that sound!?”

    “This sound is……”

    The sound was also heard by the ears of Karen and the others, and everyone looks around.

    Then, when the soldier noticed that the mysterious sound came from overhead, he looked up at the sky ―――― and uttered speechless.


    The moment everyone was lured and looked up at the sky, something huge was coming down ――――.


    A tremendous shock wave strikes Karen and the others.

    Involuntarily, as they protect their faces with their arms, they brace their legs desperately, and eventually, the great gale and the tremor of ground settled.

    “Wha,what the heck is ……”

    Karen raised her face up timidly, and looked at her surroundings, and …… what the, there was a huge rift between the soldiers of the Kaizer Empire and Karen and the others.

    It was as if, it was cut by a single slash …… such a cross section was made.

    Like Karen, the Kaizer Empire soldiers shouted when they noticed the sight in front of them.

    “Wha,what the hell was thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?”

    They were hunting down Karen and the others with great effort, but the soldiers cannot take action in front of the huge rift that is made up to tear the two groups apart.

    At any rate, the width of the rift is tremendous, it’s easy to say that it’s 500 meters, and in addition, the end of the rift cannot be seen even if they try to bypass it further.

    What and how, can such a rift be made suddenly.

    Moreover, if you look only at its momentum, it has the momentum which can cut a star in a single stroke. Rather, it was a miracle that this planet was not cut.

    However, Karen could not afford to miss this situation.

    “Hah! Everyone, let’s run away from this place now!”

    “O,oh!? I don’t know what was that, but you’re right!”

    “Wha!? O,oi, wait! Waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!”

    The soldiers of the Kaizer Empire desperately raise their voices, and try to chase after Karen and the others, but they have no way to cross the other side of the rift.

    After the soldiers of the Kaizer Empire scream with abomination, Karen and the others were able to escape safely.

    And then, as they keep running in the meadows for a while, they discovered another group of soldiers in armor right in front of them.

    “The,they are……”

    “No way, they pinched us!?”

    Karen and the others became tense about another Kaizer Empire soldiers.

    However, looking at the flag raised by the soldier in front of them, Blued unfasten his tension.

    “No, it’s different. That is…… the flag of the Welmburg Kingdom.”

    『! 』

    Finally, in front of the group of soldiers in the country they’re aiming, Karen and the others were about to pass out.

    However, right now, they don’t know if the group in front of them is really from the Welmburg Kingdom, and they couldn’t take that off their mind easily.

    In front of Karen and the others who are in such a state of their very limit, a woman on behalf of the soldiers ―――― Louise appeared in front.

    “You were ……certainly, the students of Shishou, right?”

    Louise had a mystified look on her face, but with the appearance of a familiar face, Karen and her company were now able to escape in the truest sense of the word.

    ―――― And that huge rift which helped them with that, no one knows that it was a blow that a 『Human』 shot when he fought the Night King, at the end of the universe somewhere far away.


    (TN: I’ll be limiting my posting of Chapter starting next week. Still not enough to upgrade a plan.)

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