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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 179


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    “―――― Hand that oveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!”

    “This is mineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

    “Uhihihihi! It’s, delicious! Deliciouuuuus!”

    “Hah!? It,it’s gone already!? Mo,more, give me moreeeeeeeeeeeeee!”


    The port town by the sea in the Welmburg Kingdom, which took about a week …… we arrived at 【Southern】.

    What was spreading in this place, was not the scent of the salt water, seafood and the glittering sea that I expected, but rather a battle royale by the residents here.

    Everyone’s eyes were bloodshot, regardless of their age or sex, and they are competing for the 『Heaven Powder』 that we brought just now.

    Aside from us who were staring at the scene stunned, Scar-san, the head of the Scarface Firm, who requested us this time, called out to his subordinates.

    “Tsk … as I thought, they’re running wildly……! Oi, bastards! Stop them even if you have to hit those who are rampaging! After that, sell the products that we have brought, sell, sell, sell it to them!”

    『Oh! 』

    Everyone at the Scarface Firm are, as Gassur said, all strong men, so as I thought, no matter how I look at it, I can only see those people doing shady business.

    However, it can be said that the only thing which is good, is that no bandits attacked us. If they attacked us, it seems that they’ll come to us and steal it with desperation. Looking at the scene in front of me now, I don’t think that it’s a lie anymore.

    After giving instructions to each of his subordinates, Scar-san turned to us.

    “Well …… I was in your care up to this time, I guess? This is my gratitude for taking care of me, apart from your reward. Please receive it. “

    Saying that, he handed a document certifying that the request was fulfilled, and also the 『Heaven Powder』, which is currently undergoing a looting battle.

    “Eeeeeee!? N,no, I don’t particularly……!”

    “See you then! I’m going to silence with my subordinates the people in the town as it is.”

    I immediately tried to return the powder, but as Scar-san said that, he went straight to the town as it was.

    “Eh……? What should I do with this ……?”

    “Ah, Milord? If you don’t want it, then I,I’ll eat it!?”

    “I will absolutely never give it to you.”


    Even though, there is a scramble occurring in front of my eyes, giving such a thing to Rurune, I’m scared of that!

    I can only see the future of her monopolizing it by defeating all the people in the town who are fighting!

    I immediately threw the 『Heaven Powder』 into the item box, and I gazed at the town of Southern again.

    “……this, is it okay for us to enter as it is?”

    “I don’t know. At least, this is not a situation where they can do inspection, right?”

    Al didn’t seem to be so surprised, and said so in a dumbfounded manner. A’re? Is this normal? Is it the usual!?

    Nonetheless, since we were still just standing as it is, we went straight into the town.

    Once we’re inside, there’s a bustle that is different from Terviel and the academy city, and as expected, because it was a port town, many seafood shops were lined up.

    ……However, the owners of the stores are all competing for the 『Heaven Powder』 that they desire, so it doesn’t look like we can buy anything.

    “Regrettably, I don’t think we can eat anything right now.”

    “There are no people in the shop.”


    Following the 『Heaven Powder』, Rurune, who was probably the foremost who had been looking forward to the food of this town, was shocked again while standing still. Aside from the 『Heaven Powder』, as expected, she’s too pitiful to not even be able to eat the food of this town.

    Even now, Scar-san and the others are stopping…… A’re, he told them to stop them even if they hit them, but is that okay? Isn’t the feeling of them doing shady business work increasing more and more?

    Anyway, after a while, the 『Heaven Powder』 will be transported inside, and this turmoil too will subside.

    “For the time being, let’s go and report our request accomplishment first.”

    If possible, I wanted the townspeople to tell us the location of the Adventurer’s Guild in Southern, but that doesn’t seem to be the case now, so we have no choice but to look for it ourselves.

    Al was astounded at the situation of this town, but it seems that this is the first time Al came to this town, so as expected, she did not know its location.

    “Ah! Isn’t that it?”

    After walking around the town for a while, Saria points to one building.

    Then, I saw a building with the same sword and shield sign as the guild headquarters in Terviel.

    “Oh. It doesn’t look that different.”

    “Well, the guys who belong there will be very different, though.”


    Al said something strange, so when I go inside while twisting my neck, the construction of the building itself is not much different from the guild headquarters, and was built with a bar attached.

    However, there is only one obvious difference.

    That is――――

    “Eh, there’s no…… pervert here……!?”

    No matter where I look, armed people generally look at the request bulletin board, and were chatting while drinking alcohol at the bar, creating an unthinkable peaceful space at the guild headquarters.

    “A, Al! Is this place really the guild!? It’s not a mistake that we’re at a city hall!?”

    “You’ve been poisoned too much.”


    I noticed when Al told me.

    Yes, that’s right ……! This guild is normal! That guild is weird! Dangerous, my common sense has been taken over without me knowing it!?

    “…… Ah, my common sense and ordinariness have been deprived……”

    “What are you saying?”

    I was calmly tsukkomi’d by Al. Well, lately, my normalness has been running away. Just inadvertently.

    When we move to the reception desk for the time being, a woman with tanned skin greets us with a smile.

    Her clothes also seem to be based on the design that Eris wore at the guild headquarters, but perhaps to suit the climate of this sea town, it is quite open and has a lot of skin exposure.

    Certainly, the temperature in this city isn’t extremely hot, but it’s pretty hot. I’m not particularly struggling with the effects of my equipment, but Al was sweating a little by the time we came into this guild branch.

    “Welcome to the Southern Branch! Is it placing an order for a request? Or, is it a new registration?”

    “Ah, no, we’ve accomplished a request, so I’m reporting it.”

    “I see! Then, let me take look at the documents and your guild card.”

