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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 187


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    “I’m indebted…… Once again, Seiichi-dono and his companions saved me …… “

    “No, we didn’t do anything, it’s just Seiichi running wildly…… “

    “That’s undeniable, I know!”

    I made all the samurais fainted for the time being, but from there, the actions of the Ninja and Mamorigami-san were quick, and they tied up the samurais one after another with a sturdy rope.

    And then, Mamorigami-san bowed to us again, but …… it’s correct that Al and the others didn’t have the time to do anything. I couldn’t have expected this to happen either!

    We’ve had a certain amount of conversation with Mamorigami-san before coming here, so he wasn’t particularly wary of us, but the ninja seems to be different, and while hiding behind her the woman in the kimono, she gazes sharply at us.

    “Mamorigami-dono. Why did you bring someone from the outside! Don’t you understand the current situation!?”

    “Of course, I understand. However, if this me haven’t acquired the help of Seiichi-dono and others here, it would’ve been impossible for me to come back here now. In other words, neither Eiya-dono nor Muu-sama should have been as safe as they are now if it wasn’t for them degozaru.”


    As Mamorigami-san said, there seems to be no doubt that the situation they were in was rough, and the Ninja woman shuts her mouth with a vexing facial expression.

    Looking at such a situation, Mamorigami-san bowed his head while sighing to us.

    “Haa…… my apologies. I’d like to introduce them to you for the time being, but this lady here, is Yamato Muu-sama, the master who I serve degozaru. And then, the one in black clothes there, who is a ninja, who also serves Muu-sama…… There’s no problem if you think that she is a so-called spy. Her name is Tsukikage Eiya degozaru.”

    Seeing the two people who were introduced to us again, Yamato Muu-sama, who Mamorigami-san is serving, was an unusual girl.

    Her age is younger than I expected, perhaps she’s about 12 years old.

    Her clothes were not a Junihitoe*, but her kimono was made up of materials that even an amateur can see as luxurious, and it’s was quite dirty, probably because they have been running away thus far. (TN:Junihitoe(twelve-layered ceremonial kimono) = “Junihitoe” is the name of a ceremonial Japanese court robe which is made up of at least twelve kimono layers, the number of which depends on the rank of the person wearing the robe.)

    Her long, pure white hair and blue eyes gives the impression that she is somehow hollow and absent-minded.

    What do I say…… she looks like a doll-san. I can’t feel the life on her, or rather, can I call her inhuman……

    On the other hand, Tsukikage-san wears a full-body black ninja costume same as Olga-chan, and her head is completely covered with a black hood, so only her eyes can be seen on her face.

    Therefore, I don’t know what kind of face she has now, but I could just understand that she was being wary of us.

    That is, just right, I guess.

    When I thought of that, it suddenly appeared, a pillar of water rose up from the sea, and it moved just like a tentacle hand, kicking the samurais away.

    Moreover, the rocks that were being connected like a chain one after another, not only from the sea but also from on land, also moved like a tentacle and blew the samurais away.

    I was so suspicious that it can’t be helped anymore! If I’m in Tsukikage-san ‘s position, I’m running away! I don’t understand the meaning too much!

    After the two received Mamorigami-san’s introduction, and also us lightly introducing ourselves, Mamorigami-san puts on a serious expression on his face.

    “Seiichi-dono and his companions, have greatly helped me. With your aid, I was able to return to Muu-sama’s side again …… I would like, to express my sincere gratitude. Thank you.”

    “Su,such…… here as well, I’m glad I was able to help.”

    “……. I’m indebted. And because I’ve been helped so far by you, I want Seiichi-dono and his companions to escape from here by all means. Right now this country, is very dangerous for those in the foreign countries ……”

    “Well that’s, I can understand it somehow in the way it looked a while ago, but……”

    I don’t know the full extent of the trouble here, but at least, the situation of being attacked by thugs like that every single day, is too dangerous for us to go sightseeing.


    “If you like, could you tell me the story?”

    I naturally said so.

    In my words, not to mention Mamorigami-san, Tsukikage-san also opens her eyes.

    “……Are you okay with that? Seiichi”

    Then Al, who was silently watching the course, opened her mouth.

    “If you listen to the story here, perhaps, you can’t break up after that anymore?”

