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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 175


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    Because it was the long-awaited reunion of parent and child, we distance ourselves from the both of them, and watch over them.

    Of course, there’s a lot of things they need to talk about, but it seems that both Luthia and her father understood that, and after a certain amount of time, they come closer to us.

    “I heard from Luthia’s story. Once again …… I am, the real, father of Luthia, Zefar Butte, the current demon king. For helping my daughter, thank you.”

    Luthia’s father bows down after saying that …… To Zefar-san, I open my mouth in a hurry.

    “N,no! I’m glad, that my power was able to of help!”

    “Don’t be so humble. Without your power, I would have been taken in by the Night Ruler …… That’s why, could you tell me your name?”

    “Ah, I’m Hiiragi Seiichi.”

    “I see, Seiichi-dono…… again, my gratitude.”

    To Zefar-san who tells so with a serious expression, not only Luthia, but Saria and the others also look nervous.

    That’s right…… If my magic didn’t come in time, Zefar-san wouldn’t be here. I’m really glad I was in time.

    There is one thing, that I only worry about.

    It’s very important to me.

    If I won’t listen to this, I can’t help but feel hazy.

    “One thing, do you mind?”

    “Mu. I’ll answer, anything that I can answer if it’s not too much.”

    Perhaps to answer my question seriously, Zefar-san seems to have tightened his mind.

    What I would like to ask Zefar-san like this is……

    “That’s―――― if you were taken over, what would be the name of the night ruler?”

    “You’re worried about there!? I mean, he’s not even auspicious!”

    To my serious question, Al quickly tsukkomi’d.

    He may not be auspicious as he was certainly taken out, but.

    “But, I’m curious about that?”

    “No, it doesn’t matter if you say that your curious, you know!? Look, isn’t there something more you can ask him!?”

    “What should I…… ask……?”

    “Is this guy serious!”

    I don’t have anything else I want to ask Zefar-san, but…… on the other hand, does Al have anything to ask him?

    Zefar-san, who was watching our interactions like that, nodded with a serious expression.

    “Umu. He would have called himself 『Zen Nichiou*』.” (TN: All day ruler, opposite of night ruler.)

    “I see……”

    “You also answered!? Moreover, it’s super dull!”

    Al’s tsukkomi didn’t stop.

    Well…… I expected it to be 『Day and Night Ruler』, but it’s 『All Day Ruler』. Dull. No, 『Day and Night Ruler』 is also terribly dull, and I’m not qualified to say anything with my naming sense. After all, Kokekokko is a character that became magic!

    Al, who held her forehead as if to say that her head hurts in our reaction, sighed greatly, and she turned a serious expression toward Zefar-san.

    “Haa…… let’s get to a serious story, but did the night ruler really disappear completely from Zefar-san’s body?”

    “Ah. That’s no problem. Because I swallowed his spirit properly. Don’t worry.”


    “Altria ……?”

    To Al who is thinking about something after listening to Zefar-san’s words full of confidence, Luthia leans her head and calls out to her.

    And then…….

    “Just in case. Seiichi.”


    “Make sure Zefar-san really swallowed the night ruler guy.”


    “Can you do it? No, you can.”

    “It’s decided!?”

    “U umu…… I’m amazed just to see the morning came to this world, but on top of that, you can even check if he’s really gone huh…… Seiichi-dono is very outstanding.”

    “……Nn. Seiichi-oniichan is amazing. He’s not human.”


    I’m a human being! That was written on my status ―――― my status was still out of me! Hey, how far have you gone!?

    “Nnn! Well…… I don’t know if I can do that, but I’ll try.”

    “Well, I think it’s a waste of effort, but…… please take care of me.”

    But I wonder what should I actually do.

    Also, do I need to create a new magic with my 『Magic creation』 skill? As for my personal feelings, I don’t want to use it anymore today. It’s going to have a weird name again anyway!

    But as a last resort, I’ll think of it.

    As I was thinking about that, I suddenly remembered what I couldn’t do when the night ruler took control of Zefar-san’s body.

    I got it…… Now that Zefar-san is in control, if I use 『Synchronization』 skill to bring only one spirit to his state just like us, the night ruler who’s a foreign object will disappear, right?

