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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 157


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    (TN: Bonus chapter from the patrons!)


    “Oi, get out of the way! He’s injured!”

    “Where’s the stockpile of recovery drugs!?”

    “It’s almost gone!”

    “I can’t put him in the 【Recovery Space】 anymore!”

    I managed to get through safely inside the main gate, and I was stunned by the sight unfolding in front of me.

    Their whole body is full of scratches, a lot of soldiers were moving desperately while bleeding.

    Even ordinary people and children move around to help them, and are helping here and there.

    Everyone does what they can do now, and were struggling to survive.

    Seeing me stunned, Riel-san laughs with her nose and took me around the city.

    It’s like she’s showing me that I can’t do anything, that was how we walked.

    “―――― How’s that? Do you understand? You said you could be useful.”


    After walking around, Riel-san stopped in a place like a square, and said that in a tone like she’s ridiculing me.

    In response to that, I――――

    “It’s good, it looks like I’ll be useful, too.”


    For some reason, Riel-san opened her eyes and her mouth blankly.

    But as soon as she tightens her face, she gazes at me with a terrible look.

    “Are your eyes just decorations? When you look at this situation, do you think that you could be helpful? Look at those wounded soldiers. There’s no longer a stockpile of recovery drugs, and the 【Recovery Space】 are already full with many injured people. But the enemy won’t wait for us like that, and they’ll launch an attack. We don’t have time to heal our wounds. And even if you had a recovery drug right now. ――――”

    “Is these recovery drugs enough?”


    I took out all the best recovery drugs from my item box.

    This recovery drug is made with the 『Special Medicinal Plant』 that I got in the 【Forest of Endless Love and Sorrow】, and it was cultivated with the magic 『Instant Farm』 that I created, and I’ve been growing it up in parallel with the 『Fruit of Evolution』. Why is that? Iya, since it’s a magic that I made with great care, it was a waste to do it just for the 『Fruit of Evolution』. By the way, the 『Fruit of Evolution』 grew up smoothly, and a good number of them has been harvested, but I’m worried about where to use it.

    Aside from that, I’m originally a weak-hearted person, so I had prepared a lot of recovery medicine in case anything happens. I’m glad that my preparation seems to be useful.

    Riel-san, who was silently staring at the recovery drugs lined up in front of her, shook her head slowly.

    “Tha, that strange. Did my eyes become decorations? There’s a recovery drug right in front of me…… that’s also called the highest-grade recovery drug, and there were already a lot of legendary items here……”

    “A’re? It’s not enough? I still have some ingredients, so why not I make one? One can be done in about three seconds, but……”

    “Three seconds!?”

    In front of Riel-san, who opened her mouth and said that as if her jaw might come off, I took out the special medicinal herbs and tools, and I activated my skill and made it in an instant. Ah, I don’t need three seconds.

    “Yes, just like this. Ah, can you give me something like a container?”

    “What are you!?”

    Riel-san suddenly grabbed my shoulder, and she began to shake me with great power. My view is swaying around!

    “Is it possible to instantly make such highest-grade recovery drug!? Are you a God, you’re a God, right!? Ah!?”

    “Yoyoyoyoyoyoyou’re wrowrowrowrowrong!”

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

    “That’s unreasonableeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

    I can’t speak properly because you grabbed my shoulder and is shaking it!

    The tree looked at me like that and laughed.

    “Ooooooiiiiiiiii, treeeeeeee! Stop this persoooooooon!”

    “Eh? It’s impossible. I’m just a tree. Besides, I’m wondering what will happen to Seiichi-sama if things go on like this. I’m just a tree.”


    I was shaken so hard that my brain got dizzy and I felt sick.

    When I felt uncomfortable and about to vomit, the person who had been hiding from behind me until now rushed out in a hurry.

    “Riel, stop stop! He’s going to vomit as it is!”

    “What!? Gross!”

    “That’s really unreasonable!?”

    I was released thanks to the person who jumped out, and I put my hand on the ground for a while to calm my swaying vision. Ah, it’s dangerous. That was almost the same as that tree and it was about to come out of my mouth……

    When I finally got my sight set, I raised my face, and there’s a woman in black standing next to Riel-san.

    Apparently, she’s the same as the person in black I have seen in the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】, but I never thought she was a woman. I couldn’t understand her gender at that time just by looking at her, but…… is there any kind of technology that makes it difficult to understand one’s gender?

    When I was observing the woman dressed in black while thinking like that, the person approached me with a wry smile and reached out to me.

