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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 183


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    “Ah, Seiichi! Here here!”

    “Oh, I’m going now!”

    While I was looking at the sea, I was called by Saria, so I headed to the sea.

    Well, it’s no use thinking about a lot of things in the past and things I don’t know about the future! Let’s have fun now.

    “Then, here I go!”

    I ran into the sea, and jumped in it as it was!


    However, instead of jumping into the sea, for some reason, I think I plunged into the sandy beach from my head.

    “Peppe …… A, a’re? It wasn’t the sea yet—”

    Shit, this is embarrassing.

    Me who was going to dive into the sea with all my might, dug into the beach from the top of my head.

    “Nn…… I thought I had leaped into the sea for sure. Whatever! Let’s try again……!”

    I run out again, and jump into the sea――――.


    ―――― I can’t!?


    I had thrusted my head into the sandy beach again, and raised my face vigorously.

    No matter how I think about it, it’s weird! I’m sure that I’m in a position to get into the sea right now!

    I raised my face, and looked in front of me, and I was lost for words with my situation.

    That’s because――――

    “The sea …… is avoiding me ……!?”

    Yes, as if there was a gaping hole in my spot, the sea beautifully disappeared around me. Rather, it’s getting away from me.

    “Hey …… wait! Please!”

    As soon as I stood up, I ran towards the sea.

    However, at the same time, the sea moves and continues to avoid me.

    “Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? Let me swim tooooooooooo!?”

    The sea avoids me as I chase and chase after it. What am I saying?

    But, it really is.

    That is, if I take this a little seriously, I’ll catch up with it, but if I do such a thing, this entire sandy beach is likely to disappear with my first step, and I don’t know if this planet can withstand it. …… What am I really saying?

    However, as I say many times, it can’t be helped because it’s really the only way.

    Seeing me desperately chase after the sea, Al who was playing with Saria nearby, looked at me with half-open eyes.

    “…… What are you doing? Seiichi”

    “The sea is running away from meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

    “I don’t know what that means.”

    “I don’t even know toooooooooooooooooooo!”

    What is it that I can’t swim, even though I came to swim in the beach!? Can anyone even explain this situation of me being avoided by the sea in the first place!?

    Whether my wish has been granted, Brain announcer-san unexpectedly called out to me.

    『It has a lot of fear to touch Seiichi-sama, so the sea avoids you.』

    “What is that being feared by the seaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?”

    From the perspective of us humans, I think nature is more fear-inspiring and great!?

    When the sea breaks on its own, the story of Moses, who is famous on earth, comes to my mind, but its contents are completely different.

    Even that Moses-san, broke the sea with some kind of God’s power or just great power.

    At least the sea didn’t broke on him like what happened to me!

    “Or rather, I can’t swim even when I come to the sea!?”

    What did I come here for? To aim for the dusk? That’s not good!

    As I continue to do endless tsukkomi, brain announcer-san reservedly speaks to me.

    『Uhhmm…… if you want to cross the sea, should I open a way?』

    “You don’t have to open iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!”

    What, such unconditional treatment manner. Scary.

    “I! just want to swim normally! I don’t care if I get wet, so make it normal!”

    『Ye, yes…… If you say so…… 』

    When I thought that the voice of the brain announcement had disappeared, the sea that was avoiding me, as I approached it little by little with a feeling of reluctance, at last, I was able to enter the sea.

    “I did…… I did it…… I’m, in the sea……!”

    “No, what are you seriously saying?”

    “I don’t even know!”

    I had no choice but to answer Al’s calm tsukkomi.

    “Whatever! Then I’ll swim right away!”

    When I regained my mind, I floated in the sea and tried to swim as it was ――――



    I was made to lie on my back before I knew it, I floated without any resistance, and I was moving on the sea without my knowledge.

    What’s more, it carries me in the direction that I want without my consent. It didn’t take me any effort to do so.

    Saria and the others were silently staring at such a figure of mine.


