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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 170


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr




    Rurune’s sharp kick hits Vitor’s belly, and a hole was created in Vitor’s stomach as it is.

    In that hit, which is fatal to anyone who sees it, Vitor was blown away while spattering blood from his mouth, but Vitor immediately spews smoke from his body, and the wound healed cleanly, and after a few seconds, his original body returned as if nothing had happened.

    “Ah, nice …… this is nice! More, please entertain me more!”

    With an ecstatic expression on his face, against Vitor, who rushes in at a tremendous speed, Rurune had an annoying look on her face.

    And, without avoiding such an assault of Vitor, Rurune knocks a beautiful turn kick into Vitor’s side of the head as it is.

    While sensing the feeling that his skull is cracked and even his brain is crushed, towards Vitor who gets up again unharmed, Rurune sighed.

    “You’re not a big shot, you just have a big mouth.”

    “Don’t talk nonsense like that! More …… entertain me more ……!”

    No matter how unscathed he is, the moment he gets damage, he should definitely be in severe pain, but Olga and the others are terrified at the appearance of Vitor who is even smiling instead of feeling it, and suddenly, Rurune only felt something similar with the members of the guild headquarters that she saw when she was with Seiichi and the others to Vitor.

    Vitor, who repeats his assault over and over again, although his speed is not something that Olga and the others can deal with at all, Rurune handles everything he did with a comfortable and cool face, and she continued to hit him with splendid blows.

    Although Vitor is also intact with his mysterious power, Rurune has also never been attacked by Vitor, and is unharmed.

    “This is enough. I’m busy too. I can’t afford to spend time in a place like this.”


    No way, Rurune, who they thought that she only had food in mind, didn’t forget that the reason they went to this 【Land of Anguish] was to release Luthia’s father as soon as possible, so Luthia was moved.

    As Rurune said, if they don’t go soon, to Luthia’s father, the Demon God’s cult might do something to him.

    That suspicion was strengthened by the appearance of Vitor in front of them, and they had a reason to get there even faster.

    Not just Luthia and Zora, even Olga, who is usually strict with Rurune, looks at Rurune with a renewed look.

    “Quickly, to find another unknown food……”

    “Rurune ……”

    Rurune hasn’t changed.

    Then, Vitor, which was blown away so much that they couldn’t tell how many times it would be, without feeling the number of times he becomes intact in particular, he returned to an uninjured state as if it were quite natural, and got up.

    “Geez…… ordinary people are in trouble because they don’t value this supreme time …… It’s just that I don’t understand what you are saying.”


    “Don’t you understand? I can’t help it, so I’ll tell you that I’m going take this seriously.”

    “…… You’ve been showing a lot of disgraceful things until now, and now you’re very confident. “

    Without knowing where his confidence came from, Rurune just frowned.

    However, without seeming to care about Rurune’s words, Vitor cracks his neck and arms to check his physical condition, and he puts on a ferocious smile on his face.

    “That is, you ―――― you’re not really serious about this play, are you?”

    Vitor approaches again in the same manner, but his movement and speed have not changed, and Rurune slammed a serious kick into Vitor’s abdomen as if to say that he was seriously annoying.

    “!? Gaha!”

    “……!? Glutton!?”

    It was Rurune herself who was blown away as her mouth was bleeding.

    Certainly, Rurune’s attack was completely settled, and Vitor neither avoids nor prevents it, and he should have received that intense kick.

    However, it was Rurune that was blown away as a result, and for some reason, there are even traces of a strong kick on her abdomen.

    “Wha,what ……”

    Rurune swallows the blood flowing from her mouth, and she didn’t know why she was injured.

    It’s the same for Olga and the others who were watching from the side, to Olga and the others, Rurune looked as if she was blown away suddenly.

    And Vitor himself, who is the one who created this situation, seems to be angry with dissatisfaction.

    “Ah …… it’s boring because I don’t get any stimulus if I got serious about it.”

    “Wha, at……?”

    “Ahn, you’re tattered by your own blows! The things you’ve been giving me, you just received it yourself, you know? What a dying face you have.”


    When Rurune rushes out of the spot, she turns to the side of his head and hit a kick at a speed that even Vitor can’t react.


    “Gah ――――!?”

    “Nn? This time it’s a turn kick. It’s certainly has good damage. Does it hurt? That. Hahaha!”

    It was the attacking Rurune herself who was blown away again.

    Moreover, the damage is put exactly as it is in the part which she should have attacked Vitor.

    Every time she attacked Vitor, it was as if it was reflected in her own body.

    “What happened to the power you had until a while ago? Ah?”

    As if to show off his own power, Vitor approaches Rurune with his hand outstretched.

    “I,I won’t let you!”

    Then, Zora, who couldn’t keep up with the battle of Rurune and her opponent, removes her glasses that seals the power of petrification, and stares at Vitor.

    At that moment, from Vitor’s toes, he gradually turns to stone.

    “Ahn? What? Hey――――”

    “『Demon King’s Hand』!”


    Due to the petrification of his foot, to Vitor, who was stuck from the spot, Luthia immediately hit him with a fist of fire made up of jet-black flame.

