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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 180


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    “Wah! It’s wide!”


    We who moved to the room where we were guided, were surprised at the interior of the room.

    It’s not just the tallest room, even if there are three large beds lined up, it is still wide, and even an amateur could see that the floor, desk, and chairs were all made up of high-quality materials.

    The most amazing thing is, the view from the balcony of this room.

    What’s more, this balcony overlooking the ocean, is equipped with a jacuzzi.

    The Jacuzzi is a magic tool that is only available in this suite, and it seems to be ridiculously expensive. Or rather, what a wide range of magic tools. Even though electricity and science haven’t been developed in this world, magic can do almost anything.

    As expected, there seems to be no world-class magic tools like the TV and the internet here, but still, this is more than enough.

    Looking inside the room, Saria, who also found the jacuzzi, had her eyes shining.

    “Amazing! There is a bath in the room! Seiichi, let’s get in together!”


    “Bah! Saria, what are you saying!?”

    Both I and Al opened our eyes to Saria’s outrageous remarks.

    However, Saria curiously twists her head.

    “Why are you surprised?”

    “Wh,why, is it…… it’s normally bad to think about that, you know!?”

    “Why? I’m Seiichi’s bride, right?”


    When I came here and she said that she’s my wife, my thoughts stopped.

    I,is that okay ……? Saria is my bride, so is that okay ……!?

    When I was unable to think normally, with her face bright red, Al screams.

    “Tha,that maybe so, but I’m here too!?”

    “Eh? Al isn’t going in with us?”



    This time, Al hardened to Saria’s remark, that Al was also going with us.

    “I,I,I,I,I I together!?”


    “I, I …… with Seiichi ……?”

    Al had her face steadily getting redder, but eventually, it seemed that it exceeded the range that her brain could process, and smoke blew out from her face.

    “Al, pull yourself together! If Al won’t pull herself together, then who’s going to tsukkomi!?”

    “Me and…… Seiichi…… Naked……”


    Not good, Al’s not coming back ……!

    For me, there’s no doubt that this is a heavenly situation getting in with Saria and the other, but I want to have a healthier relationship……!

    When it came to Al, she hasn’t even let my parents greet her……!

    When I grabbed her shoulders and shook it to get Al back to her sanity somehow, Saria, who had made the bombshell remark, looked out at the sea from the balcony and opens her mouth.

    “Even so, it’s amazing! This is the sea……”

    Al, who finally returned to her senses to Saria, as she muttered with an emotional appearance, turned her gaze to the sea as well.

    “A, ah. It’s definitely amazing. I didn’t think that there is such a really huge puddle.”

    “Puddle ……”

    As Al gave a bitter smile at her analogy, Saria nods to Al’s words.

    “It’s a really big puddle! I’ve seen ponds and rivers, but there is such a large world of water spreading in this world ……”

    The impression of Saria who saw the sea for the first time, made me glad that I left that forest with Saria again.

    I hope I can continue to see the world that is unknown with Saria and the others after this.

    After spending a relaxing time for a while, Rurune and the others came to our room, and we head straight to the restaurant.



    When we came to the restaurant attached to the hotel, we were just dumbfounded.

    “Fumu …… it has a fair taste …… mu, this one is also hard to throw away …… Oh, this seasoning is to my liking…… Oi, its amount is small!”

    In front of the dishes that were carried and piled up on plates as they are, Rurune crosses her legs, with a dignified expression while talking about things like any critic would do.

    In such an incomprehensible scene, the employee-san who brought the meal was only utterly speechless.

    Rurune said that she is hungry, so I ordered food on one end anyhow, but the result is the sight in front of us.

    We who stay in the finest rooms, as part of our room service, it seems that it’s possible to have our meal brought to our room, but that can take a long time to wait, so we came to the restaurant to fill Rurune’s stomach at any rate.

    “Mu, what are you doing? Can you bring me a replacement fast?”

    “Ye,yes, right away!”

    “No no no!”

    I was dumfounded and was just staring at such a scene, but I finally tsukkomi’d.

    “I know that you were hungry, you know? But isn’t that strange!? Why is the top of plate got empty as soon as she delivers the food to you!?”

    “Of course, that because I’m eating it, you know?”

    “Are you kidding me!?”

    I seem to be asking about what is obvious to Rurune, but I want you to wait.

    When the dish was brought in a little while ago, she has already emptied the plate without us knowing what the food is.

    Moreover, Rurune who said that she has eaten the dish, didn’t seem to be specially chewing, and while sitting in a very natural posture, she even does conversation normally in this manner. No matter how I look at it, her mouth doesn’t seem to be eating something. (TN: It’s her new skill, Seiichi.)

    If you had something in your mouth, it would at least be hard to talk, and no matter how fast you eat, there’s indeed a limit.

