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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 194


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


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    “The owner of that, who is it degozaru?”

    When I was tsukkomi’d by Al, Mamorigami-san turns his sharp gaze towards the alien in the air.

    Then, the alien opened his mouth while looking down at us.

    ≪I am the king of the Gyouo Star,  Gyogyon, who will become the new great emperor of the universe. Inferior creatures ―――― aren’t that smart, are they? ≫


    The alien in the air ―――― at the moment when Gyogyon guy said that, Mamorigami-san, Tsukikage-san, and Gonbei-san kneeled on the spot as if they were being crushed by gravity or something.

    “Ma, Mamorigami-san!?”

    “Se,Seiichi-dono and his companions…… you feel nothing, de,degozaru……. Hah……!?”


    “That’s stupid ……”

    Mamorigami-san and Tsukikage-san stare at us with an astonished expression, while still looking in pain.

    Even if I saw them with such a face, it’s actually nothing, and it seems that Saria and the others don’t feel anything in particular.

    Then, Gyogyon who noticed such a state of us, raises an unpleasant voice.

    ≪Nn? With the standing of inferior organisms, are you going to resist my words? ―― You deserve death. Die≫

    “―――― Seiichi!”

    At that moment, countless tentacles from Gyogyon’s back grew. and assaulted me!

    “Uwaah, disgusting!”

    When I was avoiding the tentacles while my true thoughts leaking, Rurune makes her eyes shine.

    “Milord! That, looks like a squid or octopus’ leg, right!?”

    “I really don’t see that!?”

    “Can I eat it!?”

    “You’ll break your stomach!?”

    No, it looks like a fish, and when it comes to tentacles, I can only think of squid, octopus, and jellyfish, but when I look at the alien in front of me, they come to mind.

    However, the tentacles that are attacking were still annoying, and we decided to cut off all the tentacles for the time being.

    “Raaaaaaaaaaaahhh! Wait, it’s strangely elastic and hard to cut……!”

    “Ei! ―――― Al! If you hit it, it will burst open and fly!”

    “It’s only for Saria, though!?”

    “…… Nn. Al-oneechan’s right. But if we use the power of Zora-oneechan, we can just break it.”

    “Certainly…… Zola, can you go?”

    “Ye,yes! Please leave it to me!”

    When the tentacles are petrified one after another by the power of Zora’s eyes, Al vigorously destroys them.

    When he saw how we were doing, Gyogyon frowned at us more and more unpleasantly.

    ≪…… You destroyed my noble arm huh. What an irreverence! Don’t think that you’re going to die easily, you know?≫

    At that moment, when an additional tentacle grows from Gyogyon’s back, unlike from the fish-shaped beam emitted by the four heavenly kings, a flash of light like laser was emitted from the tip of his tentacle, and attacked us.

    “No, that’s, it seems like you’ll die easily if you were hit with that!?”

    “Don’t just tsukkomi, you fight too!”

    When I was screaming while avoiding Gyogyon’s attack, Al got angry with me. I’ll reflect.

    “If that’s tentacle, then I ……!”

    “…… Will you grow tentacles too?”

    “I can’t grow that!?”

    Al-san, why are you keeping such an eye full of suspicions at me?

    I don’t know if it’s an octopus or a squid, but there’s some things that a human can’t become ――――


    “……It won’t grow, right?”

    『Want to grow it? 』

    “Don’t grow it!?”

    As I was suddenly thinking that the announcement in my brain is speaking, what am I listening to?

    Since the announcement in my brain is strange, in how it read my mind! Don’t guess it further!

    …… Perhaps, the result of its guess connected to the usual ridiculous state of mine?

    A’re, do I actually unconsciously want it?

    No way, I can’t believe it within myself ……!

    ≪A little bit …… you damn inferior creatures. Die quickly≫

    When I was thinking about my unconsciousness, Gyogyon’s attack becomes even more intense.

    That’s right, I’m not going to grow tentacles from my body, but I can use tentacles too!

    “Land-san, will you please!”

    “You, really don’t feel the tension!?”

    This is just my personality, that’s why.

    When I call out to the ground, at that moment, the ground swelled one after another, and eventually, it transformed into a myriad of rock tentacles.


    Gyogyon was surprised at that sight, but it was too early to be surprised.

    When the rock tentacles head toward the tentacles of Gyogyon, it entangled, squeezed and pulled everything of it out.


    “Oh! That’s amazing, Seiichi!”

    “……Seems painful”

    When Saria made a visor with her hand, she made a voice that sounded impressed when she saw Gyogyon in pain. It seems that it has strong stimulus for Olga-chan, but it feels strange that a beautiful girl like Saria is watching this scene without any resistance. Well, she’s originally a gorilla.

    Gyogyon, whose tentacles were all pulled out by my rock tentacles, when he was in pain, it seemed that the mysterious pressure that was attacking Mamorigami-san and the others disappeared, and they stood up unsteadily.

    “Are you okay?”

    “I,I’m saved degozaru……”

    “…… I was caught by that tentacle, too …… I still don’t understand it ……”

    “Tsukikage-san, don’t worry. There is no one who can understand Seiichi.”

    “That’s not true!?”

    I don’t think there is a boy as simple and clear as I am!

    “Well, it’s fine. That…… Man? That’s, our true enemy! That’s right, Gonbei-dono!”

    “A,ah. That person, Gyogyon, the who is in control of the current Eikyo.”

    “If so, that makes the story fast. If we defeat him, Eikyo will be back again……!”

