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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 182


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    “Bahamut…… Bahamut……”

    We came back from the lake, and apologized to all the different places.

    Meanwhile, Rurune continued to mutter in delirium about Bahamut.

    That’s because, the entire Bahamut that I caught, was decided to be donated to the town of Southern.

    For the time being, the great person in the city …… I headed to the so-called town mayor, and bowed my head, but in the first place, it seems that it was the first time they knew that a ridiculous existence called Bahamut lived in it, so rather, they were anxious about it.

    That’s why, I feel more guilty, but when I told them that we’ve successfully defeated it, and was going compensate for the broken boat, they were surprised but they said that I didn’t have to worry about it.

    As the town mayor, he said that he was thankful that the damages were only around the lake, even though such a legendary-class monster came out, but since I felt sorry, I decided to donate the Bahamut that I caught.

    When I brought it back, the Bahamut turned into drop items just like any other monsters, but the drop items are in the form of each part of the Bahamut, and I’m not really sure, but as expected of a legendary monster, its scales and fangs can be used for something.

    However, since I did not defeat it, but Rurune was the one who defeated it, the skill 『Complete Dismantling』 did not activate, and I didn’t get any status or skills. No, I don’t need it. Even if I get its status, I have no status to display it! It’s not like I can freely create skills to do something about it!

    Anyway, he thought that it’s not a good idea to take all of the Bahamut, but still, with the exception of Rurune, we got an amount of Bahamut that we couldn’t consume on our own.

    Bahamut seems to be delicious, and I definitely want the people in this town to eat it.

    When I donated the Bahamut with that in mind, the current Rurune got completed.

    “Don’t be so depressed. There’s a lot of fish that we’ve caught, and Bahamut isn’t something that you can completely eat. What if I said that we would cook it at the 『Black-tailed Gull Pavilion』?”

    “But …… but ……. it’s not aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall!”

    “No, as expected, we don’t really need all of that ……”

    I wonder how many days will we keep eating Bahamut. It’s not curry.

    No matter how much Rurune can consume it alone, it’s not like it’s a good thing to go along with her. Above all, Rurune doesn’t know how to cook, but other people can cook.

    As Rurune was screaming, Olga-chan turned her scornful eyes towards Rurune.

    “…… But, glutton, is without meal today.”

    “I don’t wannaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I don’t wannaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

    She was wildly weeping.

    Rurune, a super beautiful girl if she remained silent, was snottily crying without shame of being heard.

    However, it seems that Olga-chan is not going to forgive her either. I think it’s fine for me, but I changed my mind because I’m just going to spoil her who’s rampaging like that. It’s nice liking to eat, but don’t run wild.

    Rurune kept crying until the end, but in the end, Olga-chan’s forgiveness didn’t come forth, so we left Rurune in the room, and we had dinner at the restaurant.

    By the way, at that dinner, the river fishes and Bahamut that we caught were also served, but not only are the fresh water river fishes delicious, but everyone was surprised at the deliciousness of Bahamut.

    This is indeed delicious. According to the restaurant employee-san, tomorrow morning and noon, they are very much looking forward to preparing various Bahamut dishes, including the ones served today.

    We who were able to eat meals in a peaceful manner because Rurune wasn’t there, returned to each of our room, and took an open-air bath on the balcony and went to sleep slowly.


    “Uh …… delicious …… it’s delicious ……”

    Next morning.

    Rurune, who was freed from without meal, was crying and eating breakfast at the restaurant.

    Moreover, unlike yesterday’s lunch time, she was eating slowly, while tasting properly.

    We were surprised at her appearance, but Rurune talked about her change in tears.

    “I, I was foolish …… Before food everything is equally the same, killing others to live, and taking…… the history of cooking that our predecessors have accumulated in order to make such a meal more colorful with the concept of life and death, I didn’t really taste that well, I was just stupid and honest to its deliciousness …… Ueeeeeeen.”

    I, I don’t know what that is, but just not eating dinner yesterday seems to have caused a tremendous change in Rurune’s heart.

    At the time of the Royal Capital Cup, she didn’t eat breakfast because it was just livestock feed, so she didn’t eat it, but it seems that she became very responsive to the forced ban on meal.