    I took that hand without knowing the reason, and when I stood up, the woman in black bowed her head.

    “I’m sorry. Riel didn’t have ill will.”

    “Fuun. You don’t have to get worried on such a suspicious man.”

    “But this recovery drug is his, right? If that’s the case, don’t treat him so badly.”

    After telling Riel-san so, the woman in black who turned back to me opens her mouth.

    “I didn’t introduce myself at once, right? I’m Suin. For the meantime, I’m doing reconnaissance and espionage.”

    “Tha, thank you. I am Hiiragi Seiichi, an adventurer.”

    “Yup yup, nice to meet you, Seiichi-kun! ……Look, Riel’s not gonna introduce herself!”

    “…………I’m Riel. I’m sorry for being upset a little while ago.”

    The woman in black ―――― following Suin-san, Riel-san opened her mouth in a bad way.

    “Now, we knew each other’s names, but Seiichi-kun. Can we get these recovery drugs?”

    “Yes, of course. That’s why I put it out. As I told Riel-san, but if it’s not enough, I’ll still make some, you know?”

    “Thank you! We’re saved! But, I just want to ask you one question, can Seiichi-kun use recovery magic?”

    “Yes, I can.”

    “Ah, I see I see! Then, the recovery drug is already good, so there is a place where I want you to come a little.”

    “Oi, Suin! Are you going to bring this guy with you!?”

    “Because it can’t be helped, you know? Besides, we have the highest-grade recovery drug, and his recovery magic might be amazing, too.”

    “But, even if you don’t take him all the way to such a place, they can heal with just the recovery drug.”

    “That takes too long. We don’t have time to give each person a drink. Compared to that, it’s only a moment depending on the type of recovery magic.”


    “Uhmm…… what should I do after all?”

    The story went on without me, so when I asked them so suddenly, Suin-san was in a panic.

    “Ah, sorry sorry! I’ll explain it to Seiichi-kun. I want Seiichi-kun to use his recovery magic in a place called 【Recovery Space】.”

    “Eh? But, you can’t use magic in this country, right?”

    “Yup, the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】 trees are sucking up the magic in their surroundings.”

    I looked at the tree involuntarily at Suin-san’s words.

    “…… Oi, perhaps it’s your fault.”

    “Now now, isn’t that fine. It doesn’t make sense to get angry at a tree, you know?”

    “It’s a right argument, that’s why, I’m even more angry!”

    Certainly, it’s no use getting angry at the forest or the trees. Because it might be such an ecology.

    “Can I continue talking?”

    “Ah, sorry……”

    “It’s fine, it’s fine! So, for Seiichi-kun’s question, there’s only one place in this country where magic can be used. And that’s the 【Recovery Space】.”

    “If so, can magic be used normally there?”

    “However, there is only one type of magic that can be used in that special place. It’s just recovery magic. That’s why in this country, all magicians become healers.”

    “I see……”

    It’s a very limited place. However, I think it’s good that only recovery magic is all right and attack magic can’t be used. It will be helpful when you get injured.

    Well, that’s fine, but……

    “That…… is it okay? I can’t say it to myself, but I think I’m quite suspicious.”

    The tree that was listening to my words, looked at me as it opened its eyes as if it’s saying “You weren’t aware of it?”. No, I don’t think I’m as suspicious as you, you know?

    “Can you take such a suspicious person to a place that seems important to this country?”

    It’s the only place in the country where recovery magic can be used, and I don’t know how it works, but if I were an enemy, there’s a chance I’d mess it up.

    Perhaps my suspicions are reasonable, since Riel-san still has a difficult look on her face, but Suin-san smiled cheerfully.

    “I’m not worried about that. Actually, I’ve been looking behind your back since you and Riel were talking at the front gate. “

    I knew that. I didn’t say anything because it’s going to be a little confusing.

    “And I can tell it with my 『Truth Eyes』, which is a skill to know if the other person is lying or not. And I was activating it when you and Riel were having a conversation, but I didn’t get any results that you were lying. In fact, you don’t want to act hostile with us, right?”

    “Of course!”

    The instant I answered that, Suin-san’s eyes flashed blue for a moment. Perhaps that 『Truth Eyes』 was activated.

    “Yup, the word you said just now wasn’t a lie. Well, like this, you’re not at least our enemy. So, now that there’s an overwhelming shortage of labor force, I really want you to lend us a hand. Is it okay?”

    “If you’re fine with me……”

    “Yeah, those words aren’t lies. Then, if you please.”

