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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 190


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    “Th,this is……!”

    After Seiichi and the others repelled the samurais’ attack, and headed straight to the Shadow Village, after a while, suspicious men appeared in the place.

    They were wearing a robe that covers their whole body, which is a little rare in this eastern country, and their clothes don’t have a Japanese feel.

    However, on the faces of the men, there were demon-like masks, which was very ominous.

    When the people of such mysterious group approach the fallen samurais, they check each of the bodies.

    “…… Captain. It looks like everyone is alive.”

    “However, all of them are badly injured, and it’s impossible for them to move immediately ……”

    “Wha, what happened ……”

    The man who was called the captain, wanted to hold his head while listening to the reports of his subordinates.

    “I’ve sent more capable people than ever before, because I can’t fail again…… That’s, this occurred even in this situation where the 【Heaven blade】 is no more! Those who are attached to the current Yamato family, I think it’s the lowly shinobi at most! How did she……!?”

    “Captain! One of the samurais has woken up!”

    “Tsu! Bring him to me now!”

    When the captain commanded that, a samurai carefully held by his men, was brought to the captain which was full of wounds on his full body.

    “What happened!? Explain!”

    When the captain asked the samurai, while suppressing his emotions as much as he can, the samurai manages to open his mouth, while enduring the pain.

    “First, first…… ly …… 【Heaven blade】 is alive ……”


    The captain couldn’t hide his agitation when he reported that Mamorigami of the Yamato family, the 【Heaven blade】, who he thought was completely dead, was alive.

    Mamorigami Yaiba, the current Head of the Mamorigami family who has protected the Yamato family for generations, was feared as the 【Heaven blade】 because of his ability.

    No one has measured his detailed strength, so they couldn’t say anything, but it was said that his ability was comparable to that of foreign S-class adventurers.

    They have thought that such 【Heaven blade】, got also defeated in front of a large number of people in the previous attack, and had died.

    For this reason, they kick their next assault.

    Yes, the captain and the others thought that, but……

    “Kuh …… It’s certainly painful that the 【Heaven blade】 was alive. However, you should have been even more skilled than the guys who first attacked 【Heaven blade】! Moreover, your number of people is more than doubled!? And yet, why!?”

    “That’s …… I, don’t really understand ……”

    “You don’t really understand!?”

    The samurai’s words surprised not only the captain, but also his subordinates who were listening.

    “You bastards, while possessing those skills, you say that you didn’t understand anything!”

    “Ah …… guh …… suddenly …… Water tentacles …… rock tentacles …… kicked us one after another ……”

    “What is that situation!?”

    I don’t understand what that means.

    It was an impression felt not only by the captain, but also by everyone who was there.

    There was no existence in this country who can manipulate incomprehensible things such as water tentacles and rock tentacles.

    Even if it was a new kind of monster, these samurais full of skills cannot be one-sidedly defeated.

    “We, we don’t even know …… we. just …… approached the target …… we’re not familiar …… it’s like there were people from foreign countries……”

    “What was that? Tell me more!”

    “No…… nothing in detail, by the time I saw those guys for a little …… We, with those tentacles …… were all being beaten……”


    Considering the situation, no matter how one looks at it, the foreigners are suspicious.

    However, when it comes to the possibility of them having done that before seeing the actual state, it was quite troublesome.

    “What was it…… Is it a youjutsu* or a senjutsu*? Or is it a ninjutsu*?” (TN: This is gonna be hard to explain, but if you watch Naruto-like anime, then it’s not. (。・)ノ゙ . youjutsu,power%2C%20whether%20inherent%20or%20learnedsenjutsu =,natural%20energy%20around%20a%20person.&text=A%20person%20who%20is%20able%20to%20use%20Senjutsu%20is%20called%20a%20Sennin Ninjutsu =

    “No, they’re handling something called magic, since they’re from a foreign country. It’s totally abhorrent ……!”

    The captain got furiously angry, that he’s about to throw up.