    It’s good that I found it out, but if he’s actually there, it’s not going to be a problem. If I can defeat him incidentally with this, it will be two birds with one stone.

    That’s why, I activated the skill 『Synchronization』 immediately.

    『Skill 【Synchronization】 is activated …… completed. The content of this time, is based on the number of human spirits around, and the target person …… Zefar Butte’s number of spirits has been synchronized. 』

    “Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaa …… ――――”


    We become silent to the death throes that disappear in the distance.

    Above all, Zefar-san, who was full of confidence, looked away awkwardly.

    No way, he really didn’t think that the spirit of the night ruler really remained.

    Everyone has an indescribable expression, so I changed the topic to change the air.

    “Tha, that’s right! There’s no use being in this place anymore, so let’s get out of here quickly!”

    “Yes, that’s right!”

    “Kuh …… in the end, there was no unknown food here ……!”

    In fact, Zefar-san was also saved, and we don’t have anything to do here anymore.

    So, we try to go back, but Zefar-san shakes his head quietly.

    “I, can’t.”


    Luthia is stunned by Zefar-san’s words.

    “Yo,you can’t…… what do you mean?”

    “Lutia. If it’s the time of the night ruler, this land was a blessing and the planet, but now that I regained control of my body, and that I have only one spirit remaining inside of me, this place will once again become a prison to seal me. In other words, to leave ――――”

    Somehow, the conversation seems to be turning to the dark side, so I quickly activated 『President L*ncoln』. I was finally able to use this magic.

    When I thought that a ring of light that surrounds Zefar-san’s body who received my 『President L*ncoln』 has appeared, it burst.

    Seeing that scene, Zefar-san …… I think it’s rude, but he had a pretty stupid look on his face.


    “Err, I’ve broken that seal, so can we go back?”


    Perhaps it’s taking him a little time to understand the meaning of my words, Zefar-san, who has been frozen for a while, as he gets back to his senses, starts to rush again.

    “Lo,look, that’s it! I told you that this land is a different planet, right? In that sense, not only I but all of you can’t return!?”

    “Nn…… Can’t we go back using Seiichi’s transition magic?”

    “We can go back, you know?”

    At first, I thought it was a ceiling and released a normal slash, but it seems that it’s possible to cut through the space and connect it to another space. I mean, my body insists that I can do it. That’s insane.

    Zefar-san is getting more and more stunned by the interaction between Al and me, but he opens his mouth again as if he was desperate.

    “E,even if we returned to our original planet, what will you do to the Demon God’s cult guys!? There must have been a Demon God’s cult facility outside this dungeon! There are a lot of people who are called apostles over there, and some of them are more like monsters called Deities!?”

    “A facility of the Demon God’s cult? A building like that, did you all see it when we entered this dungeon?”


    “I haven’t seen it either.”

    “…… If anything, I haven’t seen the Demon God’s cult since I defeated a deity.”

    “That’s right.”

    “…… Besides, Seiichi-oniichan can use the transition magic, so we don’t have to bother to move to the entrance of this dungeon, we just have to move to a safer place.”

    “That’s true, too.”

    So, do you still have anything to worry about?

    When I look at Zefar-san, Zefar-san covered his face with both hands.

    “I’m, so embarrassed…… I was prepared to say good-bye to my daughter and this life ……”

    “Otou-san…… Seiichi is, unreasonable.”

    “That’s no longer a dimension that is unreasonable, you know? What? It doesn’t make sense to just remove the seal that bound me without chanting, but what does it mean to be able to transfer between planets without any special technology? My seal, the hero at that time was the one who seriously invoked it at the risk of his life, you know? Like me, aren’t the heroes too pitiful?”

    “It’s okay. Seiichi’s abnormality is normal.”

    “Eeh……? Luthia. People who associate with common sense guys have less trouble, right? Rather, I was listening to it, but to be able to defeat the Deities, he is not a genuine human being……”

    “You’re thoroughly saying a lot towards me!?”

    I think it’s bad that I ignore what you were prepared for and solve it! But you don’t have to say that much!? I’m going to cry!?

    “Anyway! You can go back, so is that fine!?”


    “Yes, that’s the end of this story! We’ll transfer!”

    When I spread the transition magic to the surroundings with unquestionable momentum, we transfer from this planet to our original planet as it is.

