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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 160


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    That was all of a sudden.

    Aurius Fencer, captain of the first unit of the Kaizer Empire, was shocked by the sudden impact.

    Drinking sake in a good mood last night, Aurius was sleeping well as it was, but it was such a shock that he leaped up in an instant, and it hit the soldiers of the Kaizer Empire.

    Furthermore, the impact didn’t occur only once, twice then three times, and finally a slightly weak shock.

    “Wha, what’s going on!?”

    “A, an enemy attack!?”

    “Oi oi, it’s very early in the morning!”

    Everyone desperately moved their bodies that became dull due to excessive drinking of sake, and start to take an action of collecting information.

    However, their movement were disorganized, and at this rate, they’ll get more and more confused.

    “Oi, calm down at once! Good, follow my instructions!”

    Then, in such a situation, Aurius raised his voice, and the soldiers soon regained their calm.

    “I don’t really understand, but you’ve all experienced the impact just now, have you? As expected, it’s not possible to proceed with the impact not long ago. From the 1st platoon to the 3rd platoon, go east, the 4th to 6th platoons head west, from the 7th platoon to the 9th platoon, to the north, and the rest, will explore the south! Let’s meet here two hours later!”

    『Hah! 』

    The members of the first division who had just responded, were divided into platoons and started exploring in the direction indicated by Aurius.

    Nonetheless, their movement is still lacking in vividness, and doesn’t look to be very intricate.

    Still, there was nothing wrong with the present Aurius and the others.

    “……Well, even if this impact was caused by a monster or soldiers of the Valsha Empire, we have power. That’s because even one 『Transcendents』 is dangerous and all of us is one. Anyway, find out now the true nature of the impact that was just made ―――― “

    The moment he started to say that, as if the ground was being lifted, such a big shake hit the first unit.

    “What the fuck, is this?!”

    They crawl on the ground, and got wary of the previous shake, but it didn’t seem to shake again.

    Even if they look around in that position, they can’t see anything strange either.

    “Shit…… This wasn’t happening until yesterday!? What the hell is going on……!”

    He managed to stand up and watch the surroundings around him, but there’s nothing there.

    “I don’t understand what’s going on……”

    When he says that, this time it’s not shaking, and suddenly, heavy rains and thunderbolts covered the sky.

    “What’s happeniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!”

    He suddenly got drenched, and tried to prepare a camping tent in a hurry, but the rain was too strong to secure visibility, and he can’t assemble a tent well.

    “Damn it, damn it, damn it!  Why me, why meeeeee!”

    Aurius rolls into a tent that he desperately assembled while soaking wet, he took off his armor and clothes that got drenched and heavy.

    “Uh…… i,it’s cold……”

    And partly because he got wet in the rain, but Aurius felt so cold that his body almost seemed to freeze.

    So far at this time, Seiichi is already in the center of the group of whirlpools, and a part of the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】 where the first unit led by this Aurius, and the 『Apostle』 of the 【Demon God’s Cult】, was floating on the sea.

    And, Seiichi himself didn’t notice it at all, but actually, the climate around those whirlpools is extremely cold, and even if he was dressed normally, he won’t felt chilly.

    Because he got soaked in such a place, Aurius’ body became very cold.

    “Wh,why do I look like this……”

    Even though the fire was intense, the trees surrounding him got wet with rain, and he won’t even be able to light them properly.

    On the contrary, due to the appearance of the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】, there was almost no way for him to create a fire because magic could not be used.

    He doesn’t understand the cause of the many events that are happening now, that he can only tremble and wait for his subordinates to come back, then a soldier return with a desperate look.

    “Ca, captain!”

    “What’s the matter, did you discover anything!?”

    “Tha, that is……”

    Getting soaked in the same manner, his subordinate who seemed to be cold ignored that and reported as it was.

    “For some reason…… we are on the sea now!”


    Aurius didn’t understand the meaning of what his subordinate was saying.

