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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 159


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    In preparation for tomorrow, when Seiichi and the others started to take a rest, in the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】, the Kaizer Empire was laid out in the same way.

    The soldiers of the Kaizer Empire, while preparing for each of their camp, took out sakes even though they’re near in the vicinity of the enemy country, and started eating like they’re in a feast without being alarmed.

    “Captain, those guys are tenacious, right?”

    “Fuun, indeed.”

    The commander of this expedition to the Valsha Empire was, Aurius Fencer, the captain of the first unit of the Kaizer Empire.

    Unlike the 2nd unit, the 1st unit is composed of nobles, but everyone is still a 『Transcendents』.

    “Nevertheless…… Because of that bastard Zakia who can’t be used, we’ve come all the way to this remote region.”

    “Seriously……I hate commoners because of this. Despite being an incompetent idiot, he’s a good talker.”

    “They should just shut up and pay us money.”

    The members of the first unit led by Aurius, only saw Zakia and the people of the Kaizer Empire as a source of money.

    “Speaking of which, Captain. Don’t we have to launch an attack tonight?”

    “Ah? Let’s see…… it’s a hassle, so it’s fine.”

    “A, a hassle……”

    Aurius drank the sake he had in his hand, and answered the words of his subordinates.

    “Because, that’s right, isn’t it? We became 『Transcendents』 with His Majesty’s power. We can always crush them if we take them seriously.”


    “Oi oi, what are you worried about? Look at this.”

    Aurius stood up, and grabbed a nearby tree.


    And the moment Aurius put his strength into it, his fingers pierce the hard raw tree, and he pulled out the tree that had firmly rooted on the ground.

    “Look, this power! It’s possible for all of us to do things that we haven’t been able to do before. It’s disgustingly bad, but we can’t use magic in this place. But what is it? We also have this power. Where’s the factor to worry about? Besides …… oraa!”

    Aurius was holding a tree in one hand, and as he stamps his feet at a distance away from the soldiers, the ground sank greatly and a crater was formed.

    “Ahahahahaha! Incredible, this power! With this power, we can’t lose! Right!?”

    “That’s right…… I was wrong.”

    “Fuun, as long as you understand.”

    Aurius randomly threw away the tree he had in his hand, with a smile sticking on his face.

    “Besides, they can’t do anything anymore. Even if they call for help from another country? After all, almost all countries are controlled by us, the Kaizer Empire. From here on, slowly but steadily…… let’s enjoy their screams.”

    In Aurius’ words, the other soldiers also smile darkly.

    Then one of the soldiers opened his mouth as he remembered.

    “Which reminds me, Captain. After we defeated the Valsha Empire, are we going to be rewarded?”

    “Don’t worry. Helio-sama said that if we conquered this country, we can love* all the commoners there. Play as much as we want!” (TN: Of course, you know what that means, right?)

    “Hyafufu! As expected of 【Phantom Demon】-sama!”

    “I’m going to have to work harder and harder!”

    With vulgar smiles, each of them began to delusion about after invading the Valsha Empire.

    “Kukuku…… I’m looking forward to it, you know? Also, I’ve heard stories about the beautiful 【Empress】 of the Valsha Empire, and it’s said that there are a lot of good women who serve her side. I hope they can entertain me well, you know?”

    “Captain! Is that okay? Even if we get the empress first…… didn’t Helio-sama just said that we can only have the commoners?”

    “You fool. Well, the noble children and the Empress will be wanted by His Majesty and Helio-sama. That’s why we’ll kill them after having fun. All we have to do is tell His Majesty and Helio-sama that they have committed suicide. It’s a situation that wouldn’t be strange. They can’t even confirm it if we kill them. I’ve come all the way to this remote region. Even if we played with high-ranking women, we wouldn’t be punished.”

    Aurius, who was drinking and getting drunk, says such a thing.

    If someone in another position is listening to this story, even Aurius wouldn’t be so carefree.

    However, they’re the first division, which was originally composed of people with thinking circuits similar to Aurius, and now that everyone is drunk and their desire to solicit is unstoppable, no one will blamed them.

    On the contrary, everyone was thinking about how to soil the Empress and her aides in the Valsha Empire.

