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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 186


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr




    We were now, advancing towards the eastern country at a tremendous speed.

    And in addition to that―――― we were sitting on the sea.

    Al quietly opens her mouth in the situation where no one can understand no matter how they look.

    “…… Hey, Seiichi.”

    “…… What?”

    “What are you?”

    “I want to ask that tooooooooooooooooo!”

    To Al’s quiet question, I shouted so.

    As a result of the incomprehensible challenge that I requested to the sea, the sea responded. It has responded……!

    Because of that, we are in a situation where we’re the same as ninjas, who can also sit on the sea, while being dumbfounded, and we’re being automatically transported to the eastern country in a relaxed manner.

    Moreover, there’s no shaking even though we were being carried, and we don’t have to do anything to the monsters that appear on our progress because the sea disposes them on its own will before we got to engage with them.

    For all that, the sea has coiled to the whole body of each of us, offering us a full body massage, and when I think that fishes suddenly appeared in front of us, the sea chops it with its water cutter-like knacks and serves it as sashimi in front of us. Of course, the sea created the shape of a plate for the sashimi.

    Everyone was greatly amazed, with the no less than its best treatment. …… No, only Saria and Rurune are in normal operation. Aside from Rurune, Saria really has a huge caliber.

    But seriously, I didn’t think that it’ll take us to the eastern country just by me asking it.

    It’s not that I didn’t think that it was possible, but as one would expect, I was thinking that I’ll make a raft from pieces of wood, and that everyone would ride on it, bringing it to the sea.

    I haven’t thought this at all…… No one predicted that everyone will be able to ride on the sea without preparing anything, and will be carried with super favorable treatment!

    In this indescribable situation, Mamorigami-san muttered in a daze.

    “…… There are outrageous people in foreign countries.”

    “Wait! Don’t get this guy and us mixed together!”


    Al-san. You don’t have to deny it in a matter of seconds…….

    “Isn’t he the same as you people! You’re getting along well!”

    “No matter how you think about it, we’re different kind from him!?”

    “I was treated as a different species!?”

    In Al’s words, I suffered mental damage.

    Another kind …… different …… human mon…… I can’t check my status now because it left for a journey from me, but I’m a human being …… maybe.

    When I was overwhelmed by the damage greater than I expected, Zora suddenly raised her voice.

    “A,a’re! I can see an island!”


    When I turned my gaze towards Zora’s pointing, I could certainly see the land.

    I don’t know the exact size because there is still a lot of distance between us, but I get the impression that it’s a small continent rather than an island.

    Well, is there some Daimyou* on that land? There were people like that, who are fighting for supremacy for it, so I wonder if it was this small plot of land. Even Japan is small if you look at it from the globe or the world map, but in fact, even if they use the Shinkansen or an airplane, it’ll still take a long time from its end to end. (TN: Daimyou=, Shinkansen =

    As the sea was carrying us straight to the land, gradually, the whole picture of the island came into view.

    Apparently, there was no place where we could anchor in the location where we were transporting, and anyhow, we can see a lot of reefs.

    Moreover, I couldn’t see a sandy beach, and there’s just a big cliff towered in front.

    “Can’t we land without climbing on top of that?”

    “No, as I expected, if we go around, there should be a sandy beach, but……”

    When Al and I were having such a conversation before approaching the land, Mamorigami-san noticed something.

    “Tuh!? Muu-sama!?”

    We were caught by Mamorigami-san’s impatient voice, and when I looked closely at the land, the figure of a woman wearing a gorgeous kimono being protected in the back of a ninja costumed person at the cliff, jumped into my eyes.

    Men in the same kimono which look like Mamorigami-san, were facing these two people, and all of them are in a state of drawing out their swords.

    There is no doubt that their atmosphere isn’t calm by any means …….

    “Awe,awesome…… it’s topknot……!”

    “What are you impressed with!?”

    No, that’s because! It’s a real topknot!? Not a wig!

    Mamorigami-san just tied his hair normally, so I thought that there wasn’t a topknot culture ……!

    When I was only impressed in a strange place, the men who seemed to be samurai started to move!

    “No, as it is……! Seiichi-dono! Please transport me to that place!”

    “Eeeeeeeeh!? E,even if you told to transport you…… “

    In the first place, it seems that there’s no land for us to go up properly, and we have no other choice but to land on our own, but……

    When I was thinking like that, the brain announcement suddenly talks to me.

    『Seiichi-sama. This here, please leave it to us. 』

    “Eh? Le,leave it to you……”

    What is this, very terrible feeling I’m having.

    『Well then, here we go――――!』

    “Wait, wait, wait! Go you said…… no way ……!?”

    『This is it! 』


    “Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!? As I thouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuught!?”

    When the sea that was carrying us suddenly changed into the shape of a huge arm, it lifted us up in the palm of its hand and threw us up to the top of the cliff!

    “Amazi~ing! We’re flying well!”


    “We,we’re flying in the sky!?”

    “Se, Seiichi! You bastard, you really lack common sense!?”

    “I,I’m sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!”

    We are blown to the top of the cliff while reacting at each other. If it stays as it is, we will become gucha☆* on the cliff instead of a po〇yo* on the cliff. (TN: SFX for things splatting)

    The people who kept glaring at us on the cliff, noticed us approaching the land gradually, and somehow, they pointed their fingers at us and started making a noise.