    “It’s that a magic trick!? You’re talking normally, even if you’re eating!”

    “Eh? I eat it with my body, so……”

    “What are you talking about!?”

    What is eating with your body!? You eat with your mouth, right!?

    Or rather……!

    “You’re the only one who’s been eating since a while ago! Give us some meal too!”


    “Listen to my taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalk!”

    Refill, not!? Look, at the employee-san’s face! Since it’s super cramped!?

    If it’s just one meal, the room charge already includes the meal fee so there’s no problem, but no matter how I think about it, Rurune’s meals is beyond the limit. I’m sure I’ll pay extra. Even though I don’t have to worry about money at all, Rurune had better keep in mind to restrain herself.

    “In the first place, you shouldn’t eat it with such conveyor belt sushi sense!? No matter how you look at it, it’s a high-class cuisine …… wait, you were eating it immediately after confirming it, so I don’t know what kind of food it was……!?”

    Due to the quality of the hotel, the food served at this restaurant should be high-class, but I don’t know it at all because of Rurune.

    We’ve only seen plates since we came to the restaurant, right?

    Then, while emptying the food that the employee-san brought in again, Rurune responded to my words.

    “What’s a conveyor belt sushi!?”

    “Can you stop reacting only to food!?”

    Or rather, if Rurune were to come to Earth, she will eat up all the conveyor belt sushi without it going around to the next seat. It’s that worst.

    When we arrived in the town, due to the 『Heaven Powder』, shops were closed everywhere, and since she couldn’t enjoy the food, I know that Rurune is happy.

    But we were also the same, and were sad that we couldn’t eat the seafoods.

    “Wah … Rurune-chan, you eat a lot.”

    “……This, what we will eat, is the remains?”

    “Co,come now……? What does that……”

    It seems that Saria and the others don’t know what to say with Rurune’s eating. But of course. I’m confused too!

    When I was holding my head in Rurune’s running wildly, for some reason, Olga-chan starts crying.

    “O, Olga-chan!? What’s wrong!?”

    “…… Gusu. I’m sorry, Seiichi-oniichan. Glutton, is no longer a living thing ……”

    “No longer a living thing!?”

    Then who is in this place now!? She was originally a donkey, right!?

    “……Gusu. Glutton, became the universe ……”

    I don’t understand it anymore.

    What and how can she change jobs from a donkey to universe.

    It’s entirely my mistake of, giving Rurune human food. That must be it.

    “I don’t know it anymore, but that’s enough, let us eat it tooooooooooooooo!”

    Somehow, we managed to control Rurune’s rampage, and were finally able to start eating.

    Rather, it may be more correct to say that we were finally able to see the food straight on the plate.

    In front of us, who had only seen empty plates until now, such as the clear sashimi and well-boiled fish, a lot of very delicious dishes jumped into our eyes.

    …… It’s too scary to say that such delicious and beautiful dishes got empty without getting into our eyes.

    It looks like such delicious cuisines, but there was only one dish that I was uneasy of.

    That is…….

    “A,are…… this fry…… was the 『Heaven Powder』 used on this?”

    ―――― It’s a fried white fish dish.

    According to Scar-san, 『Heaven Powder』 seems to be very compatible with fried chicken, tempura, fried food, etc. so, it wouldn’t be strange if it was used in this dish.

    So, when I asked the employee who brought the food while being terrified……

    “Ah, rest assured. We do not use 『Heaven Powder』 in our establishment. Or rather, I don’t think it’s used in any cafeteria, you know?”

    “Eh, is that so?”

    “Anyhow, the taste of all the dishes will be taken by the 『Heaven Powder』, so…… as a cook, it’s not a good thing to add it. Of course, no store prohibits it for personal use, so if you want to use 『Heaven Powder』, you have to own it by yourself. Many chefs also have 『Heaven Powder』 in their homes, so we’re not denying the 『Heaven Powder』 itself. “

    “I see……”

    The adverse effects of 『Heaven Powder』 are terrifying.

    Perhaps its taste is good, but it makes the cook grieve too much.

    But for me, who wants to enjoy the food in this city, it was very appreciated.

    It seems that Saria and the others were the same, but only Rurune was a little disappointed. We can’t just feed it to this guy.

    Even though, I don’t know what is with that universe, what will happen when she eats the 『Heaven Powder』? She’ll become a God?

    “Nn—! This fish, is delicious!”

    “Ah. It’s my first time eating raw fish, but …… it’s pretty delicious.”

    “……Nn. This black soy sauce? It goes well with it.”

    “I, I like this clear soup stock!”

    Everyone seems to have found their favorite dish, Saria on nitsuki(TN: fish boiled in soy sauce), Al is sashimi, Olga-chan is on fried chicken, and Zora seems to like the soup.

