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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 153


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr



    I was standing inside a forest when I noticed it, and I had no choice but to be stunned.

    Where am I? Who am I?…… This isn’t a situation to joke around.

    “No, where am I really!? Saria! Al! Helen!”

    I scream on the spot involuntarily, but I didn’t get a reply.

    Even though I’m worried about that, I remember the effect of the 『Necklace of Endless Love』 that I wore around my neck, and I immediately tried to communicate with Saria and the others.

    “Saria! Can you hear me!?”

    『――――Ah, Seiichi! I can hear, I can hear you! 』

    I was relieved to hear the voice coming back from my necklace, and I exhaled.

    When I went to the Netherworld, I more or less did it on my own will, so I didn’t have much anxiety, but as I was suddenly sent to a strange land, I’m a cowardly individual, so I became anxious and I can’t help it.

    Besides, this time, unlike the time in the Netherworld, I can get in touch with them using the effect of the necklace, so it’s still fine.

    『Oi, Seiichi! Where are you now!?』

    I was relieved, but this time, I heard the voice of Al who was impatient. I usually get Al to work a tsukkomi, and I’m really sorry to worry her about this sort of situation.

    “Wherever I am…… To be honest, I don’t know either.”

    After all, suddenly, there’s a dense forest spreading in front of me.

    Even if I look in my surroundings, it is full of trees, that I can’t answer exactly.

    However, since the effect of the necklace is working in this manner, there’s no doubt that I was sent somewhere on the same planet, so we should be able to join up somehow.

    Then I heard the bright voice of Saria.

    『That’s good! Even if I think that Seiichi will be okay, I’m still worried…… 』

    “Saria…… I’m sorry.”

    I’m really sorry that I’ve always worry even the innocent Saria.

    『If its Seiichi, you can return from there with transition magic, right? Return quickly. We’re going to hand over this bastard, Destra, to the king, but…… I want to see you fast. 』

    I could see the appearance of Al saying that while dyeing her cheeks red, and I remember that I can certainly get back quickly using transition magic, so I tried to use magic at once.



    『Seiichi, what happened? 』

    “No, that’s……”

    I tried to activate the transition magic many times, but for some reason, the transition magic didn’t activate at all.

    “What the? Is this place the cause?”

    Even so, if this place makes me unable to use transition magic, then it can’t overlook a body that doesn’t have restraint, but……

    To me who is puzzled, the brain announcer-san who is very active today called out.

    『Seiichi-sama. This place seems to be a land where magic can’t be used. 』

    “Eh? If that’s the case, can’t 【Evolution】 be activated and used as usual?”

    『Unfortunately…… The reason you can’t use magic in this land is, not that this special land interferes with Seiichi-sama, but because it interferes with the magic itself, and along with that, the effect of 【Evolution】 won’t activate. 』


    For the first time coming here, I had a glimpse of the weaknesses of 【Evolution】 or its hole.

    If there’s something that effects or interferes with me, I’ll adapt to it without any question with 【Evolution】, but it’s not effective except on my body.

    If you ask me if this will weaken my physicality, to be honest, it’ll be “So what?” since it doesn’t change anything at my level, but…… it’s only inconvenient at such a time.

    After all, if I am involved, 【Evolution】 will activate itself, so in the end, it’s not a cheat but a bug. Still, I felt a little relief that 【Evolution】 is not perfect.

    Anyway, I found out that I can’t go back right away, so I sighed, and told Saria and the others over the necklace.

    “It looks like I can’t use magic in this place, so I’ll move to a place where I can use magic, and then I’ll return from there.”

    『…… Are you gonna be okay? 』

    Then I heard Al’s worried voice coming from my necklace, and I smiled bitterly.

    “Well……I can’t say that I’m fine, but I’ll be right back. And I can get in touch with you like this, so I’ll call you back as soon as something happens.”

    『…… Nn. Then I’ll be waiting for you. 』

    “Ah, can you contact me as soon as something happens to you? That is ―――― I’ll return even if I have to blow this forest away.”