    “Sea…… it’s the sea!? Don’t be stupid! We’re right in front of the Valsha Empire, and should have been in the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】! There is no doubt that magic cannot be used here!”

    “How, however, as soon as I leave the forest, a sea is spreading! That is, we’re also surrounded by powerful whirlpools!”


    No matter how desperate his subordinate when he said that, Aurius couldn’t believe his words.

    ―――― However, that is only the case where one of his subordinates makes that statement.

    “―――― Ca, captain!”


    In addition, one of the platoons who was exploring in a new different direction, reported in the same state of impatience while soaking wet.

    “I, it’s the sea! We’re on the sea now!”

    “Wh, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!”

    From the position where the soldiers of the Kaizer Empire were originally set up, an hour or two is not enough to go to the sea, even if they were called 『Transcendents』. And especially when they come back and forth.

    However, the soldiers returned there in less than two hours, and in this way, they report that there’s a sea.

    Aurius didn’t know what it was anymore.

    “What’s going on?! What are you all saying!?”

    No matter how hard he tries to find an answer, his subordinates who’ve returned only said that there’s a sea, and whirlpools.

    Aurius, who was finally unable to endure such words, ordered the soldiers who came back.

    “Le,let’s get away from here! Hey, get ready to return now! Okay, right now!”


    The ordered soldiers hurriedly packed their luggage, and at the same time, the rest of the soldiers also returned, and they carried each of their packed luggage on their backs.

    “That’s right. I’ll return…… I should be able to go back…… If I do that, everything will be the same.”

    Aurius, who lost his cool in the cold and incomprehensible situation, take the soldiers and start moving.


    “It’s…… a…… lie……?”

    He got down on his knees in the sea spreading in front of him.

    He thought that he had left the forest, but there’s no sandy beach anymore, and there was a sight in front of him that he couldn’t understand because it was the sea.

    There are no grasslands or roads that are supposed to be their way to return, and whirlpools are making violent sound.

    “Ca, Captain, that!”


    While being stunned, as one of his subordinates directs his gaze in the direction of where he was looking, it appears that the whirlpools don’t matter, since a certain monster appeared.

    It’s so huge that you can lightly roll out the part of the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】 that Seiichi had cut out, it was a bluish-white dragon.

    “Ah, aah……”

    Moreover, the dragon is not only one.




    Their faces and the tails appeared from here and there in the sea where the whirlpool can be seen.

    With his face turned blue, Aurius used 『Appraisal』 to the dragons in front of him.

    Then ――――

    『Sea Dragon King Lv: 1332』


    Everyone can’t say anything, they just remained stunned.

    Even Aurius, who was so strong that he thought he had no enemy, has a level that’s just a little over 500.

    There are multiple monsters that boast more than twice of his level.

    Moreover, it’s not known whether it is possible for them to even leave this island in the first place because of the violent whirlpool surrounding it.

    But even if they leave, they’ll never be able return home unless they manage the dragons in front of them.

    And, the transition magic which is also a means for return ―――― can’t be used in this place.

    “A, aah…… Aah aah ……!”

    In the reality that is too unreasonable, Aurius and the other soldiers, got their minds completely broken.


    “Strange…… it’s strange……! What the hell happened!?”

    When the soldiers of the Kaizer Empire were investigating the cause of the shaking, similarly, the 『Apostle 』of the 【Demon God’s Cult】, which was also near the base of the Kaizer Empire, was in a hurry for the same reason.

    “Why, what and how did the sea spread in front of me!? I was not approaching the sea!”

    Just like with Aurius and the others, to gather information, he was originally at the Varsha Empire, which would have been the opposite direction of the sea, but there’s a sea in front of him for some reason.

    “Kuh! This is the worst…… I haven’t brought a 【Transfer Jewel】, and…… transition magic cannot be used at this place……”

    If only Destra had originally come, the hooded figure believed that they would surely knock down the Valsha Empire into turmoil and despair, so he didn’t bring any mobile items such as the 【Transfer Jewel】.

