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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 168


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    “Iyaa, I was wondering what would happen at one point, but there is some unknown food!”

    In response to the attack of the mysterious monster, while Olga and the others were on the alert, as if to say that she doesn’t know such an atmosphere, Rurune kicked it off with her own desires.

    Until now, the wasteland has continued, and she couldn’t find a creature that looked like food, so her tension rose in front of the living thing after a long time.

    Against such Rurune, Olga asks with her hand on her forehead.

    “…… Glutton, question. Does this look like food?”

    “What else does it look like?”

    “…… I didn’t hear it well. Do you want to eat this?”

    “It’s a matter of course.”

    “……Are you sane?”


    “…… you’ve lost your mind.”

    “You said that I’m sane!?”

    In Olga’s words, Rurune snaps, but ignoring such Rurune, Olga continues.

    “……Glutton. This monster, is an unknown monster. First of all, is your recognition of it, the same with them, Glutton?”

    “Nn? I’ve never seen this monster before, but ……”

    “……Nn. Then, do you know how dangerous it is to charge at such an unknown monster indiscriminately?”

    “That being said, I’ve seen this creature in the place where I used to be.”

    “……………… Eh?”

    Olga doubted Rurune’s words.

    It’s not just Olga, even Luthia and Zora, who used to live in a dungeon, understood that it was not normal.

    However, the person in question, Rurune, continues without having any particular concern.

    “Fuun. I lived in a monster market until I was bought by Milord, but …… I often saw such creatures there. Every time they got it; the owner is always close to death.”


    Olga and the others, were at lost for words.

    In the first place, such as why Rurune lived in a monster store, Olga and the others who don’t know that Rurune is a donkey, were only puzzled.

    However, ignoring such Olga and the others, Rurune immediately turns her attention towards the unknown monster she defeated.

    “Then …… when I was in the monster store, the guy owner got in the way, and I couldn’t eat it, but…… I wonder what kind of taste this guy has!”

    Couldn’t stand her appetite anymore, Olga and the others had no choice but to pull Rurune, who couldn’t stop her saliva from her mouth.

    ――――And another person, against such Rurune, was there with a cramped expression.

    “Oi oi…… I don’t know what kind of face I should have……”


    They didn’t even feel his presence at all, and Olga and the others jumped out of the scene with a tremendous force in response to the sudden voice thrown at them.

    Then, there appears a dark-skinned man ―――― Vitor, the ≪Resonance≫, stood with his face cramped.

    Allowing Vitor to approach without them feeling anything, Olga asks calmly while coldly sweating.

    “……Who, are you?”

    “Me, is it? I am ――――”

    Vitor breaks his words from there, then the next moment, he had a heinous smile on his face.

    “I’m Vitor, the ≪Resonance≫.”


    When Olga unintentionally listens back, even though she keeps an eye on Vitor, he had already disappeared.

    “!? Where ―――― “

    “I’m here.”


    “O, Olga-chan!?”

    In response to Vitor’s voice from behind, Olga immediately turned her body towards Vitor, and then she crossed her arms as it was and took a defensive posture.

    At that moment, a tremendous impact ran over Olga’s arms, and she was greatly blown away as it is.

    Looking at her, Vitor stopped with his leg raised, and in that moment, he went behind Olga, and she could see that he released a kick again.

    Olga was blown away, and as she managed to adjust her posture in the air, she landed while worrying about her painful arm.

    Zora and Luthia immediately rushed to Olga.

    “A,are you okay!?”

    “……Nn. Somehow……”

    “Arms, show me. 『Light of the Demon King』”

    Luthia held her hands over Olga’s red and swollen arm, then from there, a soft, gentle black light overflowed.

    Olga’s arms that is touched by the light, pain gradually subsides from it and it returns to its original state.

    “…… It doesn’t hurt anymore. Luthia-oneechan, thank you.”

    “Don’t mention it. Anyway…… suddenly attacking like that, and not doing anything while I was healing her…… What’s your purpose?”

    “That’s right! You, what is!?”

    Luthia and Zora ask Vitor while emitting hostility, but Vitor didn’t seem to care and had a big yawn.

    “Naa? I have no purpose or anything…… I’m here to have fun.”

    “Fun ……?”

    Luthia, who doesn’t understand the true meaning of Vitor’s words, asks back involuntarily.

    Then, Vitor told her while seeming somewhat dull.

    “Ah ―――― but, you guys are no good.”


    “Why didn’t I attack while you were recovering her, you ask? I decided to have a little fun.”

    Vitor no longer seems to be interested in Luthia and the others, and he continued to look disappointed from the bottom of his heart.

    “I’ve come to this place, so that I can see you…… the Demon King’s daughter and the snake woman who I’ve never seen, and the black cat beast man who was a loathed existence…… I don’t know what that woman is. Even though I have a feeling that it’ll be fun, you’re too weak. It’s just, I knew your purpose when you had the Demon King’s daughter there. But this is the end. You guys just exposed your purpose of coming here, and you’re going to die. That’s it.”

    “Let me say this ……!”

    Luthia, who was furious with Vitor’s words, cast magic as it is.

    “『Demon King’s Hand』!”

    That’s, the same as the one that was released in Zora’s dungeon, a huge hand made up of jet-black flame appeared.

    However, what was different from the time at the dungeon is, by her leveling up, instead of only one hand, it’s now possible to make both hands appear.

    Towards the hands of jet-black flame that were swung down with a huge amount of heat and momentum, Vitor turned his cold eyes to it without end, and he casually shook it off with his arm.

    With just that, Luthia’s magic was wiped away, and a storm strikes Luthia and the others.