    “―――― I didn’t say that it was this kind of swim……!”


    “What are you surprised at!?”

    No matter where and how you look at me, I’m just floating, though!? I look like a corpse in the water depending on who’s looking!?

    When I got up while tsukkomi’ing involuntarily, I heard the brain announcement’s voice again.

    『Bu,but, it will put a burden on Seiichi-sama …… 』

    “I’m just swimming, so there’s no burden or anything!?”

    In any world, there are people who move while getting entertained by the sea!

    Moreover, this is something that only I, who was floating, can understand, but It dexterously manipulates the water stream and massages my whole body like a waterbed while carrying me at a comfortable speed. You thought this was fine for me!

    But what I want to do is swim, and not like a drowned body!

    I appeal to the announcement in my brain from the bottom of my heart.

    “If you can help me in any way you can, help me more normally in the form of a skill! I’m in the sea, so adapting to that environment, or something like that! That’s alright with me, so!”

    『A,adaption, is it? In my humble opinion, I wonder if even the omniscient and almighty God is a necessity for you*, the God of trash(kami sura gomi) , but……』

    The hell, who are you talking about?

    What is even trash God!? Also, don’t call me you*! (TN: *the you used here is 御身(onmi) an honorific or respectful way of saying you in sonkeigo)

    『In spite of that …… environmental adaptation, is still necessary? 』

    “Eh, you’re going to ask me there!?”

    『Anyhow, Seiichi-sama doesn’t have to adapt, since the surrounding environment will match to Seiichi-sama, so……』

    “Let me be a human!?”

    『? Of course, Seiichi-sama is a human being, you know? 』

    “It’s divergence from the image of a human being inside me is great …….!”

    No matter how you think about it, don’t talk about me being human. I’m already, a human-shaped Nanika*. (TN: Something which isn’t known)

    I just, want to enjoy the sea normally! That’s why, I just want the ability to match it!

    That is, a peaceful skill that feels like a 【Swimming】 skill!

    『Hah, if Seiichi-sama asked that much, then ……』

    Then, the announcement in my brain replied, although I appeared to be not somewhat convinced, of whether my complaint was understood by it or not.

    『Skill 【Aquatic* 】 has been acquired』 (TN: The kanji used “水棲” can also mean ‘living in the water’)

    Not just swimming! I can even live here!

    It’s a ridiculous difference just by contrasting one letter!?

    Apart from that, I don’t plan to live underwater!

    Why doesn’t it feel like a normal swimming skill!?

    No matter how you look at it, that’s very far apart from a human!?

    To me who continued my surging waves of tsukkomi, the brain announcement raised a voice of approval for some reason.

    『Ah! I see, that was very discourteous of me. But it is certainly so! 』

    “Oh, you finally understood huh…….”

    Will I get the 【Swimming】 skill with this?

    I can swim without it, but it’ll be somehow different if there was a correction.

    『Skill 【Aquatic (no oxygen required) 】 has been acquired. 』


    That’s very far from humans! It’s worse than before!?

    This means, that I don’t even need air in the water!? Even fish breathes!

    Brain announcement, where do you want my body to go!?

    『? Did you have any inconveniences? 』

    “There are only inconveniences, though!?”

    『However…… I thought that this would be suitable for Seiichi-sama, who is a 【Human Being】, but …… 』

    “It’s not a 【Human Being】 that I know……!”

    At least I don’t know any humans who can spend time in the water without breathing.

    『Well, isn’t that fine? With this skill, Seiichi-sama will be able to fully enjoy the sea. 』

    “Hah!? No, just a little!? At least, the 【Swimming】 skill ――――”

    『Well then, have a nice day-off! 』


    Come back! Please! Come baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

    No matter how much I scream, the brain announcement did not answer.

    As I was battered, Saria and the others approached me.

    “What’s wrong? Seiichi.”