    “I can’t rely on Destra-sama with this……”

    Moreover, because it doesn’t look like he was near the Valsha Empire today, even if Destra were to transfer now, it’s not in this place, since Seiichi has hollowed it out, he’ll transfer to a vacant place.

    “…… Well, that’s fine. If I can’t use the item, I’ll have to return on my own.”

    The apostle decides to do so while he cannot secure his view due to the heavy rain.

    In fact, no magic can be used, and now that he can’t even use his skills to move, the only way to get there is to swim and build a boat.

    “That whirlpool is pretty nasty, but if only I can exceed that ――――”


    To block the words of the apostle, the sea dragon king who swims a lot in the sea in front of his eyes, yelled.


    Moreover, the number is not only one, but multiple bodies raise their voices in the form that follows a roar.

    When the apostle sees such a scene in front of his eyes, it turned white.

    “Wha? Wha, what’s going on? What the hell, is that monster? Why are there many of such monsters? Wha?”

    In such an unreasonable reality, the Apostles finally began to escape.

    “Thi, this is a dream. Yeah, it must be. Otherwise, such a legendary-class monster will not suddenly appear in the sea. Fuha, fuhaha. Ahahahahaha.”

    When the apostle starts laughing like a madman, he closed his eyes so that he could turn away from reality on the spot.


    “Oh, the gate is coming into view.”

    I, who had thrown away a part of the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】 which I cut out to the sea, without especially being attacked by monsters, returned to the Valsha Empire safely.

    “Oh, as I thought, when I look at it this way, I was able to gouge through a wide area when I did that.”

    And looking in front of the Empire, which seems to have a gaping wide hole, I scratched my head.

    “Yeah, as I thought, I have to restore it. Not all the trees in the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】 are gone, so can magic be used?”

    I completely acted in random, so when I was still worried about that, the brain announcement answered.

    『It’s a bit faint, but it’s fine because there’s magic in the air. 』

    “Oh, is that so. If so, then it’s good.”

    I’m already accustomed to speaking with brain announcer-san, so I headed to the main gate while being satisfied with its answer.

    And then ――――

    “What does this meaaaaaaaaan!”


    As soon as I arrived at the main gate, the main gate suddenly opened before I called out to the gatekeeper, and Amelia grabbed my chest.

    “Why! Right in front of us! The 【Forest of Sealed Magic】! No way!?”


    “No, you don’t have to say anything. I asked all the soldiers……! What the hell were you thinking for you to hollow out a part of the forest! Why did you go and gouge it!?”

    “That’s because I was able to gouge it, but……”

    “I’m saying that it doesn’t make senseeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

    Amelia holds her head and shouts so. Somehow, I’m sorry about that.

    Actually, I was thinking of restoring the forest while Amelia and the others were sleeping, but as expected, if I float up there in a flashy way, that is, the soldiers are going to report it.

    Behind Amelia, desperately trying to handle the reality in front of them, Riel and Suin, who had dead eyes, were talking.

    “……Suin. My common sense is gradually breaking down.”

    “…… It’s strange. Mine too.”

    “Did you hear that? He seems to have gouged it out because he can gouge it out.”

    “Yes, I heard it. Normally, you can’t gouge out a forest, though.”

    “No, on the contrary, I wouldn’t think of gouging it out, normally……”

    “But he had done it.”

    “…… He is a mass of insaneness after all. Or rather, he’s a God. Yup, I decided to think so. If I don’t think so, I can’t keep up. It’s rude for you to say that you’re the same as us humans.”

    “You don’t have to say that much!?”

    It’s unavoidable for them to say that I’m just a mass of insaneness or something unusual this time, but I’m sorry for being rude to humans!? For the time being, my race is 『Human』!? My!

    When I tsukkomi’d with all my power, Amelia noticed something and grabs my chest again.

