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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 155


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    I was surprised at the tree that began to speak, with parts such as eyes, nose, and mouth suddenly appearing in front of me.

    I mean, it’s not the result of the skill 『All Language Comprehension』, this is!? Because it has eyes and mouth!?

    When I was confused because I don’t know how to deal with this existence that’s full to retort of, the tree seemed calm and spoked to me again.

    “Well, are we gonna stand around and talk, why don’t we sit down?”

    “Ah, yes.”

    …… No no no, I replied normally, but I didn’t think that I’ll experience being recommended by a tree to sit down.

    I sat down while thinking so, but I’ve witnessed phenomena that make no sense until now, so I think I’m getting used to it. I don’t like it. More peace is better.

    Then the tree looked sorry as if he had noticed something.

    “Hey there, I’m sorry. Even though I kept you here, I didn’t even serve a tea…… That’s the last thing we trees could care for. Puh…… Kukukuku”

    “You are laughing with your own gag!?”

    After all, this tree is variously strange. Maybe it won’t say anything strange like this if other trees can speak. I don’t know.

    “Now now, I’ll prepare the tea…… Oops, there’s no vessels. I’m sorry to trouble you, but please cut out my body and make a cup.”

    “I don’t want to!?”

    Scary Scary Scary. This tree isn’t just strange, it’s scary. Why is he trying to gouge out his own body? Doesn’t it hurt? Even if that’s the case, I don’t want to, you know?

    “Then, let’s pull out the trees growing up there.”

    “Wouldn’t it be better if we did that from the beginning?”

    While my tsukkomi was ignored, I don’t know how it did that, but the tree dexterously cut out a cup-shaped container from the tree. Scary, I’m starting to feel like I’m talking myself.

    Then the tree with its own head? When it reach for its overgrown leaves……

    “Nggii! Haa, haa …… igiiii!”


    With a painful and idiotic look as if to say it was about to die, it cut its leaves and put them in the cup.


    And when it opens its mouth, it put something like its saliva in the cup, and nodded satisfactorily.

    “Fuu……now, by all means.”

    “Are you kidding me?”

    Are you saying that I’ll drink this? Eh, an idiot?

    I can see the spot where it was severed that seems to be so much painful, and in addition, tea made with saliva-like substance? Who wants to drink this? Is it because the sensitivity of a tree is different from a human being?

    “Is that so…… I’m sorry, but I’ll drink this tea later, so let’s go to the main subject first.”

    When the tree puts the cup on the side, it says so with a serious look. I wanted you to get down to the main subject from the beginning, but if I say that, we’ll derail from the story again, so I’ll stay silent.

    “Now, first of all, about my existence.”

    “Well, a tree started to move all of a sudden, so it’s strange.”

    Somehow, when the woman in luxurious clothes blew her breath, it started to move.

    “I am a pseudo-life form created by Her Majesty.”

    “Yes? I mean, Riel-san also said that she was Her Majesty, but maybe……”

    “Ah, it seems that Her Majesty didn’t name herself. As you imagined, Her Majesty is the 【Empress】.”


    Yes, I did it.

    It’s the death penalty for me for encountering such a high-status person while she’s bathing!

    “Well, it’s fine.”

    “Taking it like that, it’s a matter of life and death for me!”

    “You’ll be able to do something. I feel that way. I’m just a tree though.”

    “Every single one of it is annoying, that gag……!”

    “Now now…… well, the story got off the track, but I have been given life by the power of Her Majesty.”

    “Is there such kind of skill or magic? No matter how I think about it, I think it’s God’s realm to give life……”

    “That’s because Her Majesty’s power is neither a skill nor magic.”


    It’s not a skill or magic…… just recently, Destra said that sort of thing too.

    “I can’t name Her Majesty’s power, but Her Majesty has the power to give 【Fake life to a lifeless existence】. This life is the same as the so-called human beings has, thus my eyes and mouth appeared, and I was able to speak.”

