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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 178


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    AN: I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.

    (TN: You’ve really kept us waiting, author-san~! Thank you!)

    The next day, when I visited the guild again, I search for Gassur.

    However, although he usually does muscle poses near the reception desk, I can’t see his figure today. A’re?

    When I was just tilting my head, from the room at the back of the reception, Gassur appeared.

    “O—i! Seiichi-kun! Over here!”


    We didn’t expect that we’ll be guided to the back of the reception, so we move with a little surprise.

    Then, inside was a room like a drawing room, with a good quality desk and sofa.

    ……Are they using this? It’s very beautiful, but ……

    When I was wondering if there was any use of this room at the guild headquarters, Gassur came over.

    “Nice for you to come. Without delay, let me introduce Seiichi’s client. This is Scar-san from 『Scarface Firm』.”

    Scarface Firm!? What is that company with a name that seems to be dangerous!

    When I was involuntarily surprised by the name, a man appeared from behind Gassur!

    “Kukuku …… I’m Scar. Nice to meet you?”

    What should I do, no matter how I look at him, he looks like an illegal trader person……!

    The man introduced by Gassur, had a big scar on his face with a skinhead, and had a body like a fine large man.

    Being dumbfounded by the large man…… When I stared at Scar-san, Scar-san broadly grins.

    “Fuh …… are you the ones who were going to take my request?”

    Then, Saria cheerfully raised her hand to Scar-san’s question.

    “Yes! That’s right!”

    “As far as I’ve heard, you are F ranks, but…… I wonder if it’s alright? Ah?”

    Scar-san may not have the intention to threaten us, but no matter how I look at him, I was being hurl away!

    However, he is right that I and Saria are F rank, so when I was wondering what to answer, Gassur opened his mouth.

    “Hahaha! Scar-san, rest assured! I vow to my muscles that I guarantee their power!”

    “There are more reassuring materials than that.”

    That’s right, isn’t it!? He just swore to his muscles, and not to God!?

    …… No, but, from Gassur’s perspective, muscles are more important than God. How about that, too?

    “Ah…… leaving the Guild master there aside, I’m an A-class adventurer, so I can follow you if anything happens.”

    Looking tired somewhere, Al held her head, but she was able to say so to Scar-san.

    “Fuun …… I see. That’s a relief.”

    “Etto …… if there doesn’t seem to be any problem, we would like to accept the request from you, but…… “

    “Ah, it’s fine. Just a confirmation? This Gassur bastard, I didn’t expect that he’ll send in sensible people.”

    Distorting his frightening face that will make some people cry depending on who sees it, Scar-san laughed. I, I wonder if he’s a good person.

    For the time being, it seems that we were able to receive the request safely, making me feel relieved at that, and I say this as I was curious.

    “Uh,uhmm…… Why did you decide to hire an escort? Scar-san seems to be able to fight too, but ……”

    “That’s because of thieves, war, and the turmoil lately, I believe? In order to protect myself.”

    Mou~ I’m really sorry, but no matter how I look at you, it looks like you’re on the side that robs!

    Forgive me! I know that it’s just my distorted view no matter what, but at the very least, forgive me for what I think in my heart!

    “Indeed, everyone in our store can fight, but considering about what we’re dealing with…… I’m worried that we alone can’t protect the products. Because thieves come to steal it even if they struggle to death, I believe?”

    What are you carrying!? I think that it’s worth a lot of money for thieves to come and steal it!?

    “Etto…… forgive my impoliteness, but what are you dealing with?”

    “Nn? That’s…… It’s a magic powder that can make you super high with just one taste.” (TN: In other words, drugs)


    No matter how I think about it, that’s dangerous! Coupled with its appearance, it’s the worst!

    Aside from my unsettledness, Scar-san took out a carefully packed white powder from his bosom.

    “This is the miracle powder that makes everyone happy …… the 『Heaven Powder』”

    “Its dangerousness is increasing more and more……!”

    No matter how I think about the name of the powder, it only smells illegal!? This escort, is it really okay for us to accept it!?

    I inadvertently activated the 【Advanced appraisal】 skill, on the powder that Scar-san had in his hand.

    【Heaven Powder】 …… A kind of condiment miraculously created as a result of Scarface Firm combining various spices, amino acids, and new types of umami ingredients. Its exquisite saltiness and faint sweetness can become a habit, and addicts continue to appear due to it. However, it does not contain narcotic components that are harmful to the body, and it is also good for your health if only an appropriate amount is ingest.

    It was really legal ……! Moreover, it’s good for the health!?

    That’s, it’s the same type of powder that is sprinkled on a certain rice cracker!? (TN: Senbei)

    Is it also here in this world!? That’s!?

