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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 174


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    Night ruler, whose atmosphere suddenly changed, collapsed on the spot and got down on his knees.




    “Seiichi! It’s okay!”


    When I tried to keep Luthia from running up to the ruler of night in a hurry, different from the first time, Saria, pulled me back this time.

    “What do you mean?”

    “That person right now, is the genuine, father of Luthia-chan!”


    I don’t understand more and more.

    In the night ruler’s story, Luthia’s father was dead, but……

    Aside from me who is confused, the man who was called the real father of Luthia, explained to Luthia while seeming to be in pain.

    “I, I don’t have time…… listen carefully.”

    “Dad, what the heck is ――――”



    Luthia who was yelled at by her father, stiffened her body for a moment, but nodded obediently.

    Her father also smiles slightly at her appearance.

    “Good girl…… for now, I call myself 『Night Ruler』…… a different 『Nanika*』……my body, is about to be taken over……” (TN: Nanika= something that isn’t known, I actually translated this one as ‘something’ before, my bad.)

    “Another Nanika ……?”

    “Ah…… the Demon God’s cult…… Guh…… messed around, those guys tampered my body……”


    In what was said from the mouth of Luthia’s father, Luthia clenched her fist.

    “The extra-instilled something is …… you understand because you’ve already met, but …… as the name of 『Night Ruler』 implies…… at night, he boasts tremendous power…… you can already call him a God …… “

    “Go, god…… like the Black Dragon God?”

    “Their dimension is different …… The night ruler, will not die, or be damaged, during the night, no matter what happens. Even if it’s the Demon God that those guys worship ……”

    Oi oi. What, is that outrageous existence?

    Even though we’ve dealt with ≪Extinction≫ and ≪Resonance≫, the ones who can be said to have the strongest ability, is there still a boss who’s stronger than them other than the Demon God? Isn’t that strange?

    Or rather, even though it’s only at night, he shouldn’t surpass the Demon God that they were worshiping. I have no idea what the Demon God’s Genie cult wants to do at all. By any chance, to create such a ridiculous existence, did they think that they could control him?

    …… A’re? But if that story is true, why was he in pain after I hit him…… or is it just my imagination?

    Then, Luthia, who was listening to the story, managed to open her mouth with her face blue.

    “The,then …… what should I do?”

    “There is only one way, to defeat, him …… in the morning, do…… that……”

    “What to do in the morning?”

    Luthia twists her head in the mysterious condition.

    Is he weak in the morning because he’s the night ruler? That’s simple.

    I’m not the only one who thought that way.

    In fact, as Luthia doesn’t know what was so dangerous, Luthia’s father continued as if he had guessed it.

    “In the morning …… my power is stronger, and…… the spirit of the night ruler, can be sealed and contained……”

    “If that’s the case……!”

    “But, in this place…… it’s impossible……”

    “Wh, why!?”

    “This planet, has no morning.”

    『Eh? 』

    The words of all of us were synchronized at the words of Luthia’s father.

    There is no morning …… what does that mean? Aren’t we in the dungeon in the first place?

    To our confused question, Luthia’s father endures the pain and teaches us.

    “This, dungeon …… is, not. The planet where you are in, is a different, planet.”


    Eh, did we move between planets before we knew it!? To begin with, it didn’t feel like we’ve transferred!?

    That’s because we just went down the stairs!

    “There’s no morning, so, in this place …… that guy, is invincible …… and, what’s worse …… I, am sealed in this place, in relation, to that…… you can’t transfer from this place…… In other words, in this land, without morning…… you have no choice, but to defeat him……”

    “…… With Seiichi-oniichan’s magic, can it break the seal?”

    Olga, who was listening to the story, said so, but Luthia’s father shook his head.

    “This seal, is not a seal. For me …… it’s a seal, but…… for that guy, it’s a convenient blessing…… that’s why, to break the seal…… that measure, is meaningless……”

    “Such…… then, we can’t beat him……”

    “Ah …… I thought so at first …… But, if it’s the man there ……”

    “Eh, me!?”