    For the time being, it can be said that Luthia and the others will want to return to the Demon Kingdom after the transition, so I moved to a place closest to the demon kingdom on the road I took.


    “Fu ……”

    Walzerd, the capital of the Kaizer Empire.

    The majestic Tsezar Castle in its center, there was a man staring at it with a sharp gaze from the roof of a distant building.

    The man’s gaze is like a bird of prey, overlooking this whole capital.

    “It’s been a long time…… it’s been so long.”

    When the man mutters so as if chewing, he stared somewhere far away.

    “In a little more time…… I’ll take my revenge……”

    In this country, where the man’s precious existence in the world, is the cause of death, the man has examined various information so far.

    And now is the time, the man ―――― ≪Death Smoke≫ have a great opportunity to take revenge.

    The death smoke reads through the materials at his hand, and was reconfirming to ensure that his revenge will be carried out.

    “…… For the last few months, the king suddenly disappeared. No, it’s correct to say that he disappeared from the spectators …… Honestly, I thought that he kicked the bucket, but I can see with my own eyes that his subordinates are carrying something that looks like food to him …… Besides, if he wasn’t alive, they won’t be able to do their shitly raid.”

    The material he has at his hand was purchased from information stores with the money earned by death smoke himself, and death smoke that seeks certainty doesn’t pay attention to money, in order to get information from various information stores.

    Not only that, but also to make sure that the information he got is correct with his own eyes, including the situation in neighboring countries, he was working out a plan.

    “I wasn’t the only one who had a lot of money to keep an eye on him, but…… after the fucking king was completely in the room, all the people except the king who went in and out of that room have left the room properly …… Then, it’s unlikely that there’s an escort inside the room ……”

    It’s very mysterious that the King of the Kaizer Empire suddenly entered the room, and it was an obscure situation that was very hard to overlook even for Death Smoke, but even without that situation, their current condition was very convenient for death smoke.

    That is ――――

    “Helio, the ≪Phantom Demon≫ aide of that shitty king, is also busy commanding the invasion of other countries, and for some reason, the 《King Sword》 bastard is not escorting the king, but he’s moving on his own.”

    Muttering so, he fought against Zakia, formerly known as the 《King Sword》, and he remembered the word 『Manipulated Puppet』 that Death Smoke himself said.

    “…… Hah. I don’t know what kind of change he had, but …… being a manipulated puppet…… it looks like it disappeared ……”

    When he muttered that, Death Smoke took out his trademark cigarette, and lights it up.

    “Fuu…… Well, that’s fine. Tentatively, the time when the king began to withdraw, it was just after the nightmare situation of the mass production of 『Transcendents』 with the item used by ≪Phantom Demon≫ bastard, but…… fortunately, the soldiers are in a war with the ≪Phantom Demon≫. I can ignore him.”

    He also used the item to Sheld, who is the king of the Kaizer Empire, and Sheld himself was also thinking about the possibility of becoming a 『Transcendents』, but for the current Death Smoke, that extent is only trivial.

    “Who’s behind …… probably the assassin of the fucking king, but that guy also seems to be moving at the request of ≪Phantom Demon≫ according to the story of the information shop, so…… Hah. I don’t know who is beside the king.”

    Death smoke he spits out smoke after saying that.

    “――――Like no more, it’s a great opportunity for me. That fucking king has no protection.”

    Normally, there should be an escort near the king.

    The first of these is Zakia, who is the 《King Sword》, but that Zakia, as an individual…… No, all of the second unit are now moving behind the Kaizer Empire.

    Of course, it is Zakia who is in command of that unit, and from that, they can see that Zakia would take some action in this country.

    The fact that such Zakia is not on escort means that, there’ll be no threat to the current death smoke.

    Because, the strongest existence in this country was Zakia.

    Including Helio, which is the ≪Phantom Demon≫, there are other nuisance, but for death smoke who has been preparing so far, that wasn’t a threat.

    “Su…… haa…… If this is true, it’s better to shoot from this distance, but”

    It was death smoke glaring at the window between the audiences, but countermeasures have been taken due to his previous attack, and it was difficult to snipe.