    As Suin-san laughs while saying so, she started to guide us to the 【Recovery Space】.

    At that time, the recovery medicine I made was picked up by a soldier with few scratches and carried carefully as it was.

    When I see him and started moving, I took a view at the surroundings again.

    Various people are moving around, and I thought how hard this country was fighting at the last minute.

    “Speaking of which, the other day, the Empress? She didn’t tell me when I met her, but where is this place?”

    “Here, is it? This is ――――”

    “Suin. Her Majesty didn’t answer. We can’t answer that.”

    “…… Because that seems to be so, I can’t seem to teach it to you. Sorry?”


    I don’t think it’s necessary to keep it so secret.

    “Then, I have another question, is this the so-called capital of the country?”

    “That’s right.”

    “Etto…… is this state of the capital, okay with the other cities?”

    “Ah, that’s okay. There’s only one other way to get to other cities without passing through this capital. It’s not on land, but on the sea.”

    “Eh? The, then is the sea outside of this 【Forest of Sealed Magic】?”

    “That’s what I said. In addition, there are many ocean currents and reefs in the sea, and a ship won’t get very close easily. That’s why we’re having a hard time with trade…… Or rather, we’re almost isolated and self-sufficient.”

    Apparently, this country seems to be a more special place than I think.

    However, it would be the only relief to say that they don’t have to worry about anything other than this city for the time being. Well, I guess it also leads to the situation where they can’t even ask for help as a result.

    As we walk while continuing such a conversation, I realize that we’re there.

    “Uhmm…… Suin-san? By any chance, is this the 【Recovery Space】……”

    “Oh, did you notice? As you may have guessed, there’s a place for recovery in the 【Cagna Castle】, which is the symbol of this country.”

    “…… That’s why I didn’t want to bring this guy in recovery space.”

    Riel-san says so grumpily, but you certainly don’t want to bring such a suspicious person to a place where empress-san lives. When I was in Terviel, I was taken away.

    As it is, I arrived at that 【Cagna Castle】 , and when Suin-san calls out to the gatekeeper, I was able to get inside easily.

    The castle building itself may not be much different from the castle in Terviel, but I feel that its style is of foreign country.

    “Then, Seiichi-sama. I’ll be waiting at the garden there.”

    “Eh, you’re not coming?”

    Then immediately after entering the castle, I was surprised that Tree began to say such a thing.

    “I don’t know what Seiichi wants from me, but I’m originally just a tree, you know? My job is to photosynthesize and sleep.”

    “Crap, I completely forgot because you don’t look like a normal tree any more……”

    That’s right, it’s originally a tree. Well, trees don’t move, and don’t talk. As I thought, I was too poisoned.

    Besides, certainly, the Tree will only guide me to this country, and it shouldn’t have any reason to follow me this far.

    “…… A’re? Then, when are you going to turn back into a normal tree?”

    “Come now? On my mood?”


    Is that appropriate? …… Well, there is no harm at it except for my mental fatigue, and it’s fine.

    Aside from me who was surprised, the tree went to the garden at its own pace, and as it spreads its branches and leaves on the spot, it began to sunbathe pleasantly. This guy, is really at its own pace when its creator, the Empress, is in a difficult time. I can’t say anything because it has a different sensitivity from a human.

    Suin-san and the others smiled bitterly, and since it’s only me who can actually use recovery magic, we left the tree in the garden and started moving again to the Recovery Space.

    The 【Cagna Castle】, which has a different style from Terviel’s castle, including the shape of each pillar and the paintings on the ceilings, I’ll never get tired of looking at it.

    I’ve never been out of Japan when I was on Earth, so from my point of view, Terviel was fresh, but the castle in this country is also new to me, and I never get tired of looking here and there like a country bumpkin.

    “You…… you’re looking around the castle too much, you’re up to something, aren’t you?”

    “No no no! That’s not true!”

    “Hahaha, Riel. You really care too much. Moreover, Seiichi’s answer now isn’t a lie, and I thinks he’s not really an enemy…… Look, we’ve arrived.”

    When Riel-san was getting suspicious, we came in front of a room closed by a heavy metal door.

    A person who seems to be the gatekeeper stands in front of the door, and when Suin-san tells him something just like when we entered the castle, we got inside easily.

    There ――――

    “Uu…… a……”

    “Please…… stay……”

    “My eyes…… I can’t see anything……”


    Incomparable to the soldiers who were injured outside, it was full of people who were seriously injured.