    If this forest inhibits magic, then as a last resort, I came up with the idea that it would be no problem if I erased the forest itself, but I think my thoughts are gradually being dragged by my body…… Rather, I can’t say what I think I’ll be able to do even though that idea seems like a stupid one……

    I don’t want to destroy the environment, but if something happens to Saria and the others, then I’ll ignore it.

    “Now then, if there’s any further development.”

    『Yeah, be careful! 』

    In response to Saria’s words, we ended the communication at once.

    “Now then…… I don’t even know where this is, so I have no choice but to walk adequately.”

    They say it’s dangerous to move around in the mountains, but the first place I fell in this different world was in a super dangerous forest, so I’ll be safer now than then, and I’ll be able to manage it.

    “That’s why…… let’s try my luck here.”

    I picked up a tree branch that had fallen in the place and stood on the ground.

    “Now, in which direction will it fall?”

    As soon as I let go of the tree branch, it fell to the right.

    “Oh, it’s right.”

    I don’t know its exact number because my status is away from me now, but I should be lucky, so I’ll probably be fine…… …… No, when I thought about it, it wasn’t displayed even before it left me, so I wonder what it really is.

    Anyway I, started to get lost in the forest which I don’t understand.


    “Dammit, that Seiichi…… why does he always gets into trouble?!”

    ―――― After the sudden disappearance of Seiichi, Saria and the others which are left in the dungeon contacted Seiichi.

    And then, after it was confirmed that Seiichi is safe in a completely different place from the dungeon, they took a breather.

    However, he should be able to return to them soon with the Transition magic as usual, but it seems that magic cannot be used in the place where Seiichi was sent, and he told them that he was going to explore the area for the time being.

    “No way…… May, maybe it’s because of my curse!? I thought it was okay now……!”

    Suddenly, Al, who has suffered because of a curse until then, thought that she might’ve given Seiichi a hard time because of her curse.

    “I’m sure Seiichi will be fine! And it’s not Al’s fault, you know?”

    “Bu, but……”

    Al who still looks uneasy, was gently hug by Saria.

    “It’s alright. Seiichi said he would come back, and even if Al’s curse was about to fall on Seiichi, the curse will escape from him immediately!”

    “…… What is, that…… But, it’s funny that I can’t deny it……”

    Embraced by Saria, Al, who had calmed down, smiled wryly.

    “Thank you, Saria.”


    Al, who returned to her usual self, turned to Destra, who’s still fainted.

    “Now then……I don’t think there’s any danger from him anymore because Seiichi has collected all of his belongings, but……”

    “……Ah, I remember! The crystal dropped by Seiichi, when Seiichi fought with the soldiers at the school before, isn’t it the same as that last guy used?”

    “Ah, at that time, I couldn’t even call that a battle! I don’t know its detailed effect, but it appears that it can very much transfer you to any place, so the place where Seiichi is now, might be the place where that Destra was going to go next from here.”

    “Anyway, let’s think about handing this person over to the soldiers of the country!”

    “That’s right.”

    When Al carried Destra roughly, she suddenly realized that Helen’s appearance was strange.


    “Ah? Oi, what’s wrong?”

    “…… Magic …… a place you can’t use……? No, but……”


    “Tsu! Wha, what is it?”

    When Saria stared into Helen’s face, Helen finally realized that Saria and Al was looking at her.

    “What is it…… because you looked strange.”

    “…… Nothing big. Well, if that guy has an executive-like position in the 【Demon God’s Cult】, then he may have been transferred to their hideout……”

    “Nn? I see…… he may have been transferred to their hideout hah……”

    Al frowned at the new possibility, but she immediately shook her head.

    “It doesn’t matter which way we think. Anyway, I’m going to take this guy out of the dungeon. Is that fine?”

    “Yes, it’s okay. I was able to achieve my target level increase……”

    “All right, then we’ll go back.”

    When Seiichi started exploring the forest, Saria and the others returned to the Royal Capital.

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