    As for death smoke, he thought that it was difficult but not impossible, but with his aim of surely killing Sheld, above all, because he can’t see Sheld by the window, it’s not possible to aim for him, so he couldn’t take the means of sniping.

    When death smoke puts out the cigarette which he’s smoking now, he lights a new cigarette.

    “Fuu…… well then, let’s go.”

    The calm death smoke, when he jumps off the roof of the building at once, he moves to the roofs of the buildings in the city as it was towards the castle.

    As death smoke puts his plan into action, mainly, the current situation is the most convenient for him, but ever since Zakia prevented the sniping, death smoke has honed his own power.

    Not only did he steadily train, but he was fighting enemies while on the brink of death, and he even got his hands on illegal drugs, and abused his body.

    As a result, Death smoke has reached the point of becoming a 『Transcendents』 like the current Zakia.


    Death smoke that entered the hall without sound, looks around while turning off his presence.

    “(There is no sign of people in the corridors of the castle, hah……)”

    The place where a lot of soldiers and aristocrats should have been walking in the past, is eerily deserted now.

    He further spreads his consciousness throughout the castle, and searched for any signs by making full use of his skills.

    “(…… It’s really weird. It’s so quiet that it doesn’t compare to what it used to be. Come to think of it, the aristocrats who live near the castle are quiet……)”

    Until now, most of the nobles in the Kaizer Empire have devoted their scope to luxury, and they used the taxes that they collected from the people to hold parties every day.

    However, mysteriously, no aristocrats can be seen in the city, and they’re not lively.

    Originally, the aristocrats’ idiotic uproars were conspicuous because there was no liveliness among the people, but the whole country was quiet now.

    “(…… No way, they noticed my existence ……? Nay. Even so, I don’t see the need to trap me with the whole country. No matter how much I became a 『Transcendent』, this country that’s mass-producing 『Transcendents』 should not need to be so vigilant. Above all, they don’t even know the I’ve become a 『Transcendents』.)”

    As he heads towards the audience of the king, his anxiety gradually increases, but he doesn’t know when he’ll be able to aim for the king again if he miss’s this.

    The death smoke shook his head to kill his anxiety.

    “(Don’t think about unnecessary things. I have only one purpose. To kill the shitty king of this country. If I can’t achieve that, then my life doesn’t matter.)”

    The Death Smoke with this assassination, was prepared to die.

    That’s how much he will spend on this attack.

    Proceeding through an eerily unpopulated castle, he finally got to the front of his target room.

    At the entrance between the audience, originally, there should be a soldier who is the gatekeeper, but he doesn’t even see it now.

    In front of the heavy door that’s keeping a creepy silence, the death smoke looks for presence again.

    “(No mistake …… There’s only one person in this room. I don’t know if this sign is the shitty king, but …… according to the information, the only person in this room is that shitty king …… Besides, it doesn’t seem that he noticed me from over there.) “

    As he has come to the point where he’s just a few minutes away from achieving his wish, Death Smoke confirmed the condition of the mysterious black gauntlet fitted in his right hand with nervousness.

    “(…… It’s fine. I’ll do everything I can do, and I’m here now. I’ll kill that shitty king that’s ahead, I am――――)”

    The resolutely determined Death smoke, was preparing to kill Sheld who’s in the room the moment he entered the room, and he finally rushed in.


    ―――― He used a wine-red gauntlet with a similar effect before, and he tried to challenge Zakia, but then, that didn’t reach Zakia.

    That’s why, not only did he strengthen himself, Death smoke also put effort into his equipment, and he has selected this 【Black Death Magic Hand Bow (Kokushima Kyushu) 】 as his new weapon.

    Its worrisome effect is that it can create arrows using magic power, it can be stock in advance, and make it emerge from the subspace as needed.

    And it was made to be able to create an arrow that puts one’s own magic power to the limit.

    As a result, the stock of arrows generated by his magic power doped with illegal drugs and equipment items such as his cigarettes that he was smoking until today that’s going to be released, there were more than a thousand of them.

    With the current death smoke, with a single arrow which he puts his magic power to the limit, he was confident that he could beat Zakia, but he has lost before, so he was not overconfident.

    Still, he prepared more than a thousand of such arrows, and furthermore, Death smoke who stocks more than 10,000 ordinary magic arrows was, prepared more than ever.