    “Is that so.”

    It revealed the contents of that woman’s ability and I saw it, but it’s pretty absurd.

    “Are there any limits to her ability?”

    “That’s right…… It seems that it consumes mental strength along with magic power every time she uses it, and she becomes mentally exhausted, but if she recovers, she can use it again, so there’s no practical limit.”

    “Then she can create a lot of beings like you?”

    “That’s right. With the help of that, Her Majesty is still fighting against the enemy.”


    The tree said so, and as it corrected its posture, it stared straight at me.

    “Seiichi-sama. Would you please lend her your power?”


    “As I said earlier, Her Majesty is fighting the enemy, by supplementing the troops with the power she used in creating me. But, the enemy is so powerful, and because of their large number, they are inevitably pushed.”

    “Why do you know that?”

    “That’s because I was created by Her Majesty. That’s why I can understand Her Majesty’s circumstances to some extent through her ability……”

    “Then, what the heck is that enemy?”

    There’s also the case that I had encountered the 【Empress】 during her bath which is my bad, and it’s strange to say the I’ve been forgiven, but if she’s in trouble, I want to lend a hand.

    First of all, if I don’t sell a favor here, I’ll be in trouble if I’m told, 『Of course, it’s the death penalty』!

    “I’m sorry. As for the information of the enemy, because it’s not given to me, I can’t answer that.”


    Isn’t that the most important thing?

    I don’t have any information about the enemy…… No, it doesn’t matter if I have it or not……?

    “Now then, another question. Where am I?”

    “Where, is it?”

    “I was in a different place from this one, but I came here because of a little mistake. So, I wonder where is this place, and I don’t really have any idea what country is nearby.”

    “I see, you are lost.”

    “No, it depends on how you look at it, but……”

    “I’m sorry, but I can’t answer all of your question. I know Her Majesty is the 【Empress】, but I don’t know which place she governs.”

    “I don’t know most of the information I want to acquire…… That’s not good”

    “I don’t want you to demand too much from a tree.”

    “I’m also unwilling to, but!?”

    What’s so sad is that I have to talk to a tree. I’m doing it now, though.

    To tell the truth, I really wanted someone who could answer my question properly, but my impression to the first guy I met at this place was the worst, stepping on me and kicking.

    “Now now, please calm down. I don’t know which country Her Majesty governs, but I can tell you a little about this forest.”

    “Oh, really?”

    “Yes. Because this place can be said to be my birthplace……”

    “Is that so.”

    It was given life in this mysterious place, and I don’t think it has any restriction there.

    “Well, this place, Her Majesty seems to call it the 【Forest of Sealed Magic*】.” (TN: can also mean “Forest of Sealed Demons”)

    “【Forest of Sealed Magic*】……”

    “Yes. As I can see from the actual experience of Seiichi-sama and from its name, magic can’t be used at all in this forest. It’s simple, since there’s no magic power around here.”

    “No magic power at all? But why does that lead to the inability to use magic? To use magic, you use your own magic power instead of the surrounding magic power to activate it.”

    “It’s a known thing in the country that Her Majesty governs, but magic can’t be activated by one’s own magic power alone.”

    “Is that so!?”

    I didn’t read that when I checked at the library in Terviel……

    Well, even if I was told about magic power, I’ve never used magic while thinking about such theory straight up to now, so I just heard that this late.

    “Of course, you consume your own magic power as a kicker to activate magic, but after that, the magic power that’s floating around becomes relevant. The reason for it is that in order to release the magic power of the invoker to the outside in the form of 『Magic』, it is necessary to propagate it to the magic power of the world. For example, it’s similar to the nature of sound. Sound is generated by vibrating air, but without that air, there would be no sound produced, right?”

    “I, I see……”

    “That’s why, magic can’t be used in this place…… Well, if it’s Seiichi-sama, such a law wouldn’t bother him.”

