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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 189


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    TN: Great news everyone!! Shinka no Mi is receiving an ANIME!!!
    ┏ (゜ω゜)=☞




    While following after Tsukikage-san, Yamato-sama keeps staring at me.

    By the way, Yamato-sama is being carried on Tsukikage-san’s back, so she went out of her way to turn around.




    “……Uhmm, what is it……?”


    No good, she’s a type that doesn’t talk!

    Well, no, according to Tsukikage-san and Mamorigami-san’s story, Yamato-sama seems to have sealed her heart as well as her power, so even if she can’t have a proper conversation, it can’t be helped.

    Anyway, why is she looking at me?

    ……Huh!? No way, do I smell!?

    “He, hey, Al. Do I, smell?”

    “What are you talking about all of a sudden?”

    “I’m a little unconfident of my body odor……”

    After all, I killed a superior monster with only my body odor!

    Then, Al lightly approached me, and sniffed me with her nose, but she shook her head.

    “You don’t particularly stink, you know? Oh, I like this smell.”


    “Yeah, Seiichi, you smell good, I believe.”

    “Sme, smell good ……”

    That’s, the first time I’ve been told by that.

    It’s just that, aside from Al, Saria have also……

    When Anakong was forcing me to marry her in the dungeon where Zora was, I thought that there was something which was emitting from my body that really attracted gorillas.

    For the time being, when I thought about the reason why she was looking at me, there was nothing I could think of except my smell, but ……

    “…… I wonder why she was looking at me so much. She was staring at me so much that I want to hide in a hole ……”

    “…… I’m not sure why Seiichi-dono suddenly cared about his smell degozaru, but for Muu-sama, Seiichi-dono had something that catches her eyes degozaru.”

    “Catches her eyes you said……”

    “I’m surprised, too degozaru. Muu-sama, has never been interested in anything as far as I know degozaru. Perhaps, after confining her heart, it has bever happened before. However, for some reason, she showed interest in Seiichi-dono …… She felt something about Seiichi-dono, which I don’t understand, degozaru. Even though her great power should’ve been sealed, such mystery isn’t overshadowed degozaru.”

    “I,is that so……”

    I wonder what such a God-like person, feels to an ordinary person like me. Is this the overflowing sense emitting out from small citizens? (TN: Ordinary?)

    Then, Saria opened her mouth with a smile.

    “Seiichi, is fun just to be with! Isn’t Yamato-sama also having fun?”


    “Yamato-sama’s heart is sealed, but Seiichi’s conduct is strange, so I think that it’s resurfacing with an irascible impulse that even that seal can’t suppressed it.”

    “Wait, am I that strange?”


    “Immediate answer!?”

    Furthermore, everyone!

    What’s going on with all of you nodding to Tsukikage-san, who didn’t participate in the conversation? It hasn’t been that long since we’ve met, right? Do you think that I, from such a person, is strange? Shut up, I’m aware of that, but!

    Look, my common sense-san and normalness-san. It’s okay for you to return soon, you know? You’re always welcome in my body.

    “…… We’ve arrived.”

    Apparently, we have arrived at our destination, after such a silly exchange.

    When I turned my gaze to the point that Tsukikage-san prompted, there was a town, with an atmosphere like a hidden village in the forest.

    I didn’t notice it because I was following behind Tsukikage-san without thinking about anything, but apparently, we passed on a special road.

    That’s because, while being surrounded by forest, there’s a steep cliff, and a number of houses were built in the form of protruding from the cliff, which can normally be seen from the distance.

    However, the fact that I didn’t notice the houses until I got closer, means that there must’ve been some special mechanism that was applied here somewhere.

    I don’t know what that mechanism is, but well, it’s fine. I understand that I have no use for it.



    “……Nn. It’s full of foreign country feelings.”

    “Ye,yes. It has different structures from the ones I saw in the royal capital and Southern!”

    Saria and the others were also impressed by the scenery spreading in front of them.

    As Zora says, the houses in this city were, made of wood, and not stone buildings like in the Kingdom of Welmburg and other countries. It really has the impression like the traditional Japan.

    As for the appearance of the houses, there are many row houses, and its figures looks familiar to me who is somewhat a Japanese person.

    Smoke was rising from all over the town, and I found it to be flourishing.

    Tsukikage-san tells us as we were impressed by such a town.

    “This is my hometown, the 『Shadow Village』. Originally, Yamato-sama should be in the Sun castle of 『Eikyo』 which is in the center of this country, but it has already been occupied by the enemy. And, now that the other Lords have fallen under his umbrella, there’s no place where Yamato-sama can escape.”

