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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 191


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    “Ah …… nice hot spring……”

    I immediately, came to the hot spring of the inn.

    Of course, this is the men’s bath, and as Mamorigami says, there’s no one here but me.

    “Now that you mention it, is Mamorigami-san a man? Or is he a woman?” (TN: Apparently, it’s still not sure)

    The quality and appearance of his voice is very neutral, so I don’t really understand.

    Well, gender is not actually a big problem huh.

    If I think about it normally, whether he’s a man or a woman, that’s the topic I should watch out for when talking about things, in order not to make the other person uncomfortable.

    If he was keeping it, there’s nothing wrong with it.

    “At any rate…… this feels good……”

    As I’ve heard, this hot spring appears to have a very good water quality, so my skin has become silky smooth since a while ago.

    Moreover, the scenery is good, and while the jacuzzi of the Black-tailed Gull Pavilion had a panoramic view of the sea, this was built with an overlook of the mountain.

    I don’t know what the climate is like in this country, but the trees in the mountains are lush, and very refreshing.

    This, if this place has a concept of seasons like autumn or winter, then in autumn, I can enter while watching the autumn leaves, and I can take a snow viewing bath in winter huh. Isn’t that the best!

    “I’m not still, old enough yet to drink, though, but I wonder if adults will enjoy drinking in this situation.”

    Well, it was said that sake is dangerous in the bath, so it seems that it has disappeared on Earth recently. Still, my yearning is there.

    “Let’s bring Dad and the others in here again. I want my dad and mom to enjoy this.”

    I was able to spend time with my dad and the others again in this other world. I want to do a filial piety* even a little. (TN: Can be defined as ‘an act of care toward one’s parents and elder family members’)

    I rarely had a chance to take a bath with my father, and it looks like it’s going to be fun to take a bath together.

    “Haa…… well, I don’t think it’s a situation where I can enjoy myself so much …….”

    It’s just right now, I’m in a slightly dangerous situation to genuinely enjoy this.

    By no means, Yamato-sama has the ability like that of straight God, so we have to deal with the guys who are aiming for her.

    “It’s totally, inelegant. It’s definitely better to take a bath, quietly, and leisurely like this.”

    When I heard Yamato-sama’s story, I thought that it wasn’t satisfactory to have the power like God.

    Of course, I think it’s great to be able to do anything, but the little happiness in front of me than such a thing…… Well, that happiness is complicated, but it’s in my own nature to cherish it. I’m originally a lower-class citizen.

    When I was enjoying the hot spring relaxedly, the hot spring on next door…… In other words, I heard a voice from the women’s hot spring.

    “Seiichi! Can you hear me?”

    “Nn? Saria?”

    “Yup! This hot spring, is very large! How about there?”

    “This is also wide. Moreover, it was reserved by myself!”

    “Is that so! Then, I’ll go there too!”

    “Oh, that’s good ―――― wait a minuteeeeeee! That’s not good! This place has no mixed bath!?”

    “Eeh? But, we couldn’t go in at the Black-tailed Gull Pavilion, and I want to join with you.”


    Wha,what a terrifying and fascinating proposal ……!

    However, this is not a mixed bath, but a place that’s properly divided into men and women.

    Whether it’s for a family bath or a mixed bath, it’s not good to break the rules of the inn.

    This man is a gentleman, and I have to clearly refuse it!

    “It’s no,nonononot gooddd, Sasasasasaria!”

    “You bastard, control yourself a little more!”

    “I’m sorry!?”

    Al’s sharp tsukkomi was audible from next door. No by this time, I’m embarrassed. Because I’m in a sensitive age.

    Somehow, when I managed to survive Saria’s fascinating proposal and enjoyed the bath by myself again, I heard very happy voices from next door.

    “Al! I’ll wash your back!”

    “Eh? No, I’m not really……”

    “It’s fine, it’s fine!”

    “Oi oi! Geez…… Then, I’ll wash Saria’s back later.”


    “…… Amazing.”