    Rurune was able to eat her long-desired Bahamut, but her reaction when she ate it was the same as the river fish, and she ate it while saying 『It’s delicious…… Now I’m grateful for everything…… It’s delicious…… 』

    Uhmm …… I’m worried if she changed that far, but let’s see what will happen for a while. If I think about it normally, that rampaging appetite can be suppressed.

    After finishing our meal for the time being, we are planning to go to the sea today as originally intended.

    However, since none of us have swimsuits, we headed to the place where the hotel employee-san recommended swimsuit was being sold again, and we will go to the sea after we bought it.

    For that reason, we, who were ready, went out immediately.


    I bought a swimsuit safely, and came to the sea a little earlier.

    “This place is the 『Heaven Sandy Beach』 huh……”

    Regardless of the origin of the name, it can be said that it was heaven, the pure white sand spreads all over the area, creating a beautiful contrast with the color of the deep blue sea.

    The reason why, I came into this place first is, because Al and the others told me so.

    Apparently, it will take time for them to choose a swimsuit, and I was asked to go to the sea first and get ready.

    That’s because, apparently, when going to the sea, the parasols and tables need to be rented out, so I was here for such installation.

    Base on that information, I rented umbrellas and tables and looked around.

    “Hhmm…… There are no people here at all.”

    There were no people, just like the sea fading away from the tourist season.

    Well, if I think that this sea is reserved for us, then I’d rather appreciate it.

    Looking for a suitably good place, when I was relaxing with the parasols and tables setup, Al and the others came.


    “Nn? Ah――――!?”

    I turned to Al and the others, and I became speechless.

    I was setting up generally without thinking about anything, and they were buying swimsuits, but if I think about it normally, they will wear the swimsuit they bought …… In other words, everyone’s figure was quite stimulating.

    Firstly, Al wore a pure white bikini that looks great on her brown skin.

    “Ho,how is it……? Do,does it look good on me……?”


    The appearance of such Al while being embarrassed was too fascinating, and Al becomes more and more red when I was being speechless.

    “Sa,say something! It doesn’t look good on me anyway!”

    “That’s not the case! But …… that’s …… you were beautiful, so ……”


    Al turned her face redder than ever before.

    Then, Olga-chan called out to me.

    “……Seiichi-oniichan. Look look.”

    “Is that, a swimsuit? That’s an unusual material!”

    What the, Olga-chan was…… wearing a so-called school swimsuit. Moreover, the word 『Olga』 is written in hiragana on her chest. It’s absolutely the work of a hero!

    I was surprised at Olga-chan’s swimsuit, but Zora was also, in an enticing swimsuit figure.

    Zora was wearing a green bikini which was like Al, but she was wearing a pareo, and was very mature-ish.

    “Milord, how about me? Do I look good?”

    Rurune is a little quieter than usual, but Rurune who asked me with uneasiness somewhere, was wearing a shorts-type swimsuit with green and white stripes, and it fits well with the usual lively Rurune.

    “Olga-chan’s swimsuit was unexpected, but it looks great! Zora looks like an adult, and Rurune was, that’s …… I think it looks cute.”

    Even though I was raised to praise what I thought was good with my mother, it’s indeed a high hurdle to compliment a girl in a swimsuit! (TN: The perks of being a harem protagonist)

    To me who don’t have any resistance for girls, it’s very exciting and pleasing, but I suddenly realize that I am suffering from an extravagant trouble that I am stumped.

    “A’re? What about Saria?”

    “Nn? If it’s Saria――――”

    “―――― Seiichi!”

    “Oh? Sari――――!?”

    I turned to Saria’s voice, and I was lost for words again.

    That’s because ――――

    “How is it? Look good?”

    “Why are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!?”

    ―――― There was Goria in a red bikini.

    “Mou, what about me Seiichi. Do I look good?”

    “Before I look at you, I ask for an explanation of why you look like that ……!”

    “I thought that Seiichi would be delighted with it…… is it good?”

    “It’s differeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeent!”

    I thought of this at the time in the school festival of Barbador Magic Academy, but what does Saria think I am!?

    …… No, I was the one who confessed to her in gorilla, is that it huh. I see.

    Looking closely, I’ve come to think that Goria is also cute!

    “Ah, it looks good ZE☆”

    “Iyan, embarrassing”

    As I thumb up at her, Goria put her hand on her cheek, and wriggled her body.