    “You, are noisy wherever you go ……”

    “So,somewhat……Due to the excessiveness of the world, I’ve become able to live underwater……”

    “What happened in this short amount of time!?”

    Al, that’s what I want to ask too.

    However, the brain announcement had no reaction which is the other party I should questioned, and I have no longer any choice but to accept it.

    “Damnit! This is a mess! I’ll swim to my heart’s conteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeent!”


    “I, I don’t really understand, but …… whatever, if you’re that eager, then let’s swim together!”

    While being invited by Al, I swim in the sea together with Saria and Al.

    Saria, who originally caught fish in the river of the 【Forest of Endless Love and Sorrow】, is also good at swimming and she swims smoothly in the sea.

    Al has rarely come to the sea, and she hardly went outside until she met us, so she didn’t even have a chance to swim, but still, she’s swimming beautifully without any worries.

    And speaking of me ……



    “That’s not called swimming!”

    “I know right.”

    I was running under the sea.

    It may not make sense, but I want you to feel assured.

    I too don’t even know what this means.

    However, I am not swimming in the water, but I can move freely in it as if I were moving on the ground.

    With that outcome, just like running on the ground, I succeeded in running underwater.

    What’s more, I don’t have to touch the bottom of the sea, and I can build a foothold just by the momentum of the water stream, so it’s literally running underwater.

    It’s possible for me to swim normally, but this one has a faster movement speed as you can see.

    “Oh, that’s amazing, Seiichi! Then, I’ll try it too!”


    Then, when I thought that Saria, who was watching my movement, suddenly turned to her Goria form, in underwater ―――― or rather, she started sprinting on the surface of the sea.

    “I did it”


    Among other things, it’s the terror of the Gorilla who is sprinting on the surface of the sea with her whole power! Moreover, her posture is super beautiful! In what place did she become a track and field athlete!?

    Al, who was watching the scene the same as me, muttered.

    “…… I am, the most normal here.”

    “No, even I too――――”

    “You’re not.”

    Before I even finished, she denied it…… I just yearned being normal a little …….

    When I was enjoying the sea with Saria and Al, I heard a voice from the sandy beach.

    “…… Seiichi-oniichan.”

    “Nn? Olga-chan …… what is that!?”

    When I turned my gaze towards her voice, a super-splendid castle was completed there.

    “A,a’re, when did you……?”

    “Come now…… it’s just, I could see Olga and Zora playing together on the beach, so I guess they made it together.”

    “So big!”

    As Saria said, the sand castle near Olga-chan is, no different from our height.

    When I went to Olga-chan and the others to see the castle near them, Olga-chan stuck out her chest.

    “……Nn. I did my best.”

    “It’s amazing!”

    “…… Mufu. But it’s not just with my power. It’s thanks to Zora-oneechan.”


    Perhaps because she didn’t expect that she’ll throw the dice at her. Zora raised a surprised voice.

    “…… This castle is sturdy, because it’s been solidified, by Zora-oneechan’s ability.”

    “Hee! I see.”

    When I was involuntarily impressed and turned my eyes to Zora, Zora shyly turned her gaze away.

    “Well, that…… lately, for some reason, I’ve been feeling better…… I used to indiscriminately change my surroundings, to stones regardless of my will. But now I can control it freely of my own will. Moreover, I can now control the strength of petrification.”

    We’re surprised that she has, grown like that.

    “Zora-chan, you’ve done it!”

    “Ah, I think that’s amazing. I know how happy you are not to be swayed by the power you’ve had trouble with.”

    Zora laughed happily at Al’s words.

    “Then, Zora’s glasses are relieved from its duty?”

    Those glasses were originally made to suppress Zora’s abilities, but if she can control them now, then it’s not needed anymore.

    I think she heard that, but Zora shakes her head quietly.

    “No, this is ….. Seiichi-san produced this thing for me. Because of this, I was able to look at people without being afraid, and I was able to see the outside world without fear. That’s why, this is, my treasure.”

