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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 193


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


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    We who decided to head to the enemy’s home base, immediately left the 『Shadow Village』.

    However, if we leave as it is, the village would be in a tough situation, so we tried to deal with the mysterious creatures that attacked us before we left, but……

    “Ki, Kisha …… sha ……”


    “…… (Bukubukubuku)”

    For some reason, the mysterious creatures were rolling in an oxygen-deficient state, like a fish launched on land, and we didn’t have to deal with them. Wha, what happened? The guy who attacked us first was normal …….

    Perhaps, the air acted this time following the sea and land? That’s stupid…… wait, I can’t say that!

    Well, actually, I didn’t do anything or ask for it, so it’s really a mystery. Well, it still doesn’t change that I’m lucky, so that’s fine.

    “Wha, what’s going on…… The monster we struggled with, just like this ……”

    Meanwhile, the leader guy who attacked us is also following us to guide us to the enemy’s home base, but seeing those figures of mysterious creatures, he seemed unconvinced.

    By the way, the name of this leader guy seems to be Gonbei-san.

    Then, Mamorigami-san, who was restraining Gonbei-san, opened his mouth while moving.

    “Gonbei-dono. What’s going on with Eikyou presently degozaru? Is it overflowing with such mysterious creatures degozaru?”

    “……That’s right. Moreover, it’s not only that. There are also a number of mechanical weapons that we don’t understand. And most frightening one of all…… is that man’s aide.”

    “Aide …… Is it something different from those mysterious creatures?”

    “Everything of it is different. First of all, it can understand our words, and speak it. What’s more, it can freely manipulate powerful mechanical weapons, and in addition, it can even use mysterious arts. How can we win against those people……”

    Gonbei-san seems to be more scared of this aide than to the mysterious creature, and his face was blue while being restrained by Mamorigami-san.

    Even so, that mysterious creature and aide…… is it the same marine product with a change in variety? Is it such, an eminence fish? Will it be yellowtail at the end?

    Anyway that’s, they remembered that his aide spoke our words, but…… that mysterious creature didn’t even activate the 『All Language Comprehension』 skill. 『Advanced appraisal』 didn’t work on it either, what’s going on? In the first place, is it a creature of this star?

    No way, I don’t think that that mysterious creature is stronger than the Evil god that Rurune picked up from somewhere and ate …… The mystery is only increasing.

    “It’s about time we tightened our mind! Eikyo is just around the corner!”

    For a while, when we were moving in the woods, which I couldn’t very much call a road, Tsukikage-san suddenly said so.

    The reason for us moving in the forest like this, is to hide from those mysterious creatures.

    And when we finally get out of the woods, our destination, Eikyo, was certainly there.

    ―――― But in a way that no one can predict.

    “Wha, what degozaru, is that ……!”

    A stunned Mamorigami-san muttered that.

    However, no one, including Gonbei-san, could answer that question.


    “What is, that iron box……!”

    Just as Tsukikage-san said, the Eikyo which jumped into our eyes, although it is a city which has prospered more than the Shadow Village, there are iron boxes above the city …… a lot of things floating which look like the so-called spaceships.

    What’s more, there are towers in the city with a mysterious shape, that are unthinkable in this era, and there are many bluish-white lines running through it.

    It’s not just one.

    It was built in a way that surrounded the city at equal intervals.

    That tower is too sci-fi-esque, so it’s too mismatched with the samurai and the townscapes that make you feel the atmosphere of old Japan.

    “Ma, Mamorigami-san. Is that building, originally built there?”

    With some confirmation, when I asked that, Mamorigami-san shakes his head while being stunned.

    “I,it’s not degozaru. That thing, I’ve never seen that degozaru ……!”

    “…… Don’t only advance in the direction of a somewhat suspicious odor. You’re not talking about invasion from another continent or of that level, is it? No matter how you look at it, it’s from a different world, or a different civilization at that level.”

    As Al said, everything that feels like from various science fiction spreading in Eikyo, I didn’t think it came on this planet.

    Then, does that mysterious creature means that it was an existence from the cosmos?

    I can’t say anything because I haven’t seen the other continents, but if they have enough power to build such a building, it’s strange that I haven’t come to this continent until now.