    Nevertheless, Vitor evades the attack by slightly bending his upper body.

    However, the purpose of this is not to attack, but the aim of it was to create a gap in Vitor even for a moment.

    And because that purpose has been achieved, as Olga holds Rurune in an instant, they keep a distance from Vitor.

    “……Glutton, are you okay?”

    “Uh……it,it’s disappointing…… My stomach hurts and I don’t have an appetite ……”

    “It’s a serious situation.”

    Olga opened her eyes to Rurune’s words.

    It was a big problem that Rurune had no appetite to that extent.

    When she returned to Luthia and the others with Rurune in her hand, while Vitor, who was stretching over, seeming to be bored, shifted his gaze to Luthia and the others.

    “Ah …… not only did the small fry suddenly interrupted, but also the snake woman there who I was expecting only a little about this degree …… Are you guys, willing to entertain me?”

    “Entertain  you……? We’re not fighting with such a playful feeling. We’re going to go ahead.”

    “It’s impossible. You guys are going to die here. Other than that, I don’t know.”

    “Tha, that’s not true! Your feet have been sealed! If you move forcibly, your legs will break, you know?”

    Vitor laughed at Zora’s words.

    “Hahahahaha! My legs were sealed, you say!? That 『Eye』 of yours is a dead hole!?”

    “Wha,what…… eh!?”

    Unbelievably, Vitor’s leg, which should have been petrified, has returned to its original form, and there’s no appearance of it being petrified anywhere.


    Not only Zora who used her power in that scene, but even Luthia and the others are surprised.

    Originally, the abnormal state of petrification is, if he’s completely petrified, he will die at that point, or by others’ hand, and it was standard thing that he can only be released by a special chemical solution or magic.

    For those reasons, petrification, along with paralysis, were recognized in this world that these were very troublesome effects compared to other state abnormalities.

    However, such as the toes and hands as before, if only a part of it is petrified, by using magic and chemical solutions with their own hands without the help of others, he can be released.

    However, even if it’s only his foot, Vitor, who should have been petrified, not to mention magic, he didn’t even seem to use chemical solution.

    Vitor gives a ferocious smile to the stunned Zora.

    “More than that, are you okay? Your feet …… it’ll break, you know?”


    In response to Vitor’s words, Zora looked down at her feet fearsomely, and there was her own feet that had turned into stone before she knows it.


    “……Immediately returned.”

    “Do you think I’ll let you do that?”

    Olga tries to remove Zora’s petrification from the items he has, but Vitor won’t see to it quietly, and he rushed in with tremendous momentum.

    “I won’t let you……!”

    In order to prevent him, Luthia made full use of her magic, but even though she released it to Vitor, it wasn’t possible for her to catch his figure, and her magic didn’t hit him.

    “Ora, your legs, I’m going to crush it.”

    “Hah! Gah!?”


    After squeezing her power, Rurune who got up attacks Vitor again, but in the same manner as before, the impact is reflected to Rurune herself as it is, and she rolls on the ground again.

    Vitor sighed as he looked down at Rurune coldly.

    “After all that. This is it as soon as I take it seriously. You’re weak, but you’re chic. You, can’t overcome my power. “

    “…… We don’t know, that yet.”

    “Nn? Oh?”

    Before he knows it, Olga went behind Vitor and she put her hands around his neck and tightened it up.

    Furthermore, by entwining Olga’s feet with Vitor’s feet, his movement is also hindered.

    From the sidelines, it seems like it’s a reckless challenge, but Olga was able seize a dungeon with Seiichi, she joined the ranks of 『Transcendents』 and her status became abnormal.

    In addition, Olga had another idea.

    “…… Zora-oneechan, Luthia-oneechan ……!”

    “I, I understand!”

    “Eat this.”

    By the blow of Rurune, Zora was recovered by Olga with the gap that was created, and she turned her eyes of petrification towards Vitor, who couldn’t move because Olga was tightening him up.

    If it’s the usual, it’s likely that Olga will be petrified together with him, but since Zora’s petrification is effective only for the object reflected in her eyes, the figure of Olga who is a child is hidden by Vitor, and she was not affected.

    Zora’s petrification this time is not on his foot, but because she was pointing at Vitor’s face to defeat him, Vitor’s face is changing into stone.

    “A, ah?”

    Feeling the situation, Olga, who had tightened his neck, opened her mouth.

    “…… Glutton’s attack, you didn’t avoid it. However, you avoided the magic of Luthia-oneechan, which was released while you’re facing Zora-oneechan’s, petrification. Your power works, only for one person. That’s why, my attack, and Zora-oneechan’s petrification…… can’t be nullified.”

    “You, you bastard, d ……”

    Petrification gradually spreads from his eyes, and Vitor, was completely being petrified from above his eyes and she continues to petrify his nose, cheeks, face, and was solidified with anger on his face.

    “…… And, to the point ―――― “

    “I will, burn you.”

    Against Vitor who’s desperately trying to escape from Olga’s restraint, in order to make it even more thorough, the Demon King magic of Luthia was deployed.

    It’s not only the hands that made up of jet-black flame as before, but rather, a black flame giant appeared behind Luthia.