    Several of them, who wore white coats over their black military uniforms, were desperately trying to cast on them what seems to be recovery magic.

    However, the number of people isn’t enough in the first place, and it doesn’t look like the injured individuals have completely healed.

    Suin-san, who looks at the scene with a painful expression, explained.

    “…… Here is the place to heal the wounded soldiers who can’t be saved with the recovery medicine. However, there’s also a limit to recovery magic. If you lose your limbs, it’ll never come back. They are all heroes injured to protect this country. Seiichi-kun. I don’t know what your healing magic skill is. But, if you can still use your recovery magic even a little, so that even a little of the heroes here ――――”

    “『Healing of the Virgin Lady*』” (TN: seibo no iyashi)

    I activated the 『Healing of the Virgin Lady』 which is the highest-grade magic of light attribute.

    Then, as Suin-san and the others said, it really looks like I can use recovery magic in this room, and the room was filled with my magic right away. No, on the contrary, beyond this room, the light of the 『Healing of the Virgin Lady』 ran throughout the city, and in the castle. Since there is no magic power in the city, my magic might not be able to reach it normally, but my magic really reached there. Once I activated it, it acted as I intended. In other words, it has no effect on the enemy at all, and it feels like it’s only trying to recover the soldiers and the people of this country

    The number of injured in the Recovery Space was higher than expected, and the number of healing magicians didn’t seem to be enough at all, so I seriously used my magic. This way, they can all be healed, and by the way, I thought that the people in the town should recover, too. However, they’ll not use the recovery drug that I gave to them with great trouble, but well, it would be nice if they could put it to the country’s emergency storage in case something happens.

    When I thought so, the other healing magicians were surprised by my magic, and everyone who is injured is stunned and checks their bodies.

    “O, oi your. wounds……”

    “Move…… my hands, they’re moving……!”

    “Ah……! I can see, I can see properly……! I thought I would never see again……!”

    “Oi, even my old wound, which I was told that would never recover, got healed……”

    “A miracle, a miracle has happened……!”

    “Kuku…… Ua…… aaaa…… aaaahhhhh!”

    At first, everyone was stunned by what happened to them, but as they gradually begin to accept reality, with tears in their eyes, they smiled at each other and rejoiced. Yup yup, I don’t like that dark atmosphere. After all, I like people’s expressions when they are happy.

    For the time being, I completed the aid that Suin-san told me, and I turn my eyes to Suin-san and the others.

    “Suin-san. Is this okay?”


    “Ah, by the way, I managed to heal the wounds of the soldiers who were outside by my magic from here, so please make sure of it. Because of that, I think that the use of the recovery drugs that I gave you earlier has disappeared, but please put it in the emergency storage or as a fertilizer for your warehouse just in case. For the time being, since they have no expiration date, they can be stored forever.”

    Well, they’ve been doing a good job for a long time, right?

    Recently, they’ve been fighting and killing gruesomely, and I’m afraid that the world is paying attention to them, and it appears that I really am a mass of insaneness and absurdness, but if I do it this far, they won’t say that. There’s no element that they’ll said that to me because I help their people. Perfect……!

    As I was convinced by myself, I think that something is strange to Suin-san and Riel-san who are still silent, so I looked into their faces ――――


    “Uwa, I was surprised!?”

    All of a sudden, they screamed together.

    Then Riel-san grabs my shoulder like the time with the recovery medicine again, and starts shaking more than that time.

    “What are you after all!? A God, or a deity!? That’s right, it must be. Say that it’s true!”

    “If that’s the case, then you’re being disrespectful, you knooooooooooow!?”

    No, it’s fine because I’m not actually a God, but if I was a god, that statement is really disrespectful ―――― I’ll vomit.

    Perhaps she sensed a disturbing sign from my stomach or my mouth, Riel-san thrusts me out as if she just touched a filth.

    Ah, I was released fast ―――― that’s what I thought, but……

    “Seseseseiichi-kun!? What was that just now!? And why are the bodies of the people who lost their limbs got restored?!”

    “Suuuuuuuuuuuin-sasasaaannnnn! Cacaca, calm down, calm doooooooooown!”

    Just a minute, 『Evolution』-san!? Shouldn’t you get adapted in this situation!? Otherwise, I’ll vomit and die!? Socially!

    『Skill 【Evolution】 has been activated. This will adapt to your body. 』

    “I adapted to this.”

    That was just a joke, but apparently, the world and brain announcer-san seemed to be very smart, and the unpleasantness that had been beckoning me to social death until a while ago, completely disappeared cleanly that I felt relieved.

