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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 162


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    (TN: I wonder what will be the reward :3 )

    “…… Forgive me. I’ve showed you something strange.”

    After they hugged each other for a while, Amelia said that with a slight nose slurp.

    “No, I don’t think so, but…… that’s, are the two of you sisters?”

    “Yes. We’re half-sisters with different mothers.”

    “Onee-chan was the daughter of the lawful wife, and I’m the daughter of the concubine. Well, it’s similar to Blued.”

    “I, I see……”

    I didn’t think that there were two royal family members in the F class.

    Surprised by the new fact, a calm Amelia looks at me with a serious expression.

    “Seiichi. I will say it again, you really helped me. Well, the method was too unexpected, but……”


    “That’s why, I have to give you a reward.”

    “I didn’t do it because I wanted a reward…….”

    “You may be, but you certainly saved us, and if I can’t return anything to you here, then it’ll become a matter of my national dignity. Of course, ignoring your opinion as a person who has made merit, I think it would inflict national circumstances……”

    “N,no…… As expected, I don’t intend to brush aside the will of an individual until the circumstances of the country are imposed, so I’m already fine with the reward, but……”

    When I helped Ranze-san a long time ago, I was told something similar, but it’s hard for people to lead a country. It seems to be troublesome to have to think about such things one by one.

    I just helped her because I wanted to help, but I wonder if “Yes, thank you.” is not enough. No, I can’t help but knead some unreasonable method on it.

    And, as I said, until the situation in the country have been overcome, I’m not going to let myself go. Well, I can’t do that since I’m a small-hearted person.

    After that, Amelia exhaled a sigh of relief at my reaction, and she changed her expression again.

    “Fuu…… my gratitude for telling me that, but I can’t give a reward to you right now. You stopped the war by yourself after all……”

    “…… That’s true. When I think about it carefully, it was a war between the Kaizer Empire and the Valsha Empire, and…… Seiichi-sensei solved it by himself……”

    “That’s right…… therefore, no matter how I think about normal rewards, it won’t match up……”

    Helen and Amelia, held their heads in the same manner as they said that. No, I’m sorry.

    Nonetheless, I don’t want anything in particular.

    I don’t need money, and I don’t need weapons or armors either.

    When I was at Ranze-san, I wasn’t good at using magic yet, so I somehow managed to convince him to have Florio-san teach me magic, but……

    Riel-san and Suin-san, who are behind Amelia, were worried about the reward for me in the same manner, but no answer seems to come out.

    Amelia sighs when she thinks that it has continued for a while.

    “……No good. I can’t think of anything like this right now. That’s why, I’m sorry, but …… Seiichi, would you mind staying at this castle for a day?”


    “At the very least, it’s not a great thing, but I’ll give you the best hospitality, and I’ll manage to somehow think about the reward by tomorrow…… what will you do?”


    The battle itself is over, and speaking of free time, I’m free, but…… I have to contact Saria and the others.

    “Maybe it’s fine, but……”

    “Really!? Then, in the room that I had you used yesterday, please stay one more night! I couldn’t afford that much yesterday, but I’ll treat you to delicious food, and this castle has a large bath. Please enjoy that too.”

    My reply made her eyes shine, and Amelia said so.

    There was also a bath in Ranze-san’s castle, but I wonder if the castle here is set with a large bath. This is one of the symbols of authority and financial power.

    While I was thinking of such a thing, I was taken by a maid, and guided to the room where I stayed yesterday.


    After Seiichi left the room, Amelia and the others still continued their discussions.

    “For the time being, I told Seiichi to wait until tomorrow, but……”

    “Onee-chan, are you okay? That’s …… if I just listen to the story, it seems unlikely that you’ll be able to prepare a reward, though……”

    “I agree…… Honestly, his achievements are too great, that there’s nothing I can use as a reference, so……”

    “That’s right, isn’t it…… normally, without hurting the treasury, I wonder if we can satisfy the other person, but…… I didn’t expect that we would have to think about how to make him really pleased with our pocket circumstances.”

    “That’s right…… the situation and sentiment were too different from the time when I was rewarding those stupid aristocrats, and to be honest, I don’t know anything……”

    Everyone discusses this and that about the reward contents for Seiichi, but they can’t come up with a good idea.

    Seiichi himself didn’t tell them, but he doesn’t appear to be in trouble with money, and the Valsha Empire has nothing more than what Seiichi wears as his weapons and armor.

    It appears that the discussion would enter the abyss as it was, but Amelia looked up as if she had made up her mind.

    “……I’ve, decided.”


    “You’ve decided…… for the content of the reward?”

    When Helen and the others’ eyes turned to Amelia, Amelia nodded.

    “Yes ―――― I’m, going to marry Seiichi.” (TN: Boom! Nice)


    All the members were hardened by Amelia’s unexpected remark.

    However, Amelia continues without worrying about such a situation.

    “Honestly, there’s nothing that can satisfy Seiichi in the current Valsha Empire. In that case, I think I’ll have no choice but to hand myself, who is the Empress, to him.”

    “Wa, wait, onee-chan!? Are you serious about that!?”

    “I’m serious, you know? Fortunately, I look good, and I’ve been courted many times by royal aristocrats from other countries. Still, the reason why I refused was because of my time as I was here…… In other words, I left it for the future of the Valsha Empire. After all, younger people are more efficacious.”

    “Tha, that’s …… certainly as a diplomacy, you may someday marry a royalty from another country, but what about that being the reward……?”

    After Helen, Riel returns to her sanity, and she says that dismally.

    “Well, from Seiichi’s point of view, he might say that it’s a nuisance. Or rather, he may want to not even be rewarded……”

    “The, then why?”

    “Speaking of things that I can readily give, it’s just I myself and my position…… In other words, there’s only the Ruler position of this country. After all, without Seiichi, this country would have been destroyed.”

    “Su, such……”

    In fact, without Seiichi, the Valsha Empire would have been gone, and Amelia believed that it wouldn’t have much of a problem if Seiichi becomes its Emperor.

    Because, even if she marries Seiichi, and even if Seiichi becomes the emperor, Amelia would still reign it as usual.

    “And, I’m just going to say this, but my marriage with Seiichi will definitely be one of our big diplomatic means. The reason for that is because, Seiichi’s fighting power is strange.”

    “…… There’s no denying that.”

    Helen, who knows how nonsensical Seiichi is, certainly understood that Seiichi would be a powerful hand in diplomacy.

    “……Well, even if I say I’ll give myself to him, I don’t know if he’ll accept me or not, and we have no other candidates at the moment, so for now, just listen to me.”

    Finally, when Amelia concludes like that, for the meantime, the talk for Seiichi’s reward ended.

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