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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 177


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    Next day.

    Just like yesterday, me, Saria, and Al were eating a little late lunch at the inn.

    By the way, Olga-chan and Zora, and Rurune that was taken by Olga-chan, were visiting the orphanage again.

    Apparently, when they went to the orphanage with Saria yesterday, it seems that they promised to play today as well. For Olga-chan, I’m glad she made friends who are close to her age. Zora seems to have become accustomed to it without being scared by the children.

    However, I don’t know how Rurune will be treated.

    When I was eating a meal, Al opened her mouth as if she suddenly remembered.

    “That’s right, we touch on the subject yesterday a little, but has Seiichi and Saria accepted a request?”



    When I involuntarily tilt my head, Al continues with a slight dismay.

    “Well, I haven’t received much requests because I’ve been busy lately, but more than that, Seiichi and the others don’t seem to be accepting requests ……”

    “Nn, I went to Claire-san’s orphanage yesterday, but it was not a request……”

    That being said, after I took the exam to register at the guild, I don’t remember receiving a decent request.

    …… I’ve completely forgotten it, or something……

    I originally registered at the guild, to collect information about Kannazuki-senpai and the others, and I just wanted something that’s like an ID card, so I don’t have any particular enthusiasm for a request.

    “Even though Seiichi and Saria were able to make a lot of customers at the time of their exam, it doesn’t make any sense ……”

    “Ah, ahaha ……”

    I have no words to return.

    In the exam when registering for the guild, Saria took care of the children at the orphanage, and I was asked to take Milk-chan on a walk at Adriana’s house, but thanks to the mutual satisfaction of the clients, as Al said, we supposed to have been able to receive regular requests from them as our customer.

    However, I became a teacher at the academy, I’ve thrown the soldiers of the Kaizer Empire into the sea, and I helped Luthia’s father…… I didn’t have time to accept a normal request at all.

    Or rather, when I think about it like this, I’ve spent a hard life, me.

    Al sighed at me, as I look far away.

    “Haa…… well, I knew you’ve been busy. Besides, a request is not compulsory.”

    “Tha, that’s right!”


    Even if I tried to get on Al’s words, interrupting my words like that, Al turned his scornful glare at me.

    “Because your ability being F rank is a fraud!?”

    “E, eh? Is that so?”

    “Why are you twisting your head there!”

    “After all, the people at the guild headquarters are only C-ranked and below, even though they have the ability.”

    “In other words, you’re admitting that you’re a pervert?”


    I was stunned by Al’s words.

    Ce,certainly, if it stays like this, I’ll be treated the same as those perverts ……!

    “I, I have to raise my rank right now ……!”

    “…… Well, S rank is also only for weirdos, though.”

    “Where’s the salvation!?”

    It’s not even good if my rank is low, and what should I do if my rank is high!?

    Then, Al exhaled a sigh.

    “Haa …… well, calm down. I’m not saying you become S rank all of a sudden, at least get out of F rank.”

    “Tha,that’s right ……”

    For the time being, let’s get out of the F rank just as Al says.

    When I have set another goal besides going to the sea, Al who finished eating her meal stood up.

    “That’s why, let’s go to the guild.”


    “In the guild, we’ll try to find out if there’s a request for work in the direction of a city near the sea. If we’re lucky, we might get an escort request.”

    “I see……”

    “So, you’re done eating, right? Let’s go now.”

    “Eh? ah, wai!”

    I was still eating, and as I hurriedly put the food in my mouth, I chased Al.


    “Mu? Oh, if it aren’t Seiichi-kun and the others! It’s rare for you to show your face in the guild.”

    When I visited the guild headquarters for the first time in a long time, Gassur who continues to take a macho pose next to the receptionist as usual, said that with his teeth shining white. Is this person, really working?

    As I have a question that I don’t know how many times I asked, Al asks Gassur.

    “Gassur, is there anything we can do like going to the sea at a recent request?”

    “The sea? What’s wrong?”