    He suddenly turned his eyes to me, and I responded without worrying about my tone.

    Luthia’s father tried to continue without seeming to care about me, but suddenly, he pressed his chest like before and his atmosphere is drastically changing, and he began to suffer.

    “U …… gugi …… ugaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

    “O, otou-san!?”

    “Lutia-chan, no!”

    “That guy ……is…… breaking, out……”

    “Otou-san! Otou-san!”

    Luthia was trying to snuggle up to her father, who moves his mouth as he squeezed his last power, and the moment the gorillaized Saria held her and jumped out in an instant, Luthia’s father stuck out his arm as if he was digging something out in the position where Luthia was.

    And the atmosphere of Luthia’s father changed sharply again, and it returned to the Night Ruler’s atmosphere.

    “Guh …… haa …… haa …… stubborn guy. He came out with the shock of being hit earlier …… I don’t know how much impact I’ve received……”

    “Tsu! Otou-san, return him!”

    When Luthia shouted, a giant made up of black flame appeared behind Luthia, and hits the Night Ruler.

    However, the night ruler did not try to avoid the attack, and receives it as it is.

    And of course, he stood in the place unscathed.

    “Ha …… little girl. Didn’t you hear from your father? I, in this place, am invincible. I’m invincible!”

    The moment the night ruler spreads his arms while saying that, the dark night surrounding him all became spear-shaped, and it attack us.



    When I lightly cut off his attack with 『Fine Sword of Swirling Hatred (Black) 』, the dark night spears disappeared as fog.

    At that point, the Night Ruler frowned.

    “Eey, annoying…… a low-end garbage has defended against my attack…… a little more…… if the father of the little girl there disappears, I will be a perfect existence!?”

    “Perfect existence?”

    “That’s right! I and your father, have this so-called yin-yang relationship. And as I swallow your father, I also can get the power of 『Yang』, and at the same time, when your father who has the aspect of a 『Demon King』 disappears, the seal can be broken …… In other words, I have no reason to stay on this planet anymore!”

    “Do you think I’m going to give you time like that?”

    Just like I did in Zora’s dungeon right away, I aimed overhead and swung black just barely before this planet breaks.

    Then, a tremendous impact spreads around, and the size of the slash that I drew myself disappeared to the other end of the sky.


    “Didi, didn’t, you listen!? He,hehe here is!? Thi,this is not a dungeon, it’s another planet!?”

    Looking at my slash, the Night Ruler, who sits down with his hips on the ground, said so.

    …… We really moved between planets hah. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were more moving scenes like this? What we were looking at was just stone walls you know?

    Well, if I don’t need to worry about this world, then it seems that I’ll even be able to cut the dimension, but……

    I mean …… a’re? Then, my slash is just a waste just now?

    “Uwaa…… that’s shocking……”

    “Wha, what are you, you bastard! Are you really human!?”

    “I I, I’m a human, though!?”

    Don’t be rude, now!

    More than that, he seems to be scared of me for being invincible, but …… perhaps?

    “Hey, I’d like to confirm one thing, but……”

    “What is it!?”

    “Can I beat you, even if it’s not in the morning?”


    To my question, not only the night ruler but everyone became silent. Eh, seriously?

    Is that what Luthia’s father mean when he said so to me?

    “Is that so…… then, I’ll take him down.”

    “Wai, wait a minuuuuuuuuuuute!”

    The night ruler stands up quickly, and he distanced himself away from me.

    “You bastard, is really going to beat me!? As if crushing an insect like that!?”

    “That’s right…… Luthia’s father told me to take you down, too…… I mean, I didn’t want to be told that by you who said that I was a small fry and garbage!?” (TN: Seiichi being angry)

    “Shut up, shut uuup! I am the right existence to rule the world! Don’t compare me with you bastards! And, is it fine!? To destroy me, the father of the little girl who is still remaining here slightly, will die, too!”



    When I stopped moving involuntarily at his words, the night ruler grinned.