    “That’s already, late now, I guess. I know that it’ll bother Al and the others, but…… if there were people who are being attacked like that, I can’t pretend not to see them.”

    “……That so.”

    Al laughed a little at my answer, somewhat satisfied.

    Then, Saria and the others also open their mouths.

    “It’s fine for me too! When in trouble, you have to help each other!”

    “……Nn. Help each other, important.”

    “That’s right! If my power will be useful ……!”

    “I will just, follow Milord’s will.”

    Rurune has really grown up.

    Just when I was being moved with Rurune’s words, Mamorigami-san opens his mouth while being confused.

    “Wa,wai a minute! Do you understand degozaru!? Once you hear my story, you can’t say that it’s unrelated to you anymore degozaru! That’s why, if you leave this island now ……”

    “It’s no problem. Besides, it’s hard to say that it’s unrelated to me when I just defeated the people who were tied up there.”


    It’s already okay, I’ve sent them flying as beautifully as I can.

    This being unrelated to me…… I can’t say that very much.

    “So, you don’t have to worry.”

    “Is that so…… If you’re going to tell me that much――――”

    “Wait, Mamorigami-dono!”

    Then, finally, as if she reached her limit of patience, Tsukikage-san opens her mouth.

    “I can’t trust these guys right away! Especially those from outside countries!”

    “Tsukikage-dono …… I know what you mean, but why are you like that to the people outside from the country?”

    “Why don’t you……! …… No, I only happen to know that after I lost track of Mamorigami-dono’s whereabouts.”

    “When I was away…… did something happen?”

    Tsukikage-san nods to Mamorigami-san’s words in a revolting manner.

    “Ah …… I have identified the entirety of the wirepuller who is doing something in this country right now.”


    “But it’s even more troublesome than that. The wirepuller has already wiped out the influential people in this country. It’s no exaggeration to say, that this country is now in the hands of the wirepuller.”

    “Wha,what did you say!”

    Mamorigami was surprised by Tsukikage-san’s words.

    Certainly, according to Mamorigami-san’s talk, this country is not yet in order, and he said that influential people like Daimyos* were fighting for the supremacy of it, but…… it seems that it’s different. (TN:

    “This time the wirepuller, is from a foreign country. I can’t tell which country he’s from, but…… he has great power, and in just one night, all the other influential people except for the Yamato family were added to his umbrella.”


    “…… Somehow, that’s very suspicious.”

    Al, who was listening to the conversation, knits her eyebrows at Tsukikage-san’s words.

    Olga-chan, who was listening to Tsukikage-san in the same way, nodded once.

    “……Nn. Speaking of country that comes to mind first in this situation, it’s the Kaizer Empire, but……”

    As Olga-chan said, considering about the things they’ve done so far, the foremost foreign country to doubt would be the Kaizer Empire. They haven’t done any decent things.

    However, Olga-chan didn’t seem to have fallen for it, and was twisting her neck.

    “…… I knew a little about the situation in that country because I was in the Kaizer Empire, but from the perspective of the Kaizer Empire, the priority to invade this country should have been low. At the very least, such as the Welmburg Kingdom and the Valsha Empire, and the Demon Kingdom, they won’t reach outside unless they conquer the countries on the same continent. That’s because their force will be dispersed, and their own country will be short-handed.”

    “I see……”

    Then, it seems that Tsukikage-san and her fellows heard our story, and they open their eyes slightly.

    “…… You don’t seem know the country who is trying to take over this country, but trusting you is a different story. For reasons unknown, my doubts about those from the outside remain unchanged. Above all, if you’re really going to help us with your power, with superficial abilities, you’re going to drag our feet, and just as I said earlier, the people of the foreign country that’s currently controlling this country are so strong.”

    Tsukikage-san’s worries are also justifiable.

    Even if we say that we’re going to help, it doesn’t mean we can do anything.

    Anyway…… If it’s not the Kaizer Empire, then what country is it?

    The Valsha Empire will take a little longer to stabilize the country from its last raid, and the Demon Kingdom will also be noisy with the return of the Former Demon Lord Zefar-san, the father of Luthia.

    The Welmburg Kingdom where we live is ―――― Yup, they’re busy there in many ways! I don’t think they have time to do such a serious thing. The soldier-sans are also busy with pervert opponents.

