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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 166


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    (TN: Finally!)


    In a space covered fully with jet-black darkness, Yutis stared at one point with an ecstatic expression.

    At the end of that line of sight was ――――

    『―――― Thanks for the trouble, Yutis. 』

    “Wha…… haaa!”

    【Darkness】 itself, was there.

    The jet-black space where Yutis is present is as if it were the very existence in front of him, there was no end to the 【Darkness】, and it was huge.

    The purple mysterious eyes that emerge in such 【Darkness】, stares at Yutis with deep benevolence.

    『It’s been, a long time. My seal―――― has finally been removed. 』

    “Yes…… yes…… Demon God-sama……!”

    Yes, the 【Darkness】 that exists before Yutis was, the Demon God that the Demon God’s Cult had longed for, including Yutis.

    When the Demon God removes his line of sight from Yutis, he looks far away.

    『Well…… How much is my strength now……』

    For a moment, Yutis couldn’t stand there, as the space creaked and trembled.

    At the greatness of his power, Yutis was in awe, and he turns his eyes of blind acceptance towards the Demon God.

    “Ah……! This is…… this is it, the power of Demon God-sama……!”

    However, when the Demon God closes his eyes unpleasantly, he turned his eyes towards Yutis again.

    『This is, my power? Not like this. It’s not like this……! 』

    The Demon God’s words are full of anger, and Yutis involuntarily stiffens.

    『I’ve become weak, too. No way, at best, I can only erase hundreds of millions of universes. 』


    With his tremendous power, Yutis can’t say anything.

    However, this is only natural for the Demon God, and he’s still weakened.

    That’s a matter of course, everything in this world was created by Gods, including the Demon God, and the universe, laws, concepts, humans…… all of it was created by the hands of the gods.

    It can be said that it’s easy for the maker to destroy it.

    『It’s just…… strange. Why can’t I erase this star, where I was sealed? 』


    『This star that has tormented me for a long time…… why can’t I erase it? 』

    “That is……”

    Even though he possesses a special ability, Yutis, a human being, could not understand a God.

    But, by chance…… for a moment, despite the fact that three apostles have been defeated so far, and that there’s an existence who cannot be identified, it just passed over Yutis’ mind.

    However, since his thought is in front of the Demon God who is in a bad mood, it disappeared immediately.

    “I, I’m afraid to say that, because Demon God-sama was sealed on this star for a long time, I think that your mighty power has settled down on this star.”

    『…… I see. That may be so. Besides, the other Gods are afraid of my resurrection, and there’s a possibility that this star is a trick. They’re spiteful, but those guys are equivalent to me in terms of their confidence in themselves. It’s no wonder that I can’t see their actions. 』

    When the Demon God returns to his good mood in an understanding way, he turns his eyes to Yutis.

    『Now, then. Yutis. 』


    『I have to at least regain my strength before I was sealed. Do you understand that? 』


    『If so, I will accumulate power here until mu full strength returns. Use the other 【Deities】 and 【Apostles】, and you all will continue to collect negative emotions. 』


    Yutis replied while kneeling on the ground at the Demon God’s words.

    Yutis wondered if this was the end of the story from the Demon God, but the Demon God’s request continued.

    『Then, apart from your usual actions, I ask you to find something for me. 』

    “What? I,is there something else?”

    『Ah. If my memory just before I was sealed was correct…… when the power of me and them collided, something must have been born. 』 (TN: That something is the Evolution Fruit)

    “That is……”

    『Because I was sealed before I could confirm anything of it, I haven’t grasped its true form. However…… it’s something that I and even the other gods didn’t expect. Do you know what this means? 』

    “…… Excuse me. To me……”

    『Don’t you understand? The gods, and I, it’s the thing that we couldn’t have anticipated. 』


    In the words of the Demon God, Yutis opened his eyes.

    Not only the Demon God, but the other gods are literally the creators of everything.

    The gods who embody omniscience and omnipotence as they are, the Demon God says that something unknown to him was born.

    『It was created by the clash of power between me and the gods, so it would become a crystal of power. That’s also terrifying. It’s of the gods. It’s unlikely that you’ll get and use such unknown things. I and those guys are like in a standstill. However, if I have the crystal of power of myself and those guys, it might be possible for me to handle them so easily. Perhaps, they sealed it somewhere on this planet. 』

    “Wha, what……”

    『Find out where it is and give it to me. I’ll, use it to go, above those guys. 』

    “Tha, that’s! Isn’t it dangerous!?”

    『Fuun. I don’t even know if it’s dangerous. But if it’s for my revenge, I’ll choose any means. No matter what the risks are, I’ll have that power, and this time…… Standing at the top of them, I’m going to create our ideal world. 』 (TN: It’s been eaten already)

    Yutis bows his head in front of the Demon God, who exudes his dark emotions.

    “Hah! This Yutis, will be sure to find it, and I’ll give it to Demon God-sama.”

    『I look forward to it――――』

    When the Demon God tells him so, he disappeared so as if he melts into the darkness.


    “――――Excuse me!”

    I …… Seiichi, as soon as I heard Al’s story, was on my way to the 【Land of Anguish】.

    Then, for some reason, my nose suddenly become itchy, and I sneezed a lot, but…… is anyone talking about me? No, I don’t think I’m famous enough to be talked about.

    Thinking about that, Saria looks at me anxiously.

    “Are you alright?”

    “Eh? I’m fine. Maybe.”

    “Maybe…… well, I can’t imagine Seiichi having a cold. Or rather, getting sick?”

    “No, I will be!? …… A’re? I will, right?”

    “You don’t even understand yourself…….”

    To my reaction, Al seems to be amazed, but…… eh, if you ask me, I don’t remember getting sick since I came to this world.