    Then, Gassur, who was listening to the conversation, nodded with a mysterious expression on his face.

    “Umu. Because of this product, Scar-san asks for an escort every time he goes to another city. If the product he is dealing with is not this powder, then if it was the case, Scar-san wouldn’t need an escort. Anyhow, even if he was looking for an adventurer, it has to have at least an A-class ability. His employees were also talented people of B grade or higher.”

    What kind of store does he has really? A company made up of people as strong as adventurers …… too mysterious.

    When I was terrified by the fighting power of the Scarface Firm, Scar gave me additional information about 『Heaven Powder』.

    “Incidentally, in the past, one country was destroyed over this powder, it was that popular, you know?”

    “I think we should ban it right now ……!”

    It may be legal, but its existence itself is too dangerous!

    “If they can’t get their hands on this powder…… there’ll be riots all over the world, and the world will end, I guess?”

    “To that extent!?”

    Isn’t it more dangerous than the Demon God? This powder.

    Far from the Demon God, the world would be in crisis with just a single powder, you know?

    “Well, if you taste this powder, you can forget any unpleasant things in one shot …… Yes, with this, all of humanity will be happy.”

    The more I listen to him, the more I think that it’s a dangerous stuff!

    …… A’re, wait a minute.

    The Demon God would be revived with negative emotions from all over the world, and his power will get stronger, right? But this powder makes everyone happy, so no negative emotions will be born, right?

    Why is there such an exquisite equilibrium relationship!? Powder and Demon god!? Because the other party is a God, right!?

    “However, this powder also has a weakness.”


    “I didn’t say it? This powder, is a condiment.”

    Yup. Surprisingly, this powder is a legal seasoning. It contains no narcotic ingredients. No, really, how?

    “It was such a condiment, but…… this alone is too delicious, and there is no dish that it can’t harmonized.”

    “It didn’t up just a seasoning?”

    It’s no longer just a dangerous powder for the appearance of addicts one after another, right.

    Moreover, I’ve seen a very similar seasoning in a certain ingredient hunter manga! If it actually exists, it’ll be such a dangerous thing!? (TN: Toriko reference)

    “Well, the fried chicken and tempura, which are in the recipes recently spread by the heroes from another world, I found out that this seasoning goes well with it. Also, for grills and fried rice, and then …… You mentioned rice cracker, right? It goes well with that too.”

    No matter how I think about it, it’s the rice cracker that makes you happy in Japan, right! What are you spreading, heroes……!

    However, if you ask me, both the fried chicken and tempura seems delicious with it. I don’t know if this powder tastes the same, though.

    “And with that, in the port town where you’re going to escort me this time, fried fish has become a recent boom. So, that’s where our 『Heaven Powder』 comes in. Well, we’ve been handling it for a long time, but after finding out that it goes well with tempura and fried chicken, it became more popular.”

    “I, I see ……”

    I was surprised, because their motive was good.

    No, I’m the one who’s strange. Because, it’s legal. It’s just that its effect is weird.

    …… But I’m not convinceeeeeeeeeeeed!

    When I was holding my head involuntarily, Rurune, who had been silent until now, opens her mouth with a sharp expression.

    “Fuun. That seasoning, can I taste it?”

    “…… Glutton, that’s a terrible drool.”

    “It,it looks like a waterfall ……”

    Her expression itself is dignified, but as Zora said, Rurune’s mouth was drooling like a waterfall. Wipe it cause it’s dirty!

    Also, letting Rurune eat such a dangerous thing …… I don’t know what’s going to happen!

    At this rate, it seems that she will forcibly take away the powder that Scar-san has, so I decided to move the conversation quickly.

    “We,well then! When will you depart?”

    For us, it’s fine to leave now.

    Tentatively, the foodstuffs and other things are in our various item boxes, and even if we don’t have any foodstuffs, if we moved back to this Terviel with Scar-san and the others, and then transfer again, there will be no problem.

    “I would like to start the departure now if possible, but …… is that okay?”

    “It’s fine! Perhaps, are you in a hurry?”

    “Ah…… It’s been a while since I last delivered 『Heaven Powder』 there. By now, the people in the city of 【Southern】 may be killing each other in search of this stuff ……”

    “It will not be ban after all!?”

    It’s no good if it develops into killing each other!?

    “That’s why, I want to go right now. Is it okay?”

    “U,understood! Let’s go right away.”

    Don’t go making a joke about killing each other with just one seasoning like this! I want to believe that it’s a joke, but…… Scar-san’s expression is so serious that I can’t ask!

    ―――― In this way, we who safely finished the face to face meeting and confirmation, immediately left for the port town of 【Southern】.

    …… Please show me the blue sea, not the sea of blood! (TN: That’s a flag!!)

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