    “Wa,hahaha! How is it, you can’t get your hands on me!? The only way to destroy me is to erase this body. Then, her father that you want will also disappear, right? Eeh!?”

    “That is……”

    If you say that, then I can’t easily get my hands on you hah.

    When he found out that I couldn’t get my hands on him, the night ruler increased his voice again, and began to talk one after another in a proud appearance.

    “Hahahahaha! After all, it is too much for you to win! If the morning comes, the spirit of the little girl’s father will prevail, not me, and I would have disappeared as it was. However, the fools who call themselves the Demon God’s cult, after using the seal of the little girl’s father to create me, they led me to this place, which is the most advantageous for me. And then! This place doesn’t have a celestial body that plays the role of a sun! In other words, the morning will never come!”

    The night ruler, convinced of his victory, no longer falters, and laughs as if he’s making a fool of us.

    In order to manage such a night ruler, I’ll activate my skill 『Synchronization』 , and will link their spirit into one like us…… I thought about that, but in this case, the night ruler…… Luthia’s father’s body will become the target, and because it’s the night ruler who is in control of his body now, Luthia’s father will disappear.

    And with my current skills, there is no way I can manage this night ruler.

    There may be a way and I’m just not aware of it, but it doesn’t make sense, at least to the point where I can’t think of it now.

    It’s the same with Saria and the others, and when I’m staring at the night ruler with regret, Luthia opened her mouth as if she had made up her mind to do something.



    “Night Ruler…… defeat him.”



    I didn’t think that Luthia would be willing beat her father, so I’m surprised.

    And it’s the same with the night ruler, the composure he had a while ago disappeared, and he started to get disturb.

    “Wha,what are you thinking!? If you destroy me, your father will disappear forever!”

    “I know. But, your aim is…… while earning time like this, you’ll took in my father’s spirit, and become complete. Am I wrong?”


    It looks like it was on the mark, and the night ruler was stuck in words.

    While I couldn’t get my hands on him, the night king will take in Luthia’s father’s spirit completely, and it seems that he intended to be invincible in any situation.

    “That’s why I’m…… as my father wants, going to defeat you.”

    “Gugigigi …… you, you bastard!”

    Night ruler’s face turned bright red, and he used the dark night around us again to launch an onslaught.

    But I cut it all off with a single stroke of black.

    However, after that, the night ruler didn’t let go of his attacks as if there is no end to it.

    “Shit shit shit shiiiiiiiiiiit! Disappear, disappear, disappear! Disappear quickly, you low-end trash!”

    Even while the night ruler is attacking us, he’s desperately trying to take over the body of Luthia’s father.

    While cutting off the night ruler’s attack properly, I was thinking of something.

    ―――― Really, I, do I have no choice but to erase this guy along with Luthia’s father?

    …… That’s not the way it is.

    It’s my body that made me mentally exhausted.

    The morning won’t come?

    If it doesn’t come, then I’ll just summon it.


    “Seiichi…… please.”

    Luthia was begging me to defeat the night ruler with tears in her eyes.

    I gently stroked Luthia’s head and turned to night ruler.

    “Shit! A little more …… just a little more ……!”



    I did not immediately defeat the night ruler who screams in front of us, and to me who closed my eyes to concentrate, Luthia raises her voice in confusion.

    “Seiichi! If you don’t do it fast, my dad will ――――!”

    “Luthia-chan, it’s alright!”


    “Seiichi, will do something about it all!”

    To the bewildered Luthia, Saria gives such words.

    “Well, I don’t think that he can’t manage it at this level.”


    “Don’t worry. We know very well of how unreasonable and insane he is.”

    “……Nn. Surely. If it’s Seiichi-oniichan …… fun results are waiting for you. “

    “Fun, result?”

    Luthia is stunned by Al and Olga-chan’s words.

    “I, I also thought that it was absolutely impossible for me to go outside and see the world, but I’m able to see it like this! That’s why, it’s alright if you leave it to Seiichi-san!”

    “Zora ……”

    “What are you worried about?”


    To Luthia, who was listening to Zora’s heartfelt words, Rurune, who wasn’t interested in our interaction, also called out.

