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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 185


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    So that Mamorigami-san can return to the eastern country, we visited the guild branch of Southern to hear regarding the ship.

    There was the receptionist who did the procedure to fulfill our request, so we went to talk to that person, but……

    “That’s …… unfortunately, currently, we’re not sailing to the eastern country.”

    “Such!? Why degozaru!?”

    “From the very end, there’s no such thing as trade between the eastern country and in this place, the Welmburg Kingdom. I also heard that the eastern country do not do business with other countries in the first place.”


    Apparently, the receptionist’s words seem to be true, and Mamorigami-san just shut down his mouth

    I’m not sure, but it seems that the eastern country is like a secluded country. It doesn’t have to look like Japan in the past, but …… No, it may be a culture unique to this world, and I think it would be a good idea to make it generally the same as Japan.

    “Therefore, there is no ship heading to the eastern country in the first place. Furthermore, although I know its rough position, no safe route has been found. You can’t take out a ship in a place like that.”


    “…… And that’s, what I just told you was also a big reason, but more than that, we’re more cautious about fishing in the sea now.”


    “The ships of the Kaizer Empire are leaving and cruising on a regular basis, as if they were occupying the vast ocean one after another. Unfortunately, the Welmburg Kingdom has a special terrain, so there’s a little anxiety about its shipbuilding technology and naval forces, so it’s definitely going to be disadvantageous if it becomes a naval battle. Fortunately, thanks to its special terrain, the Kaizer Empire’s ships cannot reach this area, so its impact on the town is not great, but …… even so, there are many seafood that can no longer be caught because it’s impossible to fish far away.”


    Mamorigami-san has an expression full of regret on the words of the receptionist.

    I mean, the Kaiser Empire is entirely an evil thing, but hey. If the current situation is really for the good of the people of the Kaizer Empire, then from the Kaizer Empire’s people’s point of view, it may be a good thing, but that too is suspicious.

    In the end, it turned out that Mamorigami-san had no way to return to his country, and we went out of the Guild feeling disappointed.


    “What should I do ……”

    Even after we left the guild, Mamorigami-san was visibly depressed, and we don’t even know what to say to him.

    Meanwhile, Mamorigami-san headed naturally for the sea with a fluttering gait, and stared at the sea in a daze.

    “……I have, to return home anyhow. However, I have no way to do that …… I who was called as Mu-sama’s sword, and was being feared as the 【Heaven Blade】, but such powerlessness ……!”


    “I don’t know if I should ask you this, but do you have to hurry home?”

    When Al asked with a troubled expression, Mamorigami-san nods.

    “Ah …… before I got washed away into this country, I was fighting against the wolfmen.”


    “…… It’s the group who was aiming for Yamato Muu-sama, who is my lord. It was good that we have escaped while protecting Muu-sama to the north from those attackers, but their number overwhelmed us. Muu-sama is in danger as it is, and …… one of my people became a decoy, to dealt with the assailants. However, the assailants are more skilled than expected, and I was cornered and finally fell into the sea degozaru.”

    Somehow, the figure of Mamorigami-san who was cornered by the cliff toward the sea, which I often see in suspense, came to my mind.

    “From there, as Seiichi-dono and his companions know …… I have drift away in this country in a faint state.”

    Mamorigami-san laughs without so much power.

    The story was heavier than I expected……!

    To be honest, I don’t know Mamorigami-san at all, so I don’t know who he was serving or why he ended up in that situation.

    That’s why, wait, someone about the same age as me tries to protect his lord at the risk of his life …… No, if you think about it in this world, it’s pretty normal.

    “By the way, do you have any idea who the attackers were? Honestly, I think that if you’re dealing an opponent with such experienced skill, you will get the same result even when you return, but…… “

    When Al asks so, Mamorigami-san regretfully distorts his expression.

