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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 188


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    (TN: Sorry for the delay, there are so many things that was going on irl that I forgot (>︿<))

    “Seiichi-dono and his companions…… your abilities…… I recognize it……”

    “…… Yes.”

    We who caught Tsukikage-san without moving from the spot in the first few seconds.

    As a result, we were able to show our strength, but Tsukikage-san had an indescribable facial expression on the result that was too unreasonable, and Mamorigami-san is also confused.

    Rest assured. I’m confused too.

    Then, Al, who was eager to go looking for Tsukikage-san, sighed while being astonished.

    “Well ……. we were transported while being entertained by the sea, and it’s already too late now…… Seiichi.”


    “You don’t even have to use magic anymore.”


    If you ask me, then that’s right! It can’t be helped, right? If I ask them, then they will move!

    I don’t know how much magic I have right now, but at least it can’t be so easily depleted.

    Nevertheless, is it not better if I don’t have to use magic?

    Beside me who was grieving, Al continued in a quiet appearance.

    “Barbador Magic Academy, had a high opinion of your magic skills, and made you a teacher ……”

    “Stop! I don’t have any more spirit!”

    “Isn’t it good for you to be energetic like that?”

    This energy is just me in normal operation, so.

    I want to be bright even if it’s painful. This is important.

    When Al and I are having such a conversation, Tsukikage-san called out to Mamorigami-san with an indescribable expression.

    “…… Is there only such kind of monster in foreign countries?”

    “I, I don’t know…… Seiichi-dono and his companions are the first persons I met from a foreign country, so……”

    “I’m sorry, but this guy is an exception among the exceptions. No one can imitate Seiichi. Rest assured.”

    “Is that so degozaro?”

    “…… Well, if Altria-dono’s words are true, then that’s, more reassuring.”

    Saria smiles and tells Tsukikage-san, who seems to haven’t been able to organize her thoughts yet.

    “It’s okay! Seiichi can handle that one way or another!”

    “N, no, Saria. I’m happy with that trust, but I don’t know how far I can manage to handle it ……”

    “Be relieved. If you can’t handle it, it’ll be all over. “

    “That’s just!?”

    As expected, I don’t think that that will be the case, but …… there are so many things in the world that I can’t handle.

    “Well, whatever. So, what are we going to do now? the mastermind is, that’s …… he’s aiming for Yamato-sama, right?”


    When I said so, I turn my gaze at Yamato-sama, but Yamato-sama hasn’t changed since the beginning, she was staring at the void with a hollow expression.

    “Etto…… Mamorigami-san? Is Yamato-sama, always, like that ……”

    “….. I don’t understand what Seiichi-dono wants to say degozaru, but this is Yamato-sama’s usual appearance degozaru. No, I wonder if its correct to say that it just happened ……”


    When I tilt my head to Mamorigami-san’s words, Mamorigami-san has a sunken expression, and it’s the same for Tsukikage-san.

    “…… The current Muu-sama, is the result of containing Muu-sama’s own power degozaru.”

    “Yamato-sama’s power?”

    “That’s right degozaru. Do you know degozaru? This country…… No, the impetus why the land of this country was born from ground degozaru.”

    “Impetus of why it was born from ground?”

    Not only me but also Al and the others had a confused expression on his mysterious words, that popped out one after another.

    “This eastern country was born…… with the great power of Mu-sama degozaru.”


    With those unbelievable words, we became speechless.

    This was born from the solid ground…… eh?

    “Tha,that’s…… what do you mean?”

    “It is what it means degozaru. This place where we originally lived, did not exist, degozaru.”

    “Of course, this wasn’t an uninhabited island, it really didn’t exist.”

    “It didn’t exist, you said …… In other words, it came from the surface the sea, you mean?”

    “That’s what I’m saying.”

    “…… It’s the same system as Seiichi……”

    “Can you stop putting us together!?”

    I involuntarily tsukkomi’d to Al’s tired words. I haven’t created any land! I was just asking it a favor!

    “Wait …… wait a minute. I’m sure that, Mamorigami-san is the head of the tenth generation, right? Does that, mean that you have piled up generations outside of this land?”

    “No, in this country, it’s the result of piling it up here.”

    “The,then…… Yamato-sama, what the heck……”

    How old are you? I almost said that, but it wasn’t a question to ask a great person in the first place, and above all, it’s not something that you ask a woman.

    But I could only understand that she lived much longer than we did.

    However, no matter how I look at it, Yamato-sama looks like a young girl, and she was not like an elf like Barna-san.

    “Returning to the story degozaru, it’s no exaggeration to say that this country was born by the great power of Muu-sama. It’s just like God’s power degozaru.”

    “However, those who revere that power, those who seek to eliminate it, and those who tried to use it have appeared.”