    “…… For the meantime, let’s go and enter Eikyo degozaru. It’s hard to believe something I don’t actually see.”

    Mamorigami-san is right, so through something like a secret passage that Mamorigami-san and the others used to escape from Eikyo, we were able to enter Eikyo safely.

    Then, while hiding ourselves, we look around, but as I thought, those mysterious creatures that are coming and going, and human figures, cannot be confirmed.

    Above all, the towers that aren’t fit for this era and things that look like spaceships are real, I have learned that as we approach.

    “Gonbei-dono. That iron box …..?”

    “…… Ah. That’s, a battleship. Even though we were desperately trying to build an iron ship and float it in the sea, but the enemy owns such an iron ship that floats in the sky, you know? How do you confront such an opponent!”

    ≪―――― Thank you for that, now then, just die. ≫

    『! 』

    Suddenly, we heard a voice that seemed to be from a machine, from above our heads.

    As I turn my gaze towards that voice, there was a mysterious creature like a fish that has attacked in the air.

    However, there is a distinct difference from the mysterious creatures we’ve seen so far.

    Until now, it was mysterious creatures that had exposed its instincts, or attacked without a piece of reason, but the existence in front of us had the intelligence to throw words at us.

    What’s more, he was also wearing something that looks like a SciFi-esque silver armor.

    In front of a mysterious creature different from the previous one, Gonbei-san turned his face blue, and began to tremble.

    “A,ah…… yo,you are……!”

    ≪It’s not just me≫

    『! 』

    Then, three additional mysterious creatures dressed in the same manner emerged? They have appeared in addition to him once more.

    Such four of them? The mysterious creatures, look down on us.

    ≪This is why I don’t like creatures of the stars that was delayed with their civilization. They can’t even fulfill one of our Lord’s command ≫

    ≪Well, don’t say that. Their original structure is different. It is cruel to ask lower living things for the same thing as us≫

    ≪In addition, it seems that they’ve also brought in the main subject, right?≫

    The mysterious creatures keep talking in front of us, who are being completely left behind.

    Hence, I’ll just ask.

    “Uhmm…… suddenly attacking us, in the end, who are you guys?”

    ≪Fun. To open your mouth without our permission…… Normally, I would’ve taken your life immediately, but it’ll be the reward for bringing the subject, let us tell you≫

    ≪We are the 【Four Heavenly Kings of the Universe】! The ones who serves Gyogyon-sama, the new ruler of the universe! ≫

    “The name is lamer than I expected!?”

    There seems to be no doubt that they’re a space-related existence in terms of words.

    But, more like that, a cool job title?

    As I was surprised with the name that doesn’t have any twists, the 【Four Heavenly Kings of the Universe】, where I involuntarily tsukkomi’d, I press my mouths in a hurry.

    “I’m sorry. I did not mean to offend you! In my perception, I just thought it was lame…… However, it’s a strange sensibility to say that we are inferior creatures……”

    “……Seiichi. That’s, not an excuse.”


    I made an excuse for my Tsukkomi in a hurry, but I returned my gaze again to the aliens with the words of Al who has a stunned appearance.

    Then, the aliens dye their faces bright red like an octopus.


    ≪To taunt us like this……!≫

    ≪I,it’s true that 【Gyouo Star】 is said to be lame, but……≫

    ≪You don’t have to say that clearly ……!≫

    They don’t know anything, but they’re not mentally damaged, right?

    ≪Be,because there are bastards like you who don’t understand our sense ……!≫

    ≪As long as Gyongyon-sama conquers the universe, he won’t be made a fool anymore !?≫

    ≪Enjoy your own last sense at best!≫

    “Eh, that’s your reason for conquering the universe!?”

    You’re lying!? You’re planning to conquer the universe just because of that bad sense!?

    Only that thought circuit of them is cutting edge!

    ≪Yes, it’s already good! Kill all of them except the subject there, and immediately dedicate it to Gyogyon-sama! ≫

    ≪Oh! ≫


    When the aliens turn their eyes to Muu- sama, they each stick their arms out from that spot.

    The aliens’ arms have something which looks like a tablet terminal, the moment they operated it, the arm part of the armor worn by the aliens suddenly changed.