    “When Milord is here, there’s no element to worry about. Just feel at ease and think about food. “


    “……It’s just for Glutton.”

    In the unreasonable words of Rurune, Olga-chan immediately tsukkomi’d.

    Everyone, trusts me.

    But, let me just say this.

    I, am not that unreasonable or insane!? I wonder if I can do more things? Because of my level!

    No, it doesn’t matter, and now it’s time to call the morning…… It’s the first time in a long time that I’m going to create a new magic.

    Now then―――― what is morning!?

    ――――Commuting / school rush.

    It’s certainly in the morning! A busy scene in Japan!

    “…… Seiichi-oniichan, your face became terrible.”

    “…… Oi, I’m starting to wonder if it’s really okay.”

    “I,it’s alright! …… maybe!”

    I’m sorry, wait a minute!

    You see, speaking of things like mornings…… wake up early, morning training, morning assembly?

    Daaaaaaa! I can’t get an image!

    What!? If I think it’s easy, it’s surprisingly difficult!?

    “Haa …… haa …… more …… a little more ……!”

    “……! Seiichi-oniichan, hurry up! The Night Ruler!”

    What, it seems that the night ruler is about to finish taking over Luthia’s father.

    I’m doing this seriously, but I’m in a hurry and my imagination is too poor……!

    Think simpler!

    Imagine the sun itself!?

    …… If I do that, I can only see the future where the sun will appear directly and this planet itself will evaporate ……!

    It must be literally 『call for the morning』 magic ……

    Call the morning …… the morning is coming …… the morning is arriving ……!


    With that in mind, I arrived at one image.

    That is ――――

    “Tsu! Wa,hahaha! It’s over! Finally …… finally I am ……”

    “―――― Kokekokkooooooooooo!” (TN: What.the.heck.?)

    The air, froze.

    ………… A’re, I, what did I say just now?

    I was too desperate in imagining, that I didn’t know what I said.

    Looking around, Saria is smiling, and Rurune nods meaningfully, but …… Al put her hand on her forehead, and Olga-chan and the others are stunned.

    And most of all, the night ruler also had a 『What is this guy saying?』 expression on his face.

    When I tilted my head, an announcement flows in my brain.

    『Skill 【Magic Creation】 has been activated. The celestial summoning magic 【Kokekokko】 has been created. 』



    What is, that magic name!? It’s me who named it, though!

    Ce,certainly, I thought of an image of a chicken crowing as the morning was coming! That’s what came to my mind!

    I said it out with my mouuuuuuuuuuuuuth!

    Holding her head, Al opens her mouth while twitching her cheeks.

    “I’ll ask you one thing…… You, are not fooling around, right?”

    “I,I’m not fooling around!”

    I involuntarily responded that with a careful attitude towards Al who had blue veins on her forehead.

    “Is that so, is that so…… That’s hard to believe!? You, do you really understand this situation!?”

    “I, I understand, you know? After knowing, I’ve created a magic to do something about this situation, and I mean, the magic name just came out of my mouth……”

    “It’s most of the time when you create magic, but I don’t know what that magic name is!?”

    I think so, too.

    We have a serious atmosphere until now, but it was scattered all at once. How did this happen?

    The Night Ruler, who was staring at me being preached by Al, returned to his sanity.

    “Hah!? I was surprised at the words that shouldn’t be heard in this situation, but …… It’s over! I’m, finally done ―――― “

    The moment the night ruler was about to say so, the surroundings became bright all at once.


    It’s not like the dawn that comes after the night, but it really switched from night to morning in an instant.

    Looking up at the sky, a star resembling the sun, was shining bright and light pours down to the ground.

    If you want to call this situation, the star shining above my head now, 『Yes, it’s dawn!』 must have come with such a momentum.

    The Night Ruler was looking up at the sky again, but when he noticed that smokes are coming out of his body, he suddenly began to suffer.

    “Uhh!? This, this is stupiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!? Why, why is the night …… in an instant!?”

    The answer, lies in the magic I created.