    “That’s why we, in this 『Shadow Village』, the hometown of Tsukikage-dono came here degozaru. Seiichi-dono and his friends felt it somehow degozaru, but you have to use a special method in order to get here. That’s why, I don’t think we’ll have to worry about the enemy’s pursuit for a while. This village itself, is also on Muu-sama’s side.”

    “I see……”

    I wonder if this is the so-called hidden village for ninjas.

    When I look around again, two men dressed like Japanese merchants during the Warring States(Sengoku) period, approached Tsukikage-san in a hurry.

    “Eiya! You’re safe!”

    “Ah. A fortunate matter. Yamato-sama is here, too.”

    “A shinobi’s* task, thanks for the hard work. It’s good for you to spend some time in this village. Including the information we have gathered, we’ll give it to Eiya.” (TN: A shinobi can be another word for ninja)

    “I’m grateful.”

    Apparently these two men are ninjas too, and after exchanging a few words with Tsukikage-san, they vanished as if blending into the city. Co,cool.

    When I look at the situation, Tsukikage-san turned around here.

    “I kept you waiting. Those who I met earlier were ninjas(shinobi) just like me …… Rather, everyone living in this village is a ninja(shinobi). And the people in this village are one of the forces that support Yamato-sama. You will spend some time at an inn this village can provide. It’s this way.”

    Following Tsukikage-san’s guidance, we proceeded through the city.

    “Welcome! Do you want some dumplings?”

    “This katana was that of a master craftsman ―――― “

    “It’s cheap, it’s cheap! It’s freshly caught fishes today!”

    All the voices from here and there are lively, and you can see that this village is flourishing.

    However, it’s also surprising that it’s so prosperous but not as much as the central city. How prosperous is the central?

    Or rather, I thought it was like a hidden village, and had a calmer and quieter image, but it was such a scene that betrays my imagination. Of course, in a good meaning.

    “We’re here”


    When I was moving while observing the state of the city with interest, a huge structure has jumped in front of us, which can be said to be a castle.

    However, there’s a curtain with the words 『Hot bath』 at the entrance, that indicates that it’s not a castle.

    In other words, the huge building in front of us is an inn.

    It has an image, that is very close to a certain God’s bathhouse. What should I do, that name is taken. (TN: Spirited Away)

    After crossing the bridge, which looks exactly red, we headed for the inn where we would stay, and a woman in a kimono came out of the inn.

    When the woman comes in front of us, she politely bows her head.

    “Welcome to our establishment. We have listened to the story. Now now, please relax inside. We will do our best to provide you with hospitality.”


    A stupid reply came out of my mouth, but I became in a hurry after realizing that.

    “Ri,right, money! In this place, what kind of money is being used?”

    Even if we stay in such an expensive inn, if we don’t have the money for it, then it’s just going to be the pun.

    Of course, we don’t have to worry about money in the Kingdom of Welmburg or on the same continent, but the culture here is so different, and considering the origin of this country, it’s not strange that even the money is newly created by the power of Yamato-sama.

    That’s why, in some situations, most of our money can be meaningless here.

    Tsukikage-san and Mamorigami-san looked at each other, in response to my worries.

    “What kind of money, you say……”

    “I do think that it’s the same as Seiichi-dono and his friends, degozaru?”

    “The same as us……”

    “A’re degozaru. When you defeat a monster, it drops money, right degozaru? We’re using it as it is.”

    “Ah, I’m glad ……”

    Mamorigami-san’s words made me feel relieved for the time being. Apparently, the money used in this country, is the same as gold coins and silver coins.

    But come to think about it, I wonder what happens for you to get money from a monster?

    Until then, it was said that it was the system built by the God who created this world, but …….

    I didn’t really care about it, but it’s a mysterious monetary system at how it consists of various wonders. I don’t honestly know if each country produces the same money as the money we can get from monsters.

    From the general public’s point of view, there’s no doubt that money that can be used is enough, but it’s mysterious and bothering when I think of it in this way. Well, I don’t have to worry about it right now, and the more I think about it, the more I feel like I’m going to get stuck in a point, so I believe it’s better not to think too deeply at it.

    When I was thinking about such a thing, the woman in the inn opens her mouth in a hurry.

    “Ah, rest assured, you won’t have to pay!”

    “Eh? Is that so?”

    “But of course! We cannot afford to receive money, for Yamato-sama’s welcome. Of course, the same goes for her companions. It’s our duty to serve the Yamato family, providing a respectful hospitality with Yamato-sama’s escorts…… please relax at this inn.”

    What a good treatment.

    We were treated by the sea and human beings today huh. Is it a trend?

    “What’s with the long exchanges here, by all means, please come inside. Of course, we have the best room available so …….”

    We entered into the inn, while following the woman at the inn who told us so.


    TN: To be honest, I didn’t expect that this’ll be getting an anime hahahah (~ ̄▽ ̄)~. I was actually very happy with this!!

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