    When I handed over the documents that I received from Scar-san and the guild card, the receptionist opened her eyes slightly, the moment she confirmed it.

    “Ah, you were commissioned by Scar-san. Coming from another place, you were surprised by the people in the town, weren’t you?”

    “Eh, yes. That’s right.”

    “Well, it happens once every few months, but please rest assured that it will calm down properly.”

    Such a terrifying scramble occurs once every few months!?

    I’m surprised at the frightening information, but looking at the people in this guild, it seems like it’s really some kind of a festival. A troublesome and savage festival, though!

    The lady at the reception who completed the procedure based on the documents I handed over, floats a smile.

    “Yes, I have confirmed the fulfillment of the request. Congratulations! By completing this request, the ranks of Saria-sama, Seiichi-sama, and Zora-sama have risen from F rank to E rank!”




    As I was surprised at the unexpected report, Saria raised an impressed voice. When it came to Zora, her eyes were dots.

    Rank up …… I didn’t even think about it at all, but did we get to accept such a request?

    If it was F rank, it would have been necessary to achieve 10 for the same F rank request and 5 for E rank request, but……

    Aside from me, Saria often helped with the orphanage, and if that had been processed as a request, that would be convincing. Still, it’s a mystery that my rank went up!

    No, if I say that, it’s strange that Zora, who has just registered, ranked up.

    Then, the receptionist told me as if she comprehended what I was thinking.

    “As for this rank-up, Saria-sama has accumulated certain number of achievements with her help for the orphanage that she sometimes went to, but this escort request was processed as a D-rank request, so with this one, it turned into a form of a rank up for you.”

    “Ah, I see……”

    Certainly, Gassur also said that the escort request is assumed to be from D class.

    In other words, because we fulfilled the request of two ranks higher, we ranked up……

    “That’s why, the rank-up of Seiichi-sama, Saria-sama, and Zora-sama is official, so please be relieved.”

    “Thank you very much”

    “And, this is your newly updated guild card.”

    When I checked the card that was handed over to me as she said so, there, it says E rank.

    I registered with the guild, and did not receive any requests. Finally, I’m E-rank…… it’s too late though! My body is evolving every time!

    “We did it, Seiichi!”


    “No, no way, I never thought that I’d rank up so quickly ……”

    Zora also stares at the card she received, and said so.

    Or rather, I registered earlier than Zora, but she already caught up to me, I guess?

    “Come to think of it, will Rurune and Olga-chan not register?”

    I didn’t think too deeply about it, but these two certainly has the abilities.

    In particular, Olga-chan is still young, but she has more experience than I do, and she should also have a lot of knowledge about adventurers.

    Well, Rurune only has a high level of fighting ability that I do not understand, but other than that, my insecurity factor for her is oversize, but ……

    “I am a knight of Milord, so. I will not accept any other requests!”

    “Ah, come to think of it, that was the setting.”


    That’s because, I only have the impression of you eating. What’s more, even if you said that you’re a knight, you prioritize your appetite!

    “…… I, don’t even want to accept a request to register. It’s enough for me to be with Seiichi-oniichan and the others.”

    “I see.”

    When I stroked Olga-chan’s head, Olga-chan squinted happily.

    We have finished all the procedures, but since it’s a hassle, let’s ask her about her recommended inn in this town.

    “Uhmm, this is my first time coming into this town, but do you have any recommended inn here?”

    “If that is so, then I recommend the 『Black-tailed Gull Pavilion』!”

    As we asked the receptionist to tell us where it was, we thanked her and left the Guild Branch in Southern.


    “This is the 『Black-tailed Gull Pavilion』 huh ……”

    “It’s big!”

    When we went into the place where we were taught, there was a splendid building that can be said like a resort hotel on earth there.

    Moreover, it was built in a position that’s facing the sea, and I can expect its scenery from the balcony.

    Incidentally, by the time we leave the guild after completing the request fulfillment procedure, the state of the town has also become quite calm, and here and there, the businesses had resumed.

    …… Albeit temporarily, I think that powder that stops the economy of the whole town is really dangerous.

    As we enter the building, at the entrance of the building, decorative plants and small water fountain, and there are also rattan chairs and desks, which were reminiscent of resort hotels on earth.

    I’ve never been to a place like this on earth before, so it’s pretty fresh.


    When I was unintentionally looking around, the clerk-san called out.

    Her clothes, are also very cool-looking with short sleeves and short pants, so her skin was quite tanned.

    “Etto, we’d like to stay, but is there any vacant room?”

    “Yes, it’s alright! The number of tourists always decreases during this time of year, so …… “

    I know right! I don’t think there any tourists who will come all the way here to see the people, of such a terrifying town!

    “Then, what about your room? If it’s now, we can prepare the best room for you in our hotel, but ……”

    “How much does it cost?”

    “Two gold coins per person per night. However, we are very proud that the room is worth the price!”

    Oh, that doesn’t really bother me.

    After all, the main reason I came to this city this time is to take a break.

    I can spend as much luxury as I can.

    I don’t usually spend that much money, and perhaps because I’ve defeated a lot of monsters, I have too much money to use……

    “As for the number of customers, two rooms for three people can be prepared, but ……”

    “That’s no problem, so please give us that room.”


    I certainly used to mind it a lot before, but for some reason, I got used to staying in a room with Saria, so I don’t care about that now. I haven’t done anything wrong to feel guilty, and I’m very healthy!

    As handed her 12 gold coins for six people, I received the keys in exchange.

    “Then, your rooms will be room 601 and room 602 on the top floor.  Meals are also included in the set, and you can eat anytime you go to the dining room, so please use it by all means.”

    After hearing the words of clerk-san like that, Rurune was the first to react to the word meal, so we moved to the room once before we went to the dining room.

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