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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 171


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    While the attack of the mysterious flying object continues, Olga’s tightened neck was released, and she was desperately panting in search of air.

    “Kaha! Gaha, goho …… haa …… haa ……”

    Because she couldn’t breathe until she was about to faint, Olga grasps for air desperately.

    Her breath is still rough, and she’d like to take a rest until she’s completely ready, but she doesn’t care about that right now, and she hurriedly checked the situation around her.


    “Keep it comiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!”


    There, Vitor continues to be penetrated by something that’s flying at a speed that Olga can’t see, and the figure of Rurune stuffing the flying object in her mouth.

    “…… Luthia-oneechan. Zora-oneechan.”

    Olga decided that she didn’t see anything.

    Then, she quickly approached the fainted Luthia, and used a recovery medicine.

    “Uh…… here, is…….”

    “…… Are you okay?”

    “Ye,yeah……tsu!? That guy!?”

    “……Don’t understand.”


    While being surprised by Olga’s reaction, Luthia immediately looks around.

    “――Bohe! ――Guhe! ――Aga! ――Pugyo! ――Hibe! ――Pupa!”

    “Not enough …… it’s not enouuuuuuuuuuugh!”


    Luthia also, decided that she didn’t see it.

    “Zora is ……”

    “……Nn. Right now, I’m solving her petrification.”

    As she used a chemical solution that dissolves petrification to Zora, the stone that was clinging to Zora’s body fell off.

    “Hah!? O, Olga-chan, Luthia-san! Are you all right!?”

    “……Nn. I’m okay.”

    “Me too.”

    “I, I’m glad ….. tha, that person is!?”

    Zora did exactly the same thing as Olga and Luthia, but Zora couldn’t ignore the sight that is unfolding in front of her.

    “Uh,uhmm…… a’re, what kind of situation is this ……?”

    “……Come now?”


    “…… When I woke up, it was already that.”

    “Ri,right…… as I thought, I wasn’t mistaken……”

    Luthia had distant eyes, as if to escape reality.

    The person who made them so battered, was tattered by flying objects that don’t make sense, furthermore, Rurune, who should have been tattered in the same way, is eating that flying object, so her feelings is just as they might have guessed.

    From Luthia and the others’ point of view, Vitor is a dangerous being, so if possible, they would like to defeat him in the gap of being hit by these flying objects, but because they still don’t understand the power of Vitor, they can’t do anything about it.

    On the other hand, even if they drag Rurune, to ignore Vitor and proceed, they will have to plunge into the storm of flying objects, and it was also impossible for Luthia and the others.

    Fortunately, the only salvation is that Luthia and the others are unharmed.

    Besides, Vitor’s power also has a means to attack from a long distance, so if they were lucky enough to escape, they still don’t know what was going to happen.

    They can’t do anything, and when they were just silently looking at the scene in front of them, the mysterious flying storm has finally ended.

    And then, there’s the ground that has been scraped off, and Vitor, who was exposing his battered body. Besides, only Rurune who was dissatisfied somewhere remained there while chewing in her mouth.

    “Tsk…… wasteful…… it’s too wasteful…… How many foods did I miss……? My mouth is, too small to eat all the food……!”

    “…… The glutton is really absurd.”

    Despite being tattered, Rurune who said so looked very well.

    While being wary of Vitor who’s lying on the ground full of scratches for the time being, in a hurry, Olga and the others joined Rurune.


    “Nn? Olga-chan and the others. Come to think of it, are you all, okay?”

    “Yeah, well …… I was dying until a while ago.”

    “I, I’m sorry that I got petrified by my own ability ……”

    “…… Better yet, let’s get away from here quickly. I don’t know how strong he is, but rather than fighting him directly ――――”

    “―――― Ah, shit …… this is bullshit……!”


    Olga and the others reflexively turned their gaze in the direction to the words that was give away.

    Then, with his wounds that has already healed, there’s the figure of Vitor standing up slowly.