    “That’s not true!?”

    I’m not fighting anything on the laws of the world…… I think…… But…… I’m starting to lose confidence.

    “No, but I’m in trouble because I can’t use it like this now, and I’m no use either.”

    “It’s probably the result of the world’s sincere consideration, that you’re in a situation where you can’t use it, right?”

    “What is it that the world considers?”

    Rurune said the same thing before, but it doesn’t make sense. Why does the world care for me? It’s the world, right? Carry some self-confidence.

    Also, I don’t understand why I can’t use magic because it has been considerate. That’s? Is it the same as when I went to the Netherworld as recommended by the transition magic? If so, then this situation would be really important, but……

    “I’ll return to the story, but because it is such a special land, it has a unique ecosystem unlike any other.”

    “I see, that’s why you’re weird.”

    “I’m normal, though?”

    “Apologize to normality.”

    A’re? Do I have to apologize as well……?

    “The monsters that live in this forest aren’t able to use magic, but they wear a wide variety of skills instead, and some of them aren’t divided into the same skills and magic as Her Majesty, there are also monsters with special skills. They generally have high physical abilities, and is resistant to magic and even skills, so a C-class monster on this place may be equivalent to an S-class in other lands.”

    “It’s a good place for training.”

    “Seiichi-sama doesn’t even need it.”

    “That’s not true. I’m still an amateur on how to fight, and I can’t control my strength so I have a lot of things to do.”

    “I see. Anyway, it’s about time, right?”

    “Nn? What?”



    I stared involuntarily at the tree in front of me.

    “……Oi, you……”

    “Oya, don’t look at me like that. You knew it right, Seiichi-sama? After all, you were watching Her Majesty in front of me asking me to stop you.”

    “That’s right, but…… that’s right, but! No, if I think carefully about it, it doesn’t matter if it’s such a strange tree, and wouldn’t it be nice if we were chasing after each other and not having a proper conversation! Being cheeky in spite of being a tree……!”

    “I’m only a tree though?”

    “Shut up!?”

    Ah, this guy. It smells like Hitsuji……!

    “Now, it’s fine, but I wasn’t talking to Seiichi-sama for the sake of stopping you. I don’t have free time either.”

    “Free time!? Trees don’t move on their spot!”

    “It’s vexing. I do photosynthesis all day long and go to sleep…… A’re? Free time……?”

    “No way, this tree is already ignoring me.”

    It’s the same with Hitsuji, but I don’t go very well with this kind of character, me. No, I’m bad in tsukkomi’ing at it one by one.

    “Well, isn’t that good? As for me, because I was able to know the character of Seiichi-sama, it was meaningful. Besides, there’s no point in stopping you by way of combat, that’s why I thought that the means of dialogue was the most effective.”

    “……As you say, I was foolishly stopped.”

    I suddenly realized that I had lost the energy to tsukkomi at it.

    “Hey……then what will happen to you when you’re done?”

    “Me, is it? …… I…… After carrying out my duties, will return to a tree like any other. The fulfillment of my duties is what Her Majesty gave me life for. I’m sorry. I had to stick to that order faithfully.”

    “……Is that so.”

    I felt a little lonely when I saw the tree said so.

    Of course, I’m not good at the tree’s character which is like Hitsuji, but the tree that was speaking to me like this, and was created just to stop my feet, I felt lonely at it when this is over, and its consciousness would disappear.

    “That’s…… are you okay? I was able to talk to you and move like this, though……”

    “It’s all well and good. Without Her Majesty in the first place, I wouldn’t be conscious like this, and I would live my life as a tree. In such a case, I had a valuable experience. If I live as a tree, I’ll never experience such a valuable experience……”


    There’s no doubt about it because trees are like that.

    But if it doesn’t have that kind of consciousness, then it wouldn’t have to disappear…… that’s what I think.

    “―――― That’s why, I’ll move at my own will at the end.”