    “Tsukikage-dono, about Muu-sama ――――”

    ≪――――That’s right, it’s 『Muyuu』! ≫

    “!? Mu, Muu-sama!”

    Suddenly, when Gyogyon holds his hand toward Yamato-sama, Yamato-sama, who was carried by Tsukikage-san, was covered with a translucent sphere and came to the front.

    “Wha!? This!”

    Immediately, Tsukikage-san and Morigami-san attacked to destroy the sphere, but for some reason, it doesn’t even have a single scratch.

    ≪Gahahahaha! It’s useless! You guys were all done when you came into this city! ≫


    Yamato-sama, who was wrapped in sphere, heads straight towards Gyogyon, and Gyogyon receives her by hand.

    ≪Did you think that I didn’t do anything in this city? I knew that you would eventually move to regain this city. That’s why I set up a mechanism to capture 『Muyuu』 in advance. I thought I’d kill you and then take her away, but…… because you resist more than expected. There was a need to prepare ≫

    Apparently, our movement was predicted.

    Well, even if Gonbei-san and the others didn’t come to the Shadow Village, there aren’t many options left for us, so there is no doubt that sooner or later we were going to move to take back this city.

    Gyogyon, accompanied with Yamato-sama, raises his altitude as it is, and shouted high.

    ≪Look in this place! This moment, when I become the new ruler of the universe! ≫

    The moment Gyogyon raised his hand in the sky, the mysterious tower that was built around Eikyo, began to shine!

    And when the radiance of such tower ends at the top, all at once to Gyogyon…… or rather, it was released to Yamato-sama next to him.

    Yamato-sama who received that light, overflowed with golden light as it was!

    ≪This is it! I’ve been waiting for this timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ≫

    With a smile of madness floating on him, Gyogyon turned his hand towards the golden light released by Yamato-sama, and all the light has moved to Gyogyon.


    The golden glow gradually increases, and at the end, it emits a particularly strong light.

    It was too dazzling that we closed our eyes in an instant, and when it’s felt that the light subsided, we opened our eyes.

    “Tha,that is……”

    I look at Gyogyon floating in the sky, and open my eyes.

    ≪Kukuku …… Kuhahahahahahahaha!≫

    It’s not just me who’s surprised, Saria and the others, and Morigami-san and his fellows were also staring at Gyogyon in a daze.

    Because ――――

    ≪How is it, this is my new form――――≫

    “What place did you change!?”

    ≪Eh? ≫

    In response to my cry, Gyogyon had a stupid look on his face.

    No, because……

    “Since there was an indication that it seemed he became dangerous, I was thinking that there would be a sudden change into his second and third forms like some last boss. But nothing has changed, right? Is it just in my mind?”

    “Why, isn’t it? There was such a flashy production. This way…… he had transformed! ……Maybe”

    “Eh? He looks the same to me.”

    “…… Nn. For me, he looks the same.”

    “I,I’m sorry. On me too……”

    “For a guy without tentacles, isn’t he worthless?”

    “That’s only Rurune’s impression.”

    But what has really changed with him? Isn’t he the same no matter how I look at him?

    “Do Mamorigami-san and the others know what has changed from him?”

    “N,no, for me …… that ……”

    ≪Shu,shut uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup! ≫

    When we were desperately looking for a strange point in Gyogyon, Gyogyon screamed out as if he couldn’t bear it.

    ≪A,as I was listening silently, you can say whatever you want ……! I, have become the ruler of the universe!?≫

    “No, even if you say something like that ……”

    ≪……It’s already good. Then, let me show you the power I have gained! ≫

    Gyogyon grinned as he held his hand over to Yamato-sama, who was floating next to him.

    ≪For starters, should I erase this obsolete lower creature? ≫

    “! Mu,Muu-sama!”

    Mamorigami-san produces an impatient voice, but Mamorigami-san and Tsukikage-san have no way to stop Gyogyon’s actions.

    I don’t know what has changed from him, but if something really had changed, and he became a ridiculous existence, then Yamato-sama would be in danger.

    I immediately used the rock tentacles, and asked them to rescue Yamato-sama.

    Then, Gyogyon took his eyes off of Yamato-sama, and annoyingly look at the rock tentacles.

    ≪Fuun. You will disturb me again. But that won’t work anymore ≫


    Without doing anything, Gyogyon simply turned his gaze to the tentacles of rock, and the rock tentacles that were moving to save Yamato-sama returned to mere soil and fell to the ground as it was!

    When I was surprised at the sight, Gyogyon says as if he was proud of having won.

    ≪I, have the power of 『Muyuu』. In other words, if I wish, all things, everything, will be nothing and will exist. There is no one who can go against me anymore≫

    “He, he really changed ……”

    “You’re still saying something like that!?”

    It was so.

    When I was receiving tsukkomi from Al, Gyogyon looks at me with his cheeks twitching somewhere.

    ≪I, it seems like I was being ridiculed in this place ……. that’s fine. Then, I’ll kill you first, not this lower creature! ≫

    “Wha!? Seiichi!”

    Then, I don’t know how Gyogyon did it, but when he appears behind me in an instant, he grabbed me by the head!

    Seeing that, Saria, who was nearby, hurriedly tried to reach out.

    ≪Now, with the stupidity in your own chest, you’ll be nothing ――――!≫


    Saria’s cry echoed in the surroundings.

    (TN: “Ability 『Muyuu』 has been acquired.”)

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