    “Nn? What’s wrong? Olga-chan”

    “…… Altria-oneechan’s breasts, are big.”

    “Where are you looking!?”

    “Bu,but, Altria-san’s breasts, are certainly big, aren’t they……”

    “Oh, surely! Al’s breasts are amazing!”

    “Wait …… Sa,Saria!? Why are you touching ……”

    “…… Saria-oneechan’s is also big. That’s nice.”

    “Is that so? Olga-chan’s will grow big too!”

    “…… Looking forward to it.”

    “Tha, that’s …… Nn! Tha,that’s why…… my, my breast, don’t rub it……!”

    “Eeh? It feels good, yeah.”

    “Ye,yeah then…… hey……. Stop……!”

    “Speaking of which, Rurune-san also has big breasts, doesn’t she.”

    “……Nn. Cheeky despite being a glutton.”

    “What!? What is good, with something like this”


    “Wha!? O, Olga! My breasts …… Nn!?”

    ―――― I, was floating in the hot spring with nosebleeds.

    Th,the stimulation is too strong ……!

    Aren’t they a little too defenseless!? The one next door to you, is me you know!? Perhaps, they’re not even conscious of me as the opposite sex!? Can I cry?

    “Hah!? I was about to involuntarily go to the underworld again ……”

    I somehow managed to regain my mind, and shake my head.

    “Wi,will I already ascend. It looks like it’s going to be overwhelming ……”

    In a different sense from the hot spring!

    While my body is burning in a different sense from the hot spring for some time, the moment I stood up to go back to my room, I suddenly felt a sign of a person.


    In an instant, is it Mamorigami-san? When I turn around thinking that …… there’s a mysterious group of people with demon masks on their face, wearing a full-body robe even though we’re in a hot spring for some reason.



    My eyes become dots, and we stare at each other.

    And then ――――

    “Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! Ecchiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”

    “This guy! Kill hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim!”

    As soon as I screamed, the mysterious group mercilessly attacked me!

    “Wait! This place is a hot spring, so! Take off your clothes!?”

    “I don’t understand what you mean …… Kill him quickly!”

    “So sudden, oi!”

    In this situation, I’m right, aren’t I? This is a hot spring, you know? Why are you wearing clothes.

    Even though my weapons and clothes are in the item box, I was too conscious of being in the hot spring, so I avoid the opponent’s attack while being naked, in a very idiotic state when viewed from the side.

    Then, Saria and the others in the hot spring next door called out.

    “Seiichi!? What’s wrong!?”

    “I, I’m being attacked by individuals who I don’t understand anything!”


    During such a conversation, the man who seemed to be the leader of the mysterious group clicks his tongue with an annoying feeling.

    “Kuh! Even though we found the village, and were able to sneak inside……! What are you waiting for! Kill him fast!”

    “That, that is …… our attacks don’t hit him enough that it feels unpleasant!”

    “Tedious talk is good! Thereupon, slice off that swaying superb article as it is provoking us!”


    Now that person, has told them to cut off my dick!? I’m definitely naked, so it’s shaking!

    Regardless of its reproductive conduct, don’t slice it because it is still used when excreting!?

    “Kuh! I, I can’t hit it!”

    “That’s provoking! Are you proud of that!?”

    “Are you implicitly making a fool of us!? Indeed, you’re out of our standard, but we too ……!”

    “Who are you, you bastard!?”

    Didn’t you come to kill me!? Why are you commenting my dick!

    I’m not proud of it, it’s your bad that you guys just attacked while I was only taking a bath!?

    “…… What a bold enemy …… While showing us that thing, which is out of our standard, and, at the same time being aimed at the weak point, are you saying that you’re confident that you can escape ……!”

    “I didn’t think thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!”

    It’s already scary, these guys!

    Perhaps, these people are the enemy pursuers that Mamorigami-san and Tsukikage-san were being wary of, but they gave me a lot of remarks that steadily made me feel insecure!?

