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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 172


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    (TN: One of Seiichi’s newly acquired title, refer to chapter 128)

    “Nn? A’re, isn’t that a person’s figure?”


    “…… I can’t see anything.”

    A little after defeating that mysterious plant, Saria found a figure in the distance.

    Certainly, as Saria said, I can see people in the distance, but it’s a feat that she can do either because she’s from the wild, or because Saria is a monster…… A’re, I could see it too. …… Let’s not think about this.

    “Perhaps it is, Olga-chan and the others?”

    “I wonder. Olga-chan and the others departed long before us, and by now, they should be inside Luthia’s father’s dungeon, right?”

    “That’s right, too.”

    I was casually listening to such a conversation between Saria and Al, but I noticed something.


    “Nn? What’s wrong?”

    “…… The seeds that I hit back …… it flew in that direction, right?”


    In my words, Al was stunned, and she turned a look of regret at me.

    “…… You’ve finally killed someone……”

    “Nooooooooooooooo! Stop iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!”

    Crap, what should I do!? I thought that there were no people, so I hit it in that direction!

    I was flying the seeds at an insane speed!? As I think that it hit a person …… I don’t want to think about iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

    “Le, let’s hurry! Hurry up and see if they’re safe……!”

    “It’s too late.”

    “Don’t say that!”

    When I hit it back, I was flying it away while scraping the ground with a sound like “Pichun!” that doesn’t sound normal! I, I can’t believe it!?

    …… If I’ve done it …… I’ll surrender…… I don’t know where to turn myself in, though……

    No, I’ll go to the Netherworld again and take them back.

    While making such determination, as we approach the people in a hurry, their figures gradually became clear.

    Then, the true identity of those figures were Olga-chan and the others.

    “Eh, Olga-chan!?”

    “…… Ah, Seiichi-oniichan ……!”

    When Olga-chan finds us, she ran up to me and hugged me.

    “Wha,what happened? Are you okay?”

    “……Nn. When I see Seiichi-oniichan, I’m relieved.”

    “Is, is that so?”

    While tapping Olga-chan’s back, who has been hugging me, to calm her down, I look around ――――

    “Etto …… what’s with this situation?”

    “I don’t think I understand?”

    “That’s right……”

    “Rurune-chan is stepping on someone, but who is it?”

    As Saria said, when we found Rurune, there’s a tattered man at Rurune’s feet, and he was lying down.

    Luthia and Zora were staring at the scene in a daze.

    “……Ah! By the way, did something fly over here!?”


    “No, that…… we were attacked on the way by a monster? I shot back the seeds from what seems to be a plant …… and the direction of that appears to be this way …… “

    “…… I’m convinced.”

    Olga-chan who heard my words, nodded as if she was convinced of everything.

    And then, she hugs me again.

    “…… Seiichi-oniichan, thank you.”

    “Eh, eeh? Yo,you’re welcome?”

    Without knowing it well, I was thanked.

    Olga-chan has been hugging me for a while, but as she looks up slowly, she explains the situation.

    “…… The one that glutton is stepping on right now, is a person of the 『Demon God’s Cult』.”

    “Demon God’s Cult!? Ah, come to think of it, was it the story that the Demon God’s Cult might be exploiting the place where Luthia’s father is?”

    “…… Yes. Thereupon, the enemy with the nickname ≪Resonance≫, was very strong.”

    “He has a nickname ……”

    “Isn’t he with that guy? We saw him in the dungeon when we dived with Helen…… is it ≪Extinction ≫?”

    “Ah! That person who recovers!”

    “……Saria. That guy is originally dangerous, you know? He went weird because of Seiichi ……”

    “It’s my fault!?……No, it was my fault.”

    He had the ridiculous ability to kill any being or concept instantly, but his ability didn’t work because of the super-simple answer of my body, 『It doesn’t work because it doesn’t work』 ……

    If the opponent’s ability is 『It works because it works』, then I feel that the other party can’t even activate his or her ability in the first place because it has no contradiction …… What really happened to my body.

    Besides, I didn’t intend to, but it was a little unreasonable, right? When I thought about it, his ability suddenly changed to healing ability…… A’re, that’s a good thing. Well, it’s fine.

    Seeing our reaction, Olga-chan was surprised and opened her eyes.

    “…… Seiichi-oniichan and the others, too, did you deal with someone similar to that enemy?”