    “I mean, why did you do that!? It could be said that the forest here was holding back the soldiers of the Kaizer Empire……! Why did you cut it out!?”

    “Um… I didn’t cut it because I wanted to gouge out the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】 in the first place, as a result of my own thinking, I wonder if I could manage both the soldiers of the Kaizer Empire and the 『Apostle』 of the 【Demon God’s Cult】 at the same time, so when the two of them are there, I cut it out and throw them away into the sea……”

    “What should I do. I don’t understand any of what you are saying.”

    Finally, Amelia looked at me with dead eyes just like Riel-san and the others.

    “Eh, did you really think that way?”

    “So, you’ve done that……”


    No, as much as I want to hear. Really, I wonder why I did that. I somehow thought that it would be cool, but when I actually try it, it feels like I want to hit myself.

    Well, the result was good, wasn’t it? They don’t have to fight anymore.

    You see, a great swordsman on earth said this, “I won without fighting, this is a hands-free victory.” as he had left his opponent, you know? (TN: ‘tatakawazu shite katsu, kore ga mutekatsuryuo’ – one of the famous lines of Tsukahara Bokuden.)

    “Strange…… Eh, I’m not the one who’s strange, right? A’re? By any chance, everyone can cut out a part of the forest, and they can carry it? Ah, I’m starting to feel like I can do it!”

    “Your Majestyyyyyyy! I’m sure you can’t……! It’s impossible, it’s impossible even for us! Rather, it is impossible for humankind to paw at the ground!”

    “Ri, right? But you’re saying that Seiichi was able to do it? Yeah, are you unexpectedly wrong? Just because we couldn’t do it.”

    “Your Majestyyyyyy! Kuh! You bastaaaaaaaard! Because of you…… Her Majesty must have assumed that your insaneness was common senseeeeeee!”

    “Iyaa, wasn’t it really cool?”

    “You think so!”

    That’s right. I knew that.

    Next to me and Riel-san who were doing such an exchange, it seems that Suin-san managed to get Amelia back to her senses, and she shook her head and called out to me again.

    “Da,dangerous…… When I’m with you, my common sense falls apart…… I was surprised at your too unreasonable and insane behavior, but perhaps…… we don’t have to deal with the Kaizer Empire and the 【Demon God’s Cult】 anymore……?”


    In Amelia’s words, Riel-san and Suin-san. And the soldiers that’s surrounding us who were watching over the course, opened their eyes and solidified, and stared at me.

    “Yes. That’s what I was saying.”


    All of them became silent. A’re?

    Then, the tree came from the main gate, and after seeing the sight in front of him, he began to laugh with a loud voice.

    “Buh…… Ahahahahaha! Se,Seiichi-sama! What the heck did you do to spread such a scene!?”

    “Etto…… both the Kaizer Empire and the 【Demon God’s Cult】…… and at the same time, the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】 is too annoying, so I throw it all away into the sea……”


    Perhaps missing the key point of my explanation, the tree twisted its body and laughed a lot.

    “A,amazing……! Wha, what I was going to ask for……  I don’t understand this solution……! My,my stomach hurts…… because I’m a tree, I don’t have a stomach exactly……”

    “Ah, that’s right. I think, you were saying something yesterday, but what were you trying to say?”

    Because I remembered it, I asked it before I forgot it, and the tree answers while still laughing.

    “What I was trying to tell you to do is…… please do something about the Kaizer Empire and the 【Demon God’s Cult】…… That’s what I was asking you.”


    “Because that’s right, isn’t it? Seiichi-sama have recovered the soldiers with recovery drugs and a single recovery magic. However, if we don’t do something to the Kaizer Empire which is the cause of the damage this time, the problem will not be solved. So, I tried to ask Seiichi-sama to do that in the same way, but…… no way, before I even tell you…… tha, that’s also…… li,like this method…… Ahahahahahahahaha!”