    The tree then begins to move, removing its tree roots from the ground.

    “I will guide Seiichi-sama to Her Majesty’s country from here on.”

    “Eh? I,is it okay? You were ordered to stop me because they don’t want me to know their country, right?”

    “Yes, but sooner or later you’ll arrive there, and it’s only a matter of time. And I want you to help Her Majesty. That’s why, this is not Her Majesty’s order, it’s my intention to guide you to the country.”


    The tree dexterously moved its roots and turned to face me.

    “Come now, follow me. I’ll take responsibility for you and send you to Her Majesty’s country.”

    ―――― Thus, I was walking in the forest while being taken by a tree.


    “Don’t be too far away! You’ll get killed if you’re isolated!”

    “Combat medic! Take the injured!”

    “Shit…… these guys, when are they going to give up……!”

    When Seiichi was being stopped by a tree in the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】, the country in the backwoods was being invaded by enemies.

    “Fuun. It’s cheeky to think that small fries that aren’t even 『Transcendentals』 are going against us……”

    “The opponent is a weak country. Crush them!”

    “Oraora, what wrong?! Run away like a small fish!”

    These are soldiers in armor engraved with flags and emblems representing the Kaizer Empire.

    The enemies who are attacking the country behind the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】, were the soldiers of the Kaizer Empire.

    The Kaizer Empire soldiers all became 『Transcendentals』 in a special way, and are incomparable to the country’s soldiers’ stats who are being invaded.

    Originally, they should have been defeated without enduring even a few swords, but there was a reason why they were able to maintain their front in this manner.


    When a woman dressed in a gorgeous military uniform with a mixture of black and red raised her voice, the stones and trees scattered around begin to move as if they were alive.

    Their number exceeded one hundred, and they were all the same size as humans.

    “Protect my soldiers!”

    The one who issued such an order, was the 【Empress】 of the Valsha Empire ―――― Amelia Flem Valsha.

    The moment she raised her voice, the unarmed army attacked the Kaizer Empire’s soldiers all at once.

    “Tsk. They’re coming again.”

    “They’ll, protect the soldiers of the Valsha Empire……”

    “It’s annoying!”

    However, they don’t pose a great threat to the soldiers of the Kaizer Empire who became 『Transcendentals』, and they were desperate to manage the war somehow.


    “Your Majesty!”

    ―――― And the price for it strikes Amelia herself, who continues to activate her ability.

    Amelia suddenly kneels with rough breathes and her aide, Riel, rushes up to her.

    “Your Majesty, please don’t overdo it! After that, we’re……!”

    “We’re not……! Right now, if I don’t use my power, the soldiers will……!”

    A black figure suddenly appeared without a sound at Amelia’s side as she tried to stand up desperately.

    “―――― Riel, good news. For the time being, I was able to make the monsters in the vicinity strike the soldiers. This will push them back.”

    “Suin, that’s great! Your Majesty, let’s return to the castle at once!”


    Upon receiving information from a person called Suin, Riel starts to move while lending her shoulder to Amelia, who distorts her face.

    Amelia then finally faints on the spot, perhaps reaching her limit.

    With such Amelia, the two managed to reach the castle while being vigilant.

    There were many soldiers running around in a hurry, and the injured soldiers were in rest and being treated.

    When Amelia was put to sleep in her bedroom with the help of a maid in the castle, finally, Riel and Suin took a break.

    “Fuu…… Suin. How’s the war going?”

    “It’s not good. After all, their military strength is too different. Above all, the worst thing is that all the people of the Kaizer Empire are 『Transcendentals』.”

    “…… What the heck did they do to create such 『Transcendentals』……”

    “Now, because I managed to make the monsters attack them, the Kaizer Empire is pulling back. Why don’t you take a rest now without thinking about it?”

    “That may also be for a brief time.”

    As Suin says, the Kaizer Empire soldiers who were disturbed by the monsters inhabiting the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】, had once retreated to reposition themselves.