    However, unfortunately, this tragedy was not due to magic, it’s just the sea and land hearing Seiichi’s request, and there’ll never be an opportunity for them to know that it was a suppression by the forces of nature.

    The captain, who found out that he could not get any more information from the samurais, gives instructions immediately.

    “Some of you, bring back the samurais to this place! They have valuable strength even if it’s a little.”


    “The rest, come with me! Perhaps, they are in the hidden village of ninja …… they’re likely hiding in the 『Shadow Village』. Let’s look for the entrance of that.”

    『Hah! 』

    The mysterious men, with their next action having been decided, begin to move immediately.

    “Just wait…… next time for sure ……!”

    The captain ran through the forest, with such determination.


    “Here is, your room.”


    We were guided, to an awfully spacious and large room.

    By the way, Mamorigami-san, Tsukikage-san, and Yamato-sama are in different rooms, so we’re the only ones here.

    Our room has a good quality desk on tatami mats, a small teapot and teacup, hot drinking water, tea leaves, tea confectioneries, etc. placed inside, and even pot-like things are prepared. I wonder if that pot-like thing, is also a magic tool. Magic is amazing.

    The tea leaves on the desk, I wonder if its green tea with its ambience? Let’s check it later.

    In terms of space, it is wide enough for all of us to enter, and yet, it is breaming with peaceful luxury.

    When I was impressed by the tatami mats and cushions after a long time of absence, I remembered something.

    “Ah! Speaking of which, what should we do with our room at the Black-tailed Gull Pavilion?”

    “Ah …… Certainly, what you said is true.”

    “But we don’t have any luggage in particular, right?”

    “Well, I guess. That’s why, I think it’s okay for us to leave right away, but ……”

    “I will transfer and tell them.”

    “Is that so? My bad. Please.”

    I immediately transferred from the spot and headed for the Black-tailed Gull Pavilion in Southern, telling them that we’re checking out although it was a sudden story.

    “Hah…… Of course, there is no problem for you to leave, but it’s surprisingly sudden, isn’t it?”

    “I’m sorry. Various things happened ……”

    “No, no. As for us, we can’t thank our customers enough to have earned a lot of money, and for giving us Bahamut, which is said to be a legendary ingredient in the whole city. If you have the chance to come to this town again, please use this Black-tailed Gull Pavilion.”


    What a nice person. I can leave feeling very pleasant!

    The moment I thought so, the hotel employee-san continued as she remembered.

    “Ah, the next time you come here, I recommend you to be mindful about the time.”

    “Kuh! I’ll remember it!”

    I thought I could go back in a good mood!

    To remember those addicts at the last minute……!

    However, as the employee-san said, let’s think properly about the time when we come next time here. Such a battle, I don’t want to see it.

    When I returned to the Hidden Village inn with transfer magic while having a quite bitter thought, Al and the others were relaxing in the room.

    “Oh, welcome back. My bad…… wait, what’s wrong?”

    “…… No, just a little.”

    “I,is that so? Whatever. You can sit here too, you know. This tea thing, is tasty.”

    “It tastes strange, but it’s easy to drink!”

    I sit down as prompted by Al and the others, and when I drank the tea that Saria had serve me, as I thought, it tasted like green tea as expected.

    “Hoo …… it’s permeating, this taste ……”

    “You somehow aged at once, Seiichi”

    “Like an Ojii-chan!”

    It seems that my reaction was strange, and Saria and Al laughed at it.

    Then, Rurune, who was eating tea confectioneries, gently offered me a tea cake.

    “Milord. Please have this. It’s very delicious when you combine it with that drink.”

    “Oh, thanks.”

    Rurune, who has remarkably grown docile, was eating tea confectionery quietly without drinking and eating too much. No, it doesn’t change that she was still eating a fair amount of it, but it didn’t disappear in an instant like it used to, and she was tasting it with her own mouth properly.

    “…… Futon, fluffy.”

    “It’s amazing! It’s my first time going to bed which is drawn directly to the floor, but …… if it’s this, it will not hurt my body!”

    “……Nn. Moreover, I can sleep with everyone.”