    “Ah, actually ……”

    To the question of Gassur, Al told him that I wanted to go to the sea.

    Then ……

    “Se,Seiichi-kun…… to be so mentally tired …… what happened?”

    “Don’t look at me like that!?”

    Gassur looked at me with sympathetic eyes from the bottom of his heart.

    “We adventurers are free. But even if it’s that…… you don’t have the option to rest, isn’t it proof that you’re being driven to the corner?”

    “Uh, that’s ……”

    I don’t think I’ve actually been cornered, but since I don’t remember playing purely happily, I just made a suggestion that I want to go to the sea.

    Since I came to this world, I’ve been in continuous battle. I rarely had a chance to play on Earth, though.

    The adventurers around us who were listening to our conversation, also turned their gaze at me like they’re looking at a poor thing.

    “Oi oi…… if you’re so tired, why don’t you break things with me? I’ll hand it over, you know?”

    “Seiichi-shi …… will you watch over the little girls with me? You’ll be healed, you know?”

    “No no, how about getting naked here with me? It’s liberating, you know?”

    “Can you not try pulling me into a criminal’s path!?” (TN: The perverts being considerate)

    I don’t like this anymore! About this treatment just because I said that wanted to rest for a little!? I’ll cry!?

    I wonder how much I appear to be cornered to be sympathized by perverts.

    Thinking about it that far, I suddenly realized something.

    Ah …… if I think about it carefully, I wonder if there’s a different manner of thinking about taking a break in a different world from Earth.

    If anything, my current thinking circuit was leaning to black and being silly.

    “Well, aside from their invitations, the desire that’s emanating, it’s really pleasant! Seiichi-kun, you too, should expose your desires, and let’s take care of the guards together!”

    “Are you stupid?”

    “HAHAHA! It’s a muscle joke!”

    What kind of joke is that. The Guild Master recommended me take care of the soldiers in this country.

    I involuntarily glare at Gassur, but Gassur continued to pose without seeming to care.

    “Well? Is there a request after all?”

    When Al stares at Gassur in a stunned manner, she said so, and Gassur answers while changing his pose.

    “Umu, it’s just right, there’s only one escort request that have arrived. As Altria says, it’s the port city of this country…… an escort request to 【Southern】. I haven’t decided on the rank setting of the request yet, but…… well, it’s not just Altria-kun, but Seiichi-kun and the others will be there, so it’s fine.”

    Apparently, we should escort someone to the town called 【Southern】.

    It’s just that, I heard one thing that I was worried about.

    “Err, I and Saria are still in F rank, but can we accept an escort request?”

    “Fumu, I’m assuming that it’s supposed to start from D rank, but A rank Altria-kun is also there, so that wouldn’t be a problem. Besides, Seiichi-kun and Saria-kun are also strong, I knew it.”

    “…… Well, no comment.”

    For the time being, my status remains disguised and I intend to hide it, but I wonder if it’s been a lot of trouble to hide it lately, or my body is just so messed up that I can’t hide it…… I gave up.

    No, I’ve done so many things that I can’t deceive them no matter how I think about it! It’s too late now!

    Is it better to hide it at first so that I won’t get into trouble? I was thinking about it, but whether I hide something or not, when I get into trouble, I’ll get caught up with it, and it won’t make much sense.

    “Well, that’s why, I don’t think it’s a problem to accept this request. However, your low rank does not change, and the other party doesn’t know you yet. Even so, because we will mediate for you who are low in rank, the request fee may be a little cheaper, but I want you to understand that.”

    “That doesn’t matter. As for me, if we’ll go to the sea anyway, it’s only better to get a request so that it can be made into Seiichi’s achievements.”

    “I see. Then, tell Eris-kun, and go through the procedure by all means. I’ll contact the client, so come to this guild headquarters tomorrow!”

    We told Eris-san about this escort request as instructed by Gassur, and after we’ve completed the procedure, we left the guild headquarters.

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