    If it’s the soldiers who became 『Transcendentals』, then they shouldn’t have a hard time with monsters as their opponent, but it’s the bad effect of having only the status of a 『Transcendentals』 while their original ability is low, so they were struggling with lower-level monsters.

    In addition, no matter how much they became a 『Transcendental』, it doesn’t change the fact that they’re human being, and that they can’t keep fighting without a break, and this led to getting time to take a rest.

    “Nonetheless, this is not good. Even now, we somehow still able to overcome them with Her Majesty’s power. That’s, she’s also in her limit now. Reinforcement?”

    “No, there’s none. Most other countries have fallen to the Kaizer Empire, and the Welmburg Kingdom, which is not yet ruled by the Kaizer Empire, is too far from here. You have to cross the sea to get to the eastern country. Well, if we cross over there, they won’t deal with us, but……”

    “…… No matter how I think about it, this is hopeless……”

    “That’s right. Even if the Kingdom of Welmburg was near, the people of the Kaizer Empire who are currently in the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】 will not allow any help.”

    “Shit! Why are we by those guys……!”

    Riel left herself in anger with nowhere to go and hits the wall strongly.

    Suin has no words to say to Riel, and she only had a stern expression on her face.

    Then Suin asked Riel, as she suddenly remembered.

    “Come to think of it, what was that man you met in the forest?”

    “Nn? Who knows. I don’t even know him. However, the crime of seeing the Empress’ bathing appearance didn’t disappear from me. That’s why I tried to kill him, but Her Majesty stopped me……”

    “Her Majesty said that, he doesn’t seem to be a human from the Kaizer Empire, right?”

    “Ah. Besides, it seems that he’s not a member of that 【Demon God’s Cult】 either.”

    “……Speaking of which, I also had to deal with those bastards.”

    Rather than leaving it carelessly, Suin dropped her voice in front of the reality that she didn’t want to face.

    “More than anything, I wonder why they were attacking this country. We just want to be quiet. Don’t you think that it’s really unreasonable? Fanatics who use unidentified abilities in a large super nasty army of 『Transcendentals』. And then, the monsters of the 【Forest of Sealed Magic】 who aren’t on our side…… such irrational things are coming at us.”

    “That’s what Her Majesty feels the most. What do we do, complain?”

    “…… Well, that’s.”

    When Suin smiled sadly, she looked up to the heavens involuntarily.

    “Haa…… That’s it for us, as well. If I could, I want to be like an ordinary girl, and I wanted to try to fall in love.”

    “You? Fuh…… All I can see is a future where you’ll burst into tears in front of a man and cling at me.”

    “What’s that!? There’s not that kind of story, even if Riel has come up with!”

    “I’m good. Because I’m Her Majesty’s escort. I have no time like that.”

    “If you say that, then I too am busy as a spy!”

    They argued so, and when they looked at each other and laughed, they thought of a girl who jumped out a few years ago. (TN: This is Helen.)

    “Come to think of it, I wonder if that girl is doing well.”

    “Ah…… she jumped out saying that she wanted to use magic, and she wanted to become stronger.”

    “Fufu…… that kind of recklessness is similar to Her Majesty.”

    “Oi, that’s disrespectful……. Well, even if it’s half, they have the same blood flowing.”

    “That’s right. But, in a sense, maybe it was good. If she had been here, she would have leaped at the enemy before us.”

    “…… Her Majesty doesn’t say it, but in that sense, she must be relieved and reassured. Even if she dies, she can still leave her blood behind.”

    “Oi oi, can you tell me that that’s not an omen?”

    “You must have said something similar.”

    “A’re? Is that right?”

    When they laugh once more, they put on a serious expression again.

    “―――― I can’t let this end so easily.”


    ―――― Thus, to the Valsha Empire, the 『Unreasonableness』 was gradually approaching.

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