    There are fish dishes in Terviel too, but I can’t eat sashimi without using fresh fish, so this is the first time in a long time that I also ate raw fish.

    Just in case, before I eat it, I activated 『Advanced Appraisal』 and checked for the presence of parasites, but there was no problem around that area.

    Perhaps, unlike earth, there may not be many parasites of fish in this world, though.

    It’s hard to put all the dishes in my mouth, and I was very anxious, but as I thought, together with Al, the sashimi was delicious. I have eaten these for the first time in a long time, but the presence of soy sauce and wasabi is also great.

    However, if you think that soy sauce and wasabi are related to Earth, that is not the case, it was said that it’s a condiment that is often used in port towns on a daily basis. Originally, it was condiments that came from the eastern country.

    Come to think of it, there seems to be a country which is similar to Japan called the Eastern country, and I would like to go there someday.

    When I finish the meal while thinking about such a thing, an employee-san came and clear the plates.

    “How was your meal?”

    “Ah, it was very delicious!”

    “I’m glad to hear that! In this current situation, there aren’t many customers coming from outside ……”

    Certainly, with the Kaizer Empire beginning the war, tourists from other countries may not be expected.

    “That’s why, we were relieved that our customers said that it was delicious. By the way, are you going sightseeing in this city?”

    “Yes. Tentatively, I am registered as an adventurer, so we came to this town on a request, but our big purpose was for sightseeing.”

    “I see, so that’s it.”

    When I saw the employee-san nodding as if she was satisfied with my words, I suddenly asked.

    “So, when looking around this town,  do you have any recommended places? So far, we’re only thinking about playing in the sea …… If you have any recommended location of the sea, please let us know.”

    The employee-san answered my question with a smile.

    “I see, so it’s sea-bathing! If that is so, then the 『Heaven Beach』 is what I recommend, you know? It’s the biggest place, and it’s location is very close to this inn!”

    “Oh, that place looks somewhat fair. What, is the origin of the name?”

    “Yes! It was named that way because it was a sandy beach like the 『Heaven Powder』!”

    “We can’t get away from that powder!?”

    This town is dangerous! No, that powder is dangerous!

    “However, that sea is also a recommendation, but for me, I also recommend the lake in the western forest!”

    “Eh? There’s a lake here?”

    “Yes! In this area famous as a port town, you can eat a lot of seafood products. However, there is actually a forest nearby, you can also enjoy the mountain fruits, you know?”

    Hee……that’s amazing. You can enjoy both the sea, and the mountain in this place alone huh.

    “Well, there’s a lake in the nearby forest, and you can also enjoy fishing there! Of course, if you bring the fish that you caught, we can serve it as your dish, you know?”

    “Let’s go to the lake, Milord!”

    “You got caught with food.”

    The donkey got caught in front of the fish.

    Rather than that, it’s not just seafood here, we can also eat freshwater fish such as the river fish here.

    All of the dishes served at this restaurant were seafood, so personally, I’m also curious about the fishes in the lake.

    On Earth, rivers and lakes have an image of being dirty, but in another world, the air is clean, and the water is not contaminated with chemical substances, so it’ll be somewhat safer. Well, they say that they are afraid of river fish due to parasites, so they don’t eat them raw, and it’s cooked properly, but …… what about in this world?

    I felt it when I appraised the sashimi a while ago, but there may be few parasites in this other world in the first place.

    I was perplexed in the employee-san’s words, so I ask everyone.

    “What are we gonna do? The sea is nice, but fishing on the lake does seem to be fun, doesn’t it?”

    “I want to go fishing! I’ve never done that before!”

    “Don’t mind about me, too. Besides, we don’t have to enjoy it all in one day today, right?”

    “……Nn. We’re on vacation, and we should play in the sea tomorrow.”

    “I agree. I’ve seen a lake in the dungeon, but I’ve never gone fishing, so I’m looking forward to it!”

    Everyone seems to have no problem in fishing, so it’s decided that today’s schedule is fishing.

    As Al and Olga-chan said, we don’t have to play everything today, we can just go to the sea tomorrow.

    “Just in case, there is a possibility that monsters and beasts will appear in the forest, but everyone was adventurers, so I think it’s okay.”

    “That’s indeed true. For the information, thank you very much! I’d like to go fishing right away.”

    “No, no. Also, if you need a fishing rod, there are also shops that sell fishing gear on the right side after you leave the inn, so I think you should take a look at that place! Oh fish, I’m looking forward to you.”

    Maybe the employee-san’s aim was the fish in the lake, and when I heard her last words, I smiled wryly.

    After thanking such employee-san again, we went to the fishing tackle shop where we were taught, and set out for the lake.

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