    And then, as he entered the room, so that he can get through the moment he finds Sheld, he prepared a total of 100 arrows, 50 ordinary arrows and 50 arrows with magic power to the limit.



    Such a voice leaked from the mouth of Death smoke.

    Certainly, there was a 『Nanika』 in the room. (TN: Again, nanika = something that is unknown)

    ――――No matter how he looks at it, it doesn’t look like a human being, that was a 『Nanika』.

    “What, the hell…… is this……”

    He forgot to even shoot the arrow that he had prepared, and he was blinded by the existence in front of him.

    “Gujuru …… jiyuru …… fushiyu …… uha …… aah …… gyagyagya …… gugi, ga ga …… fushiyu …… daah ……”

    A lump of wriggling meat moves into the sight of death smoke.

    Its swollen muscles are about to burst, and it has a huge body enough to be convinced even if he hears that it’s a giant rather than a human.

    Its mouth has exposed fangs, and its entire face doesn’t retain its original human face, the 『Monster』 so to speak bulges so unsightly that it instantly stands out, and blood vessels are stretched all over its face.

    Its scalp is bald, there’s no light of reason in its eyes, and even now, it was eating its prepared meal while its mouth is dirty and was scattering it around.

    ――――This is, what. Is this a human being?

    Death smoke was speechless in the lump of meat that was just devouring without seeming to notice the existence of Death smoke.

    “――――What do you think? Of His Majesty’s appearance.”


    In response to the voice that was suddenly thrown, Death Smoke instantly fired an arrow in the direction of that voice.


    “Oh oh scary. Attacking like that all of a sudden…… a savage barbarian.”

    He can also hear the voice from a different direction, and when he turned his eyes in the direction of the voice again, a smiling unscathed ≪Phantom Demon≫ is there.

    “How, did you…… get here……!”

    “What, is it so strange that I’m here?”

    “I’m not growing senile……! You were currently, commanding the army……”

    “What was that. Even though you were collecting information about me, you didn’t know what was crucial?”

    In the appearance of Helio laughing at him like a fool, Death smoke has arrived at one answer.

    “―――― An illusion……!”

    “Correct answer. And, if you become a great magician like me, it’s also possible to accurately project my own thoughts into an illusion …… In other words, it’s fine if I leave the command to the illusion.”

    “…… That’s a lot of confidence, huh. Even without you, you think they can beat the surrounding countries?”

    “I think we can win. You understand that very well, don’t you?”


    The Death smoke didn’t answer Helio’s question, but that silence was exactly the answer.

    Most of the world has already fallen into the hands of the Kaizer Empire, and it seems that some of them have formed a rebel army and are moving, but it was only a matter of time before they were subdued.

    To that end, the existence of mass-produced 『Transcendents』 is a threat.

    “Besides, I have something to do. It’s not going to be that easy to clear out the castle.”

    “What will you do?”

    “That’s right. Well, it doesn’t have anything to do with you.”

    “What are you talking about……!?”

    To Helio who was talking alone, death smoke immediately fired an arrow as if to pierce through his forehead.

    However, even the appearance of Helio smiling in front of him, was just one of his illusions.

    “It’s no use. You can’t find me. It seems that the Zakia and the others are doing something with the intention of hiding from me, but…… none of them can reach me.”

    “Haa…… it doesn’t matter where you are. My purpose is, kill that shitty king.”

    Death smoke turns his gaze towards the wriggling flesh while being wary of Helio’s illusion.

    However, Helio laughed out loud at the words of death smoke.

    “Ahahahahahaha! You’re gonna kill His Majesty? It’s impossible, it’s futile. You bastard can’t kill him.”


    “There’s a great way to prove it. ――――Your Majesty. A toy has arrived, you know?”

    “Ahga…… daa……?”


    The chunk of flesh that responded to Helio’s words, slowly turned its gaze towards Death smoke.

    Even so, death smoke becomes motionless as if his hands and foot were entirely bound.

    Eerie, unpleasant, physiological disgusting …… in the presence in front of him as if all of it were concentrated, his body naturally flinched.

    That’s not all.

    For Death Smoke, the designated person to be killed is …… not a human, and in this situation, which his figure has become a monster, it confuses Death smoke in a sense that it’s incomprehensible.