    “I agree!”

    Zora and Olga-chan were very close to each other, and they were chatting in front of the futon that was prepared in the room. Certainly, the inn 『Tree of Peace』 in Terviel and the 『Black-trailed Gull Pavilion』 that I went to earlier have beds, and Japanese style futon is rare.

    When each of us is spending a relaxing time like that, suddenly, Al opened her mouth.

    “Even so, it’s strange.”


    “This is, a hidden village, right? Despite that, why is there such a splendid inn here?”

    “If you ask me that……”

    Since this is an inn, it should be a facility where people can stay, but due to the nature of this village, it’s very unlikely that outsiders will stay in this place.

    When I was tilting my head completely, I was suddenly called out.

    “That’s because, influential people used to come to this place in stealth degozaru.”

    “Ah, Mamorigami-san”

    When I turned my gaze towards the voice, Mamorigami-san stood at the entrance of our room.

    “In stealth you say…… is it that so?”

    “…… I can’t say it in a too loud voice degozaru, but it was a common sight for each of them to come to this place with their mistresses etc. However, influential people do not know the detailed location of this place degozaru. At any rate, they can’t enter this village without me and my companions’ guidance, so ……”

    “The guide is, you have a native of this village among your subordinates?”

    “Well, the shinobi of this Shadow Village have just served the Yamato family for generations degozaru. However, Muu-sama, the head of the Yamato family, is in such a state …… There was a little lack of money for the people of the village to live degozaru. Therefore, in the name of stripping money from other influential people, it couldn’t be helped but liberate this town degozaru. If you want to come into this place, a shinobi who is waiting at the main residence of the Yamato family …… In other words, by calling out to Tsukikage-dono, you’ll be able to come into this village in the form of a reservation degozaru. Of course, the password when making a reservation is also adequate.”

    “Sufficiently, there are quite a lot of things.”

    Adult circumstances, is that what its called…….

    It’s just, if this place won’t be found out, then there’s no problem now.

    Then Mamorigami-san claps his hand as he remembered.

    “Right right. I’m here because I had something to tell you degozaru.”


    “First of all, you can rest as you like while you’re here degozaru. The usual escort will be done by me and Tsukikage-dono.”

    “Etto, it’s fine …… rather than that, is that all right? We will also help, but ……”

    “It’s okay degozaru. Instead, if you see a suspicious person, I want you to please catch them degozaru. Of course, if you can afford to do so, then do that, but …… if it’s Seiichi-dono and his companions, I don’t have to worry about that degozaru.”

    “Well, it wouldn’t be a problem if Seiichi is there.”

    “…… I will do my best to live up to that trust.”

    I involuntarily gave a few words. I,I wonder it it’s okay. I don’t know where that trust comes from, but let’s just do our best.

    Mamorigami-san nods to my words.

    “Umu. And, another thing to get in touch with, is about this inn, but Seiichi-dono and his companions are treated the same as me degozaru, so basically, you can use all the facilities of this inn freely.”

    “Facilities ……Speaking of which, I didn’t ask what was in this place……”

    “Well, it’ll be time for dinner, and at that time, there will be an explanation from the landlady, but right now you can have a free hot spring, you know, degozaru?”

    “There’s a hot spring here!?”

    As I was just listening to Mamorigami-san’s words, I made a loud voice.

    However, Mamorigami-san nodded without worrying about how I look.

    “Of course degozaru. The hot spring of this inn has the best effect and scenery degozaru. Moreover, there are no other guests now…… In other words, it is unoccupied degozaru. That’s the only thing we should be happy about in the current situation.”


    I didn’t have many opportunities to go to hot springs on earth, but I originally like baths. That’s why, I’m happy about the hot spring.

    The jacuzzi at the Black-Tailed Gull Pavilion was also very nice with its scenery, but I’m also looking forward to the hot spring here.

    “That’s why, I have said to enjoy this village for a while degozaru. If there is anything else, please contact me from here degozaru. Then ……”

    When he said that, Mamorigami-san returned to his roo

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