    When Vitor stands up completely, he turns his eyes with intense hatred towards Olga and the others.

    “Oi …… who permitted you to run away …… Ah!?”


    “Impossible. It’s impossible. I don’t know what that means, that storm of objects …… Why is my wounds healed, but the damage wasn’t removed …… My body rung many times……!”


    Olga couldn’t understand the meaning of Vitor’s words, and she twisted her head.

    Vitor then shakes his head when he sees Olga and the others’ wounds which were healed.

    “No …… my ability didn’t disappear. As a proof of that, those small fry resonated with my body and were about to break. Then, the fucking guy who released that objects, by now, he would’ve disappeared in the same way. But…… Why is that. Why does my body, which should be empty, hurts so muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch!?”


    The moment he shouted, a tremendous wave of magic power spread around him.

    Olga and the others are about to be blown away only by its aftermath, but they managed to hold out.

    Before the mysterious power of Vitor reflected Olga and the others’ attacks in their bodies as they were, under Rurune’s attack, he said that it 『It hurts』.

    However, the Vitor’s expression now is, more in agony than he was then, and despite the fact that his wounds have healed just by looking at his appearance alone, it was very strange.

    Vitor, with his bloody eyes turned towards Olga and the others, smiles distortedly.

    “Once again. I’ll once again, knock you down to hell. I’ll check my abilities with you as my stimulus ……”

    Olga and the others desperately think about how to move against Vitor, who is approaching with a twitching gait.

    Even if they try to escape, only Rurune can compete with Vitor’s speed here, and if Luthia, Olga and Zora are targeted by him, they can’t escape.

    In addition, their opponent is too strong for them to devote for defense without running away, but if they fight back, at that moment, they’ll repeat the same thing that happened again.

    Not only Olga, but also Luthia and Zora couldn’t come up with a good idea, and they could only stare at the approaching Vitor.

    ―――― Except for one person.

    “If you want that much stimulus, then I’ll give it to you.”

    “Ru, Rurune!?”

    Suddenly, with her arms crossed, Rurune, who stood up, stood with Vitor as if to protect Olga and the others.

    Then, when Vitor saw her figure, he stopped walking and laughed like a jackass.

    “Oi oi, what did the small fish that had crouched on the ground just say? You’ve realized a lot, don’t you? At your level, you can’t entertain me.”

    “You’re the one who doesn’t get it right. The one who can stop me from eating unknown food is …… only Milord.”

    “…… You’re calm there.”

    Olga involuntarily tsukkomi’d at Rurune’s calm self-analysis.

    But from Vitor’s point of view, Rurune doesn’t look like she’s changed, so he laughs with his nose.

    “Han! I don’t understand what that means but if you happen to consume an object, then what does it have to do with your strength.”

    “I got the universe in my body by eating that seed ……”

    “…… Glutton, what are you talking about?”

    To Rurune, who purposely pats her belly, Olga couldn’t help but tsukkomi.

    Vitor doesn’t really understand its meaning, and he makes his cheeks cramp.

    “The universe ah?”

    “I realized it. My mouth is not enough to eat everything I want. Then, I have no choice but to create a universe inside my body.”

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    “…… Agree.”

    Despite being an enemy, Vitor’s words had exactly the same impression on not only for Olga but also for Luthia and the others.

    However, Rurune didn’t seem to care about Vitor, and tells him with a magnificent appearance.

    “You don’t need to understand. You can just listen my impudent talk.”

    “…… I’ll kill you.”

    Vitor shortens his distance to Rurune in an instant, and puts his magic power and power given by the Demon God into his fist, and slams it into her belly.

    “Die, shit!”


    Olga, who couldn’t think that she was just standing there with an imposing stance in her current status without avoiding it, tried to run up in a hurry.


    “A’are? Rurune-san, looks like nothing happened to her……?”


    “I, I think that his attack hit her, but ……”

    The surprise of Vitor, who attacked her himself, was even higher because of this confusion of Olga and the others who were watching up close.