    Still, she hasn’t stopped grabbing my shoulder and shaking it, and I answered Suin-san’s question with my head wobbling.

    “And for the time being, since it was a hassle, I healed all of their injuries together.”

    “I don’t know what that means!?”

    It doesn’t make any sense, but that’s what it means.

    The influence of magic that extends beyond this space, and that my magic worked effectively because of it, I still don’t understand well, but I wonder if this world has given me a strange flexibility. No, did the world really showed its effect by being flexible?

    “Ah, because of the healing magic, I probably cured old wounds and other areas at once, so I apologize if there’s someone who left scars on purpose. I wanted everyone to get well as soon as possible, and I didn’t think about it and activated my magic.”

    Whether it’s convincing or not, I gave my own explanation properly, but both Riel-san and Suin-san were stunned and were shaking their heads.

    “It’s strange. It’s strange after all. What? What’s going on? What the heck is this guy in front of us? We, we were in a crisis, weren’t we? What? I don’t know what it means by saying it myself, but what does it mean to be 『were』 in past tense?”

    “Ri, Riel, calm down. No, it’s not a situation to be calm. But they are really healed, and it’s beyond the scope of my understanding? What? That’s, who is he?”

    “I understand! Oi, you bastard! What does this mean?!”

    “Isn’t that too vague!?”

    No matter what that means, everything I’ve done in front of Riel-san and the others’ eyes were all right……

    But if they insist, I’ll probably say something like I’ve been feeling strong recently.

    “Your normality has run off?”

    “What’s normality has run off?!”

    No, I don’t want to hear that. But I think so a lot recently, and I can’t help it. Why did it run off? Is it playing tag? Hide and seek? Come back because it isn’t okay for me to lose you……

    While holding my head to answer her, Riel-san politely tells me one by one.

    “Is it okay? First of all, the recovery drug. A typical recovery drug isn’t a highest-grade recovery drug. The recovery drugs, are good for those who needs to heal their cuts completely. You lined up such stupid things that could cure any wound of legendary class in an instant, you know?”

    “Well, I thought it would be better if there were a lot of them.”

    “Ah, actually, we were saved. And, you came here with recovery magic. What? Regeneration of loss part? And the whole city? Hahaha, I have no choice but to laugh.”

    “Ha, haa……”

    Riel-san, your eyes aren’t laughing.

    “I only understand one thing. You bastard is ―――― a mass of absurdity.”


    Strange! I thought it was good, but their insane treatment is strange!

    “No matter how I think about it, you’re weird…… Within the scope of common sense, there are several recovery drugs on the market, and recovery magic can be used by one person at a time, or at most three at the same time. Moreover, it only alleviates the wounds of seriously injured people, and there can be no cure.”

    “That’s right……well, thanks to Seiichi-kun being out of our common sense, everyone is smiling after that.”

    “I’m going to cry because I was called absurd!”

    This is enough! If my tears make everyone smile, then I’ll cry!

    Looking at the soldiers rejoicing with tears involuntarily, someone came to the entrance of Recovery space.

    “Seiichi-sama, is it over? Well done. There’s a magical wave up here, too. Also, that was just a mass of unreasonableness and insaneness…… No, 『Unreasonableness』 and 『Insaneness』 would be too hefty of a load of words to describe Seiichi-sama.”

    “Would you stop gouging my heart as soon as you came!?”

    It was the tree that was supposed to be doing photosynthesis or something in the square.

    The tree came to this place where I’d just been almost mentally beat up.

    What do you mean by 『Unreasonableness』  and 『Insaneness』 are too hefty to describe me!? In the first place, you don’t use 『Unreasonable』 when you describe a person in one word!? I’ve never even heard of that mass! Except for me!?

    “Well, what are you doing here? Didn’t you wait in the square?”

    “I’m here because I’m free.”

    “You’re originally just a tree!”

    I don’t think you have any spare time. I think it’s the life of trees to grow roots and perform photosynthesis.

    “Well, then, for the time being, the urgent problem in this city seems to have been cleared up, so let’s go to the next.”

    “Wha? Next?”

    What more am I going to do?

    I frown at the words of the tree and I tilt my head.

    “Yes. What I would like you to do next, Seiichi-sama, is――――”

    “―――― What the heck is going on here?”


    The one who blocked the words of the tree and appeared at the entrance of the recovery space, was the woman called 【Empress】.


    (TN: Mindblown, right!)

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