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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 195


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    (TN: Catching up with the author again?)


    Saria’s screaming voice.

    While gulping her breath, Al stares at me with an unbelievable expression.

    Both Olga-chan and Zora, have opened their eyes in despair.

    And at the center of it, soak in pleasure, Gyogyon with a wicked smile on his face ――――.



    Gyogyon was, staring at me, with his eyes dotted.

    Looking closely, the eyes of Saria and the others were also in dots.

    “Wha,what’s going on degozaru?”

    Then, as if to represent the feelings of all of them, Mamorigami-san muttered in a confused manner.

    ≪Tha,that’s stupid! Why!? Why haven’t you disappeared! Why can you stay calm!?≫

    “No, rather, what did you do?”

    Saria and the others were looking at me with a sorrowful expression, but to be honest, I didn’t know why they were so worried.

    Because, I have no idea what he’s done to me.

    “What did he do you said…… You, the tentacles of rock that you have created, a mass of unreasonableness, it has been returned to just soil, you know!? You’ll usually become wary!?”

    “A mass of unreasonableness!?”

    I unintentionally tsukkomi’d towards Al’s words, but I see, that’s what they meant.

    Apparently, my rock tentacles didn’t work, and it seems that Gyogyon in front of us looked even more monstrous than me to Al and the others. Well, I’m sure that I’m the only one who can make an incomprehensible attack like the rock tentacles.

    Wait a minute. With that cognizance, isn’t that where you usually say that I’m a monster? Is that okay?

    When I was thinking about such a thing, releasing his hand from my head, Gyogyon stared at his hand while being stunned.

    ≪Impossible …… It’s impossible! I certainly got the power of 『Muyuu』! This power is like that of God! With this power, I should be almighty! It can’t be defended ……≫

    『―――― You bastard, you can’t do anything to Seiichi-sama, you know? 』

    Suddenly, the voice of brain announcement echoed.

    It sounded so natural that I thought it was speaking to my brain as usual, but it seems that it’s different.

    “Wha,what the!? What is that voice!?”

    “Ama-zing! It feels like it’s echoing directly in my head!”


    What, the voice of the usual brain announcement, it seems that it’s heard not only by me, but also by everyone in this place. What does it mean?

    Such a question came to my mind, but what shocked me more than that was Gyogyon, who was being called out by it.

    ≪Wha,what, who, where are you, to make such me foolish! Show yourself!≫

    『When you can’t even see my figure, your extent is known. 』


    Uhmm, Announcement-san? I’ve never seen your form either, though? Do you have a figure?

    As the situation becomes more and more chaotic as to where to start to tsukkomi, Gyogyon screamed.

    ≪Do,don’t make fun of me! With the power of 『Muyuu』 in my hands, the 『Existence』 called the 『Limit』 that should exist should become 『Nothing』! In other words, I can evolve infinitely! With that power――――≫



    Since a voice that was more indifferent than expected returned, Gyogyon had a confused expression on his face.

    It’s exactly the same with us, and If what Gyogyon is saying is true, then he has become a ridiculous existence.

    I have evolved by eating the 『Fruit of Evolution』, but I don’t know if I can evolve infinitely like Gyogyon.

    However, the announcement continued with the same tone.

    『Infinite, nothing, finite, everything can be comprehended by Seiichi-sama』

    I’m not Rome, you know? (TN: From the idiom ‘All roads lead to Rome.’, which means everything leads towards Seiichi, which is Rome)

    『The Infinity, finiteness, void, death, everything you talk about, it’s under the control of Seiichi-sama. No, we ourselves serve him without permission. If Seiichi-sama decides that he doesn’t need it, such kind of thing will disappear. 』

    Wait, wait, wait!

    I don’t understand what that means!?

    If what the announcement says is true, if I deny death, no one will die!? It’s not the uproar when I went to the netherworld, anymore!

    Since when did I become such a monster!?

    …… Perhaps, from a while ago.

    『And, you frivolously said that you’ve evolved, but…… do you understand its roots? 』


    『The world far and wide…… The omniverse, the dimensions, anything and everything in your concept is with Seiichi-sama! Abilities, powers, characteristics, concepts, authorities such as adaptation, learning, imitation, growth, and evolution that exist there …… In all the beings that hold them, Seiichi-sama is the root, and due to Seiichi-sama’s compassion, the omniverse people were only allowed to use their abilities. To you attaining it, you’re below draff』

    ≪Wha…… wha……!≫

    No, root, you said!

    I’m still a teenager!? I haven’t lived since long ago!

    In the first place, he’s talking about human beings, right!?

    No one had been able to keep up with the content of the messy story any longer, except for Gyogyon and the announcement. Even for me, who seems to be a person concerned-ish, they’re talking nonsense.

    Then, Gyogyon, who is able to talk with the announcement on an equal footing, shouted while staring at the sky.

    ≪Tha,that’s why I’m saying this! From the inferior creatures there, if I evolve……≫

    『That’s pointless. You have only evolved, and all that has evolved will be the power of Seiichi-sama. 』



    “Why are you surprised!?”

    Because it’s the first time I’ve heard of it!

    Despite of me who keeps being confused, the announcement continued coldly.

    『Did you get it? No matter how much trash-like power you get in evolution, your difference with Seiichi-sama will not be filled. No, there is no difference from the beginning. After robbing you of your evolved power, Seiichi-sama will evolve. That’s not all. Even now, as you consume Seiichi-sama’s precious time, various beings continue to evolve, grow, and adapt in other dimensions and omniverses. And Seiichi-sama will evolve as much as they do. Moreover, all the power of the evolved existences will be that of Seiichi-sama. Well, due to Seiichi-sama’s compassion, the unrelated existence continues to grow as it is, but …… if don’t, it will weaken and only Seiichi-sama will continue to grow stronger. That’s it 』

    Wait. Such ability, I don’t know that.