    The tree that entered a laughing point again, and perhaps it couldn’t stand it at last, fell to the ground while laughing.

    But as the Tree says, it’s a method that I myself thought about, so I can’t say anything back.

    Then Amelia, who was silent, draws back her smile.

    “A, a’re, in such a desperate situation, everyone made up their resolves, but…… what does that resolve mean now……”

    “I, told my lover that I might die……”

    “I have, transferred all my fortune to my family as a personal arrangement……”

    “Stupid guy. I ―――― don’t have anyone like that ……”

    “““Oi, don’t say sad things!”””

    When everyone was talking with an indescribable expression, Suin-san calls out to Amelia.

    “Your Majesty, let’s rejoice for the time being!”


    “Whatever the reason or method, we won while being unharmed like this……. Nn? Victory? A, anyway! We didn’t have to fight, so we must be happy now!”

    “Ri, right……that’s right!”

    Amelia, who regained her eyes in the words of Suin, turns around and she raised her voice with force to reach the soldiers and the people beyond the gate.

    “Everyoooooooooooooone! Now, it’s here! The war is over! It’s ours…… the victoryyyyyyyyyyyy!”

    『Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo! 』

    Yells rose all at once.

    Gradually, the soldiers begun to have tears in their eyes, and perhaps realizing the feeling of victory and being safe, they hugged each other and expressed the joy of being alive.



    Looking at such soldier-sans, Amelia calls out to me in a renewed state.

    “We wouldn’t have had such a happy ending without you this time. Really…… Thank you so much……”

    And then, Amelia bowed her head on the spot.

    When I was nervous about that act, as I thought, Riel-san rushes to Amelia.

    “Eh, Your Majesty! You must not! Bowed your head down so easily ――――”

    “Riel. If I don’t bow down here, then when am I going to lower it? If I don’t lower it, I don’t need this head.”


    “You’re the one who’s bothering Seiichi-dono, so apologize properly.”


    Then Riel-san turned towards me with an awkward look.

    “That’s….. I’m sorry to have mistreat you so much. To Seiichi-dono……you really saved us. Thank you.” (TN: She actually used words that are quite polite)

    “Me too. In this way, the soldiers and her Majesty, and Riel, I can be with them, and I owe it to you. Thank you.”

    Not only Riel-san, but also Suin-san bows to me.



    Even though I was satisfied only by the correspondence of Amelia, Riel and the others, from there, I was called out further, and when I turn my face in that direction, A lot of soldiers were watching me side by side.

    “Thanks to you, we can meet our family again!”

    “I can, see my lover too!”

    “I …… don’t……”

    “““Shut up for a while!”””

    There’s about one person who was angry, but everyone bowed their heads all at once when they say so to me.

    “““Really, thank you very muuuuuuuch!”””


    As for me, I can’t really watch them, nor I can’t overlook them, and I didn’t want them to thank me.

    But, if they’re happy like this…… I’m glad that I was able to be of good use, and that’s what I thought.

    Amelia, who was watching our interaction like that, suddenly looks at the site that I gouged out as she remembers.

    “Speaking of which…… I wonder what should we do with this ground……”


    Everyone, was reacting as if saying that it’s true, but I want them to feel relieved.

    “It’s fine. I’ll restore it properly.”


    “Well, even if I say that I’ll restore it back, it’s not going to be the same as the trees in the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】, though……”

    “Etto…… what are you saying ――――”

    I think it’s better to be fast, and I activated my earth magic for the time being.

    Then, in the sky above the site that I had hollowed out, there’s a huge lump of soil…… that’s the same amount of soil mass that I cut out.

    I dropped it on the site as it is, and it’s beautifully leveled with magic.

    “And, here’s the plants.”

    From there, I magically grow suitable plants, and I arranged it in a nice way.

    “…… How about something like this?”


    As I turned around, they opened their mouths so much that their jaws might come off.

    And then ――――



    The screams of everyone and the laughter of the tree echoed.

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