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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 163


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    Next day.

    When I was called by Amelia again, I visited Amelia’s room once more.

    Yesterday, they had a little dispute about the reward, but I don’t know what’s going to happen……

    After that discussion, as Amelia said, I was allowed to have a feast and a large communal bath, and they treated me with extreme prudence, so to be honest, I feel that it would be troublesome if I take a reward anymore. If I ask them anything more, it’ll make me feel mentally sorry.

    When I entered the room while thinking about such a thing, Amelia, Helen, Riel-san and Suin-san were gathered.

    However, everyone is somehow fidgeting, and the situation is strange in some way.

    I opened my mouth while tilting my neck.

    “Etto…… So, being called in this manner, have you decided on what you’re going to give me?”

    “Ye,yes. That’s right.”

    “I see……”



    ………… A’re?

    It was decided, right?

    For some reason, they’re in a state of silence…… Moreover, when I looked closely, Amelia’s face was red, and I had a bad feeling.

    When my mysterious intuition functioned, I was driven by the impulse to return home from this place immediately, and Riel-san, who was waiting in the back of Amelia with no sign of opening her mouth at all, opens her mouth.

    “That’s…… Your Majesty. If you stay silent, Seiichi-dono will not know what it is……”

    “I, I know!”

    Amelia cleared her throat once, and she looks straight at me with her cheeks dyed red.

    “Seiichi. I’ll say the reward for you.”


    I didn’t notice the other person’s appearance, and I just decided to stay, but Amelia-san said in a high-pitched voice.

    “My reward for you is ―――― me!”

    “Yes!…… Yes!?”

    What did you just say?

    Me? M-e? Watashi? Or is it Tawashi? (TN: They’re all watashi, the second one is broke, third one is English, and last is reversed)

    “I am, me! I, the Empress of the Valsha Empire, am saying that I’m the reward for you!”

    “No, no, no! Wa, wait a moment!”

    “Why do I have to wait!?”

    “Eh, am I strange!?”

    Isn’t it normal to want to wait!? Because I can’t keep up with the story, I!

    “What and how did you come to that conclusion!?”

    “Are you complaining!?”

    “Why are you quarrelling back?!”

    With her face bright red, I can only be puzzled at Amelia, who says so to me.

    Then, Suin-san, who couldn’t see the situation of such Amelia, said to Amelia with a bitter smile.

    “Your Majesty. If you don’t explain it properly, Seiichi-dono won’t know anything. Look, Seiichi-dono, who doesn’t understand anything, is confused.”

    “That’s, all he has to do is shut up and take me.”

    “That’s ridiculous……”

    I can’t accept her silently.

    Suin-san sighs at Amelia, who is being so absurd.

    “Haa…… in our discussion yesterday, it was just a suggestion to Seiichi-dono, and it was Seiichi-dono’s freedom of whether to accept it or not, you know? What and how did it become such an aggressive development……”

    “That’s, because……. I don’t have this kind of experience, and I don’t know what to do……”

    “I don’t think that you’ll get accustomed at having such experience of presenting yourself.”

    I think it’s exactly as Suin-san says.

    When I nod inwardly to Suin-san’s words, Suin-san turned her eyes towards me.

    “It can’t be helped, so I’ll explain it to you, but…… to tell you the truth, there’s nothing in the current Valsha Empire that can reward Seiichi-dono’s work. No, even in the heyday of the Valsian Empire, there’s nothing that we can pass to Seiichi-dono. What Seiichi-dono has done so far is wonderful.”


    “That’s why, Her Majesty decided ―――― to present herself to Seiichi-dono.”

    “Yes, there!”

    I involuntarily tsukkomi’d.

    “I understood up to the point which there’s nothing that could be passed onto me, but what and how did it come to such a conclusion!?”

    “It’s a simple story. If Amelia-sama was given to you, the Empress of the Valsha Empire, it’s essentially the same as handing out the Valsha Empire to Seiichi-dono.”

    “That’s absurd…… Even though I was fighting to protect the Valsha Empire, it wouldn’t make sense to hand it to me……”

    “You see, that’s because we trust Seiichi-dono. If it’s you Seiichi-dono, even if you get the Valsha Empire, I don’t believe that you’re going to do whatever you want with politics, right?”

    “That is…… even if I get a country, I don’t think I can do anything about it, so I imagine that it’s going to be the same as before.”

    “That’s how it is. If it’s Seiichi-dono, even if we hand over the Valsha Empire, we can still continue as the Valsha Empire…… That’s what we thought.”

    I now know what and why did they come to that conclusion, but after all, it’s too heavy for me, and more than anything else, I have Saria and the others.

    When receiving Suin-san’s explanation, Amelia opens her mouth again impatiently.

    “Ah, mou! What’s the problem! You can get me, and it’s good because you can get the country, too!”

    “I’m not so shameless that I’ll think it was good there!?”

    I don’t want you to make fun of small citizens.

    Sadly, when my heart got tightened, Amelia transformed completely from a groan, into a cheerful expression as if to say that a good idea has come up on her.

    “That’s right! Well then, not only me, but I’ll also put Helen!”


    The topic suddenly caught Helen, who was completely unrelated.

    “Wawawawa, wait, onee-chan!?”

    “It can’t be helped, right? This is also for the sake of the Valsha Empire!”

    “No, that may be, but……”

    “Then I’ll put out not only Helen but also Riel and Suin!”

    “Me, me too!?”

    “Oh…… you’re starting to run completely wild.”

    Helen and Riel were surprised by Amelia, who was no longer under control, and Suin-san had distant eyes.

    No, I’m the one who wants to look far away, but……

    Or rather, the unpleasant premonition that I felt was right…… that’s why, I wanted to go home.

    Even though I’m right in front of them, the four of them were having an argument.

    When I thought that I shouldn’t return into the room with those figures, suddenly, the door of the room was knocked.

    “What!? I’m busy right now!?”

    Even though she said that, when Amelia told him to enter the room, one soldier tumbled inside in a panic.

    “He, her Majesty!”

    “? What’s the matter, in such a hurry……”

    “T, the garden…… the garden is in trouble!”

    『What? 』

    When we look at each other, we decided to head to the garden for now.

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