    And then, when I think that her body suddenly glowed, she returned to the usual Saria.

    “I was told that I looked good by Seiichi, so I’m satisfied!”

    “I don’t know the standard of Saria’s satisfaction……!”

    Saria’s swimsuit, who returned to her human form, already looks great on her, and honestly, I’m having a lot of trouble with where to look……

    As I thought, Goria’s figure was gentler to my eyes!

    Then, Al, whose face was red, cleared her throat once.

    “Kohon. For the time being, why don’t we stop talking here and play? This is sort of a rental business.”

    “That’s right! Then Al, let’s go!”

    “Eh? Wait…… Saria!?”

    When Al got pulled by Saria, they run straight to the sea.

    “…… Is Zora-oneechan going too?”

    “Ye,yes! It’s my first time swimming, so I’m nervous ……”

    “…… No problem. I’m also new to it. That’s why, I’ve borrowed something like this.”

    “Eh? That is ……”

    “…… This seems to be a tool called 『Floating Ring』. It floats in the water, so it’s safe if you grabbed onto this.”

    Apparently, we could also rent a float at the shop where we bought the swimsuits, so she prepared a float for two people, and take it to the sea with Zora.

    As I watch each of them head out to sea, Rurune, who was left alone, called out to me.

    “Uhmm…… will Milord not swim?”

    “Eh? Ah, just a minute……”

    While looking at the sea, I suddenly thought of earth …… before I evolved.

    I’ve been to the sea, but I don’t have many good memories of water.

    For example, if I enter a private room in the bathroom, I would usually have water pour over my head, and most of all, the swimming class was the toughest.

    The guys who bullied me often revert the teacher’s eyes from me, as they held my head down, and I almost drowned.

    I reported it to my teacher that I would die with this, but…… the teacher didn’t respond.

    『―――― You said that your classmates were about to kill you, but how were you alive like this? 』

    『Sensei! If he’s dead, he shouldn’t be here! 』

    『Don’t say quibble things! 』

    『I’m being treated of quibbling!? 』

    ―――― I wasn’t able to get the other party to believe me like this.

    I think I said something very straightforward! I really cried at that time!

    What’s more, the bullies came to sink me thoroughly so that I won’t get found further by my sensei, the sensei who I told that. I really wanted them to focus those efforts at swimming.

    Hence, even if I detest swimming and reported that I’ll be on a trip, sensei didn’t pay any attention to me ……

    『You. You have good courage to try to skip in front of a teacher, huh? As a cross, keep swimming until I, your teacher, permits you to. 』

    『N,no, as expected that is――――』

    『Don’t say anything. If you had that meat waste, you wouldn’t sink, right? Get started! 』

    『Hidebu!? 』

    …… This is also the end of me being made to continue swimming endlessly.

    If my pace slows down even a little, or if I try to feel lax at it, the reprimands flies from sensei without needing to ask questions, which caused a very negative chain. Even if I think about it now, I can’t do anything about it!

    As a result of being made to continue swimming endlessly by the guidance of sensei, and the water attack from bullies in such a manner, ironically, I became good at swimming.

    However, it doesn’t change that I still have unpleasant memories of it.

    The reason why I came into the sea …… was purely because I wanted to overwrite my water-related memories with fun memories.

    Just being able to come to the sea with Saria and the others, makes me feel more rewarded than ever.

    “Somehow, I am satisfied just by coming to the sea.”

    “Haa…… By the way, Milord.”


    “This sandy beach …… can I eat it?”

    “Don’t eat it!?”

    It certainly looks like the 『Heaven Powder』, but! But it’s just sand!

    “Good grief…… Don’t say stupid things, Rurune, let’s play too. Looking at this scene a little more, I will also swim.”

    “Is, is that so? Then, I’ll excuse myself first.”

    When Rurune said so, she ran towards Olga-chan and the others.

    There were many things that happened before I came into this world, but I’ve made a lot of important people.

    There are a lot of guys whom I don’t understand well, such as the Kaizer Empire and the Demon God’s Cult, but I wish I could protect my loved ones on my own way.

    When I thought about such a thing, I went to the sea a little later.


    (TN: Happy New Year everyone!! (= ̄ω ̄=))

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