    “I,is that so.”


    She turned a straight smile towards me, which made me feel quite embarrassed.

    For me, I just acted on my own, hoping that I could get rid of Zora’s troubles even for just a little, so I was very embarrassed to be thanked this much, and to be told that that glasses were a treasure.

    When I was thinking about changing the topic somehow out of my embarrassment, I suddenly noticed something.

    “Come to think of it, where’s Rurune?”

    “A’re? she’s certainly not here?”

    Everyone doesn’t seem to know Rurune’s whereabouts, so when we look around.

    “―――― Milord!”


    I heard Rurune’s voice from the sea, so when I turned my gaze toward that voice――――

    “I caught this!”

    “What did you catch!?”

    What the, Rurune was heading towards us, while blasting the surface of the sea, just as the time Goria ran on the surface of the sea.

    What’s more, for some reason, there is an ominous creature on top of her.

    It’s ridiculously huge, and its appearance looks like a mollusk, just like octopus and squid, with tentacles extending from all over its body.

    While we are all dumbfounded by the too unexpected creature, I activated 『Advanced Appraisal』 on the mysterious creature.

    【Evil God: —-】  (TN: The evil god has been defeated by Rurune…… perhaps she can defeat the Demon God too?)

    “What did you briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!”

    Evil God! It’s Evil God……!

    Where did she get it!? No, why is it here!?

    No matter how I look at it, it’s more dangerous than the true Bahamut that she defeated yesterday! Because it doesn’t have a level!

    Rather, it’s not the same being as the ultimate goal of the Demon God’s Cult in terms of category!? You’re kidding me!?

    It looks like I’m going to loss a bit of my sanity since seeing it, but is that okay!?

    “If my eyes aren’t being strange, I think that it’s a dangerous guy as I see it, but……”

    “…… Altria-oneechan, it’s okay. I believe it’s dangerous even if I see it.”

    “Tha,that’s true…… Somehow, it looks frightening …… “

    “It’s twisting and turning.”

    Saria. You, really had strong guts! No matter how I look at it, it’s like the end of the world is about to come!

    Then, my 『All Language Comprehension』 skill got activated, and I heard the words of the Evil god in front of me in my head.

    『……did…… do…… nkey…… donkey…… that……. donkey……. Is…… scary……』

    Rurune-san, what did you do?

    I see the evil god shivering in fear without its own silhouette, you know?

    I was stunned as I stare at the thing that Rurune brought …… Or rather, when I looked up, Rurune was floating an exuberant smile.

    “How is it, Milord! Doesn’t it look delicious!?”

    “Sorry, I don’t have the sensibility to say that this looks delicious! Why did you bring it in the first place!?”

    In response to my natural question, Rurune turned an apologetic look.

    “That’s …… I’ve caused a lot of trouble to Milord yesterday, so …… so, you can call it an apology of mine …… I’m going to let not only Milord but also everyone else eat what I’ve caught…….”


    No way, we were surprised that a word came out of Rurune’s mouth that she’ll gave away her food.

    I think last night’s dinner removal was quite effective. No, I think it was too effective, but.

    Anyway, Rurune seems to have brought this evil god to us with her own meaning of yesterday’s remorse.

    To have us eat it.

    “Rurune, you ……”


    “I’m sorry, I can’t eat this……!”


    No, I’m happy with Rurune’s feelings, but in what world are there people who will eat this evil god!?

    Even if it does look like an octopus …… No, it’s impossible after all!

    When Saria and the others nodded to my words, Rurune also seemed to have realized that all of us wouldn’t eat it, so she dropped her shoulders.

    “Tha, that’s right …… I can’t force you to eat it …… I understand. I will responsibly eat it…… “


    When my eyes were dotted to her unexpected remark, Lulune opened her mouth and ran to the evil god!