    “Ku!? Su,such……”

    “You guys, really don’t know anything. In the first place, if I didn’t speak out, the beastman over there would have died with my first blow, and I could’ve just given a bloodbath without waiting for her to recover. I’m not expecting great things from you, but I at least will make effective use of you.”

    Luthia and the others were desperately enduring the storm, and as he turns his eyes to the mysterious monster which has already been defeated, he sighed.

    “Geez…… when I saw it at that facility, I thought it’ll do something that looked pretty interesting, but…… when the lid was opened, its just this. Really…… I don’t like it.”

    He exudes his anger at the end, and Vitor, who wanted to throw it away, waved down his hand to the mysterious creature that was already dead.

    With just one action, a tremendous torrent of magic power pours onto the mysterious monster from above, and the corpse of the mysterious monster disappeared cleanly from the spot. (TN: Damn, no food for Rurune)

    “Now then, I’m done cleaning this one. Well, from here on out ―――― “



    Suddenly, a dumbfounded voice was heard, and Vitor turned his eyes towards that voice.

    Then, Vitor called out, and while Olga and the others jumped away, from the source, how to cook the corpse of the mysterious monster in front of her, Rurune, who kept imagining what kind of food would be delicious from it, was staring at the bottom of the crater in a daze.

    “Wha, what about my meal? What about the unknown food?”

    “……Glutton, are you kidding?”

    Even though they were doing something so flashy, while Olga was drawn aback by Rurune who didn’t care at all, Rurune, who ignored even such a thing, was searching for the corpse of the mysterious monster that disappeared without leaving any dust, and wandered in her field of vision.

    “Whe,where did it go? The unknown food, that I’ve been waiting for …… where did it disappear? There’s nothing, in this wasteland…… I put up with it patiently, and I finally found my meal, but where did it disappear?”

    “Rurune-san …… that’s ……”

    Looking at Rurune who is stunned, Zora involuntarily covered her mouth with her hands, and shed tears in her eyes.

    To that end, Rurune’s appearance was painful and sad.

    Zora, who can be said to have grown up in the dungeon, was so pure, so she couldn’t help but cry when she saw Rurune’s feelings, but Olga and Luthia, who have ordinary sensibilities, didn’t know what to say other than being amazed.

    And, it was the same with Vitor.

    “Ah…… I’m surprised that you aren’t aware of me until now…… You don’t know anything about this situation?”

    “Situation ……? That my meal has disappeared ……?”

    “You don’t understand.”

    Vitor just tsukkomi’d at her, but as soon as he regains his mind, he looked at Rurune.

    “I see. It didn’t feel like you were here. First of all, I’ll erase you like that monster. After that ――――”

    “Just now, what did you say?”

    “Ah? Guho――――!?”

    When Vitor realized that he had received a great impact to his stomach, he noticed that he was floating in the air.

    Moreover, most of his internal organs are crushed with just that one blow, and there’s a large amount of blood overflowing from his mouth.

    Opening his eyes in such state, as he hardened, on the ground, he can see Rurune with her legs raised.

    “Did you, erase it?”


    When Rurune’s figure disappeared again, Vitor was again hit hard on the side of his body, and he was blown away to the side while floating in the air.

    Because, in that blink of an eye, Rurune jumped into the air, and kicked Vitor.

    Olga and the others can only see the scene while being stunned.

    “Yo, you …… who the hell are you ――――agah!?”

    “It’s you, right?”

    Vitor, who was blown away and rolled on the ground, tried to get up, but as if to say that it’s the finishing blow, Rurune slammed a heel drop over his head.

    Vitor, which has the appearance of his head plunging into the ground, just like when the mysterious monster was defeated by the impact of Rurune, it created a big crater there.

    Rurune, who landed lightly, with the Rurune’s kicks so far, not only his internal organs but also his bones are crushed, and she said coldly to Vitor who fell to the ground as it was.

    “My grudge against food, is absolute.”

    “…… I can’t comprehend you, glutton.”

    Olga’s feelings were all said in just a few words.

    The origin of Rurune, her ability, everything was too mysterious.

    However, due to the fall of Vitor, who had a hopeless-like difference in combat strength, Olga and the others thought that they would finally be free from tension ―――― It was at that time.

    “―――― Ku, kukuku …… ku ha, kahahahahahahahahaha!”


    From Vitor, who should have fallen to the ground, they heard laughter.

    Olga and the others were surprised at his appearance, and Rurune also slightly lifts her one eyebrow.

    Then, Vitor got up slowly as it was.

    “Tha! Worked, it workeed? Your blow is good! I don’t know, what was that, but isn’t this amusing!?”

    Vitor, who had just been kicked by Rurune earlier, got up, and had broken bones all over his body and was bleeding, but tiny smokes are generated from his wounds, and his wounds were gradually being healed.

    Luthia and the others open their eyes to Vitor’s appearance.

    “Hi, his wounds…… disappeared……?”

    “…… I’m sure I kicked him.”

    Rurune also frowned at the sight, and she shook her feet lightly as if to remember the feeling of hitting him.

    Vitor answers Rurune’s words with an amusing laugh.

    “Ah, of course I was kicked by you. I was surprised at your power that’s beyond my expectation. The bones and internal organs of my whole body have become a mess.”

    “If ……so, why can you stand up?”

    “That’s because I have this kind of body.”

    Vitor moves to check his completely cured body while creaking his neck.

    And then――――

    “Now then…… I know I can enjoy this. Ora, try to entertain me more……!”

    “That’s good. I alone wasn’t satisfied with my previous action to you. ――――Eat this to your heart’s content.”

    ―――― Rurune and Vitor clashed.

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