    Towards Death smoke who’s body solidified, His Majesty…… the mass of meat that seems to be Sheld is, slowly moving its body ――――


    Death Smoke’s body was blown away.

    And when he crashes into the wall of the castle with that momentum, Death Smoke spits blood from his mouth.

    “Gahagoho! What is ――――”



    Against Death Smoke that crashed into the wall and was motionless, Sheld mercilessly showered a fist storm.

    The fist that was just swung casually, was powerful enough to easily crush the wall if hit, and even Death Smoke who should have raised his status as a 『Transcendents』, was so overwhelmed that he couldn’t move his body anymore.

    In front of that scene, Helio’s eyes shine.

    “Sple, splendid……! This is, the Kaizer Empire …… No! The secret art of the Weimar Empire!”

    Helio’s voice, while laughing like crazy, can’t reach the ears of Death smoke anymore.

    Already on the verge of his life, Helio ordered Sheld again, as he remembered.

    “Oh, that’s right …… Your Majesty. You can stop there.”

    “Daa …… daa? Gabi …… Guge …… Bububu ……”

    “Hiyuh …… hiyuh ……”

    Sheld, who listened to Helio’s words quietly, as he already lose interest to Death smoke, returned to his meal.

    “Well, this guy is ――――”

    “―――― I’ll take him.”

    “! Yu, Yutis-sama!”

    To Yutis who appeared without any warning, Helio hurriedly kneeled on the spot.

    “Is it okay for me to take this guy?”

    “Ple,please! Please use him as you like!”

    When Helio says so, Yutis snaps his finger.

    At that moment, a black mist wraps the whole body of Death smoke, and after the mist disappeared, Death smoke also disappeared.

    “Fufu…… ≪Death Smoke≫, was it. It looks like his going to be a good piece.”

    “! I see…… are you going to use him as one of our pieces?”

    “That’s right.”

    Yutis smiles at Helio who is impressed.

    “Even so …… it’s been a long time, isn’t it, Helio.”

    “I,it’s been a long time!”

    “You don’t have to do that. Thanks to you, the world has become chaotic and the Demon God-sama has been resurrected……”

    “Tsu!? Ha, has the Demon God-sama been resurrected!?”


    In Yutis’ words, Helio shook his body as if he was impressed.

    “O, oh …… finally …… it finally ……!”

    “That right. But……”

    “? What’s the problem?”

    Helio tilts his head to the reaction of Yutis.

    “…… Regrettably, the Demon God who was sleeping in a long time, still can’t fully wield that power of his.”

    “! Wha, what …… is that okay?”

    “That’s why, we still have to continue to fill the world with negative emotions. So, the Demon God-sama can regain his power …… “

    “Of course, it is! There are only a few places on this continent that haven’t been attacked and fell, but …… I was just thinking about going on another continent.”

    “That would be nice. However, it has become a little difficult for the Demon God’s Cult to move openly ……”

    “What do you mean?”

    When Helio asks so, Yutis had a bitter expression on his face.

    “It’s like someone is defeating the humans of the Demon God’s cult. Moreover, I couldn’t get in touch with ≪Extinction≫ Destra, who is a 『Deity』 …… The number of members of the Demon God’s cult is definitely decreasing. Possibly, Destra may have been killed by someone ……”

    “The, the Deity-sama!?”

    Although he has the nickname of ≪Phantom Demon≫, but Helio, who is nothing more than an 『Apostle』 of the Demon God’s Cult, was surprised by Yutis’ words.

    The power of the 『Deities』 was so great, and in particular, Destra’s ability was exceptionally heinous among the Deities.

    After all, he has the power of absolute death to the extent that it can kill even the Demon God that the cult worships, and the reason why he didn’t kill the Demon God was because he was a person who was acting on a whim.

    And, the Demon God also understands his ability, and Destra’s ability was real from the Demon God’s point of view.

    Humans cannot go against a God.

    Because human beings are created by God, and if God thinks…… No, He can eliminate their very existence without thinking.

    However, Destra is one of the irregular beings who are sometimes born among such created human beings, the ability ≪Extinction ≫ is not something that was given by God, and it’s a thing that was born suddenly. It’s the same with Yutis and other 『Deities』.