    As soon as I came to this world, I had eaten poisonous mushrooms and so on in the 【Forest of Endless Love and Sorrow】, and I was dying, but…… I didn’t got sick.

    Anyway, I just denied it, but it’s good if I don’t get sick. Apart from the story of me not being a human!

    “Nevertheless, the sun around here is strong……”

    When Al looks at the sky while saying so, certainly, the sun is shining brightly.

    It appears that the number of trees and grass is gradually decreasing in the surroundings, and I can’t even see monsters, let alone humans.

    “…… Hey, Seiichi. Aren’t you feeling hot? I’m looking at it, and it’s sweltering here……”

    “Eh? It’s not particularly hot, though……”

    “I don’t think you’re the same as us human……”

    “Isn’t that horrible!?”

    No, it’s not hot though due to my equipment and my original status.

    Al seems to be sweating, but even in such a situation, Saria does not seem to care particularly, and was normal.

    “Lo,look! Isn’t Saria as usual? Hey?”

    “Eh? Yup, it isn’t particularly hot, you know?”

    “Saria is a monster, right?”

    “She is.”

    Recently, I’ve only seen her as a person, so I forgot that, but Saria is a fine monster. Or rather, a gorilla.

    After digging my own grave, I decided to change the topic.

    “Spe,speaking of which, the 【Land of Anguish】 is near the Demon Kingdom, right?”

    “Ah, that’s right.”

    “Then, we’re already in the territory of the Demon Kingdom right now?”

    “No, this route we’re using is, the shortest route directly to 【Land of Anguish】. That’s why, we won’t go through the Demon Kingdom’s territory.”

    “Fuun…… did Luthia and the others pass through the Demon Kingdom?”

    “That’s right, isn’t it? The 【Land of Anguish】 itself is next to the Demon Kingdom, so it would be safer for them to be together along the way. The Demon King’s Army is not only for a country originally, but they, too, have a task to protect the Demon King.”


    I completely forgot about it, but the Demon King’s army also had a role to protect Luthia and the others.

    I heard that they were trained by Lucius, the first Demon King, who should be the one they have to protect, so it’s easy to forget.

    “……A’re? But, why is Luthia’s father sealed in such a near place, and he isn’t unsealed yet?”

    “That’s…… certainly. They didn’t have a way to unseal him, I guess? That’s why you need to be there……”

    “No, I don’t know why I’m needed, but isn’t it strange that there is no other way to break the seal? If they really need me, then I don’t know why they went ahead……”

    When I and Al were twisting our necks without knowing why, Saria raised her voice.

    “Ah, it’s a monster!”

    “Eh? Ah…… It feels like I’ve seen a monster, or a creature for the first time after a long while……”

    No, actually, I’ve met a lot of people before I leave, so it’s not like that, but by the time the surroundings gradually turn into a dreary landscape, I didn’t even meet people, let alone monsters completely.

    When I turn to the monster that Saria found, it was a monster that looks like a Bactrian camel* just by its appearance, but its characteristic bump is like a volcano, and the monster also noticed us, turning its hostility to us. (TN: Bactrian camel –

    I immediately appraise the monster.

    “Hmm…… 『Raku Daruma Lv: 402』?” (TN: Rakuda = camel + daruma)

    Where’s the daruma?

    When I twist my neck to its strange name, the camel daruma’s body quivered.

    “Hi…… hihiin!”

    “Isn’t that a cry of a horse!?”

    I think its a horse-like, but does a camel sound like that!? Are you kidding me!? Even our donkey doesn’t make such a voice…… No, she can talk.

    When I was suddenly retorting to the cry of the camel, the Rakudaruma shook its body, and suddenly, the volcano-like bump on it expanded, and as I looked at it, magma erupted all at once.


    I involuntarily raised my voice to the scene, and I wondered if the magma would come all the way here……



    The magma poured straight down from above to the camel’s head.

    It covered itself with its own magma……

    Despite being a monster, what does it wanted to do, and when I was fascinated by its action, the magma that fell on the camel solidified in black ――――



    As the name implies, with only the camel’s face popping out, its body was completely covered with daruma-like lava.

    The Rakudaruma that saw that I was surprised, has a look of elation for some reason.


    “Kuh…… I’m getting angry with that face……!”

    When I was irritated by Rakudaruma who has an odious smug expression, I suddenly noticed something.

    “A’re? But, how will you attack in that state?”



    A cold wind blew between me and the Rakudaruma. It’s supposed to be hot in this wilderness.

    “Hi, hiiiiiiiiiin!”

    “Are you just intimidating me with force!?”

    Apparently, it seems to have no means of attack, and when it opens its mouth, something like a pink bag-like object from its inside, and white liquid began to come out from its mouth. I,it’s dirtyy!



    “Hi, hihiiiiiin!?”

    While remaining intimidated by the Rakudaruma, before I know it, Saria, who had become a gorilla, approached it, and have beaten down the Rakudaruma.

    “Etto…… Saria-san? I,isn’t that merciless?”

    “It was threatening me, that’s why, I defeated it.”

    That was, the wilderness theory.

    To me who is stunned, Al, who had been silent until now, sighed.

    “Haa…… that was a monster, and we’ll defeat it. Well, there would have been no harm in leaving it as it is. Now then, let’s go straight ahead? I especially went out with you, and didn’t bother and just watch her beat it down.”

    “Ah, yes.”

    It appears like she’s willing to come with me all the way. I’m really sorry.

    Even so, there are many kinds of monsters in the world.

    Though we left that place thinking about such a thing…… even if that defeated Rakudaruma, has a level that is over 400, we do not sense any problem, but I didn’t realize the reason, as my conversation with Al a while ago, about why they didn’t unseal the demon king even though he was near the Demon Kingdom.

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