    “Yo,u …… she’s, going to get burn, too!?”

    “I’ll only burn, you. That’s naturally, right?”

    “Damn it, gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

    The black flame giant tried to burn Vitor and crush him with its huge arms ―――― It was at that moment.

    “―――― Juuust kidding.”

    “Eh ―――― gah!?”

    “O,Olga-chan!? Eh, a ――――”

    “Olga!? Zo―――― gaaaaaaaa!”

    Olga’s neck is tightened by something invisible, and she tried desperately to solve it, then Zora, like Vitor had been petrified earlier, this time, she had completely petrified herself.

    And by the Black Flame Giant, Luthia, who launched the attack, was burnt by the black flame which she should have set up.

    When Olga and the others collapse in an instant, Vitor remained unharmed, as if nothing had happened, and he looked down at Olga and the others.

    “So? How was it? You were betrayed by the feeling that you might be able to win even a little. Nn?”

    Vitor smiles sinisterly and brings his face closer to the struggling Olga and the others.

    “The smaller the fish, the more their head turns, and they’re going to try to turn their teeth to the strong even a little. But, what? Small fries are weak, so they are called small fries. No matter how much you turn your head, there’s no reason why a small fry can beat the strong. Isn’t it?”


    “What’s wrong? Is it painful? Isn’t that what you did to me? Didn’t you learn from your parents? Don’t do anything to a person that you don’t want to be done to you.”

    When Vitor removed his gaze from Olga as if he had lost interest, he looked over at Luthia and the others who fell there.

    “Aaaah. In the end, there’s no one here that can entertain me.”


    Rurune, who desperately got up, can’t believe the sight that unfolded there.

    To such Rurune, Vitor turned his eyes to Rurune as if he remembered, and he approached her with a smile on his face.

    “Oh oh, that’s right. I have to thank you for making me entertained, right?”

    “Wha, at……”

    “What, is it? I’ll give you back exactly what you’ve done to me.”

    Imagining that scene, towards Vitor, who wore an ecstatic expression, Rurune felt chills in her spine.

    For the first time here, Rurune recognizes that the existence in front of her is more dangerous than the 【Apostle】 Demiolos, who had previously attacked the Barbador Magic Academy.

    However, even if she tries to escape from the place, her body doesn’t move due to the mysterious damage.

    Even though he’s getting closer step by step, Vitor continues to walk while enjoying Rurune’s reaction.

    He likes to see the other person’s face when they understand how unreasonable he is, and this moment irresistible for him.

    ―――― But, he just doesn’t know the true unreasonableness. (TN: Seiichi to the rescue!)

    Both unreasonableness and insaneness threw on a spoon together, there’s a 『human』 like that ――――

    “Now then…… this was your damage to ―――― Kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!?”


    Suddenly, something beyond the speed of sound hit Vitor’s stomach.

    In that bang, Vitor was blown away while rotating like a cone, and that something which exceeded the speed of sound broke through Vitor’s belly on the way, and he flies further away while scraping the ground with its sonic boom.

    “Gah wha!? Wha, what ―――― buhe!?”

    There is a hole in his belly, and Vitor spits out a lot of blood from his mouth, and something that exceeded the speed of sound collided him again.

    No matter how you look at it, Vitor was assaulted by an instant death blow, and his neck turned once, but when he became unharmed with his power, he got up steadily.

    “Wha, what…… what the hell is this!? My wounds are healed. It should’ve healeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!?”

    From there, due to the rain hail of mysterious flying objects, Vitor’s body continued to be pierced. (TN: Seiichi, unconsciously protecting his harem)

    Rurune, who was looking at the scene in a stunned manner, suddenly noticed that the flying objects were also flying to herself.

    However, Rurune, who did not move, forcibly catch the flying object with her mouth.

    “Ugh!? …… Mu?”

    While showing her insaneness by catching it lightly with her mouth, which exceeds the speed of sound, Rurune chewed and tasted the thing that jumped into her mouth.

    “Is this … some kind of seed? But what is, this taste, this feeling…… I strangely don’t hate it.”

    After swallowing the mysterious object, Rurune, keep an eye on the objects which are still flying to Vitor.

    “This is, food. I don’t understand, but its food ……!”

    Rurune’s appetite ignited.

    Rurune not only dexterously catches the flying objects with her mouth, but also using both her hands and feet, she catches them one after another and stuffs them into her mouth.

    But, she can’t catch everything, and some flew to Vitor.

    “Kuh! I missed it again! Such a waste!”

    No matter how he looks, now that Vitor is damaged, not only does she eats the object that exists by herself, she gets even angry when its flying to Vitor.

    However, Rurune’s body, which had been so tattered, has recovered before she notices it, and moreover, her power was strangely overflowing.

    But for Rurune, that didn’t matter.

    Because, being able to eat unknown food, is of utmost important to her.

    Even if it is not a thing of this star.

    “You bastard, I’ll give this baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!”

    “IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII doooooooooooooooon’t waaaaaaaaaaaaaant toooooooooooooo!”

    Vitor, who was hit one after another and couldn’t move, shouted so.

    (TN: Rurune in her finest form next chapter.)

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