    When it comes to the continent where the Welmburg Kingdom and Eastern Country is located, is it an invasion from a new continent that is different from it?

    In fact, I don’t even know how many other continents there are, and it might be possible.

    “I understand Tsukikage-san’s concern. So, how can you determine that we have the ability to help?”

    “That’s right …… Fortunately, Mamorigami-dono is back now. The proposal is based on the assumption that you are also to become our companions ……”

    Tsukikage-san, who seemed to think a little, opened her mouth as if she had come up with something after a while.

    “Well, let’s do it like this. Right now, we are being chased by the subordinates of the Lords who have fallen under the umbrella of those from the foreign country. To be on the lookout for them, I want to test your abilities to find enemies first.”

    I see, she will look at our ability to search for enemies.

    Certainly, if we have a high ability to search for enemies, we do not have to worry about unexpected attacks, and if anything, we can find the enemy first and then take a detour and escape.

    “Therefore, from now on, I will be lost in the forest over there once, and I want you to find the hidden me.”


    “I’m a ninja. But of course, there are ninjas on the opponent’s side as well. Because an attack from such a hand is the scariest. If you can’t find me in there, I don’t know when Muu-sama will lost her life from their surprise blow. That’s why, I give you this trial. Is that fine?”

    We look at each other, but we all seem to have no problem with it, so we nod.

    Then, Tsukikage-san nodded, and she turned her eyes to Mamorigami-san.

    “That’s right. Mamorigami-dono, I’d like to ask you to be Muu-sama’s escort for a while. “

    “But of course, I’m going to escort her without you asking me……”

    Mamorigami-san didn’t put it into words, but he looked at us with anxious eyes.

    I guess that’s just right…… Tsukikage-san is a ninja as the way she looks, and she’s better at hiding than me.

    The best among us in terms of searching …… would be Olga-chan and Saria.

    Needless to say, Olga-chan was active as an assassin.

    Saria has lived in the forest, and she should be good at erasing and searching for presences, and at hunting. ……Well, it might not have been necessary to erase her sign if she was that strong, but at least I think she can detect presences at the minimum.

    Al has also been nurturing her work around everywhere as an adventurer, and it’ll be okay.

    The problem would be me, Zora, and Rurune.

    For the time being, when I went to the underworld, as the technique to defeat the evil spirits, I learned how to handle Life force.

    Thanks to that, if it’s a living thing, then I can detect those.

    I don’t know how far it will work for Tsukikage-san until this begins, but……

    But, Zora has only ever lived in a dungeon until now, and she’s the most unfamiliar with fighting and searching for enemies among these members. Of course, there were abilities which is unique only to Zora, so it will not be a problem for her to fight, but she would be completely amateur in searching for enemies.

    And my biggest headache here would be ―――― Rurune.

    Can Rurune search for enemies?

    I don’t know at all.

    After all, she was originally just a donkey.

    However, her ability to ate the Evil god, and her body becoming a whole universe, I don’t know where her donkey element has disappeared to.

    Even in combat, she has the power to kick powerful monster, and erase them with a single shot.

    Does such Rurune really have the ability to search for enemies …… I have no idea.

    When I turned my gaze towards Rurune, Rurune, who noticed my stare, just tilted her head in wonder.

    …… Well, without relying on Rurune, it’s just a matter of us doing our best huh.

    As I put together some of my thoughts within myself, to prevent the samurai that Tsukikage-san caught for the time being, he tied them up more carefully, and laid them within the reach of Mamorigami-san.

    “Fumu…… You can have a peace of mind in leaving me here.”

    “Uhmm, is this okay? I knew we were going on a test, but doing a test in a place like this ……”

    “You don’t have to worry about that. Other than the assailants here, there’s no one in this place. In other words, there is somewhat a deferment before the other party confirms whether we have been killed. …… Nonetheless, we don’t have time to do that for a long time. I will explain the rules, While Seiichi and his companions are counting down from thirty, I’ll hide in the forest near here. The extent to which I’ll hide…… well, although it’ll be appropriate, I’m not going to move to such an insane distance. I’m going to hide in this vicinity as much as possible because I’m worried just in case something happens to Muu-sama If Seiichi-dono and his companions find me, Seiichi-dono and his companions will win. The time limit is…… it should be about a moment. Find me in the meantime. Are you ready?”