    “However, I can’t stay like this……!”

    “Wha!? ―― Gaha!?”

    When I approach one of the nearest assailants, I lightly touch his belly. That is, it was as powerful as me stroking with feathers.

    However, that alone blew away the opponent in an amusing manner.

    “Thi,this guy!”

    “My bad, but I still want to enjoy the hot spring!”

    Starting with the first one, I take down the assailants rapidly.

    Of course, I’m trying on going easy as much as I can, but…… I wonder if I really am able to go easy on someone. They won’t die from the effect of the skill Avici hell though.

    Me to them one after another …… No, as I tear off and throw the assailants who are attacking my dick, and then cut them and defeat them with throwing momentum, at last, only the leader man remains.

    “You are the only one left, you know?”

    “Kuh…… to,to such a naked man ……!”

    “Because you guys attacked me in this place!?”

    It’s not my fault that I’m naked! No, if you tell me to get dressed, it’s until then, but this is a hot spring. I can’t imitate such a tactful thing. It’s simply the policy.

    Then, the leader faces down, and laughs quietly.

    “Kukuku…… No way, I never thought that you were such a powerful person …… it’s alright. If this is the case, let’s settle it with me and you.”

    “Ah, of cour ――――”

    “My sword, and your sword!” (TN: The sword is, you know what it is  (゜ω゜)=)

    “What’s with that storyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!”

    The leader looked at my dick, and got a knife in his hand …… or rather, dagger? He’s wielding it!

    This guy, is he really trying to settle this with his weapon and my dick!? Is he stupid!?

    “I caught you……”

    “Darn it!?”

    However, I who forgot to avoid the actions of the opponent, that was too stupid or too unexpected for me, have allowed the opponent’s attack.

    And finally, my opponent’s blade is on my dick …… the assailant’s dagger has arrived!

    “This assassin’s dagger game is…… I woooooooooooooooon!”

    “Noooooooooooooooooooo! Stooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop*!” (TN: Yamete! ( ͡• ͜ʖ ͡• ))

    I just raised a voice like a girl.

    However ――――




    The assassin’s dagger that touched my dick, literally shattered.

    At the same time, naturally, my dick is intact.

    The stunned man stares at the shattered weapon, in his own hands.

    And then, the leader man kneeled quietly.

    “It’s my loss…… just, my assassin dagger……”

    “Are you guys stupid!?”

    I don’t know what you’re talking about anymore. Weren’t you guys aiming for my life. No, they came to take my life(most important thing) as a man in a sense!

    Or rather, if I think about it well, why did a weapon that hated to attack me, hit me only in this situation!? Without joking, my dick hyun!?

    When I dealt with the soldiers of the Kaizer Empire, I was in a situation where it self-destructed without permission, but this time, I fought normally.

    As I twist my neck without knowing the difference, I heard the brain announcement.

    『Because this fight, was literally a battle that shows off your status as a man. As expected of Seiichi-sama. It’s splendid.』

    “Is this world stupid!?”

    It’s not splendid, you know! What? Are all the assailants like this? Is it okay? The mastermind person, isn’t he people you hired wrong?

    “A loss is a loss. Do whatever you want.”

    “Etto…… then, I’ll have you sleep a little.”


    It’s a lot of trouble anymore, and above all, there’s no guarantee that he won’t run away, so just in case, I fainted the leader man.

    While all the assailants were fainted, when I stood up stock still with a quite speechless expression, I noticed that the direction of the changing room became hectic.

    And then ――――

    “Seiichi! Are you alright!?”

    “Are you okay!? Seiichi!”


    Saria and Al, rushed inside with desperate looks ―――― while naked.


    We stare at each other silently.

    Saria looked blankly, but Al’s expression turned like she doesn’t know what was happening, with her gaze gradually going down ――――




    Finally, while keeping Al in sight, who dyed her face bright red, I floated up on the hot spring again while spurting out nosebleeds.

    (TN: Lucky Pervert Scene!? Nice!!)

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