    “That’s just a natural result degozaru. There is no doubt, that Muu-sama’s power can be called that of a God. I just said that she created this country earlier degozaru but, Muu-sama is able to create anything, not just land you know degozaru.”


    “Anything, degozaru.”

    “…… Oioi, that’s no way ……”

    When Al noticed something and twitched her cheeks, Mamorigami-san said with a serious expression.

    “Of course ―――― humans too”


    “…… This girl, got married, and had a child with her husband …… is that what you’re saying?”

    “That’s not it degozaru. She can create a human being, from nothing. The human beings she has created are of different ages and genders …… The place where such created beings were gathered, was in this country degozaru.”

    “……She’s really a God-sama huh”

    In Al’s words, we can’t say anything.

    After all, what she has done was God-like.

    She has created land, and created life forms.

    Such a thing, cannot be done by humans.

    That’s, I, too ――――ca,can’t do that, right? It’s okay, right?

    …… It’s scary to think about it anymore, so let’s stop.

    I can’t do that. I’m a human being.

    Anyway, Yamato-sama is a person who can be exactly called God.

    “The,then, Yamato-sama’s power being sealed is……?”

    “…… Muu-sama who wielded power exactly like God, although her great power is the same as God, her heart was human degozaru.”


    “Muu-sama has created and been involved in many human beings, but there were also a lot of people who betrayed Muu-sama who was their creator. That’s the people who tried to eliminate Muu-sama, who I said earlier, and those who tried to use her.”

    “Mu-sama, who was betrayed by human beings who can be said to be her own children, was deeply hurt degozaru. And thus, Muu-sama sealed herself with her own power so that her heart will not be hurt anymore. That’s what the current Muu-sama is degozaru.”

    “Such…… poor girl ……”

    Saria uttered purely what she thought.

    Not only the current Yamato-sama, but also Zeanos and the Black Dragon God, were also tormented by humans in the same manner.

    …… It’s really a helpless race, human beings. If I say that, so am I.

    “Well then, what was Yamato-sama’s current standing so far? Is she some kind of a founding God?”

    “Before her own heart was sealed, she had united this country together as a Queen, but after the seal, she had become as much as a symbol of the country degozaru. Therefore, the country was divided, and the Lords who aimed after Muu-sama emerged, and it entered into the age of war degozaru.”

    “I see……”

    I wonder if Yamato-sama, has the same standing position like His Majesty the Emperor*(Tennouheika) in Japan.

    She’s more like the Emperor of the Warring States period if anything…… I guess?

    When it comes to that, one question rose from me.

    “Why did, they want to aim for Yamato-sama again now? Yamato-sama herself sealed such power, right?”

    “……Ah. However, the person who is the mastermind of this time, seems to have the power to break Muu-sama’s seal. That is why, they’re aiming for Mu-sama.”

    “That’s …… in other words, the power to create anything?”

    “No. The other party, is not aiming at that power of Muu-sama.”


    “…… Muu-sama, has another side of her degozaru.”

    Mamorigami-san says so with a more serious expression.

    Another side you said…… is there still more?

    “Muu-sama, has two sides degozaru. One is the 【Existence who creates from nothing】 …… and the other one is the 【Existence who brings out nothingness】.”

    “Brings out nothingness, what does it mean?”

    “In other words, the power to turn everything into nothing.”


    We became speechless again, to the content of her ridiculous power.

    She,she can turn everything into nothing ……

    Then, Al asked while twitching her face the same as before.

    “I don’t think so, but her power is also……”

    “Anything, degozaru.”


    I’m out of words.

    She can do anything.

    In other words, even human beings, she can decide of whether they’ll exist or not.

    “An existence that has both creation and destruction ―――― in other words, 【Muyuu】. This is Muu-sama’s true identity, and its everything the enemy is aiming for.”

    Let me just say one thing.

    I thought of the time I saved Luthia’s father, Zefar-san, but …… this scale is huge!

    What!? I thought it was almost the same when I dealt with that 【Night Ruler】, but there’s an owner of outrageous power in this place!

    Is there really was a chance for the Demon God to enter!? In this world!?

    No matter how I think about it, this is not a world where the Demon God can do something!

    No, perhaps, the Demon God is even more terrifying.

    As I have thought, she’s more dangerous than me!

    I can’t erase humans ―――― Oh? Doesn’t it feel more unpleasant with this?

    D,don’t think about it. It’s fine. I’m human.

    “I don’t know where Muu-sama’s power got leaked to the foreign country. However, we cannot possible give Muu-sama to the outside country, that is only aiming at Muu-sama for their own personal desires.”

    Tsukikage-san concluded with a serious expression.

    “…… The story got a little longer. Let’s move now. As expected, those who attacked us did not come back, so the opponent may have noticed that something is wrong.”


    When we all nodded, we just followed Tsukikage-san, and left the place.

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