    What’s more, other dimensions? You said that I was also getting power from other people!?

    ≪We,well then …… is he no longer omniscience and omnipotent……! ≫

    『He’s not the same as such a thing』

    “Such a thing!?”

    Omniscience and omnipotent is such a thing you said, what!? I’m, not any longer that!?

    It seems that we have the same thoughts, Gyogyon also screams with his face red.

    ≪You bastard, how much do you want to ridicule me ……! All-knowing and all-powerful, is everything I want! My dream! As long as I have it, I can reign as the only supreme God! That’s……≫

    『It’s an extremely small scale dream. After all, such as omniscience and omnipotence, it’s only a slave of Seiichi-sama. 』

    “Seiichi, you ……”

    “Don’t look at me like that!?”

    Don’t understand! I don’t understand it! Was there such a slave!? I don’t need it!?

    That excessively too much for me guy!

    What’s more, you’ve said that that all-knowing and all-powerful is my slave, but I don’t know anything about it, though!?

    Then, the announcement changed from its attitude towards Gyogyon, and it spoke to me with a gentle voice.

    『You don’t have to worry about anything, Seiichi-sama. As a matter of course, Seiichi-sama can do anything, and all those miscellaneous matters of yours will be handled by us …… What Seiichi-sama wants to do, everything, will be completed or help by us. There is no necessity, or opportunity for you to use force. Omniscience and omnipotence will do it for you. 』

    That’s scary!

    It’s no longer at the level of worship!?

    First of all, what is that omniscience and omnipotence doing without permission!? Who are you talking about!?

    In the first place such an existence, why can it live in one world as an individual!

    『That’s of course, because we know that Seiichi-sama greatly desired such a thing. For us, we would like to avoid a situation, where Seiichi-sama would wield a sword by himself, but Seiichi-sama himself seems to want to move on his own, and …… we only want Seiichi-sama to live in good health and happiness, so we’re just helping him to go that. We will never do something that Seiichi-sama doesn’t like. 』

    That’s a frightening manner of treatment!

    That is, it’s just the horror that everything ended without me knowing what’s going on!?

    If that’s the case, then it’s normal for me to want to move with my own hands. No, I can no longer trust my normality.

    『At any rate, no matter how much you struggle, or whatever power you have, your defeat will not change. You should go back to space quietly. 』

    Aside from us who were completely left behind, the announcement concluded so.

    Then, Gyogyon, who couldn’t bear it at last, released his power.

    ≪This me―――― don’t make me stupiddddddddddddddddddddd! ≫


    A large number of tentacles, have grown from Gyogyon’s body! Wait, that feels gross!?

    Until now, the tentacles grew only from Gyogyon’s back, but now, the tentacles grow from Gyogyon’s face, hands, and exactly from his whole body, and from the tip of the tentacles, he attacks us while shooting laser randomly.

    What’s more, the spaceship-like existence that stood still above Eikyo, started moving towards us!

    “Oi, Seiichi, what did you do!? That voice who spoke to my head, are you related with that guy!?”

    “There were a lot of somewhat difficult stories to tell.”

    “……Nn. I don’t understand at all.”

    That’s fine, Olga-chan. I don’t understand either.

    I’m just thinking about such a thing as if to escape, but Gyogyon’s rampage did not stop, and when the spaceships like gun barrels also appeared one after another, something that seems to be energy accumulates in it.

    “Wha!? At this rate, Eikyo will be!”

    “Rather than that, we have to do something about Mu-sama ……!”

    As Morigami-san says, we have to collect Yamato-sama who is still floating in the air.

    Since it seems that Tsukikage-san and Mamorigami-san cannot recover Yamato-sama in the air, for the time being, I jumped lightly from the spot.

    “Se, Seiichi-donooooo!?”

    As I came to the spot where Yamato-sama was in an instant, I touch the sphere that envelops Yamato-sama as it is.

    This, is a hindrance.

    The moment I thought so, the sphere shattered in an instant.

    ……Yup. I felt like I understood a little of what the announcement meant.

    Holding the liberated Yamato-sama, I try to get down to the ground, but when Gyogyon noticed it, he moved to stop me.

    ≪You’re escaping huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!≫

    The tentacles that grew from Gyogyon gradually became intertwined, eventually becoming a bundle, and the energy that was compressed to the limit accumulates at the tip of it.

    And, that was released aiming towards me.

    However ――――

    “Err, I’m already good with such ……”

    When my true intentions leaked, the energy that was heading towards me withered as if to say 『 Ah, yes』, and it dissipated before it reached me.

    ≪Wha,what’s going on!? I have, 『Muyuu』 in my hands, so I should be the ruler of the whole universe! Why is that!?≫

    『For one thing, you are misunderstanding』

    ≪Eh? ≫

    Gyogyon, who couldn’t hide his agitation because of what seemed to be his special move ended without any resistance, in response to the announcement voice that was heard again, uttered a dumb voice.

    『From the existence that Seiichi-sama cares about, do you really think that you’ve taken her power away? 』

    ≪No……no way……!?≫

    『The figure of you that is so proud to have taken the power after receiving our direction, it was really humorous, you know? 』 (TN: So it was all the ploy of this announcement huh)

    ≪Ah …… Aaah ……!≫

    Gyogyon, who screamed on the spot, gradually lost the momentum of his voice, and at the end, like the mysterious creatures, and the four heavenly kings of the universe, he became oxygen deficient, and collapsed as it was.


    “Eh, What is with this?”

    “““That’s mine / our lines!”””

    Everyone tsukkomi’d me.

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