    “Iyaa…… Until what time will they hold? Unexpectedly, you might say that they will soon surrender?”

    In the near future, whispering to himself, Aurius licks with his tongue while hallucinating at the appearance of the Empress begging for mercy.

    Even though they are in a war, they had no doubt that it’ll be their victory while drinking.

    They don’t even think there’ll be an attack from the Valsha Empire side this night.

    In fact, there’s neither enough number of people nor room to attack the Kaizer Empire on the side of the Valsha Empire, though the ideas of Aurius and the others were correct, still, they were too incautious.

    “We are the hunting side. Let’s take it easy and enjoy the other people’s suffering.”

    ――――That’s why, they’ll get attack by the 『Unreasonableness』 that they have never experienced before.

    Even if they were to attack the Valsha Empire on this night, it was an unchanging future.


    “Fuun…… small fries. At that condition, I’m sure they’ll die soon.”

    As Aurius and the others drink, and were completely relaxed, a person wearing a hood from a distance away looked at them while sighing.

    “Truly……  I was able to throw the Valsha empire into chaos a little while ago, but that Empress……”

    When the person in the hood muttered so in abomination, he stared at the Valsha Empire.

    “…… Well, it’s fine. My mission in the Valsha Empire had failed, but now let’s take advantage of this war. If the Valsha Empire falls into the hands of the Kaizer Empire, I’ll be able to collect high-quality 『Negative Emotions』.”

    On the back of the hand of the hooded person who laughs so, a mark, which is the proof of being an 『Apostle』 of the 【Demon God’s Cult】, was engraved.

    “The Kaizer Empire soldiers are stupid, so they won’t realize my existence, but the Valsha Empire is aware of my existence, and they’re being wary. Nonetheless, I’ll never show up. Even if I don’t appear, all I have to do is to strengthen the monsters and the Kaizer Empire’s soldiers from behind. It’s a good way to fight while them being fully aware of me.”

    The person in the hood was being wary of Riel and Suin, and although the 『Apostle』 is working on the sideline in the present war, Riel and the others are unable to capture that figure, and not just the Kaizer Empire, it’s necessary to pay attention to this 『Apostle』.

    “Well, if they take their attention off of me, I’m going to kill them at that moment.”

    And, as the hooded person said, if they took their attention off of him, and if they show this 『Apostle』 a gap even for a moment, he predicted that he’ll be able to kill them.

    While watching the stupidity of the Kaizer Empire, and as he climbs and sit on a tree to rest himself, he suddenly remembered.

    “By the way…… it was said that Destra-sama would also come to this place, but what happened? If that person comes, then I don’t have to hide and act like I do now……”

    The person in the hood who knew that Destra, one of the strongest in the 【Demon God’s Cult】, will originally come here, twisted his neck about him not arriving here no matter how long it has been.

    “…… Well, he’s busy too. I’m sure that he may have been directly requested by the other 『Deities』-sama and Demon God-sama. However, he’ll come sooner or later, so until then, I’ll keep stirring up this place.”

    Destra won’t step on this ground anymore, but the person in the hood who didn’t know such a thing concluded so, and rested.

    ―――― And he, too, would experience the insaneness of the 『Unreasonableness』.


    “――――Now then, Let’s try it, shall we?”

    Next day.

    Early in the morning, when I got out of the main gate, I pulled out the 【Fine Sword of Swirling Hatred (Black) 】 while doing a light exercise.

    The soldiers are starting to prepare themselves, but I went out of the front gate by myself, so the soldiers and the gatekeepers are looking at me with suspicion. Well, I came out without saying a word to Amelia and the others.

    “Which reminds me, the tree said so yesterday, but what did he want me to do?”

    Originally, I came to help as requested by Tree, and yesterday, I was using my rear support powers such as recovery medicine and healing magic, but…… Is there still a problem I don’t know yet? Well, I should ask it after this is over hah.

    Despite feeling some glances, I started to do what I wanted to do.

    “First of all…… where are the soldiers of the Kaizer Empire……tto……!”

    When I jump up lightly on the spot, in a blink of an eye, I’ve reached the point where I can overlook the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】.

    And when I searched for the Kaizer Empire soldiers in the air, not far away, I found a group of soldiers dressed in armor different from the soldiers of the Valsha Empire. That would make them soldiers of the Kaizer Empire.