    When I looked over to Saria and the others, they all nodded as they all looked like they’ve braced their mind.

    “Alright. Then …… Start!”

    As soon as Tsukikage-san said so, she quickly moved towards the forest, and disappeared in an instant.

    In the meantime, we talk a little while we count down.

    “So…… what now? Can we find her?”

    “Nn …… I think it’s okay, you know?”

    “……Nn. I agree with Saria-oneechan. As expected, she can’t get far in 30 seconds.”

    “But, the forest seems to be quite deep even if you look from here, right? Like Olga-chan, she looks like she’s undetectable in the forest, and isn’t she had a knack for it?”

    “I, I guess so. I don’t feel any of her presence anymore ……”

    Everyone expresses their opinions, but it was not particularly settled, and we finished counting from thirty.

    “Well, anyway, let’s go and look for her. If we can’t be recognized with this, then we can’t even help Mamorigami-san.”

    When Al was about to go to the forest while turning her shoulders, I suddenly came up with something.

    “Perhaps, I can do it?”

    “Ah? What?”

    Not only Al, but Saria and the others also stare at me with a curious expression, and I called out to the ground.

    “Uhmm…… Land-san. Can you catch Tsukikage-san who moved a while ago?”

    “…… Oi, Seiichi? What are you ―――― “

    “―――― Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!?”

    Before Al asked me, we heard a woman’s scream.

    When I involuntarily turn my gaze in that direction, the rock tentacles that knocked down the samurai caught Tsukikage-san, and held her high in the sky.

    And when the rock tentacle moves smoothly towards me, it gently drops Tsukikage-san in front of us.



    The silence, hurts.


    ―――― This is still, before Seiichi and his companions met Mamorigami Yaiba.

    The most prosperous city, in the center of the eastern country ―――― 『Eikyo(Eikyo) 』.

    In that Eikyo, there stood the biggest 【Sun Castle】 in the eastern country.

    If Seiichi sees this castle, it would look to him like a combination of a five-storied pagoda and a Japanese castle. (TN: Pagoda =, Japanese castle =

    In the reception hall of such Sun castle, a man sits gracefully, while drinking sake.

    The hall is fitted with tatami mats, and you can feel the design of Japan during the Warring States(Sengoku*) period around it, but for some reason, high-tech foundations and mysterious shining circuits were laid out in some places, giving the impression that it is extraordinarily mismatched. (TN: Sengoku period =

    It was such a mysterious room as if the future technology had been forcibly incorporated in the Warring States period.

    Then, one of his subordinates, approaches the man.

    “I…… would like to state my report…… For the kidnapping of the Yamato family head …… we, failed……”

    “―――― Hou?”

    The man who heard his subordinate’s report said a single word with a cold voice.

    The subordinate, who reported to such a man trembles with his head bowed.

    “Tha,that’s…… In retort to the counterattack of the remaining 【Heaven’s Blade】, in that gap, the head of the Yamato family …… “

    “Did you bastard come all the way here, to tell me your own incompetence?”

    “Tha, that’s out of the question……!”

    His subordinate just rubs his forehead against the ground, and keep bowing to the man.

    When the man looks down on such a subordinate coldly, he floated an inhumane smile.

    “Whatever. I’m generous. I’ll give you another chance.”


    “―――― Right now, bring 【Muyuu*】 to me.” (TN: 無有 = literal meaning would be ‘nonexistence or existence’, I guess he’s talking about Yamato Mu?)


    His subordinate bowed again, and immediately left in front of the man.

    Without seeing him off, the man just stares quietly outside.

    “Fufufu…… no way, I didn’t think that there was such an existence in such a remote planet……”

    The moment the man grinned, his figure distorted, tentacles appear from his back, and his face cannot be called a human being at all, in which he transformed into a different Nanika.

    There was no doubt that he was not a human being in any way, because he has an aspect of an alien-like face which can be called Gray on Earth, mixed with a little bit of fish vestiges.

    The man with such a transfigured appearance grins more and more.

    ≪If I get it with my hands…… To me, the supreme ruler of the universe…… Kukuku …… Gahahahahaha!!≫

    The man who could no longer believe that his plan will succeed, couldn’t predict anything that will happen beyond that.

    (TN: So, it’s not a foreign country but rather, an alien. Seiichi vs Aliens!!)

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