    The change was tremendous, and they turned into a blue warrior fighting in a certain net world, with a gun barrel like figure from a certain space pirate.

    However, what is clearly different from the two is that the shape of the barrel is of a fish-like.

    ≪The technology of our 【Gyouo Star】 is packed, you should disappear before this 【Awesome Beam】! ≫

    “It’s lame after all!”

    No, it’s not just so much as lame!? Perhaps, you didn’t think about it a little more, creator!

    While my tsukkomi didn’t stop, the aliens all looked at us and fired their beam!


    The sound of the beam! It looks something fine from a little while ago, and they called themselves alien from stars, but aren’t they have too much reminiscent of fish? The beam sound also sounds like 『Buhb buhb buhb*』! (TN: Sounds of fish)

    It’s not surprising that it’s not gyogyogyo, but it’s terrible anyway. No, that person who always wore a fish hat on the earth would be happy for it.

    The beam is not a straight ray of light as I imagined, but a fish-shaped light, but it attacks like a school of fish.

    As I looked at such an unusual beam, Al pulled my arm.

    “Seiichi! This is not the time for you to observe it carefreely!”

    “Wha!? That’s right!? We don’t know what that beam is, so we have to run away for the time being ――――”

    It was the moment I said that.


    『……Eh? 』

    ≪……Nn? ≫

    When the school of light fish, suddenly began to struggle, their mouth repeatedly closed and opened, and eventually, their body collapsed and disappeared as particles of light.

    No matter how I look at it, it seems like that light fish has died due to air deficiency.


    Everyone just became silent in a scene that doesn’t make sense, but for some reason other than the aliens, all of them turned their eyes towards me. A,a’re?

    “…… If you came to this far, then you’ll know who’s the culprit.”

    “Se,Seiichi-dono is ridiculous I guess degozaru……”

    “Eh, it’s my fault!?”

    “Well, there’s no other one else, right?”

    “That’s foolish!?”

    Pointed out by Mamorigami-san and Tsukikage-san, Al calmly pointed at me. I, didn’t do anything!?

    ≪O,our beam!? You bastards, what the hell did you do! ≫

    ≪All of Gyouo’s technology collected into our beam, how can you break down our beam which can dispatch you at the elementary particle level if received!?≫

    “The effect is dangerous for its name!?”

    No, if it was such a dangerous beam, then I would be satisfied with the 『Awesome beam』 …… or not. It’s lame as I thought.

    ≪Yes, if this happens …… we’ll directly …… uh!? ≫

    The aliens tried to attack directly because the beam did not work, but suddenly, they held down their throat and started to suffer.

    ≪My, my breathe!≫

    ≪Wha,what’s happening …… ≫

    ≪Gyo, gyogyo!?≫

    ≪ …… (Pakupakupaku) ≫

    And at the end, perhaps they lost consciousness due to the lack of oxygen, they just fell from the air to the ground.


    “That’s why, don’t look at me!?”

    I’m surprised too!

    Even though they appeared with such a strong presence, I didn’t think that they will collapse due to lack of oxygen just like with the mysterious creature!

    A’re!? If the position of the person with Ki〇-sama is land and sea, the wind current position that helps from the shadow in the empty air would be―――― do you want to say that it’s air!?

    When the painful silence continues, and there is an indescribable air, Tsukikage-san sighed.

    “…… Haa, well it’s fine. Whatever the reason, the enemy executives have fallen. All that’s left, is to defeat the enemy general ――――”

    ≪―――― Such a thing will never come ≫

    『! 』

    Just like the four heavenly kings of the universe, I heard a voice from above, and when I turned my eyes to the sky again, with tentacles sprouting from its back, which looks like the same with the four heavenly kings of the universe, an alien who had been upgraded a little was there. There is no doubt that this guy is an alien, but he seems to be stronger than the four heavenly kings.

    In front of that figure, Tsukikage-san and her fellows swallowed their breath, and Saria and my companions also showed a state of alarm, but I just said what I thought.

    “There are no unexpected variations in their appearances, I guess……”

    “What are you saying in this situation!?”

    No, that’s perfectly, quite so.

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