    『Gyaaaahh…… the hell…… the heeell …… donkey…… scary…… he,heeeeeeeeeeelp』

    “Mogumogu …… after all …… as I expected …… It’s good even if it’s raw …… the saltiness of the sea …… what is it……”


    The evil god steadily fitted inside Rurune’s belly.

    At that time, I could hear the evil god’s death cries, but …… I didn’t hear anything. I couldn’t hear anything!

    And finally, when the last tentacle entered inside Rurune’s mouth, Rurune stroked her belly with a smile.

    “After all, it was delicious as I expected!”

    “ that so? That’s…… good, right?”


    For the time being, Rurune grew a little (?) and what she had done, made me honestly pleased, that this city had escaped from the crisis of the world.


    When Seiichi and his companions were having fun in the port city of Southern, Ranze, the king of the Kingdom of Welmburg, was busy with work.

    “―――― The report of this territory, and the amount of tax collected are strange. I know that there was a poor harvest last year and the tax revenue was low, but there are no rumors or information like that this year. I will have you submit it again, and find it out.”


    Under Ranze’s instructions, the soldier receives the documents and leaves.

    Without looking at the soldier, he moves on to the next paperwork, but after seeing the letters written on the documents for a long time, the color of fatigue appeared in Ranze’s eyes.

    “Kuh … I’m having trouble with my eyes getting tired recently …… Thanks to Seiichi, my life expectancy has been extended, and even though I am in good health itself, if I cram my root too much, it seems that it will eventually break my body ……”

    Involuntarily looking at the documents piled up on his desk, he blurted out.

    Then, the door of Ranze’s room was knocked again.


    “Hah! Pardon me!”

    “I’m sure you are…… one of the soldiers in charge of patrolling near the border, right?”

    “Hah! It’s a great honor for me to have His Majesty remember my face!”

    As the soldier says, Ranze knew not only his name, but the face and the affiliations of each soldier.

    Therefore, he immediately knew the affiliation of the soldiers who came to the room in this manner, but he tilts his head at the same time.

    “So, what’s wrong? The fact that you came all the way here …… what happened near the border?”

    “Hah. Actually……”

    Upon hearing the report from the soldier, Ranze expressed a look of doubt.

    “Nn? Lately, you’ve seen the Kaiser Empire move near the border?”

    “Hah! Apparently, they were looking for someone, but……”

    “…… I don’t understand why, but there’s a lot of distance from that country to ours, and above all, they didn’t come into contact with the border. But there’s indeed soldiers there…… It definitely smells like trouble……”

    Ranze, who seemed to be tired, deposited his body on the back of the chair.

    “Besides…… I don’t want you to work near that area too much. I’m worried by the 『Mountain』 that appeared. The hell, what purpose does it have ……?”

    “What would you like for us to do?”

    “……Let’s see. If they’re searching for something as you said, it may be important to the Kaizer Empire. Go call Louise.”


    Once the soldier step back as it is, he came again with Louise in tow.

    “Your Majesty, I have brought you Louise-sama!”

    “Thanks for the trouble. Please withdraw.”


    When the soldier falls back as it is, the remaining Louise approaches Ranze.

    “Your Majesty. It was said that you have called for me, but what’s wrong?”

    “Actually, it seems that the figures of the soldiers of the Kaizer Empire near the border towards the 『Mountain』 can be seen. Apparently, they were looking for something or someone, but I want you to see the situation.”

    “Hah …… but, I’m not really good at covert operations, though ……”

    “You don’t have to worry about it. In the first place, it won’t be a problem even if it is within the border, and above all, it’s troublesome when a 『Mountain』 emerged. If they get in your way, you can attack. That’s why, take the 【Sword Saint War Maiden (Valkyrie) 】, and find out what the Kaizer Empire might be looking for.”

    “Your will”

    Louise bows her head and leaves.

    Ranze sighed, as he looked at her figure.

    “Geez, that country doesn’t do anything decent…… I want to take a bath as soon as possible.”

    Ranze sighed again, and when he regained his mind, he started his next job.

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