    “…… There were too many people I can think of to be the mastermind. There’s no such thing as king, in my country. Therefore, the country is always in disarray, and the battle over the whole country continues. And, due to some circumstances, the Yamato family that I serve, were small, but possessed a great power. I believe that those who had a sense of crisis about it, attacked Muu-sama ……”

    What, is that like Shura no Kuni. (TN: A reference from the manga “Fist of the North Star” Shura no kuni =

    This continent right now? Is in a state of war, but no civil war has occurred. Perhaps I just don’t understand it, but……

    Rather, when I’m in this Kingdom of Welmburg, I forget about that. After all, the guild headquarters guys are so strong! This town is also scary!

    With that in mind, Mamorigami-san’s facial expression becomes even more serious.

    “…… But recently, I heard a strange rumor degozaru.”

    “A strange rumor?”

    “A suspicious person who is not from my country has been going in and out ……”

    “Nn? Isn’t that, something strange? No matter how much you trade with foreign countries, right? “

    “That’s not the case degozaru. The people in my country have been suited with a mass of pride. Consequently, I think that my country is superior to other countries, and although it’s possible for them to abide, many houses considered that it’s absurd degozaru. Above all, if other countries got involved, it’ll be troublesome when someone become its ruler degozaru.”

    “That may be the case, but no matter how much……”

    “People from outside countries may not be familiar with it, but my country is all about the strong. And, like no other, the house that aims at the whole country in my country is, the ones who believe that they are the strongest and have no doubts with themselves. Those guys shouldn’t ask for help from the outside.”

    It’s a value we don’t understand, but the eastern country seems more closed than expected. Or rather, it can be said that it’s isolated rather than closed.

    Even in Japan, there was some trade even during the national isolation period, but it’s not that greatly soar. However, for them to be able to do that, they might be at least self-sufficient.

    “…… I’ve talked a lot degozaru, but in the end, I can’t go back to my country right away. No matter what I do degozaru……”

    Seeing Mamorigami-san looking at the sea with regret, we just looked at each other’s faces.

    “What are we gonna do?”

    “Uhmm, no matter what I say ……”

    When I answered Al’s words unintentionally, Saria raises her hand.

    “Wouldn’t it be better to help rather than worry?”


    “Because you don’t hate helping, right?”

    “That is, well……”

    We nod to Saria’s words.

    “I don’t know various things, but I do think that we need to help him……”

    “……Nn. I’m just, bewildered.”

    “I, I want to help if possible!”

    Rurune seems to have no particular opinion and is silent, but it seems that everyone wants to help Mamorigami-san.

    Even if I say that I’m going to help, and take Mamorigami-san to the eastern country…… unfortunately, no one, including myself, has been to the eastern country, so I can’t send him with transition magic.

    “The problem is, how to escort Mamorigami-san back ……”



    Saria raised a wondering voice, so when I stared at Saria unintentionally, Saria tilted her head.

    “What if Seiichi took the lead?”


    Not only me, but Al and the others tilted their heads to Saria’s words.

    “No, no, no, I still want to very much take it, but uhmm, the way is……”

    “Why don’t you ask the sea?”

    “Ask the sea!?”

    I was surprised at Saria’s unexpected remarks.

    “What are you saying, Saria. Why can I do such a thing ――――”

    While saying that, what happened in the ocean today came to my mind one after another.

    “……… I think I can do it.”

    “You can do it!?”

    Al quickly tsukkomi’d to my mutter.

    No, I don’t think it’s possible if you think about it normally, right? I don’t even know what I’m saying.

    But if the sea had avoided me because it’s afraid or for reasons that doesn’t make sense to me, then it’ll likely accept my request.

    When I approached the sea while raising suspicion, Mamorigami-san tilts his head as he sees my state.

    “? Seiichi-dono, what’s wrong ――――”

    “Sea-san, can you transport us?”

    “What suddenly happened degozaru!?”

    When Mamorigami-san raised his voice to my behavior that can be said to be a reckless action ――――


    The sea, dexterously created a thumbs-up figure.


    (TN: (Sea) you’re wish is my command)

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