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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 164


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    “Wha, what, is this……”

    Taken by the soldier who jumped in haste, we moved to the palace garden, but I opened my eyes wide involuntarily at the scene in front of us.

    That is――――

    “This is…… such huge tree, hasn’t it grown!?”

    Yeah, like suddenly covering half of this palace, a huge tree was growing in the garden.

    Until yesterday, such a tree hasn’t grown here, and where did it come from?

    …… Perhaps, I think the effect of the magic I used in the Forest of Sealed Magic have reached this far?

    A lot of anxious things go over my head, but I don’t think that’s the reason.

    What’s more, I have a bad feeling.

    『Oh, Seiichi-sama. And all of you are together. 』


    Suddenly, eyes and mouth emerged from the big tree in front of us, and we were called out.

    I had a bad feeling about it. I was there, but……!

    “It’s you!?”

    『? Are you hearing something weird? No matter how you look at me, it’s me. Tree.』

    “I can see that it’s the tree!?”

    What I’m trying to say is that it’s not just a tree, it’s a talking tree…… it’s fucking complicated!

    While I was suddenly ramming to the giant tree in front of me, Amelia and the others were stunned, and Helen sighed as if she had given up.

    “Haa…… Well, it’s Seiichi-sensei. It wouldn’t be strange if you knew this big tree……”

    “It’s a misunderstanding! I didn’t grant this tree to speak!? Originally, it was caused by the Amelia’s power!?”

    “Wai, wait just a little! Surely, I brought the tree to life to keep an eye on you, but it wasn’t this big, right!? Besides, now that it has finished its role, its life must be gone! Why is such a thing still here!?”

    Even for Amelia, it appears that this is a situation that she didn’t fully predict, and she’s confused.

    “…… Suin. I can’t keep up anymore.”

    “Riel, I’m also relieved. No matter how I think about it, rather than Amelia-sama, I think that Seiichi-dono’s influence is greater……”

    It seems that Riel-san and the others are starting to escape from this situation, but …… please return to your senses. I want to escape from reality, too.

    As I don’t understand why it became such a big tree, the gigantic tree in front of me opens his mouth in an amazed look.

    『I wonder what you are so confused about…… were you puzzled by the difference in my appearance? That’s terrible! It’s just that I became a little big, but you don’t know…… Was the bond between Seiichi-sama and me only about that much? 』

    “It’s not a bit far from it, but what’s the bond I have with you!?”

    In my mind, I only have memories of being swayed by this guy.

    “No, it doesn’t matter……”

    『It doesn’t matter!? 』

    “You, why did you become so big?”

    Ignoring the reaction of the big tree, I obediently get down to the main subject.

    Until now, the tree felt like it was talking normally, but as it grew, its voice became somewhat thicker, and it feels like it’s talking directly to my brain. What really happened?

    『Fumu…… if you ask me why I got bigger…… to be honest, I don’t know either. 』


    『This morning, when I tried to get down a little root in this garden, I end up like this…… 』

    “Wait, this guy, did you feel like staying in the garden of this castle?”

    『I’m only a tree, 【Tree that’ll stay】…… like that. 』

    “Can I burn this guy?”

    I think it’s fine, but I want you to calm down for a second.

    “No, I understand that you didn’t have intention to be like that, but is there really no reason you can think of?”

    『That’s right…… the only thing I thought of is, the reason I decided to set roots in this garden, was because I finished the role that was originally given to me, and I was trying to turn back into an original tree, but …… perhaps, after being with Seiichi-sama for a while, I wonder if Seiichi-sama’s insaneness was a little contagious. 』

    “What is my insaneness being contagious!?”

    “I see…… it’s because of Seiichi.”

    “As I thought.”

    “If it’s because of Seiichi-dono……”

    “I’m convinced.”

    “Can I cry?”

    I don’t know why it was my fault, so why are you all convinced with that? Even though it’s just normal.

    『Well, isn’t this all right? I, by becoming this figure, have acquired the power to create magic power. 』


    『Therefore, in this palace, there’s the magic power created by me, which means that magic can be used more smoothly. 』

    “You mean that…… you mean that we don’t have to use it only at the Recovery Space?”

    『It’s going to be like that. Of course, since Seiichi-sama hollowed it out, you can use it even in the part of the Forest of Sealed Magic where trees have been newly grown with Seiichi-sama’s magic, but…… it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a part of it, so it will affect the ability to use magic in this empire. And that’s why, I appeared! That’s what I’m talking about. 』

    I’m angry at the way it chatters, but this giant tree’s ability would certainly be appreciated by the Valsha Empire. He’s saying that they can now use magic thanks to him.

    However, Amelia and the others had difficult expressions, and seemed to be conflicted somewhere.

    Looking at such Amelia and the others with a little sympathy, the big tree stares at me with a triumphant look on its face.

    『How is it? Seiichi-sama. This evolved me! Do you like it? I’m only a tree. 』

    “Your annoyingness has evolved, too?”

    No, he was originally an annoying guy.

    『That’s why, I want to live as a sacred tree in this garden. 』

    “Are you going to call yourself a sacred tree?”

    『No one have called me that! 』

    Damn positive, Oi.

    As I was tired of the giant tree’s appearance, the giant tree looks at us with a great expression.

    『By the way, is this all right?』

    “Nn? What?”

    『I, am a sacred tree, right? 』


    『It’s not self-proclaimed! Is it okay for you to have such a punishable attitude to me!? Respect me more! Go on, go on, go on! 』

    “You’re still saying that?”

    “Let’s cut it down.”

    When Amelia decides so while being expressionless, she started to give instruction to the soldiers to cut it down.

    『Gyaaaaaah! I’m against violence! That’s destruction of nature! 』

    “It doesn’t matter if it’s just one, right?”