    “Hmm, I guess so. We didn’t fight like a battle, but …… he was more like an executive above the Apostles of the Demon God’s cult.”

    “Did he say that he was a Deity?”

    “Ah, that’s it.”

    The Deities, which are above the apostles, are pretty straightforward, are they? I don’t even know their difference. (TN: Apparently, for Seiichi, they’re easy to handle.)

    …… Well, it’s better than the miserable naming sense that is Seiichi magic!

    “……Is that so. But, I’m convinced. He, was that strong.”


    “…… All of our attacks came back to us as they were. Moreover, because he heals his wounds and damage in an instant, it was one-sided.”

    “Wha …… are you okay!? Where does it hurt!?”

    In a hurry, I checked again if Olga-chan was injured, but Olga-chan smiled a little.

    “……I’m all right. When I thought that it was no good anymore, a lot of things I don’t understand flew in.”


    “….. The things that flew in, made his body in tatters, and moreover, Glutton started eating it …… For some reason, Glutton’s attack did not return from there, and now, we’re in this current state. “

    “What is Rurune!”

    “….. I want to hear that too.”

    It seems that it was the Deity who suffered the damage cause by my batting. A’re, perhaps it’s the effect of Inadvertent Savior? I’m glad I got this title……!

    Anyway …… Rurune is heading to a strange direction. No, I couldn’t say that.

    But thinking about it. You said that she ate the seeds that I struck, right? Isn’t that weird?

    “… The Glutton said, when she ate what was flying, it seems that a universe was born inside her body.”

    “What does it mean!?”

    She’s stranger than me after all. What is the universe inside her body? I originally thought that her stomach was a black hole, but it’s no longer a metaphor? (TN: So, Seiichi already knows it.)

    I had no choice but to be puzzled by Rurune, who rushed in a different direction from the donkey I once knew.

    For the time being, I used recovery magic to everyone other than the Deity who was being stepped on by Rurune.

    “Eh?…… Ah, Seiichi!”

    “Seiichi-san, you caught up!”

    Due to the sudden recovery of their body, Luthia and the others who were looking at the state of Rurune in a stunned manner also noticed me, and they come running up to me.

    “I’m glad…… If we have Seiichi, then I can rest assured.”

    “That’s right …… I’m relieved if Seiichi-san is here too!”

    “I, I’ll do my best to keep you relieved ……”

    Am I so reliable? Even with me here, the result is just going to be absurd, right?

    Then, Rurune noticed me, too, and she kicked the Deity at her feet and came up to me. Uwaa…… She got a clean hit on a man’s important part with her kick just now……

    Rurune opened her mouth with her eyes shining to me, who was twitching my cheeks.

    “Milord! I, understand!”

    “Wha, what do you understand?”

    “There’s a limit to how much I can eat with my mouth. That’s why, I decided to eat with my whole body!”

    “What are you saying?”

    I don’t think I can understand any of Rurune’s words anymore.

    “I knew you were relieved to be able to join them, but …… this guy, what will we do?”

    After confirming the safety of Luthia and the others, Al, who turned to the fallen Deity which was blowing bubbles, said so.

    And then, Luthia frowns.

    “It’s scary to leave him alone. If something happens again, we’ll be in trouble……”

    “…… Then, kill him? My attack won’t work, so Glutton will do it, but …… “

    “Oi. Why would I do such a troublesome thing ――――”

    “…… There’s unknown food.”

    “I’m going to crush his head right now.”

    “Wait, wait, wait, wait!”

    Rurune, who was instigated by Olga-chan, was stopped by me from killing the Deity in high spirits.

    “For the time being, let’s take him to Ranze-san, to find out more about the Demon God’s cult. When the Demon God’s Cult attacked before, the apostles were taken by another guy.”

    “Ah …… that’s right, after Seiichi disappeared, we also took that Destra guy to the King. Isn’t that fine?”

    “But …… this guy’s ability is real. If he wakes up on where we took him ……”

    “See, there, do you want Seiichi to invalidate his ability?”

    “That so, I’m relieved.”

    “Eh, a premise that I’ll do that!?”

    No, it’s better not to have such a dangerous ability.

    Seeing my reaction, Saria mysteriously says with her head tilted.

    “Seiichi can do it, right?”

    『Yup yup.』

    “Disagreeable trust!”

    Everyone nodded at Saria’s words.

    It’s like they’re saying that I’m not a human in a roundabout way!?