    They’re existence is similar to the 『Fruit of Evolution』, but whereas Destra’s ability was spontaneous, the 『Fruit of Evolution』 was suddenly born from the flow of power that no one could imagine, the clash of the Gods’ power.

    Even if what is naturally born is an ability that is out of the hands of the Demon God and other gods, its existence itself can be perceived and recognized.

    However, only the 『Fruit of Evolution』 that was born as a result of the battle between such Demon God and Gods, everything was unknown of it.

    In a sense, the food that Rurune was most looking for, can be said that it was the 『Fruit of Evolution』.

    There’s no existence that Destra with such an ability cannot kill, in the whole universe, all dimensions, all space-time, no matter where you look, there is no one who has more heinous power than his ability ―――― That was supposed to be.

    “When his whims are over, and if he became hostile to us, at that point, some action will be taken place. However, there’s no damage to the Deities such as me and Gemper, let alone the Demon God.”

    “The,then, that’s…… the one who’s reducing the number of people in the cult…… isn’t it like, Destra-sama……?”

    By doubting his own superior, to Helio, whose words become dented involuntarily, Yutis laughs.

    “I certainly thought about that line, but…… what’s denser is that, that existence has been defeating the apostles for a long time.”

    “I,is there such an existence? Although we are not as good as Yutis-sama, we have received power from the Demon God-sama. I don’t think we’re going to lose to the masses……”

    “I thought so, too. However, the apostles who attacked the Welmburg Kingdom, and the apostles who attacked the Barbador Magic Academy, were all defeated. More than anything…… even if I use my power to find out who it is, I don’t know who.”


    To Yutis, who is frustrated and told him so, Helio has no words.

    That means, that there’s an existence beyond the power of the Deities.

    In a sense, Destra’s ability and Yutis’ ability are the same because it naturally occurred, and despite their strength however, they have equivalent ability, and it’s not possible for Yutis to interfere with Destra. Of course, the reverse is also true.

    However, such Yutis’ ability doesn’t work entirely.

    “It’s really annoying…… it may be too early to determine why that guy is reducing our workforce, but…… the Kingdom of Welmburg, which survived the previous raids, and the Valsha Empire has taken the lead to search and eradicate the Demon God’s cult.”

    “Come to think of it…… I’ve lost contact with the first unit that I sent to the Valsha Empire…… I was wondering if they were having fun over there……” (TN: Dude, they’re already dead)

    “Perhaps, someone got in the way, or they’ve been killed.”

    “Tha, that’s stupid! I have prepared a lot of 『Transcendents』, and sent them there!?”

    “When I came here, there were uncertainties mixed in. Not to mention the mysterious existence that disturbs us, it seems that the 『Sword Knight』 in the Welmburg Kingdom is strong enough to compete against the 『Apostles』. Moreover, the S-class adventurer, the 『Thunder Empress』, who is also the queen of the Kingdom of Welmburg, has been searching for us for a long time and was an eyesore.”

    “I, I see……”

    “So at once, while prioritizing what the Demon God-sama asked me to do, I will collect new pieces behind the scenes. I’ll stick a nail into the other Apostles to stop them from doing flashy movements. So, for you, who is also the Prime Minister of this country, I want you to disturb the world more.”

    “Of course! Please leave it to me.”

    Yutis, who nodded with satisfaction to Helio’s words, snaps his finger again.

    Then, a black vortex appears behind Yutis.

    “Well…… it’s about time I go, but…… speaking of which, is that mass of meat good too?”

    “Oh! That’s right, Yutisu-sama! As a result of using the mysterious art of the Weimar Empire, this is what happened!”

    “This thing’s power is medium, but…… it’s a pity that it has no intelligence or reason. However, it’s fine for using it as a piece. Did you earnestly ask for this?”


    Helio knelt on the spot again, and Yutis disappeared into the vortex.

    Seeing him off, Helio stands up and remembers Death Smoke who had already been taken away.

    “Jeez…… You think that if you kill His Majesty, this world will be corrected? It’s an awful flower bed. As long as there’s a person’s desire, hell never ends. At best, you will be reborn as a piece of ours.”

    Helio glanced at Sheld, who became an ugly creature, and left the room.

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