    “What … why can you stand calmly ……! If you direct that previous blow to the ground, it’s a mass of energy that can sink the entire continent!?”

    “―――― Unappetizing.”

    “Un, unappetizing?”

    Despite the surprised Vitor, Rurune seemed disappointed and told him so.

    “Just now, I have eaten all of your energy and the impact. And, I said it was bad.”

    “What are ……you saying ……!?”

    “I told it to you, right? I’ve created a universe inside my body.”

    “That’s not an answer!”

    That was exactly right.

    However, Rurune sighed outright as if to say why Vitor couldn’t understand this much.

    “Haa ……. I didn’t think that I’ll get tired of dealing with stupid people ……”

    “I’m going to be looked down upon on this situation!”

    “Okay, listen carefully. I have a universe inside my body …… or more precisely, by creating a black hole, I can continue to eat infinitely. And by the power of this black hole, far away from eating food, if I recognized it, then I can consume it. It’s a circumstance that arrive to from eating that unknown food.”

    “I don’t understand even if I hear it!?”

    Vitor can’t understand it, but if Seiichi hears what Rurune is saying, one of the most popular pink-bodied character* would have come to his mind first.

    “And I realized that not only my mouth can consume food. That’s why I changed all of my body parts like a mouth. This has also increased the amount I can eat at one time!”

    “It’s disgusting and I don’t understand!”

    Rurune, who is said to be disgusting by the enemy, didn’t know where she was heading anymore. She was originally a donkey.

    “I’m not going to let you understand. Quickly disappear “

    “Rurune, that’s no good!”

    Rurune casually aimed at Vitor and kicks him, as if she had enough.

    Luthia tried to stop her in a hurry, but Rurune’s attack didn’t stop and she pierces Vitor’s stomach.

    At that moment, Vitor felt a terrible shock in his stomach, and he grins, but ――――.

    “Hah! With this, you too ―――― Goboa!?”

    Vitor spewed blood from his mouth and collapsed on the spot.

    “Vua, I, idiot ……!? Ho,how did this!?”

    With the pain and wounds that won’t go away no matter how long it passes, Vitor crouches while holding his abdomen.

    While Olga and the others were stunned by such a scene, only Rurune looked down at him coldly.

    “Wha, what have you doooooooone!”

    “I just kicked you though?”

    “You just……kicked me……!? Then, why …… why are you, unwounded!?”

    “Don’t say strange things. If I kicked you, then you’re the one who’s going to take the damage, right?”

    “I,it’s not! My, my insides, are hollow! It’s not just, a problem, with my internal organs, hey ……! A concept, I’m a poison existence, no matter what kind of attack, I receive, because I’m empty, the damage and also, the wounds, return, will return, that is!?”


    “It’s, it’s not just that……! Since, I’m, that empty, by using my body, I can make a person, that I resonate with, take all kinds of damage he’s done back to him……! But, y,you are still, standing――――”




    Rurune mercilessly kicked Vitol’s face, who was talking about his abilities.

    However, although it seems that Rurune wasn’t interested in it, Olga and the others managed to get an overview of Vitor’s abilities.

    They couldn’t understand only the point where the contents of his body were empty, but his body is empty, and when they attack him, that attacked part is forcibly resonated with the attacking side, and they understood that it’ll be destroyed.

    Vitor himself has the nickname of ≪Resonance≫, but when such mechanism of his ability is heard, it feels that ≪Reverberation≫ is more suitable, but it does not only bounce back, because Vitor is empty, damage doesn’t accumulate on Vitor’s body, and from the point of ≪Resonance≫ and destruction, he was given with his current nickname.

    Rurune, who doesn’t care about such circumstances and his ability to bring harsh torment, laughed with her nose at Vitor, who was tattered and completely fainted.

    “Fuun. For some reason, it seems like he prattled, but it’s just a little thing for me who ate an unknown food.”

    “…… As I thought, Glutton is strange.”

    Luthia and Zora nodded to Olga’s words.

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