    As I check them with my 『World Eyes』skill to see if there are any other oversights, in the vicinity of the place where the soldiers of the Kaizer Empire gather, only one person’s reaction is there.

    When I checked that guy with my skill 『World Eyes』, it turns out that this guy is an 『Apostle』 of 【Demon God’s Cult】.

    Fortunately, that guy and the soldiers of the Kaizer Empire’s position are close to each other, so this time it seems that I can solve all of the things in one go.

    After confirming it, as I naturally fall to the position where I jumped up, I suddenly saw the gate keepers and the others looking at me in the sky with blank expressions.


    Everyone opened their eyes and their mouths as if to say something, but to be honest, if they’re surprised by this, I’m wondering how will they react when they see what I’m about to do now.

    Well, aside from that ――――

    “I’ll finish them all at once!”

    As I continued to fall naturally, I grasped black in my hand again, and once in the air, I jumped all the way to the back of the Kaizer Empire soldiers by making the air my foothold.

    Although I moved to their backs in an instant, the soldiers are in a dense forest, and they can’t see me in the sky with the trees blocking.

    When I confirmed that, I swung out Black at a distance that was a little far from the soldiers of the Kaizer Empire who were holding their positions in the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】.

    Then, a super huge slash appears from Black, and a big ditch behind the camp of the Kaizer Empire, or cut or rather, a boundary line was created. By the way, the slash attack that entered the ground was a little slant.

    As expected, the size of the slash and the magnitude of the impact were noticed by them, and the location of the Kaizer Empire began to make a fuss.

    However, the slash that came from me…… No, they didn’t seem to expect that that was released from above, so they started looking in the wrong direction.

    At this rate, each of them will begin to move, and they’ll interfere on my measure, so I continued my work.

    “Fuh! Hah! Ha!”

    Resuming from my first slash, I made a square with my slash marks so that the Kaizer Empire and the person of the 【Demon God’s Cult 】couldn’t escape. And all of the slash cuts are made a little slant.

    I made a considerably large square cut, and when I arrive at the ground as it is, there’s a slash mark on one side of the square in front of me, and I put my hand in there.

    “Now then, can I really do it?”

    As I think that while half-doubting myself―――― I lifted the whole ground.

    “Oi, seriously.”

    I did it myself, but I never thought I could really do it.

    ――――What I was trying to do. Is to cut out a part of the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】, then carry it somewhere as it is, and I don’t usually think about this, it was a strategy that can’t be called a strategy.

    Because I lifted it up, the area cut out in front of me became completely hollowed out, and there’s no 【Forest of Sealed Magic】 in front of me.

    By cutting it diagonally, the notched ground of the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】 has become a square pyramid, and the deepest part is likely to be several tens of meters.

    “Etto……I don’t feel the weight, though……”

    While holding out a part of such cut of 【Forest of Sealed Magic】, I muttered so involuntarily.

    I put the tip of the quadrangular pyramid on my right palm, but I don’t feel any weight. Oi seriously.

    Or rather, I don’t think it’s because the size is big, but it doesn’t seem heavy when I put it on my fingertips…… When did this happen, my body?


    As I was stunned by the way my body has soared, I felt line of sights towards me, so when I turn my face in that direction, the gatekeepers and the others, and the main gate opened their eyes and mouths with a *pokan*. That’s right, isn’t it! I’m in the same mental state!

    However, since I can carry on as it is, I ask the gatekeepers loudly from the spot.

    “Excuse meee! I was told that there’s a sea near here, which way!?”

    “…… O, over there.”

    “Thank you very muuuch!”

    I am grateful to the soldiers of the Valsha Empire who pointed in a certain direction while being completely stunned, and I took the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】 that I cut out to the direction where I was told, and began to move.



    Seiichi who is eager to leave with the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】 in his one hand, the gate keeper and the others, and the main gate of the Valsha Empire could only see him off dumbfoundedly.

    Or rather, they can’t keep up with the phenomenon that happened in an instant in front of them.

    Even though Seiichi’s figure can no longer be seen, they can see a part of the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】 that Seiichi has in the distance, and even now, he continues to move.