    While receiving Al’s sermon, as I secretly check the magic that I created this time ……

    『Celestial Summoning Magic: Kokekokkoo』 …… Magic that summons celestial bodies that play the role of the sun. Even if a planet has only night, with this magic, a star that plays the same role as the sun, will rush in an instant regardless of the distance. By the way, it’s also possible to blow away the drowsiness of sleeping humans. (TN: Why that name tho?)

    As I thought, it was terrible no matter how many times I checked its name.

    Even though it’s an impressively cool magic system called celestial summoning magic, its name is awful!

    I mean, the content is quite difficult even though it’s only morning. It’s true that the morning doesn’t arrive because there is no solar star here, so I wonder if the idea is to summon it for the morning. It’s the magic I created.

    And what cares, I appreciate the last sentence.

    I’m always sleepy in the morning! With this, I don’t have to worry about being late!

    “Oi! Are you listening!?”

    “I’m sorryyyy!”

    Al, who sensed that my consciousness wasn’t paying attention on being preached, was glaring at me with a horrifying look, so I instinctively took a dogeza.

    Al was still saying something to me, but she swallowed it and sighed.

    “Kku…… haa…… well, it became morning as a result, and I think it was good ……”

    “The.then will you forgive me ……?”

    “I’m not really mad at you. However, if you play around too much, it’s just that I look stupid because I’ve been feeling serious until now …… “

    “Yes, I’m very sorry!”

    Rather than getting angry, it’s more unbearable to have her make a tired expression like that!

    But I want you to understand this.

    I’m not being playful, because I want to be playful! This is the result of a serious consideration! ……I can’t help it.

    Next to me who was bowing my head, Saria, Olga-chan, and Zora were looking up at the sky.

    “Uwa! It became morning all at once.”

    “……Nn. Dazzling.”

    “I,it’s amazing! Even if the planets are different, the colors of the sky are the same!”

    “It’s true!”


    In addition, Rurune’s field of vision also became brighter at once, and she was looking around with bloodshot eyes.

    “If my vision clears up like this ……! Where!? Where is my meal!? …… There’s only grass here! Can something like this, be eaten!”

    “You, you’re a donkey, so!?”

    Don’t lie that you can’t eat grass.

    Or rather, we, who were completely tense, have lost our sense of seriousness, and Luthia is just confused and was staring at us.

    “Etto…… what, happened? It became morning suddenly and everyone isn’t tense ……”

    “Well, don’t worry about the details. It’s morning, isn’t it?”

    “Ye,yes…… a’re? Why did you make it morning in the first place?”


    Recalling the night ruler who I had completely forgotten in Luthia’s words, as I turn my eyes to the night ruler……

    “Wh,whyyyyyyyyyy!? No, no one, is paying attention to meeeeeeeeeee!? Cra,craaaaaaaap!”

    Smoke is erupting from all over his body, while suffering a lot.

    ……A’re, is that all right?

    No, it’s good that the night ruler himself is disappearing, but it’s not like the smoke is coming out because his skin is melting, right?

    I check the body of the feared night ruler, but I don’t see any particular burning of his skin.

    “Fuh…… I’m glad. He’s safe!”

    “I’m not saaaaaaaaaaafe!”

    I didn’t check if the night ruler was safe, I confirm if Luthia’s father’s body is safe, so it’s natural.

    The night ruler was screaming at my reaction, but at the end, he knelt on the spot.

    “This …… should be …… not ――――”

    “Tsu! Otou-san!”

    The moment the night ruler falls forward, his atmosphere changed to Luthia’s father.

    That seems to have been detected by Luthia, and she hugs her father just before he falls to the ground.

    And then……

    “Nn…… here, is……?”

    “Otou-san…… otou-san. I, Luthia. You understand?”

    Luthia with tears in her eyes, her father smiled gently and stared at her, and he gently wiped her tears.

    “Ah…… I understand. I understand.”

    “Tsu…… fa, fatheeeeeeer!”

    Luthia raised her voice and cried as if what she had endured had broken down.

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