    In the first place, Saria and the others seem to believe that I can do it with ease, but such a convenient thing ――――

    『Skill 【Synchronization】 have been activated …… Completed. The content this time, was a stone lying in the surrounding as the main body of synchronization, and the target person…… Vitor’s status have been synchronized with it. 』

    “I can do it!” (TN: But, why a stone?)

    Moreover, the content of the synchronization!

    The person over there, has become the same as a stone!? From an executive to a stone!?

    I couldn’t imagine that his status became the same as a stone, but…… perhaps, he can still talk.

    However, his special ability has also disappeared, and it seems that he has the same status as that of a stone. No, I don’t know the status of a stone.

    Then, Al turned her eyes to me at that point, probably because of my tsukkomi.

    “I don’t know what happened, but…… did your power that soar got activated?”

    “Eh, well, that’s…… the one who’s over there is a deity, but…… it appears that my skill has made him have the same status as a stone, and it seems that he can no longer use skills and magic, let alone that special ability ……”

    “What are you talking about?”

    I too, want to enquire it.

    What, the same status as a stone. It’s funny if I say so myself.

    “A,anyway! It seems that this guy’s power is gone, so let’s deliver him to Ranze-san right away!”

    “Ah, oi!”

    If it continues like this for a long time, I will become more and more not human, so when I lifted up the man who was lying down in order to escape, I immediately moved to the royal capital Terviel with transition magic.

    I can also go directly to the royal castle, but as expected, it would be out. It’s trespassing, and Ranze-san is the king. I’m getting numb.

    Even so, the appearance of me moving around the city with a single man is really standing out――――

    “Chase him! Never let him go!”

    “Hahahahaha! Gentlemen, who are wearing such heavy armor, you think you can beat me? Now, is the time for me to expose everything!”

    “Shut up flasher! Today is the day……”

    “Ca,captain! A suspicious person is calling out to a little girl in the square!”

    “Daaahhhhh! There is no decent guy here!”

    ―――― or not.

    Chasing those who are more dangerous than the one with me, the soldiers were still working hard today.

    When I arrived at the castle thinking of such a thing, we were able to enter inside smoothly without being held back. No, I thought it was peaceful, but I wonder if this is okay.

    When I inadvertently twisted my head to the castle guard, from a distance, Louise ran towards me.

    “Shishou! What happened?”

    “Err, I met a person who looked like an executive of the Demon God’s cult on the go. Rurune had defeated him, so I brought him here.”

    “I, I see…… But, when it comes to executive, I think it’s difficult for us to restrain him……”

    “It’s fine there. Somehow, I made him have the same status as a stone.”

    “As expected from Shishou.  You’re in a dimension that I don’t understand!”

    HAHAHA! Don’t worry! I don’t understand either!

    While I’m looking somewhere far away, I entrusted the Deity who I was carrying to the soldiers that Louise called.

    Staring at the soldiers who were carrying the Deity, I asked her about the looseness of security when I came to this castle.

    “By the way, when I came here, I was able to enter the castle easily, but is that alright?”

    “Ah …… that’s because it’s shishou.”

    “That’s not a reason!?”

    “No, that’s a good reason, you know? First of all, the soldiers working in this castle knew shishou, and If shishou was to go on a rampage, they have no choice but to give up.”

    “No way, they’ll give up so I was able to pass through!? In the first place, I wouldn’t go on such a thing like a rampage, and they don’t have to give up and deal with me――――”

    “At least to someone who can make our status the same as a stone, we have no chance of winning “

    “I don’t have any words to return!”

    Louise was completely right.

    Even if I’m here, it makes me feel like I’m not a human, so in the end, I immediately returned to Al and the others with transition magic.


    “―――― Now then, Seiichi is back, and let’s go quickly.”

    As I come back from Terviel, Al and the others were already ready to go to our destination.

    “The dungeon where Luthia-chan’s father is, are we almost there?”

    “Yeah. It’s really a little bit more.”

    “Is that so. I’m looking forward to it!”


    In the bright words of Saria, Luthia had a complex expression on her face.

    Well, I don’t care if the Demon God’s cult is doing anything strange there.

    “Now then, let’s go without delay.”

    When we proceed in this manner, as Luthia said, our destination was soon in view.

    There is, a huge hole on the ground, with stairs that continue towards the underground.

    “This is, the place where Luthia’s father is?”


    “…… The aftermath of Seiichi’s attack, I wonder if it came this far.”