    For a while, they were staring at the scene without knowing why, but one of the gatekeepers finally came back to his senses.

    Moreover, because this person is one who’s lucky enough to put these gatekeepers together, he issues an order immediately.

    “Ha!? O,oi! Run to the castle now! Riel-sama…… No, tell this to Her Majesty!”

    “E, even if you say I tell her…… What should I tell her!?”

    “That is…… I don’t know!”


    “Cause, that would be so!? What should we tell her!”

    “Then, the captain will tell her!”

    “Don’t say absurd things! As I think that the person who became the guest in front of me suddenly jumped up, he instantaneously made a huge cut in front of us, then the guest lifts it up, and I can’t believe he carried it as it is…… Umu, I don’t understand what I’m saying! All right, I’ll go to sleep now! It’s out of my hands!”

    “Yo, you can’t sleep!? The Kaizer Empire soldiers ――――”

    “He’s carrying all of their soldiers.”


    In the words of the captain-class soldier, when one of his subordinates silently saw Seiichi hollowed it out, certainly, they could not see the soldiers of the Kaizer Empire anymore.

    “――――Let’s sleep!”

    “That would be so!”

    The gatekeepers who have already abandoned their thoughts, left their work with a fresh feeling.

    However, as expected, it’s bad for everyone to return, so there were some soldiers who remained with the main gate.

    Still, the soldiers who packed most of the gate, felt mentally tired of the incredible events that happened in front of them, and they went home.

    However, as their last responsibility, they don’t know how to convey this anymore, but the soldiers who decided to return started moving to the castle to inform Riel and the others about what had transpired earlier.


    “Oh, it’s really the sea.”

    I was taught by the gatekeepers, and I, who passed through the forest safely, saw the sea in front of me and whispered so.

    “Okay, if they’ll float in a place far away from here, then they can’t come.”

    As soon as I float in the sky with the effect of the 『Sky King’s Boots』, I lightly move to the other side of the sea. However, if I walk, I can’t go back no matter how much time has passed, so I was running lightly to an extent that it doesn’t affect the part of the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】 which I have.

    Then, as expected, I have physical abilities that I do not understand. The scenery changes when I just take a step, and if I turn around, I can’t see the land up to the Valsha Empire. Yeah, it’s too late now.

    Still, I felt that it was not enough, and when I was running on the sea for a while, I came to the sea with a terrifying feeling.

    There are so many huge whirlpools that I can see it, and for some reason, there’s a heavy rain and lightning only in the sky there.

    Moreover, in the middle of the group of whirlpools, a quiet sea surface about the size of a part of the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】 which I just got as if it had been prepared from the beginning was there.

    “Yup, how about over there?”

    Because, it’s a spot that’s almost like telling me to leave the part of the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】 that I had in my hand in it as I see. No, I don’t think it was actually prepared for that, but that’s a great way to go.

    When I slowly drop the part of 【Forest of Sealed Magic】 there, it fits in the center of the whirlpool group quite snugly.

    “Oh, incredible.”

    I was involuntarily impressed because it fit so neatly, that I could return to Amelia and the others right away, so I decided to go.

    “Well, they can’t come to the Valsha Empire anymore from here, right?”

    Finally, as I look at the part of the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】 again, from the whirlpool surrounding it, something like a giant dragon’s tail with a disturbing sign was there, and it’s not as much as the part of the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】 that I carried, but huge fish shadows approached it as I see from here and there.

    “……Yup, let’s go back.”

    I don’t know how they can get out of there, but I’m sure they’ll do their best. All the soldiers of the Kaizer Empire seem to be 『Transcendents』, and they can do something about it. There’s a lot of wood there, and I think they can make a ship.

    “Well, now I can use magic from here, but……”

    Right now, the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】 is no longer nearby, so it’s possible for me to return to Saria and the others by using transition magic, but……

    “Well, I haven’t even greeted Amelia, and I’ll have to do something about the forest I’ve cut out.”

    With such a reason, I decided to return to the Valsha Empire quietly.

    However, I went out of the gate properly, and even if I come back suddenly and they got surprised, is it okay to for me move with transition magic immediately after exiting the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】 where the sea is visible?

    As I decided so, I activate the transition magic immediately, and I safely returned to the place where I could see the sea and the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】

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