    『That’s how humans destroy nature! 』

    I’m totally convinced by that.

    No, really…… Human beings are selfish creatures, so…… it’s not a good idea to just say that, but……

    『Is that alright!? If I were gone! Certainly, thanks to Seiichi-sama, the problems you were facing have been resolved! However, the Kaizer Empire, who’ll doubt about the soldiers who didn’t return, might advance again!? Wouldn’t it be better if you were able to use magic at that time!? 』

    “We, well that’s true……”


    The huge tree makes its eyes shine, but Riel-san muttered as she suddenly realized something.

    “But…… so, the other party can use magic, too?”

    “Ah, that’s right. In that case, wouldn’t it be advantageous for the Kaizer Empire, who originally uses magic?”


    The giant tree got completely silenced by the words of Riel-san and Suin-san.

    After seeing that, Amelia-san nodded.

    “Let’s cut it down after all.”

    『Have mercyyyyyyyyyyyyy! 』

    Where did the figure that used to say Sacred tree disappear to?

    In a situation that we wouldn’t usually think that a big tree was clinging, as our senses were getting paralyzed, Amelia sighed.

    “Haa…… well, I won’t cut you down. The fact that you brought Seiichi here doesn’t change, and it’s not always a bad thing to use magic.”

    『O, oh! Your Majesty……! 』

    “The problem is, how do we learn anything other than recovery magic in this country…… While the Kaizer Empire is invading most countries ――――”

    Amelia talked so far, but when she noticed something, she turned to Helen vigorously.

    “That’s right, it’s not!”


    “Helen, you teach us magic!”


    Amelia grabbed Helen by the shoulder, and she says so with a serious expression.

    “You’re the only person in this country who has learned magic right now!”

    “Tha, that’s true, but…… all I can use is fire attribute……”

    “That’s okay! Same as swordplay, even magic has common foundation, right?”

    “We, well…… like magic power manipulation, but……”

    “You’re going to teach us that!”


    As Helen was stunned, she whispers to Amelia timidly.

    “I…… can I help this country?”


    “Onee-chan…… can I be of service to you……?”


    When she hears Amelia’s words, Helen’s eyes gradually moistened and tears began to spill from it.

    “Wha, what’s wrong?!”

    “So,sorry…… I wanted to stand up and be of help to onee-chan even a little…… So, I went to Barbador Magic Academy to study magic, but I couldn’t use magic there…… I was a dunce…… I wonder what was the meaning of me leaving the country……”

    Helen reminiscences the thoughts she has accumulated so long.

    “I can’t do anything like this, and I wonder if it’s over for me……. However, thanks to Seiichi-sensei, I was able to use magic…… My studies aren’t wasted……”

    To that extent, Helen finally couldn’t bear it and began to cry.

    “It’s good…… It was good……. even I can be of help to onee-chan…….”

    “…… That’s stupid. You’re not useless, and because you are important to me…… all you have to do is stay with me.”

    Amelia hugged Helen gently, with a little sniff.

    Seeing that, Suin-san and Riel-san are also slurping their noses.

    ……I think it’s alright.

    When I thought so, I moved softly from the place, and I returned to Saria and the others with transition magic.


    “Gusu…… I’m sorry, onee-chan.”

    “It’s okay. So, will you accept it?”

    In response to Amelia’s words, Helen wiped her tears and nodded strongly.

    “Leave it to me! I will, teach everyone magic!”

    Amelia nods with satisfaction to Helen.

    “Thank you. …… Seiichi, including Helen, I was really indebted to you. So, after all, my reward for you is me――――”

    Amelia noticed as she said that.

    “…… Where’s Seiichi?”



    “……I don’t, know……”

    To Amelia who was desperately looking around, the huge tree called out to her.

    『Ah, Seiichi-sama already returned, you know? 』

    “Eh? Re,returned? In the room?”

    『No, to his original country.』


    Amelia and the others raised their voices in surprise at the words of the giant tree.

    “That guy…… returned without receiving a reward from us!? Why!?”

    “Isn’t it because it’s troublesome?”


    Stunned by Helen’s words, Amelia gradually trembles her shoulders.

    To such Amelia, Riel called out with a timid voice.

    “A, Amelia-sama……?”

    “…… He doesn’t have fine courage.”


    Then she lifted her face up and screamed into the sky.

    “Bring it on! Then, I’ll never let you go until you receive us!”

    “A, Amelia-sama!?”

    “Whatever you do, I and Helen, Riel and Suin, you’re going to receive uuuuuuuuuuss!”

    “We too!?”

    It was already decided that Helen and the others would be the reward together with Amelia.

    “What are you, complaining about!?”

    “N, no, I’m not complaining…… I think that Seiichi-dono is surely a good man, but that’s…… you said it so suddenly……”

    “You don’t have a partner anyway, right!?”

    “That’s cruel!?”

    “I don’t really mind about that. I was interested in marriage, but it was too much trouble to find someone.”

    “Are you okay with that, Suin!”

    “Wouldn’t it be fine? Because Seiichi-dono, is very amazing, right?”

    “Tha, that is……”

    Riel is about to be completely swept away by Suin’s words.

    Next to them, Amelia was also pressuring Helen.

    “Helen is, also fine with it, right!?”

    “N,no, onee-chan!? To Seiichi-sensei……”

    “You like him, or you hate him!?”

    “No, I don’t hate him……”

    “Then that’s good!”

    “I,it’s messed up……”

    Helen, who can’t stop her sister running wildly, held her head involuntarily.

    『Yareyare…… Seiichi-sama, is the center of all troubles. 』

    Whether or not the whisper of such a huge tree reaches Seiichi, it’s another story.

    (TN: Another harem members, the heck!!)

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