    Meanwhile, Mamorigami-san, who was only thinking about protecting the person named Muu-sama even in such a situation, as he takes a Iai sword drawing stance in the air, using the air as a foothold, like Saria’s 『Heaven’s Thrust』, he rushes to the samurai men with tremendous momentum!



    “Seiichi! Rather than worrying about Mamorigami-san, if we don’t do something about this, we’ll hit the ground at this rate!”

    As Al said, if we leave this alone, we will kiss the ground.

    Well, to be honest, at our level, I don’t think that it’s going to be a problem to fall from this height. On the contrary, I will be able to remain unscathed no matter where I fall. In the first place, can I even receive damage right now ……? Aside from mental damage that is!

    However, I don’t have the courage to confirm it, and anyway, I don’t know about Saria and the others.

    That’s why, I tried calling out to the land just like what I’ve done to the sea under no circumstances.

    “That’s! Land-san, will you please!”

    “What are you saying!?”

    It was the moment when Al raised a surprise voice.

    A part of the cliff changed dexterously, and it transformed into a thumbs-up figure like at the time I requested the sea.

    And when the thumbs-up hand opens as it is, it gently accepts us.

    Moreover, I don’t know what the logic behind it is, but the moment it received us, there was a poyon, and it didn’t feel hurt at all, as if I was being hugged by a balloon.

    Wrapped in the hands of the rock as it is, we were gently lowered onto the cliff.

    Then, Mamorigami-san, who was assaulting earlier, was making a big turn towards the samurai men’s fight.


    “Stu,stupid!? Why is the 【Heaven Blade】 here !?”

    “This guy should have died!?”

    Apparently, the appearance of Mamorigami-san was unexpected for the samurai men, so they were very confused.

    It seems that, the same can be said for the people near us, one in a ninja costumes like Olga-chan, and the woman in a gorgeous kimono, they were both staring at Mamorigami-san in a daze.

    However, as Mamorigami-san said before we came here, the samurais seemed to be formidable, and Mamorigami-san was being gradually pushed.

    “Seiichi! What do we do? Will we help Mamorigami-san?”

    Saria says so while tilting her head, but if we help here, we will get involved in Mamorigami-san’s problem until the end.

    ……Well, I have understood that at this late hour.

    “It’s strange…… I should have been out for a vacation ……”

    “Give up. Seiichi will always be at the center of a turmoil wherever he goes.”

    “I’m not happy!”

    When I was having such an exchange with Al, the person in ninja costume, and the woman in a kimono who had been staring at Mamorigami-san in a daze, noticed us.

    “! You guys are……”

    The voice of the person in ninja costume was that of a woman, and she displayed vigilance towards us to protect the woman in the kimono.

    When we arrived here, these two people became alert, so as I was thinking that if we moved openly, we would get attacked, the brain announcement calls out once more.

    『Seiichi-sama. What do you need to worry about? 』


    『Seiichi-sama just, has to say this. 』

    The announcement in my brain continues with a form full of confidence.

    『Okay? Please repeat my words as they are. 』

    “Eh? A,ah.”

    I’m not sure, but if I want to manage this situation, I’ll have to follow it huh.

    Al and the others who noticed that my appearance had changed, silently looked at me.

    Aside from Saria and the others, Al seems to think that I’m gonna do something again, that’s insane or incomprehensible. You don’t have to be so vigilant!

    As expected, it’ll not be something that will soar like a little while ago in this situation.

    『Then, here it goes ――――』

    I just mindlessly say the words of the announcement in my brain.

    “―――― Sea-san, Land-san, please end this!”

    『『Yes! 』』


    …… A’ree?

    When I follow the voice of the announcement in my brain, the result of repeating it as it was, a pillar of water has spring up from the sea behind us.

    Furthermore, when huge rocks emerge one after another from the cliff, while connecting like a chain, it flies towards the samurais.

    “Wha,what!? Bufoa!?”

    “Wa,water is…… buheeeeeeeeee!”

    “Rock tentacles ―――― gaeah​​!?” (TN: Somehow, I’m having a bad feeling with this)

    With tentacles made of sea and tentacles made of rock, the samurais are being stamped one after another.

    In front of such samurais, not only me, Saria and the others, the ninja and the woman in kimono, and Mamorigami-san was staring at the spectacle while being stunned.

    And when I noticed it, everyone got knocked down on the spot, and they’re all fainted.

    Ignoring the fallen samurais, when the rock tentacles and the sea tentacles who were the ringleader itself(?) who knocked down the samurais, have set up on both sides of me, brain announcement raised a voice.

    『Know who you are in this place! You’re Seiichi-sama! Raise your head high, restrain yourself!* 』

    Wait, wait, wait!

    I was stunned and I was completely delayed in tsukkomi’ing, but where’s Mi〇-sama!? (TN: This is the famous phrase of Mito Komon

    In the first place, the voice of the brain announcement can only be heard by me!

    First of all, everyone makes progress, even if their head is high or they restrain themselves from doing anything!?

    In a hurry, I suddenly noticed a gaze, and when I turned my face to that person, Al was staring at me with an indescribable expression.


    “Stop being silent! Anything is fine, so at least say somethingggggggggggggggggg!”

    I couldn’t stand Al’s gaze, and I had no choice but to scream.

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