    As Al said, it seems that the seeds I hit back also passed around this area, and the ground was pretty much scooped out.

    When I was staring at the ground with my cheeks twitching, I notice something.

    “……Nn? Hey, Luthia.”


    “The ground near the dungeon where your father is…… There’s a big hole just right there that looks like it’s been gouged out, but …… “

    “……That’s true.”

    Yes, the ground next to the dungeon was, for some reason, gouged out as if a crater had been created.

    No matter how I look at it, it doesn’t seem to be caused by the seeds that I hit back …… It isn’t, right?

    “Because of Seiichi’s attack …… it doesn’t seem like it.”

    “……Nn. The seed that Seiichi-oniichan hit back, was certainly scooping out the ground, but this is pinpoint hollowed out.”

    “Bu, but, who would hollow out such a place?”

    Everyone thinks about Zora’s words, but no answer comes out.

    It’s not a dungeon in the first place, and it’s even more unclear that the land next to it is hollowed out.

    “…… Well, I don’t know even if I think about it, and now let’s focus on Luthia’s father.”

    “That’s right!”

    It was a bit of a concern, but we soon set foot into the dungeon where Luthia’s father is.


    When Seiichi and the others entered the sealed dungeon where Luthia’s father is, the facility of the Demon God’s cult built near it was in a catastrophe.

    “What …… what the hell, is this plant!?”

    “I, I don’t know ―――― gyaaaaaaaaaahh!”

    “Is this a plant in the first place, this!?”

    This building, that has an optical camouflage function so as not to be noticed by the surroundings, usually can’t be found.

    And when they enter the dungeon, Seiichi and his companions never saw such a building.

    Whether it’s optical camouflage or whatever, it’s normal that Seiichi won’t overlook it.

    But even so, Seiichi and his companions still did not notice the building ―――― It was simply because the building was no longer there.

    Because the world was attentive and decided that it wasn’t necessary for them to spend time on this building, Seiichi and the others, of course, the building had been transferred to a completely different place without the apostles of the Demon God’s Cult who were there even knowing it.

    ―――― They’re in, a completely different planet.

    As a result, next to the dungeon where Luthia’s father is sealed, it was as if it had been hollowed out by something.

    And the planet to which they were transferred was an environment where they could live in the same manner as the original planet, but…… they don’t know if that was good luck for them.

    The transition was a big deal, but this facility of the Demon God’s cult, because they were transferred immediately after being hit by many mysterious plant seeds that Seiichi countered, was even more miserable.

    Yes, Seiichi’s seed victims were not only Vitor, but the apostles of the Demon God’s cult were also entirely damaged the same as him.

    The apostles desperately escape from the mysterious plant seed cannonballs, but they haven’t noticed yet.

    The fact that this planet is different means, that there’s a possibility that there are unknown creatures living there.

    “―――― Gururuaaaaaa!”

    “Hi,hiiiiiiiiiiii!? What is it this tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!?:

    “I, it’s a monster! A humanoid, monster with unknown equipment!”

    “De, Demon God-samaaaaaaaaaaa! He,heeeeeeeeeeelp!”

    No matter how much they scream, their voice didn’t reach the Demon God.

    Because this star is one of the many stars that the Gods once created and abandoned.

    “Tha, that’s right! Now is the time to attack them with the monsters created by our research!”

    “Tha, that is……! I was taking energy from the planet, but that supply has stopped, and I can’t control the monsters!”

    “What did you say!? Tha, that means …… no way ……!?”

    As the apostle thought, the worst has come.

    “―――― Gyaaaa!”


    “Fushuu! Fushuu!”

    The monsters were released from their cultivation capsule one after another.

    They were supposed to be existences that they can control originally, but as a prerequisite, their restriction was only possible under their original planet.

    Or rather, no one thought that they’ll be moving to another planet, so it can’t be helped.

    However, using the energy of their original planet, they were building a system to control the monsters they created with their own hands, so now that the supply has lapsed, the monsters have attacked at random.

    “No,not good! I can’t control them!”

    “It’s no good anymore…… we’re done fooooooooor!”

    The leader-like apostle is stunned as he sees his colleagues screaming madly and running away.

    “Stupid…… what…… we, the ones who received the favor of the Demon God-sama…… that is……”

    There is only one answer.

    There was a 『Human』 who was more absurd than the Demon God. (TN: Implying that Seiichi is stronger than the demon god.)

    But that’s all there is to it. ―――― The apostles will never know that for eternity.

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